nobody believes him

On a real note, though, if I were a ghost, I’d possess paranormal investigators, but only to make them say things like, “OOOOOH, IT’S MEEEEE, A SUPER SCARY GHOOOOST. I CAME ALL THE WAY FROM HELL TO POSSESS KYLE SO I COULD LET YOU KNOW THAT I BANGED JASON’S MOOOOOOOM. SPOOOOOOOOKY.”

Because everybody else would be like, “Haha, real funny, Kyle. Will you please take this seriously?” but the dude I possessed would just have to live with the fact that ghosts are real and nobody will ever believe him, because ghosts are also major dicks.

BNHA Headcanons part 2

Cuz ive rested and have no impulse control


- I really like the idea of him being like Captain Holt from B99.

- He once stared at a wall for five straight hours. Momo declared he was obviously thinking about life itself. He was actually just wondering what would happen if Pinocchio said “I’m lying.” When he told Izuku later they delved into a very intense conversation that has yet to be settled.

- His worst subject is English. 

- His favorite color is yellow. When asked why, he just shrugs. But in reality its because his mom really liked keeping marigolds in the house when he was younger.


- This boi can style hair. Nobody believes him for a long time when he accidentally made a snide comment about it. Kiri is the only one who bothers to see if its true, and sports some crazy braids for a couple days. The girls are too scared to really ask for him to theirs tho. They don’t realize he actually really likes doing it. It reminds him of sitting around his mom’s hair salon.

- Cannot tell a joke. He’s tried. Three people left crying, and somehow Izuku was pissed. Nobody talks about that day.

- “Sorry for the mean, awful, accurate things I said.”

- Has gotten into a screaming match with both a parrot and a kitten. The Bakusquad no longer takes him to pet stores.


- “My last fuck just flew out the window, right behind Todo’s.”

- Really likes to ask questions. No one is safe. “Seriously, Shoji, do you have an actual mouth or…?”

- Is that person who would own a tarantula and name it Sweetums. 

- Has drop kicked Mineta roughly seventeen (17) times. She’s going for a world record.

- Has a really nice voice. 


- Has never actually played a pokemon game. Prefers Digimon. Kirishima nearly disowned him.

- Actually really respectful of personal bubbles. Mostly cuz he’s scared he’ll accidentally electrocute you. Hugs are rare. 

- Never actually falls asleep during class. He actually just daydreams about random stuff.

- Irrationally scared of being invited to a pool party. Only swims if he’s the only one in the pool. But he’s not much of a swimmer to begin with.


- Hates texting. Prefers phone calls.

- She discovered her quirk by hitting the coffee table during a fit. They couldn’t figure out how to get it down for three hours. 

- Is actually really fascinated by architecture. 

- Her bucket list consists of going on a bungee jumping spree in which she makes herself levitate halfway down to give the people running it a minor heart attack, and learning how to tango. She cannot dance, so the second thing will take a while.


- Not a morning person. She’s actually rather terrifying. 

- Is not afraid to deck someone for touching her or her friends without consent. Bakugou witnessed this once, and she has since unknowingly earned his respect. 

- Will cut your sandwiches into fun shapes and goes into mom mode when her friends are sick. Has carried nearly everyone to Recovery Girl for being sick with the flu. 

- Her mom likes to tell her that her hair is like that cuz of a curse that was put on her as a baby. She believes her a little more everyday.

Part 1 / 2 / 3

the reasons why jon decided to kneel (at least privately) now is really simple:

a) he is in love, love makes you do dumb things ;)

b) when he told gendry to send ravens to dany, he hoped she will come for them but that was it. he believed that she will come to save their asses. but he also knew she didn’t have to. like tyrion advised her, she could’ve just sit tight, king of the north finally gone, with his kingdom free for taking and she’d have one trouble less. but she didn’t. she selflessly took three of her dragons, risked her life to save him and bunch of nobodys. she believed him about the threath and she took an action when she didn’t have to or even was smarter not to. she did it because it was the right thing to do. she proved herself to him, in his eyes she become worthy of rulling, and that’s why jon snow, the king of the north, is gonna kneel.

hns_cff Mali Mateo Kovačić upoznao je svog imenjaka i prezimenjaka, dvostrukog prvaka Europe, Mateo Kovačić.

Little Mateo Kovačić met his namesake, the two-time European champion  Mateo Kovačić.

You know who Alec reminds me of? Cassandra, the one from the Greek myth. He always tells everybody, “don’t do this, it’ll end in tears” or “don’t trust him” or simply “this feels wrong!” and nobody ever believes him. Everybody writes him off as paranoid or jealous or whatnot until even he starts doubting his instincts. And then, when he turns out to be right, it turns against him, somehow.

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this started off as a “the final sacrifice” sorta reference, because what’s the point of having a cult to play with if i can’t make just the worst rowsdower jokes? but then i just kinda liked it more as an actual action pic, so… yeah. went in that direction instead.

henry’s car used to be white. nobody believes him, but it’s true.

bianca (reloading her pistol in the back seat) belongs to @majorpepperidge , lampblack city as a whole belongs to her, me, and @131-di makes three!

Hello! uhm so yeah, making a request here xD RFA members reaction after MC became a rabbit suddenly? OuO (assuming that they are already together and living together as well) Thanks! <3 -anon

Oh my god this is the oldest request in my box I am so sorry you’ve been waiting like 5+ months; also I’m getting some Dandelion vibes here


  • Upon waking up, the first thing Yoosung noticed was an animal sitting on his face
  • “Mc, why’s there a rabbit in our room?!” he called out
  • “Mc?”
  • Come to think of it, the rabbit’s fur is the exact same color as your hair…
  • He eventually finds a note on his bedside table that reads, “Poof! Your girlfriend is gonna be a rabbit all week! You’re welcome! ~The Wizard”
  • The who?? what?? wizard??
  • “muhuhaha you can’t play lolol and focus on me now”
  • There’s nobody who’s going to believe him so when the RFA asks where you went he panics and says that your family dog died and you had to go home asap to mourn
  • Good thing he’s studying animals though because he def knows how to take care of you!! Good veggies, you get to sit in his lap while he pets you, and he cleaned up your droppings (romantic!!)
  • He’s so relieved when he woke up one morning cuddled up to your actual human body and he’s missed you so much
  • Plus animal droppings are gross so


  • Why is there fur all over the bed
  • Why does it it smell like an animal? 
  • “Did Mr. Han leave Elizabeth over again? But this isn’t her fur color…”
  • The blankets were shuffling a little, so she pulled them away and hOLY CRAP WHY IS THERE A RABBIT IN MY BED
  • No response 
  • “Mc…?”
  • That’s when she noticed the note on the floor that probably fell when she shook the blanket
  • “Your girlfriend is going to be a rabbit for a week! Isn’t that exciting? ~The Wizard”
  • The…what?
  • Now looking closely, the rabbit was wearing a miniature version of your sweater
  • She sighed, picking you up and bringing you to the living room and that’s where you stayed all night; in Jaehee’s lap watching Zen dvds
  • It was a stressful week trying to balance work and making sure you were well taken care of but that’s okay you’re adorable
  • But she was glad when you turned back into a human one morning, it was so hard trying to cover up your absence 


  • “A-ACHEW!”
  • “Jagi?” Zen called out, “Is there an animal in here…?”
  • He kept searching through the house but you still weren’t home
  • You always told him when you were heading out so it was odd that you were gone without notice
  • In a flash, something moved fast in his peripheral vision towards the bedroom
  • ‘She better not have secretly adopted an animal I swear to god–’
  • Hesitantly, he grabbed the notecard the animal was chewing on and read it, “WOOSH! Your girlfriend is gonna be a rabbit for the week! Have fun! -The Wizard”
  • “How do I know that you’re really MC?” he skeptically picked up the rabbit despite his urge to sneeze again
  • The rabbit proceeded to hop out of his arms, diving under the bed, only to start pushing out the box of condoms he kept under there
  • His face went as red as his eyes, “O-Okay, okay! I believe you! Just put them back!!”
  • He had to persevere though heavy allergy meds to be able to treat you like the ultimate rabbit princess when he wasn’t away at rehearsals
  • “Maybe this is why Trust Fund pampers the furball so much…”


  • The only times you were out of bed before him in the morning were when you were using the bathroom or getting some water in the kitchen
  • And you weren’t in the bathroom
  • As he walked into the kitchen, there was a ball of fur eating from the food bowl
  • An animal that was not Elizabeth
  • “What is this…disgusting creature doing, eating out of my princess’s bowl?” wow thanks jumin
  • He noticed a note tied to the tail, upon opening it it read, “Wow! Guess I’ve turned your wife into a bunny for a week! Have fun! -The Wizard”
  • …what?
  • Jumin wasn’t very convinced until the rabbit was nuzzling that one spot on Elizabeth’s stomach to make her purr, something only you knew how to do
  • It was then that Jumin Han’s new rabbit made the headlines
  • No expenses were wasted in spoiling his new pet, you got to like the Elizabeth 3rd life in glamour
  • Jumin woke up in the morning, tightly hugging the human you, but you pushed him away immediately 
  • “My love, you’re back and already upset? What have I done to do so?”
  • “I didn’t know it was you!”


  • Saeyoung checked the time on his monitor: 3:15am
  • It was well into the night and there was this weird rustling sound coming from the kitchen
  • Sighing, he stood up and wobbly walked outside his office to the source of the noise
  • It seemed to be coming from the food pantry
  • He opened it only to find a rabbit head deep into a bag of HB chips
  • “Hey, those are mine!”
  • Saeyoung quickly snatched the bag away and picked up the ‘intruder’
  • “Now why is there a rabbit in here…?”
  • That’s when he noticed that the ribbon around the ear was actually holding a tiny, rolled up note that read, “Tada! I’ve turned your girlfriend into a rabbit for the week! Fun, isn’t it? -The Wizard”
  • Being with Saeyoung is the worst
  • He’s putting you in all these weird outfits and arranging all these obstacle courses for you to run through
  • There was one time he tried putting you in rabbit lingerie and you flat out bit his hand
  • “Ow ow ow!! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again I sWEAR PLEASE LET GO”
  • When you woke up as a human you were not a happy camper and Saeyoung was very beaten up by the end of that day
Wipe the Machines - ONE SHOT

Summary: Captain America thought you hated him, but you just wanted him to wipe the damn sweat off the Gym’s machines.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2,145


A/N: AM I BACK? Don’t know. DID I SAW THE REQUESTS? Hell yes. AM I WRITING SOMETHING ELSE? FUCK YES. I just watched Homecoming for the SECOND TIME TODAY, AND I’M FEELING INSPIRED FOR SOME PETER PARKER ANGST HAHAHAH. Anyways, I really hope you enjoy this! <3


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“I’m telling you, pal. She hates me.” Bucky chuckled at Steve’s grumble, denying with his head and continuing to punch the sand bag as his best friends held it.

“C’mon, Steve. Is Y/N! She is like, the sweetest and loving person of this country, she’s so stupidly cute and nice that my sweet tooth hurts.” He rolled his eyes at Bucky’s words, nobody believed him when he said that you two simply didn’t hit it off right away, and that pissed him off. Especially because of how damn attractive and nice he thought you were. “Besides, you’re the Captain America, why would she hate you?” Bucky smirked, controlling the laugh at the memory of you staring at his best friend while he was cooking.

He had seen the stare you two gave to each other when one was looking.

Steve saw how you treated the others and how you actually were, and he knew you were a sweet piece of cake.

“I don’t know, she has been here for five months and yet, she always gets out of the room when I’m it.”

“I don’t see that. She’s hyperactive, you know… She just can’t stop at one spot.” Bucky puffed, finally stopping the punching and unlacing his hands. “You’re done?”

“No, I’ll hit the gym… See if I can get any of this stress out without punching anyone in the face. But, see you at dinner?”

“Yup. And she doesn’t hate you.” Steve scoffed, dismissing his friend and taking his shirt on his way to the other gym – where the machines stood, but stopping dead on his track with the vision of you doing squats with a bar on your shoulders.

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get the fuck ready for some DP HEADCANONS ABOUT MY GURL STAR

first up her last name is Benson because @melancholicmarionette
made it so in a fic and I’m adopting it because it sounds gud thank

Star Benson has an insane memory, like she remembers everything, and it’s all important stuff like who’s fucking who and which stores have the best deals and all the important current political figures and their policies

and also she can recite the entire Bee Movie script by heart for some reason

she only uses this power for evil

Star Benson knows everyone, literally everyone, that kid who moved into town last week? Star knows his favourite colour, that girl who sits in a corner and doesn’t talk to anyone? Star knows exactly which hair salon she goes to every month for that shitty dye job

names, phone numbers, addresses, Star knows them all, her phone is so full of contacts and emails and she has an account on almost all forms of social media and follows everyone from school on all of them, if anyone needs to contact someone Star can hook you up, she’s owed favours by half the student body

she is a gossip queen, she has all of the dirt, she can recognise someone by voice, by mannerisms even. she knows who the Red Huntress is, she knows who Danny PHANTOM is

nobody knows how she knows all this shit

Star Benson’s mother is a hippy fortune teller, she reads tarot cards and crystal balls and palms, very few people know this. Dash, Kwan and Paulina are the only ones she allows over her house, and they know better than to tell anyone, Star has dirt on ALL OF THEM

Star might be lowkey psychic nobody can be sure

she’s defs highkey gay tho Star is so gay and everybody knows… except her mum her mum doesn’t know because if her mum knows she’ll be so excited that she’ll tell EVERYONE and then her dad will find out

Star does not want her dad to find out her dad is a dICK

but everyone is defs lowkey scared of Star tbh Paulina acts like she’s top dog but only because Star let’s her because Star is crushing on her SO HARD, in reality Star runs the whole fucking social structure of the school. but she won’t fuck over her friends she’s not a MONSTER… as long as they don’t fuck over her first

Danny knows Star’s mother, their parents are friends, they used to hang out as kids, they didn’t have much in common but they were chill, Star and Danny are still pretty chill, mostly when nobody else is around to see it, they still chat at family barbecues

Danny doesn’t know Star knows his secret, Star doesn’t tell him, she doesn’t tell anyone

well she tells Wes because Wes already knows and nobody believes him and he keeps begging her to back him up

she thinks it’s funny

she doesn’t like Wes, he stole her chocolate bar in elementary school and Star n e v e r f o r g e t s

Star knows better than to fuck with a superhero, she could have him wrapped around her little finger but she’s smart enough to recognise that his secret is important, HE’S important I mean he regularly SAVES THE ENTIRE TOWN AND SOMETIMES THE WORLD she ain’t gonna fuck around with stakes that high she knows better than that

she doesn’t say shit about the Red Huntress because Valerie is a fucking rage nuke who can hold a grudge tighter than a god damn hydraulic press, playing with Val is playing with fire and Star ain’t about getting her ass kicked by fucking with the wrong bad bitch

Star is really focused on things she’s into the only classes she makes sure to nail perfectly are the ones she’s interested in and the ones that are relevant to her intended future political career so she’s really good at anything involving history, geography, politics, economics she’s into learning about the world and where it’s been and where it’s going

Star is going to be president of the United States one day, she’ll make fucking sure of it

Idea for an AU, Danny is blonde.

So, it’s shown that there are enough redhead genes in the Fenton family to get a redhead. See:Jazz. But to get a redhead you need both blonde and redhead genes.

So, in this au Danny is a toe head. He’s basically a platinum blonde about until his sophomore year when he’s been doing this superhero thing for a while, and Phantom, in a strange twist of fate, actually has black hair. Until, suddenly his hair starts changing color.

It all happens rather quickly, actually. His hair becomes noticeably darker by winter break when he starts to notice he’s a dirty blonde rather than almost white like he used to be. On top of that, phantom’s hair seems to be going grey.

This goes on until by the end of high school Fenton and Phantom look the way we see them in the canon universe, with Fenton having practically black hair and Phantom having white hair.

The only person who makes the connection is Wes. Nobody believes him. Right before graduation Danny bleaches his hair just to piss him off. Still nobody makes the connection. Wes flat-out screams at graduation.

Rebuilt: Arrow 5x22 Review (Missing)

“Missing” was amazing! Emotional and action packed with zinging dialogue. 

Originally posted by pewslight

What struck me most was how full circle it was. “Missing” sets up the heroes versus villains battle that will come to fruition in the finale, but it also kicks off the basic question Oliver must ask: What makes a hero? What makes a villain? Those concepts are not always rigid. In fact, the very essence of hero and villain is fluid.

Oh… and did I mention there’s an Olicity reunion scene?

Let’s dig in…

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jake dillinger headcanons

• loves pastel colors!!!

• post-squip, when everyone is “finding themselves” (rich and being bi, jeremy learning that he’s not worthless, etc), jake decides to experiment with fashion and it’s Literally Beautiful

• his favorite clothes include: high waisted shorts, really big jackets, round sunglasses, beanies!!!!! (and all hats really jake develops a hat obsession he owns like thirty)

• he comes out as pan by showing up to school in the pan flag colors and making puns about it all day

• he’s unironically loved carly rae jepsen for several years, but nobody believes him when he says that she’s his favorite singer. they all think he’s making it up as a joke but he’s like, “no!! her songs are really good!!!!”

• has an expansive collection of archie comics. he’s read all of them. his favorite character is archie b/c he can relate to him.

• he plays like twelve instruments and michael is in awe of his talent

• one of these instruments is the bass clarinet and one time chloe called it a saxophone and both rich and christine had to hold him back from strangling her

• he tries to figure out cool tricks on his wheelchair (b/c that’s how he is), but always ends up falling and hurting himself (b/c that’s how he is)

• he steals michael’s vintage sodas whenever they hang out

• whenever he has a nightmare about the squip, or the fire, he calls michael because he’s usually awake and always knows exactly what to say

• he and rich’s first date is a carly rae jepsen concert (its canon sorry I don’t make the rules)

• as I’ve said before and I’ll say again: MY 👏 BOY 👏 HAS 👏 NO 👏 FILTER 👏

• he’s actually really amazing at archery and shows off a lot b/c it’s one of the only school sports he can do post-squipcident (‘cause of his legs)

• he has adhd and minor social anxiety that he bottles up a lot

• he is honest to a fault

• he partakes in So Much underage drinking that by the time he actually turns 21 there’s like, no point

• he has a fake ID to buy alcohol, but nobody ever really asks to id him b/c he looks like he’s thirty

• he’s actually the youngest of the group (by like a month)

• he’s an animal lover!!!! he has a cat named sbarro that he found as a kitten on the streets, and later in life he adopts a puppet from a shelter

• post-musical, he gets an apartment to live in, and it becomes everyone’s go-to hangout spot. he doesn’t complain, but sometimes it can be,,,,, annoying (“rich if you’re gonna hang out here all the time, would it KILL you to do the dishes ONCE???” “it probably would” “UGH”)

• rich moves in with him later, and they’re super happy


• he and jeremy are both stress bakers, so sometimes they’ll be hanging out at jake’s place and rich will show up to Hundreds of baked goods in the kitchen. the entire apartment is covered in a thin layer of powdered sugar. everyone is unsure of how they feel about it. there’s a cupcake stuck to the ceiling.

• sorry this was long i just Love Jakey D

here’s another student story because i love this universe so much (sgt-bucky)


Most students of Elsewhere University were average humans without The Sight, who never encountered the Gentry and thought that all of the schools traditions were just superstition. It was, in fact, rare for a student to interact with Them, though everyone had a story that went as follows, “My friend knew a girl in one of his classes who was really weird and he swears They got to her but I don’t know, she’s probably just a weeb.” It was even, in fact, entirely possible for this story to be entirely true.

Jerry was one of those students. He was a technical writing major, nothing exciting, but he minored in poetry. He, growing up, had been fascinated with folklore and cryptids and the like, including the Fae. He applied to Elsewhere University specifically due to the rumors of the campus being inhabited by the Gentry. He just wanted a glimpse.

He went to the library with his poet major friends. He went into the nearby woods with his music major friends. He went to the condemned building that everyone he knew avoided. He left poetry in every possible place he’d heard that fae exist.

Jerry encountered nothing. Not his first year, not his second year, not his third, and not his fourth. By the time the last day of classes rolled around, he was pretty certain the entire fae thing was mumbo jumbo. If fae were to be found here, he’d have found them long ago.

“They don’t like being hunted, Jay,” he had been told as a freshman, “Don’t hunt Them. They will know, and they’ll avoid you like wrought iron.”

He hadn’t listened. He’d used hag stones, he’d tried mood rings, he’d tried a pair of Cat-Eyes sunglasses. He’d went to their haunts, he’d tried to find their revels. He tried. For all of his effort, all he earned was a diploma and a degree.

And now here he stood, outside of the Auditorium, on his last day on campus. He was going straight to a job, no graduate school for him, so it would be years before he came back to this place. One last try can’t hurt, he figures.

“If it pleases you, I would enjoy having a sign to let me know you exist,” he says to the trees and the grass and the sidewalk. “I’m willing to give a plastic beaded bracelet in exchange for this knowledge.”

He places the beaded bracelet that had been his good luck charm- an old fashioned one, made in childhood by his baby sister, nothing magical in the least- on a low hanging branch, just over a leaf. He waits a moment, then nods, and walks to his car.

He arrives at his car, and sets his cap on the passenger seat. He drives home. The ride takes just a few minutes, as he lived just off campus now.

He picks his cap up, and freezes.

On the passenger seat, where he’d placed his cap, there now was a slip of old paper— not paper, parchment!— with writing in a language he didn’t know, but could somehow, inexplicably understand, except for the last word:

Your poetry is lovely. In exchange for your offerings, we gave you protection. – ??????

He picked up the parchment, and held it in his hand. He felt like he’d escaped a hurricane by accidentally finding the eye. Nobody would ever believe him.

“I appreciate this,” he says to the empty air. A wisp of cool wind brushes his robe.

He gets out of his car. He enters his apartment. He places the parchment in an iron lockbox he’d bought his freshman year. He goes about his life, knowing he was right, and knowing he dodged a nightshade laced iron arrow.


Imagine being the only SHIELD agent capable of ‘controlling’ Loki (meaning the only one he actually behaves for) out of all the ‘handlers’ he’s had, much to everyone’s surprise. Eventually, they ask you how you manage it and you reply with, “Maybe just be nice to him?” Nobody believes that’s it, of course, but it totally is; he genuinely just loves that you actually treat him like a person instead of this troublesome thing nobody wants around.