nobody better have made this already

How did John go from having daggers and poison shoot out of his eyes as he growls “she shot you” to “she made me the man she thought I already was… get yourself a piece of that”??? This is one of the things that baffles me the fucking most because in s4 nobody seems to care or even remember that Mary shot Sherlock. But why am I even surprised, it comes from the people who forgot which shoulder John’s scar is on and Sherlock’s back scars have magically disappeared altogether. I know people think the one scene in TLD is one of those better and I kind of agree but only because of Ben and Martin’s acting… plot-wise and characterisation-wise it’s utmost bullshit. Mary didn’t help John at all. AT ALL. He looks like a wet miserable chicken in the beginning of TEH. So what the fuck she achieved? Their marriage has always been fucking horrible, it’s the only thing they showed on screen after all. Ugh

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I kinda laughed when Bex made that comment about how Aaron should realise what a pathological liar he is (or something along those lines, can't remember it word for word). Like, Aaron already knows this? He knows Robert completely. Knows all of his good parts and bad parts and she acts like Aaron doesn't know the real him but she does. Umm, hello Bex, nobody knows Robert better than Aaron.

of all the things she can’t possibly understand, robert and aaron’s relationship is right at the top.

i mean, it’s not like anyone has told her about the shit robert and aaron have been through. she doesn’t realise that aaron has seen darker sides of robert than she ever has and they’ve somehow pulled themselves past that - that robert’s change has been because he’s hurt aaron, that it came from rob knowing that his choice was to either change or lose aaron forever and aaron was the only person who ever made that feel possible.

this is the problem, really - rebecca spent so long thinking she was the only one who knew robert’s dirty secrets; chrissie and lawrence never knew half of it back then. it’s just - neither did rebecca. rebecca didn’t know he was sleeping with other people, with men, while he was fooling around with her. rebecca doesn’t know about katie, about the things he’s done to andy, anything about his history - she thinks she knows him but she doesn’t at all.

she was never and could never be a catalyst for robert to want to make his life better - she represents the exact opposite for robert in a lot of ways. a solid representation of all the ways he’s fucked up before and now and all the things he needs to leave behind.

rebecca doesn’t understand that robert has put aaron through hell, that aaron knows robert far more intimately than she ever could, that aaron is the only person robert could tell his every fucking secret to, that aaron has spent years watching robert hit rock bottom, crawl back up and then plummet back all over again. aaron loves every stupid part of him - despite everything - because aaron knows and has seen first hand, far moreso than anyone else on this planet, that robert’s change, his growth, comes from a very real place, that he is a better man now, despite everything.

he fucked up and hit another rock bottom and that still doesn’t negate just how far he’s come and that was the whole flipping point of this episode. robert isn’t the man rebecca thought she knew anymore. robert is…. very much not there yet (😂), but oh my god, he’s not who he was two years ago, not by a long shot.

and aaron is the one who knows that.

Happy Birthday Jason Grace! This fic was inspired by this song and was beta by the absolutely wonderful and perfect @somethingmorecreative1​. I don’t know what mess of this fic would be without her, Rachel, dear you are the best.

If he was honest, Jason was still a little uncomfortable and scared about this trip. Sure, it was supposed to be fun and relaxing, and the gods had promised that they would protect them from monsters. It was actually one of their rewards for saving Olympus.

After a really interesting plane ride (interesting because Percy and Hazel never left his side, and they followed him everywhere, even standing outside the door when he needed to pee), they finally arrived in Cancun, México. With the help of Piper’s charmspeak, they managed to rent a van. Percy was in charge of driving while Annabeth gave him the directions how to arrive to the house who was located in the Riviera Maya. Jason wasn’t sure if the drive from the airport was that long, or if he was just really tired, but when they finally arrived to the house, a very private and modern two floors house, everybody ran into the house to explore it.

Jason ignored the house and walked towards the backyard. He walked past the pool and into the sand, right in front of the Caribbean in all it’s glory. Jason took a deep breath to try to make the uneasiness go away. This trip was sponsored by his girlfriend’s father. Tristan McLean decided to pay for a private jet and rent a beach house for his daughter and her six friends to stay for two weeks. He was absolutely certain the other demigods also felt as uncomfortable as him with Tristan paying all the expenses, and he had even payed in advance for tours. Piper had told them that she was really sorry, that her dad meant good and he went a little bit over the top, but as weird as this was to them, it honestly wasn’t that much of a big deal to her dad. He just wanted her to make Piper happy, so please, please let’s accept this trip. They deserved it, and she really wanted to go on a vacation with them. But that was not the only part that made him uneasy, this trip was also meant to celebrate his and Annabeth’s birthdays. A date that he wasn’t sure how he felt about.

“That’s quite the view, isn’t it?” Percy’s voice brought him back to reality. He looked better than he did on the plane; the Caribbean Ocean was doing him wonders. Jason had to agree; the view was quite something, the sun was setting over the sea and the sky was a breathtaking mix of blue, orange and pink, the sea was filled with colors he could only describe as well… Percy’s eyes.

“Gotta agree this is better than the California ocean.”

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Nobody is saying that Harry being on the show is shit, some people are just expressing their preference for this particular event or simply saying they thought it’d be better to have Niall or Liam, since they just came out with singles too (especially Liam) that need promotion. Nobody is speaking on behalf of their managers, it was just a thought considering Harry already did 5 days of LLS, and it was great, we all loved that, but I don’t see where is the problem if some people think it would have made more sense to invite the rest of the boys too considering they are active too. If Niall or Liam couldn’t attend for some reason or it didn’t fit their promo plans then fine, nothing happens. Nobody is shitting on anything Harry does, we are all here saying it’s great if we get another performance so please don’t start drama where there isn’t. 

You don’t have to be better than you are to make things

You don’t have to be better than you are to make things.

The things you make do not have to be perfect, and neither do you.

It’s ok to make flawed things. It’s ok to make mistakes.

Everything you make will be flawed. Everything everyone makes is flawed.

No matter how good someone is, what they create will be imperfect. If you wait until you’re capable of making a perfect thing, you’ll never make anything.

You do not need to be the best in order for it to be ok to make things. You don’t even have to be impressive.

It’s ok to make things even though other people make better things.  It’s ok to make things, even if other people know more than you do.

It’s also ok to make things even if you’re not sure the things you’re making are any good at all.

It’s ok not to know everything. It’s ok to make mistakes. It’s ok to make things that aren’t good enough.

Everyone who makes things, has made things that weren’t good enough, and will continue to do so. Everyone who is skilled started out unskilled. Nobody starts out as the best.

It’s ok to make things, even if you are the worst, even if you are the least skilled, and even if you make a lot of mistakes that others wouldn’t.

You don’t have to be the best in order to make things. You just have to make things.

You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be better than you are. You can make things as you are, with the skills and knowledge you already have.

You don’t have to be a professional or an expert in order to make things. You don’t have to have years of experience making things in order to make things.

You don’t have to wait to be better, or to know more, or to hold off on making things until you’re capable of making better things. You can make the things you’re already capable of making.

No matter who you are or what your skill level is, you’re good enough to make things.

You can make the things you’re already capable of making, and you can keep learning.

Baby Daddy [Bellamy Blake]

Title: Baby Daddy
Fandom: The 100 (TV Show)
Characters: Bellamy Blake x reader, Clarke Griffin, Jasper Jordan, Octavia Blake, Monty Green, mentions of Miller
Warnings: Teen pregnancy, a little bit of violence
Word Count: 1,591 (because I got carried away…)
Requested: By a trusty anon
Short Description: Set before the Ark came to Earth. Request by anon: Can you please write a The 100 imagine for Bellamy where you’re talking to another delinquent (maybe Jasper or someone else) about the fact that you’re pregnant. And Bellamy overhears and thinks that it’s Jasper’s child??

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Snug As a Bug

Thank you, @angellecookiewingz, for the prompt:

“You really want to know my secret identity?…. Well I’m not only Ladybug, I’m also secretly a girl in love… with you.”

I messed with it a little and spaced it out for this drabble. Hope you like it!


“Do you really want to know my secret identity?” Ladybug asked one night, laying with her head on Alya’s chest. Her fingers curled into claws, holding onto the cloth of her girlfriend’s shirt as if she were trying to keep her from leaving. The sound of a heartbeat filled one ear, and her head moved with the gentle, soothing motions of Alya’s breathing. Her own breathing was soft and silent, her heartbeat fluttering each time her girlfriend’s fingers combed through her hair.

Said fingers paused, the tips just barely resting on Ladybug’s forehead. The careful movement resumed after a few long seconds, but there was no other response indicating Alya had heard her.

Ladybug tried again, “I’m not only a hero, you know. I’m a teen, too.”

“I know,” Alya whispered, voice softer than Ladybug’s breaths.

“I’m a girl who’s secretly in love with you,” she continued, unable to stop her rambling, “and a girl that can’t tell you she is, not truly. I dunno why. I’m confident, and I’m brave, and I can’t tell you.”

Alya hushed her, and used her spare hand to cover one of Ladybug’s. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve told you a thousand times that I am going to love whoever is under that mask.”

“And I don’t doubt that!” she exclaimed in a louder tone. A pressure on the hand Alya had covered made her voice go quiet again. “I don’t think you’ll really have a problem with who I am underneath. I mean, you like me enough.”

“I do?” her girlfriend asked, surprised. “So I already know you, then?”

“Oh.” Ladybug’s fingers tightened their hold marginally. “Yeah, you do. That’s not weird, is it?”

Silence. And then, “I think it actually makes our situation better.”


“Yeah. Like… That implies I know you even more than I do now, which is great. And it probably won’t be odd because we’ll know each other and nobody will question it, if that makes sense.” The hand that slid through the heroine’s hair hovered over her bangs before brushing them from the girl’s face. She tucked what she could behind her ear and then started to curl some strands around her fingers in a hypnotized manner.

Ladybug hummed, adjusting her head just enough to qualify as leaning into the touch. She didn’t reply, and instead soaked in the presence of her girlfriend. She took a deep breath in through her nose, smelling the comforting scent of peaches and hazelnut, as well as an underlying trace of coffee. It was familiar, as familiar as the smell of cookies and croissants were. But where those tended to excite and motivate her, the smells that clung to Alya put Ladybug at ease, allowing her to melt into each touch, each whisper, each breath that graced her skin.

As the quiet in the room persisted, the steady rhythms of their hearts began to slow. Ladybug’s eyes drooped, and she could feel the momentum of Alya’s fingers slowing down before they halted completely, still lying tangled in her hair. When she was certain that her girlfriend was asleep, Ladybug sighed and grabbed the hand that still covered hers. Her thumb brushed across her knuckles before she lifted the limp hand and settled her lips on its palm. She admitted, it was an odd habit she’d developed, but whispering to the hand of her significant other felt like making a promise.

She’d made many promises to the sleeping form of her best friend.

“One day,” she whispered, sleep slurring her words. “One day, I’ll tell you. But ‘til then, this is enough.” Pressing a kiss to the palm, she smiled. “Love you.” Her eyes fluttered shut, and the rising and falling of Alya’s chest lulled her into a peaceful sleep.

The new ambassador for Germany

Hello dear community.
My name is Nathalie-Victoria, NIkki for short, and I will, from now on, act as the passive ambassador for Germany in the Hetalia community.
Hobbies include writing, languages, rp and taking notes to just about everything. My second account is @ask-the-icelandic-little

As already implied, I am from Germany, was born and live here, and since Hetalia I got way more interested in my country as well and now love to research about the different cultures from Hamburg to Bavaria and would be happy to share.

I would be happy to teach more about my nation then just the World War 2 part of history everyone already knows, about our history before and after and, if interest is there, also a bit about the germanic tribes if you would like. About our culture as well, food, drinks and more! 
One of my main goals will also be to teach everyone interested a bit of german, since I have often enough seen wrong use or slightly messed up words in fanart and fanfiction already.
I wont blame you for that, “German language, difficult language” is even a figure of speech here in Germany, but we can always do better!
I have already translated some phrases for the writer @worldcakecakecake and plan to do so in the future as well, whenever a question should arise!
Whenever you need an accurate translation of every so small word, I would be happy to help!
With that, at the end of my introduction, I will leave you with some small facts about Germany for now.

1.) The in America known “german” tradition of the Chirstmas pickle actually isnt german at all! It was made up by german settlers when they first arrived in America, that may be, but nobody in Germany will have an idea what you are talking about when you ask them about it!
2.) Bavaria = Germany. In most cases, even here, the first things people think about when Germany is mentioned are Lederhosen, Oktoberfest, Weißwurst beer in one liter glasses.
That, though, are only the most common Bavarian things! You will never see anyone in Hamburg celebrating Oktoberfest, or, for that matter, seeing Bavaria as part of Germany in the first place.
The north is very different from the south and was way more under Prussian influence, while Bavaria is, culture wise, closer to Austria actually.
3.) A short fact, but Hamburg is the city (/state) with the most bridges in all of Europe, topping even Amsterdam and Venice!

I hope with that I could give you all a small look into Germany already and hope for good work together!

Best wishes,

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I love the headcanons for Harry’s daughter!! Please could I request headcanons for harry’s daughter being caught up in a bad crowd like eggsy was? Maybe he helps her into kingsman?

  • during the end year of secondary school you found a new group of friends
  • and harry despised them from the moment he met them
  • and he told you to stay away from them
  • but you didn’t
  • and you regret it
  • you began ignoring your dad all the time
  • you began smoking
  • and drinking a lot
  • but drugs were always a no no
  • sometimes you got into trouble with the police
  • but harry always got you out somehow
  • but that always led to arguments
  • “They’re my friends dad!”
  • “I want you away from them, y/n. I am done with getting you out of jail!”
  • but one day the two you have a big argument
  • “They’re the only people that accepted me, dad! No one wants to be friends with me - nobody likes me and they were my only chance at having friendship! They made me feel welcomed!”
  • and harry’s heart (lol) just sinks
  • and once you start crying Harry’s got his arms around you in an instant
  • he gives you a very long talk about everything
  • and then he mentions a position for you at his work
  • and you’re intrigued
  • you already know that he’s a spy and everything 
  • that is a very long story
  • might’ve involved you being involved in a car chase and nearly dying
  • the idea of being a spy sounds better than being arrested all the time
  • so you accept it
  • and harry’s proud of you
  • and when you are named Guinevere
  • harry is so so so proud of you

Summary: Phil isn’t much of an adventurous uni student.  That is at least, until he goes out with a friend to the club and wakes up the next morning with no memory of the previous night and a text from someone who he apparently had “fun” with.

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: alcohol mentions

A/N: idk but here’s some cute coffee shop getting together fluff type of thing.  i’m still just trying to get back into writing (and get back into actually finishing fics lmao) but hope this is a good happy read (i actually have another fic that i’m gonna post tomorrow that i’m much more excited for but shhh)

read on ao3

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

Phil had never really been much of the adventurous type.  He tended to prefer staying in to going out and anytime he tried to break a rule he ended up feeling so anxious that he couldn’t go through with it.  Instead he was content to play video games and go to coffee with his friends and not really worry about doing any of the things that kids in uni were supposed to do given that this was the time of their lives that they were supposed to be messing around.

However, last night, for some completely unknown reason, Phil had (albeit reluctantly) agreed to go out to the club with one of his good friends.  He remembered how hot it was when they had first walked into the building pulsing with music and he remembered how absolutely horrible the first shot of the pineapple mango vodka had been.  But after a couple more shots of slightly less vile alcohol and at least one beer, Phil’s memory of the past night started to go a bit fuzzy.  

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wingsfreedom  asked:

Who do you think are the most overrated characters in ATLA?

What a controversial question xD Well, probably under the cut, for the best.

DISCLAIMER: if you adore any of the characters on this list, this is NOT an attempt to attack you or your peers, merely criticism on how the fandom behaves regarding certain characters.

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The soles of each of my feet are dirty with two different soils.
Underneath one foot, I have the entire West.
I have capitalism and its perks.
Open markets and stockholders and the American dream.
I was born in the West.
My shirt is made up of a cloth made by people in another country, it is not important.
They are not important.
They do not carry the privilege I do,
they were not born in an already developed country with opportunities soaring through the skies like aeroplanes.
I have confused looks and questions.
“No, where are you really from?”
Ignorance is bliss and nobody understands that better than I do.
I have unqualified presidents debating and inforcing laws against me.
I hide behind a mask, a privilege, that is my fair skin and eyes so that I do not have to deal with this first hand.
I can sit back and watch my mom, my friends and everyone else deal with it.
Underneath the other, I have the East.
I have long walks by the river and endless and endless amounts of landscapes ready to be discovered.
I have corruption and the aftermaths of war.
I have reminders of painful pasts and damaged buildings.
Not knowing half your family, the awkward hello’s and goodbye’s with people you haven’t seen in forever.
Having an accent to your mother tongue and seeing your grandfather get more and more disappointed with the way we bend and break our language as the generations go by.
People that died so that you could call your language what it is instead of it being occupied too.
Spices in foods you dont even know the name of but that remind you of home.
Nevertheless, my feet are planted here.
I can try, but I will never succeed on moving one foot to the other.
This is how it was meant to be.
—  And I think I’m finally happy with that.
Reflections on an Invisible Sea

Summary:  Yet the person must have heard Dan because they turned and suddenly Dan was making eye contact with a very pretty man who completely took his breath away.  Because he looked unlike anyone that Dan had ever met in this small town, and while Dan knew that the man’s curved nose and jarringly pale skin weren’t stereotypically beautiful, on him they undoubtedly were.  Dan could see the ocean in the man’s eyes, even in the dim light, and he couldn’t bring himself to look away. (or where Dan writes poems about the ocean and falls in love with Phil)

Word Count: 5.7k

Warnings: minor swearing

A/N: I went to the beach and it made me want to write a poetic fic to do with the ocean so here it is!!  This was also inspired by @darkphannie‘s post here and this song (which randomly came on while i was writing this fic and wow dude!! what a coincidence!!).  I also made an edit for this fic here and a moodboard for it here.  Or if you’d rather here’s a tag for everything to do with this fic all in one spot :)  

Where Dan lived the sky was always foggy blue grey.  It melted into the ocean where they met on the horizon and the air constantly smelled of salt, especially on cold mornings.  The color of the houses had all been worn away by the wind, leaving bleached shingles and peeling paint.  The roads were windy and teetered on the edge of cliffs that threaten to fall into the swirling water that pounded against them regardless of the time of year.  It wasn’t the sunny warmth that people ordinarily thought of when conjuring up a picture of a beach in their mind, but Dan loved the soft blues and greys so much more than any brightly coloured image.

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Some things that bother me about this website

And about 1st world identity politics in general

Everything on Tumblr is about who you are and not about what you do.

I see people post their gender and sexuality on their profile and that’s all they write about themselves. It would be interesting to find out a person’s interests or occupation or opinions. But nah the introduction is just “this is my gender, this is my sexuality, that’s it”. 

I don’t think gender and sexuality actually say anything about a person. It feels weird how obsessed everyone is with them and how people consider these things such a big part of their identity.

It also feels weird how issues like race, poverty, disability, wars, climate change, etc. seem to be discussed less than gender and sexuality politics. It makes everyone seem weirdly sexually obsessed. Aren’t these topics supposed to be more private? Maybe it’s cultural difference idk.

There is an unhealthy obsession with being and feeling special. It’s probably pop-culture’s fault, or again maybe it’s a part of American ideology. Many people want instant gratification for their identity/who they already are. 

But, unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that in the real world. The few people who are beloved and remembered and treated as special are those who contribute to society and make other people’s lives better. People go down in history for their deeds, not for their identity.

Also a point could be made that nobody is actually truly special and that special snowflake/celebrity culture is a one big delusion but that’s too off-topic

Am I wrong? Feel free to argue :/

i hope that nobody on here ever takes someone else’s tumblr post– no matter how impassioned and eloquent it is– as their definitive primary source and instead uses it as prompting to learn more for themselves. many of us are just young people writing essays out of facts we string together for ourselves or from our experiences, which is a powerful thing! but it’s also prime ground for misinformation to be spread.

that post i made would’ve been ten times better if i’d done just a bit more legwork to make sure the language i was using was specific and accurate, so as not to erase anybody. but the notes have already taken off, and it occurred to me just how often this must happen. someone impassioned and thinking they’ve been thorough, but really they were lazy and feeling too authoritative and don’t check themselves.

i’ve written a lot of opinionated stuff on this website because it’s a glorified journal– it’s like talking in class with nobody to interrupt you. but i’ve also had people come to me and tell me they’ve used my arguments or my posts as sources before and it scares me lmfao. i’m all for starting conversations or pointing people towards better answers but HEAVEN FORBID people treat me like a primary source or let the limits of my knowledge be the limits of theirs.

Dear Charlie,

i think this is the first time i write you with good news.

i am six months clean from cutting, and although im not feeling really good, i am really, really proud of myself.

i thought it was impossible, i used to cut five times a day, i used to think there were nothing left in me to save.

i was wrong.

i had nobody to help me, and thats why im writing you this letter, i need to tell someone this: i am fucking six months clean.

i made it all on my own.

and this, is for the readers.

i know what it feels like, to not see the end of the pain, to be hopeless, so hopeless that you wake up in the morning already wishing you were under the grave.

i know you are all tired of hearing this, but, trust me, it gets better. and im saying this because i experienced it on my own skin.

now, i still have a lot of issues. i will feel like this forever.

if you were waiting for something, a sign, a pray, this is it.

dont end it all.
i care about you.

it gets better.
i promise


stefdonyx  asked:

Oooh 11, 26, or 27 for the writing prompts with Jake x mc !! If you feel like it of course! 💕 (-stephschoices)

Hey, thank you for asking! @stephschoices​ 💕 I totally feel like it, hope you’ll like it 😄

Who we used to be before the island

Summery: Mc and Jake share a talk after spending their first night at the Vaanti’s village. With the prompts “Do you ever think about who we used to be?” and “Let’s just stay in bed all day”

Mc and Jake were laying in bed, curled up against each other. Mc could feel herself rise and fall with every breath Jake took, and wondered whether he fell asleep or not.
It was the first day they’ve spent in the Vaanti’s village, and now they have slept there, too. Mc knew it was hard for Jake to fall asleep in an un-known place so full of danger. He was a wanted man, after all, and that haunted him everywhere he went.
“Jake?” She finally dared to ask. “Mmhm, yeah, princess?” He murmured. “Do you ever think about who we used to be?“ She asks him. He blinks awake immediately, and she slightly regrets asking, Interrupting his peaceful sleep.
“Why do you ask?” He blinks at her. And all she thinks about is how beautiful he looks right now, hair messy and expression still so obviously sleepy.
“Princess?” He asks again, and she giggles. “I’m sorry, I meant, before the island. Do you ever think on who we were back then? I know it hasn’t been that long for us, but for the outside world, half a year has passed.” She clear it up, and he considers before replying. “I…” He still hesitates,
and she let’s him take his time. “Honestly, I do. I don’t want to, but I think about it, all the damn time.” He admits.
She caresses his cheek, making him look at her. When their eyes meet, he relaxes all at once, she just has that sort of effect on him.
“Before the island… I, well, you know, I was- I still am, a wanted man. And I’ve been on the run, for a while now. I never let myself get attached to someone, I never stay at the same place too long, apart from Costa-Rica, maybe. And I most defiantly didn’t think I’d stick my neck out for a bunch of snobby college kids.” He sighed. “This is entirely different than what I was used to. I don’t want to think about it, But if I’m being totally honest, I’m comparing myself not to who I used to be before the island, but even before that. I don’t want to dwell on what I couldn’t change, couldn’t do.” He says. ‘couldn’t save’ goes unsaid. “What about you, princess?” He asks. Mc thinks for a moment, before answering. She was the one who initiated the conversation, but she hasn’t, in fact, thought of what her opinion of that was. “Well, basically, I do. But that’s mainly due to how this island changed my life.” Mc explained.
“It changed all our lives.” Jake points out, not understanding the depths of MC’s sayings. “It’s not just that. I feel like… I came here for a reason. We all came here for a reason. I think I belong with you.” She added. “With me?” Jake wiggled his eyebrows. Mc laughed and hit him in his stomach, not too hard. “I meant with all of you guys. You know that!” Jake was being a narcissistic piece of shit, but she loved that. He laughed with her. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe we’re all destined to be here. I just hope we’re also destined to leave this place in one piece.” Jake agreed, and Mc felt a little lighter, now that he got her point. She didn’t feel like elaborating, and explaining about all the scenes that unfolded before her eyes, every time she touched an idol, she didn’t want to explaine how she had that special telephatic connection with Varynn, she didn’t want to mention all the things that made her sure, that she was, in fact, supposed to be there. Not to mention, she didn’t have much left back home. Who she was, before the island, was… basically a nobody, like she told Varynn that one time.
She often thought about who she was, before La-huerta, but she didn’t miss it.
“If you already mentioned our friends, I guess they’ll be waiting for us by now. As much as I don’t want to leave this bed, or your side… we should join them, shouldn’t we?” Jake suggested.
“I think I have a better idea.” Mc said, in a pleased tone.
“Oh, really? what is it?” Jake had the feeling he’s going to love that idea.
“You said it yourself, you don’t want to leave this bed. and neither do I. Let’s just stay in bed all day.” Mc told him, and Jake grinned.
“That’s a wonderful idea.”

Happy Anniversary.

There were a few days of the year every woman enjoyed aside from the ‘big’ holidays like Christmas, etc. They were her birthday, Valentine’s Day and an anniversary day if she was in a relationship.

Today was my anniversary and it was a day I had been looking forward to for months, just thinking of the love me and Sergio had shared for the past two years. The thought was only soured by the realization that Sergio wouldn’t be by my side to celebrate. Sure, the day still held meaning but it wasn’t the same without him here to celebrate.

I wanted to go to dinner, to lay up with each other and exchange loving kisses, have sex! I wanted all of that but I was stuck alone with him miles and miles away. Too bored sitting on the sofa, I decided to dial him on FaceTime.

I waited impatiently for him to answer, listening to the vibrant ring until it finally ceased and began connecting. The first view of his face immediately made me giddy like a child. God, I missed him far too much. “Babeeeee!” He giggled at my excited tone, holding up the phone to offer the best view of his face. “Hey love. What are you up to?”

I frowned, already feeling myself sadden at the thought even more. “Sitting here. By myself. Alone. Without you. Solo. With nobody…”

Sergio chuckled, holding up his hand to encourage me to stop. “I get it, I get it. I’m really sorry but work is work.” I simply nodded though not yet satisfied. I would have much rather had him beside me with his face hidden between my thighs.

That sounded much better right?

Just the thought made me squeeze my legs together to subdue the aching of anticipation. I must have lost myself in my dirty thoughts because I hadn’t heard Sergio calling my name until a few seconds into his repetition.



“Pay attention. I asked you if anyone stopped by today.” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and shook my head. “No. Why?” He immediately became annoyed, groaning and putting down the phone to step away for a moment.

“Where are you going?” My yells seemed to go unheard as Sergio didn’t return to the phone but I could hear him in the background mouthing off about something to someone. I sat on the other end for a few more minutes until he finally returned, a forced smile painted on his face. “Back. Sorry,” he apologized.

“What were you doing?” But he simply ignored my question and kept that fake smile going. “What are you cooking for dinner?”

I could see his eyes drop as if he was reading something but I ignored it and continued answering. “I’m not sure yet. I may just go pick up something. I don’t feel like cooking, especially for one.”

He once again groaned, his eyes rising to the ceiling in annoyance. “Stop making me feel bad.” My childish temper tantrum was now in full swing as I threw my hands back and forth against the cushions under me. “I just want to see you. I miss you and it’s my freaking 2 year anniversary. Can’t a girl get a little love?”

Sergio’s eyes softened. “I want to be there just as much as you want me to be there.”

“I can’t even show you my new lingerie I bought.”

His eyes brightened and his ears perked with interest. “New lingerie?” His tongue slowly slid along his bottom lip. “What color?”

I opened my mouth to answer but was quickly cut off by the sound of the doorbell ringing. “Hold on. Someone’s here.” I kept the phone in my hand as I walked over and looked through the small hole of the door, not recognizing the person on the other side. They seemed like a professional, a worker or something. I reluctantly opened the door.


The man immediately smiled towards me, holding out a clipboard. “You are Mrs. Ramos, correct?” An awkward chuckle arose from my throat. Me and Sergio weren’t married but I assumed that I was the person he was looking for regardless. “Not technically but yes.”

He held out the clipboard, displaying a paper that required my signature at the bottom. I took it into my free hand and read over it quickly. “What is this for?”

“That.” The man pointed behind him to a gleaming white Audi parked outside of my house. My eyes widened, glancing back towards him for further explanation. I hadn’t bought a new car and Sergio hadn’t mentioned buying one either.

“I-I…are you sure?” He only chuckled and nodded. “I have the right address and the right person. Please sign, ma’am.” I was still scared to sign but I scribbled my initials regardless, handing off the paper to him. “Enjoy!” And with that, he was off and towards another vehicle that I assumed was his ride.

“Sergio? The weirdest thing just happened.” I began walking towards the car and pulled my phone in front of my face. His teethy grin had guilt all over it. He knew…

“What the hell are you up to?” All he did was chuckle and brush me off. “Go check out your new car.” It still hadn’t sunk in that it was mine. I definitely didn’t need a new car but I surely wasn’t going to reject the offer. I ran my hands along the fresh paint. I was too focused on the car to notice the basket placed in front of it at first. "You’ve got to be kidding me babe. Why did you buy me all of this? Thank you!”

I dropped down and looked in it, finding the keys to the Audi on top along with a bunch of other disguised gifts I couldn’t dig into just yet.

“I hope you didn’t think I wasn’t going to shower you with gifts today.” A smirk was all I offered. Sergio was too good. “What else is in here?”

“Just look. Happy anniversary, babe.”

I didn’t even have to look at the remaining surprises. I knew I would be more than happy. There was nothing that could dull my love for this man. No amount of thank yous could express how appreciative I was.

inner demons (jackson scenarios)

leylinsworld asked: Can I request a Jackson angsty fluff? 😜😜 Thankieeesss~

thank you to my girl lisa for asking for this request. it is slightly longer than usual cause i got a little carried away. hope you enjoy and dont be shy to request anything from scenarios to reactions. 

Originally posted by got7jacksonwang

pairing: jacksonxreader

genre: angsty fluff (suggestive smut at the end.)

You knew that dating an idol wouldn’t be easy, especially with all the fans he had, so you knew to stay away from social media, knowing how bad it could get. But you were only human and you would eventually end up reading comments of fans that were very vocal about what they wished to do to your boyfriend. Those comments you could usually handle, having been in their shoes before. The ones that really got you were the thousands comments of fans of the fans shipping him with so many different gorgeous women. Idols, actresses, models. Those comments were still stuck in your brain, creating insecurities, which is why you were so distracted while on your date with Jackson.

“Jagi, are you even listening to me.” He tried to get your attention, waving his hand in front of your face.

You snapped out of your thoughts and focused on your boyfriend sitting in front of you.

“Seriously if I thought you would zone out that much, I would’ve went on a date with Mark instead.” He commented, trying to light up the mood.

“I’m sorry, I guess I’m just a little tired.” You came up with the most common excuse, giving him a smile.

You wouldn’t usually let this affect you, but your insecurities kept growing. Something about seeing so many convinced that he looked better with some idol, someone that was not only gorgeous, but also talented and that was in the same field as him bugged you. There were also pictures with those comments of Jackson with various different idols, and as the pictures are replaying in your mind, you couldn’t help but think they were right.

“Ok seriously, what’s wrong?” He asked you, not believing your excuse one bit.

“Nothing’s wrong.” You replied, that answer becoming a reflex these past days.

“_______ you barely touched your food.” He pointed out.

“I’m not that hungry.” You replied not missing a beat.
Before he could retort however, you heard someone shouting his name. Hani from Exid was making her way towards your table. Of course Hani was one of the many idols that was shipped with Jackson. Just my luck, you thought.

“Hey, Jackson what are you doing here?” Hani asked him, with a bright smile.

“Just having lunch with friend.” He replied casually.

You knew he didn’t mean anything by it. Heck you were the one who wanted to keep the relationship a secret for so long. But for some reason hearing him say that to Hani made you feel hurt and all the insecurities came flowing back. Jackson and Hani seemed to be absorbed into their conversation; they seem to have completely forgotten about you. The more you sat there watching them have the time of their life the more upset you got. You started to believe that maybe he did fit with Hani better. You couldn’t stay there anymore, so you quietly slipped out, thinking that nobody would miss you if you left.

You were already half way down the block, when you heard your name being called. You turned around and saw Jackson trying to catch up to you. You ignored him and kept walking. Suddenly he grabbed your arm and brought you to a halt.

“Why did you leave so suddenly?” He asked you, looking concerned.

“I just remembered I had some work to catch up on.” You replied lifelessly.

“Don’t give me that bullshit.” He cut you off.

“I didn’t want to disturb you, you seemed to be having a better time with Hani.” You replied, keeping your tone neutral.

“Is that what this is about? You’re jealous?” He questioned.

“You just seem to be very compatible with her. You actually look good together.” You answered disregarding his question.

“She is just a friend, I don’t wanna be with her, I just want you. Do you know how much it hurts me when I trust you completely and you don’t?” He argued, his tone getting louder.

“Tone it down, we are in public.” You warned him, knowing he wouldn’t want to get in the middle of a scandal. You grabbed his arm and took him to an alleyway away from the public eye. “This isn’t about trust Jackson. I trust you completely, I am not jealous of the fact that you are close with her, that is just you being friendly and I know that. I am just jealous of her. How she seems to get all your fans approval to be with you. And they are right. I mean she is gorgeous and talented, and I’m just plain. You seemed to just be so at ease with her and you can see the chemistry flowing between you two.” You let it all out feeling more and more vulnerable.

“You don’t think the chemistry is flowing between us? Are you doubting my love for you?” He asked, the hurt present in his voice.

“I was able to reach half the block before you noticed I was gone Jackson, so don’t talk to me about feeling hurt.” You replied sadly.

You didn’t give him a chance to reply and just walked away. Tears silently slid down your face, but you wiped them away quickly.

In the course of the following days you just buried yourself in schoolwork. You tried keeping yourself distracted so that your mind doesn’t wander back to the comments. Jackson did try to call and text you, but each and every time you just ignored it. You were currently in your living room, your schoolwork all caught up, so you tried staying distracted with a movie, when your phone rang.

‘Speak of the devil.’ You thought.

50 missed calls, 30 voicemails, and 150 texts. To say he was persistent would be an understatement. You ignored this call too and headed to your room. You stood in front of your full body mirror and scrutinized yourself. You always had insecurities when it came to your appearance, although you were a very beautiful women (YES YOU! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL AND DON’T YOU LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE! I LOVE YOU, YOU GORGEOUS CREATURE YOU!) Jackson would always reassure you that he found you beautiful. But you couldn’t help comparing yourself to the girls around you. You had many doubts and now more than ever you let those doubts eat you alive. You were consumed in your own thoughts when you suddenly heard the front door slam violently. All of a sudden Jackson was standing in front of you, an angry look plastered on his face. You forgot that he had a key to your apartment and before you could speak he cut you off.

“No! This time you are going to let me talk and you will listen. Got it?” He instructed with authority. You just nodded your head too in shock for anything else. “3 days! 3 days I have been trying to reach, and no answers do you know how worried I was! Even if you were mad at me you could’ve just sent anything just to let me know you were still alive!”

He took a deep breath and continued.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were feeling like this? I understand your feeling insecure and I have no right to tell you how to feel, but you have no right either to diminish my feelings for you. I don’t want you saying that my love for you was some sort of mistake or that they are wrong just because some fans ship me with random women. Hundreds of women could throw themselves at me right now and I would still choose you over all of them.”

“But I…” You tried, but he cut you off.

“I am not finished! You might not be seeing what I’m seeing, but that does not mean that they are right. I love you, I only love you and I will always love you until I take my last breath. You are the most beautiful women in my eyes; you are beautiful when your eyes sparkle when you get excited. You are beautiful when you pull your tongue out in concentration. You are beautiful when you bite your lips because you are nervous. You are beautiful when you are studying; you are beautiful when you are just in your sweats with your hair in a bun in front of the TV watching your favorite show. You are beautiful when you have that one smile that lights up your whole face when you see me. You are beautiful every single time of the day. You are the most precious person to me and I will not permit anyone talking negatively about you, not even yourself. I will spend the rest of my life telling you how gorgeous you are if I have to, but I need you to be honest with me when you are feeling vulnerable like this. I wanna be there for you physically but also emotionally. I wanna be someone you can depend on and trust with all your doubts. I also need you to not look up at those comments, but if you do I want you to come straight to me, and tell me, and I will do everything in my power to make you forget about.”

You just looked at him tears streaming down your face. You were speechless and touched.

“You-you can talk…” Before he could finish his sentence you kissed him.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and molded your lips to his. Sooner then he would’ve liked you pulled away.

“What what was that for…” He asked a little stunned.

“I love you.” You simply replied, with the smile he loved so much on your face.

He grabbed you by the waist and reattached his lips to yours. You got lost in the kiss and didn’t feel him moving you. Before you knew it you were thrown on your bed with Jackson hovering over you.

“What are you doing?” You asked nervously.

“I am going to show you just how beautiful you are.” He answered, taking off his shirt.

(And the rest is left to your imagination. ☺)        

 I complain about having zero friends and no social life, then I get a friend and we talk for a while but I always find a way to dislike it. I will find a way to be annoyed, guaranteed.
 It really is my fault, not yours, I just wasn’t made for this socializing thing. I will always look for imperfections, I will always end up wishing you’d stop talking to me already, I will always miss the isolation.
  I’m terrible and nobody should trust me. Nobody should try talking to me.