nobody at home will answer

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<< I’m home! >> you yelled from downstair, nobody answered. Strange.
You met Loki 8 month ago, well… Loki broke your ceiling falling from the sky 8 month ago.
You recognized him from the attack to New York.

That time you almost reported him to the police but he was looking at you with those teary eyes, injured body and shattered soul. He wasn’t just escaping from the Avengers, he was trying to escape from the Universe.

That time… You heard his side of the story.

Since then you two lived together, it was like owning a cat. You bought him books and films and sometimes he even helped you cooking.
Sometimes, he even told you something about himself and every once in a while, you could hear his laugh.
<< Loki, are you there? >> he never left home without leaving you a note on the fridge. And there were no notes on the fridge.
Your heart skipped a beat “He’s gone? Forever?” you gulped, and then with your trembling legs you started to go upstairs.
<< Loki? >> you called again, this time you heard some mumbling from his room. As you entered your eyes couldn’t look anywhere else, they were fixed on the bed where Loki was laying. 


<< Oh well, this is awkward. >> you whispered.
<< Goodmorning, Y/N. >> he greeted weakly.
You smiled a little,then kneeled beside him << Goodmorning. Can I ask you why are you naked in the middle of the winter? >>
He raised his head a little << I’m feeling hot. >>
“Oh, son.” you thought “ you are hot.”
<< Let me see. >> you murmured and placed a hand on his forehead, he was really hot << Well, I’ve all the reasons to think that you catched a cold. I’ll get you some medicine. >>
You returned a couple of minutes later with all the things that you needed       << Okay, let’s start with drinking this. Shall we? >>
He managed to lift himself up a bit, then looked from the glass to you.
<< Come on Loki, it’s not poisoned. >> you whined.
<< I don’t know. You have many reasons to poison me. >> you arched an eyebrow and he continued << You can’t mantain me forever. >>
<< Oh come on, you’re not that pain in the ass. >>
<< I destroyed a city. >>
<< Well, that’s not entirely your fa- >>
<< I killed people. >>
You groaned in frustration << Take this medicine! >> he looked at you << I’m not giving you a choice!!! >> he, surprisingly, obeyed.
You sighed << Good, now you should definetly put something on. >> you gave him the trousers and the shirt you bought him. Since he couldn’t obviously go around in his armor.

<< I feel hot. That’s the reason I undressed, human. >> your palm instantly hit you face and you muttered “ Oh Lord, give me the patience…”

<< As you wish, do you need something before I go? >> At this words his eyes widen.
<< Where are you going? >> he asked, almost in panic.
<< Uhm, in my room I think. Watching some TV. >> you said perplexed.
<< I understand. >> he murmured, you stared at him a bit until he closed his eyes. “Better not disturb him.”

You left him alone almost an hour ago, in the meantime you heard some cough, so now you were beyond worried.
What if human medicines didn’t work on Jötunheim’s people? He was an alien after all. You got up and entered silently his room, he was sleeping but you noticed that he was shivering a little.
You kneeled again beside him and covered him, as the blanket touched him he woke up suddently grabbing strongly your wrist.
You screamed as he tighten his grip << AH! Loki! Loki it’s me! >> he seemed to recognize you and at the same time you could see the guilt in his eyes.
<< I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did that. I’m sorry Y/N. >> he mumbled half asleep.
<< Don’t worry Loki. >> you rassured him.
<< Did I… >> he gulped << Did I hurt you? >> he asked without looking at you.
<< No seriously, I’m okay. >> you smiled at him, caressing the hand that was holding, now gently, your wrist.
<< I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore… >> he whispered.
You stroked slowly his forehead and right after his hair, the fever was passing.
<< I know Loki, I know. >> he closed his eyes enjoying your attentions.
<< You probably will never hear this words again from me but… Thank you. >> he said and you just smiled letting those words fill the air.

Under your touch, some seconds later, he fell asleep.

Hella good hair|| Tobastian
  • Tobias: didn't want to say goodbye to his boyfriend's hair, he loved playing with it too much. However, he did know that Sebastian would lose it anyway with the chemo and that this option would be the easiest on him, so he was going to do it. When he got to his boyfriend's house, he rang the doorbell, part of him hoping nobody was home to answer it so that they wouldn't have to do this.

I wish TS4 had an option to disable Eliza Pancakes because my sims don’t even know her and she comes knocking on the door, waiting all day for someone to answer. Especially when nobody is home.

Edgar Allan Nope

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.

“’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
But that tapping makes me nervous, it would be a great disservice
To my heart and state of mind if I were to walk across the floor —
To look out of my window and see a saleperson I abhor
or a most religious zealot, screeching ‘worship our book of senseless lore!’“

So I’ll sit here slightly anxious, wrapped up in my cosy blankets
eating pizza from the day old cardboard box upon the floor
And most surely I’ll be thankful, and indeed I’ll feel quite tranquil
when this lunatic stops rapping, rapping at my chamber door.

I’m not going to answer it.
Nobody’s home.
Go away.

Odd Disappearance of Elderly Couple

One of the most baffling missing persons cases in the history of Ireland occurred in 1991 when an elderly couple named Conor and Sheila Dwyer mysteriously vanished from the town of Fermoy. The last confirmed sighting of them was when they attended Mass at St. Patrick’s church on April 30. After not hearing from them for weeks, Sheila’s sister decided to visit the couple’s home on May 18. When nobody answered, she decided to notify the police. They arrived and broke down the door, but could find no sign of the Dwyers inside.

The Dwyers’ Toyota Cressida was nowhere to be found, but their home was otherwise completely normal. There were no signs of struggle, robbery or forced entry. The house was secure and all their personal items, including their clothing and glasses, were still there. The couples’ passports and over £1000 in cash were stashed in a tin. Curiously enough, investigators found out that Conor Dwyer had previously gone missing for a couple of years sometime in the 1980s. He eventually returned, but never provided any explanation about where he had been. Unfortunately, history would not repeat itself and Conor didn’t return this time around. Authorities have not found any evidence to suggest what might have happened to the couple and 20 years later, this remains one of Ireland’s strangest unsolved mysteries.


Friends Like These [Tortulja/Samson]

Samson had arrived Riften at night, as was his plan, and he had rented a room at the inn for the following day. In the morning he had gone to see if Tort was home, but nobody answered the door so he went back to the inn to fetch his gear and then left the city to go for a walk, pulling the hood over his head to shield himself from the sun.

He had walked around most of Lake Honrich by the time the sun was setting in the horizon, and he decided it was now time to see if Tort was home.

The vampire gave her door a few knocks, took a step back and hurriedly straightened his clothes.


ma boy and i went to dis hipster restaurant called The Habit and not gonna lie it was GOOD and we went thrifting afterwards and we got cool shirts!!! i wish we took pics of them cause they real cool pfffttt then we came home but nobody was home 2 answer so i had to sneak in from ma window lolz funnt stuff amirite anyway as you can see, we suck at taking pictures but he is so cute and i miss him i don’t get to see him for another SEVEN DAYS just like the ring say ‘u gonna die in 7 days’ yeah well ima die for 7 days thats a bad number i dont like ok enough goodnight goodbye