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Spencer X Reader

Prompts #28- “You gotta stop doing that.” “What?” “Saying things that make me wanna kiss you.” & #30-  “The problem is,” he said as he leaned in. “If I kiss you now, I don’t think I’d be able to stop.”

A/N: This one was requested by @mishacastiel.

You’re going to notice that these follow the same basics as the other ones. To make it easier for me they’ll all be connected somehow. It’s going to be canon/non-canon…does that make sense?

This is also as far as I’m going to get with smut, not very far. It’s not my thing. It’s totally insinuated in some posts, because whereas I’m abstinent by faith I’m not as disillusioned as to think that everyone I write about is. I’m still not going to write it, though.  

I got lots of requests for #30 and instead of re-using it I decided to keep it to this one. I think it pairs very well with #28 anyway. It’s like a good wine and cheese pairing…and now I want wine. Sigh.

OH YEAH- I should have mentioned this when I started this whole “Spencer imagines” thing that I’m fairly new to the fandom. I started two weeks ago, and as of me typing this on my laptop, I’m halfway through season 5. I’m really glad a co-worker slipped some info to me on this season beforehand because if I had gone into these episodes blind…I would have given up hope on all things love and pure. That brings me to my next question: Who does Hotch imagine?

You’d had a hard day at work. Some days were hectic as all get out and some days were so boring that you couldn’t wait to get out of your shift and do something productive (or just really fun) before you conked for a few hours. That particular shift was longer than anticipated. One of your residents ended up having to go to the ER. It was your first time going. Ever.

When you got in the passenger seat of the ambulance, you texted Spencer, your boyfriend of 2 and a half months. He was at home in his own bed, probably not awake yet for the day (your co-worker had called 911 at the end of your 3rd shift). When he didn’t reply for the duration of the ride to the hospital, you decided to just leave it for the time being. You had to leave lines of communication open with your supervisors and home managers anyway. Hospital visits could get busy, you’ve heard from your fellow co-workers. You wouldn’t have time.

After your resident had been set up into the ER, you checked your phone for the time. There were messages from the appropriate people at work but still nothing from Spencer. The guy wasn’t always a morning person, so it didn’t bother you, not entirely. To be honest, though, you kind of missed him. You hadn’t seen him in 2 days. It could get difficult when he was always away on cases, and you worked the night shift.

After Gertrude was finally officially admitted into the hospital from the emergency room, you were made to go home as per company policy. It was hard, though, because she was your favorite resident and you weren’t sure when you would see her again. You were positive that her condition wasn’t life-threatening, but she was a DNR, do not resuscitate. You still had fear. But your boss was your ride home and she was waiting for you out in the parking lot.

After giving Gert a slight kiss on the temple (she was hella knocked out), you made your way to the elevators and then eventually to the car. After writing your incident report in the car, you finally arrived at your apartment. You thanked your boss and made your way through your front door. You heaved a sigh and took off your jacket, then hanged it up. When you kicked off your shoes, you cocked your head and listened. After receiving no reply from your text early, you had hoped Spencer was going to surprise you. You should have known better.

Again, you weren’t completely offended. It was nearing lunchtime, and there was always a chance that he had to fly to a different city in a different state. It was OK. It was totally OK.

“I need Haagen-Dazs,” you heavily sighed. Sometimes the ice cream helped with the little white lies you told yourself.

When the pint of raspberry white chocolate truffle was opened, you grabbed a spoon and proceeded to throw yourself onto the sofa in the living room. You turned on the t.v. and prayed that The Price Is Right was on. Apparently, you were just going to keep receiving disappointments as the day wore on. You should have gone to bed, but your mind couldn’t stop racing.

After you had checked your phone, totally not the hundredth time since you first texted your boyfriend, you stood up for something. Of course, you forgot what it was and sat right back down. You got up again and started pacing after groaning at the sky.

“What is wrong with meeee?”

Nobody answered, you were home alone after all, and you weren’t sure if you should cry, take a shower, or try to sleep. Knowing that sleep was nowhere near possible, you decided to shower. Maybe you’d cry in there? I am losing my ever-loving mind.

When the hot shower didn’t do anything, you decided to switch it to cold to shave your legs. Why am I shaving in cold water, you shrugged but continued to skim the razor over your soaped up legs. You turned off the not-so-helpful water and ran your hands over your legs and made sure you didn’t miss anything. That’s when you got inspired.

“Why the eff am I home, alone, when I have a key to my boyfriend’s apartment that has rockin WiFi,” you asked yourself while you were still bent over feeling your legs. “And why am I talking to myself and asking questions?”

You scrounged your bedroom looking for a cute shirt to put on over your best pair of jeans. The one you picked was a hyacinth blue. When you looked at the ever growing pile of dirty clothes, you decided to use Spencer’s built-in amenities. He drank your coffee, you used his laundry detergent. Give and take, give and take.

The weather wasn’t too obscene for mid-February, and you decided to just walk the few blocks to his building. You were really glad that your job sometimes included lifting your residents and maneuvering their bodies because that laundry bag was no joke. You needed to remember that you were an adult and that you had to do your own laundry more than once a week.

Pfft, yeah okay.+

After making it up to his floor and throwing your jacket and extra key onto his side table, you walked into his bedroom. You sat the bag on the ground and decided to go for a pair of his sweats and sat on the bed to try to roll up the pant legs. That had failed miserably, and you threw your body back on his dark blue comforter in more frustration.

You stared up at his white ceiling and smiled when you tried to imagine what Little Spencer’s walls looked like all those years ago. I bet he had those glow-in-the-dark star stickers and I bet he put them in constellations. Your thoughts of what kid Spencer was like led you to the nap you so desperately needed. Dreams of being a kid and being Spencer’s playmate took over any frustrations you had following your shift.

When you awoke, it was to your best friend with his arm around your waist and his chest to your back. Sometimes your legs intertwining made it onto you Favorite’s list.

Okay, it made the list all the time. It was the top 3.

His even breathing into your hair made you realize that he was taking his own nap. From the corner of your eye, you could tell that the sky outside was darkening, but there were still splashes of pink and orange. You began to crave Superman ice cream and held in one of your groans of frustration.

That explains it! “My period!”

You quickly latched your hand to your mouth when you realized that you yelled that last part but it didn’t matter. Spencer’s hold was tightening, and you could hear him yawning from behind you. You held your breath and tried to wait it out, but he started stretching. You rolled your eyes.


“Hmm?” Your boyfriend had hummed in confusion.

“Nothing, Spence. Go back to sleep.” The hand that was resting against his arm began to make soothing motions, but it got trapped by a bigger one.

Spencer must have mentally decided he was over looking at the back of your head because he pulled moved you onto your other side, to face him. He gave one of his beautiful lazy smiles and blinked softly. You just gazed into his eyes, waiting for him to get to the awareness level he wanted to be at. Given, not aware might be what he wanted.

When he didn’t snuggle up to you to go back to sleep, you realized that he was waiting on you for confirmation that it was okay to return to slumberland.

“Go back to sleep, Hun.” You fingers raked gently through his hair. “You gotta be exhausted. You had knocked the heck out when I woke up.”

He scrunched his nose in disagreement. “But you’re awake. When you’re awake, I’m awake.”

“Well, that’s not true. If that were the case, then neither of us would be getting any sleep ever,” you chuckled.

He chuckled and responded with “Oh the things we do for our careers. I’d go many moons without sleep if it meant I could get to spend more time with you.”

Blushing, you gave a soft snort. “Maybe if you could survive without resting that giant noodle of yours.”

“Okay Miss Smarty Pants, how long did it take you to give in to sleep after your shift, huh?” He was on his elbow now.

You followed suit. “Not that long. I’ll have you know, I got an adequate amount sleep.”

When his eyes narrowed at you, you held in your sigh of resignation. You weren’t going to give in that easily. Spencer couldn’t always win, could he?

“You got home, almost 5 hours after your shift was supposed to end, and went immediately for the ice cream. Haagen-Dazs to be more specific. You tried to do something to waste time, probably watch t.v. or read. I’m going to guess t.v. since your hands were busy. After you ate ALL the ice cream, you eventually decided to come over here and apparently do laundry. When that, for whatever reason, didn’t work out you decided to come in here and get comfy. Am I right?”

You didn’t answer him, so his fingers skimmed your sides, making you giggle.

“FINE. Yes. Yes, you’re right.”

“Thank you.”

“Mostly right, anyway. Not all of it was right. You missed the part about what happened after I came in here.”


“I laid on your bed and imagined what your childhood ceiling looked like, imagined being your friend all those years ago. If you could see the stars from where you lay and if they were in all the right constellations. I bet you would have spent hours laying with me telling me them all, name by name. You would have traced them out with my hand.”

Spencer watched carefully as you drew out the only constellation you knew on the back of his arm, making goosebumps raise. He didn’t say anything.

“You would have taken the time to explain everything to me and made sure I understood it. You would have been patient with me too, and that’s more than what I would have deserved. Even after I would have zoned out, not that I would have wanted to, you would have kept tracing the constellations. There would have been nothing that could make you give up on me. Just like there would have been nothing that could have made me give up on you.”

When he still didn’t respond, his eyes never leaving yours, you went on. “Just like how there’s still nothing that could make me ever want to give up on you. Because you’re mine, and I love you.”

“Y/n,” he hummed your name and if that wasn’t one of the best sounds you had ever heard… “You gotta stop doing that.”


“Saying things that make me wanna kiss you. The problem is,” Spencer said as he leaned in. “If I kiss you now, I don’t think I’d be able to stop.”

You fluttered your eyes clothes as he ran a hand down your spine and left it there at the base. You had re-opened your eyes to discover his were now sparkling and full of mischief. There was a side of Spencer you didn’t always get to see, and it was beginning to come out. Blessedly, it was a part of Spencer that only you ever got to witness.

A few moments slipped by, and he didn’t do anything else. You softly ran your fingernails from behind his ears and along his lower hairline to the nape of his neck, causing him to shiver. He didn’t move from his position, though. He was still halfway leaned in.

You lowered your hand and gently rested it on his waist, your thumb briefly disappearing under his shirt. He took it was a sign to gently lower you on your back but his eyes still never left you.

How blessed can I be, you thought, that I have such a wonderful man by my side to guide me through the worst of times and rejoice with me through the best of times.

Unbeknownst to you, he was thinking the same thing but mirrored.

When his lips touched the base of your throat, you arched your back and gave a soft moan. There wasn’t a sign of him letting up, and then you remembered and began to chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” He had asked when you didn’t cease.

“Oh man,” you wiped the tears from your eyes. “I completely forgot, and that could have been an extra mess we wouldn’t need.”

He kept his penance of confusion but raised his eyebrow.

“I just started my period. We won’t be having any of ‘that’ for a while.”

“And that’s funny because…”

“Because if I’m not laughing, I’ll cry and that’s about 3 more pints of ice cream you don’t have.”

Spencer lowered himself back onto the bed and sighed.

“Alright, but there’s ways around that.”

You had slid off the bed and headed towards the en-suite.  “Yeah, not a chance. Good try though,” you say as you walk into the bathroom and close the door, still laughing.

G dragon Scenario #47 “His number one fan” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

“You know you can call me whenever you want, right?” you said, as he was practically pushing you to the taxi, that it was right at the front of your building, waiting for you. “I know that Y/N” he smiles to you.

“Any time, ok?” you were almost there. “Any time” he repeats your words in an annoying tone.

When you were right at the door he opens it for you.

“Stop worrying over nothing, she is my daughter not a demon” he laughed.

“You know that your parents always says that she is just like you, right?” you said, putting your bags on the backseat. “Yeah… so?”

“That’s why I’m worried…” you turned to him and hugged him, wrapping your arms around his neck as you reached for his ear “… you are not an angel”

You felt him smiling and then he buried his face in the crook of your neck. “I’m gonna miss you”

Now you were the one smiling “It’s just a few hours, I’ll be back past midnight”

“Call me when you arrive, ok?” he says, letting you go. “I will” you got into the taxi.

Ji yong was staring at the car until it totally disappeared from his view.

In a few hours your daughter will come back from school, and he has to take care of her, alone, for the first time. Honestly he didn’t feel like if it was a big deal, is his daughter after all.

For a few hours he was calm, just working on something, like always. But as the moment of truth was getting closer he couldn’t help but to feel a little bit worried. He couldn’t stop from looking at the hour in every single clock or thing that has the hour on it. Your words “they would call you when they get here, you just have to pick her up outside of the building” went through his mind thousands of times.

He kept thinking (What if I didn’t hear the bell, what if they are waiting outside, what if they take her back to school?!)

“This is getting ridiculous” he says to himself as he run a hand through his hair, and looked at the hour on his phone for the third time in the last five minutes.

After a few more seconds debating to himself if they might arrived while he went to the bathroom and that’s why he didn’t hear them calling him, he finally had enough. He left his work and went to the lobby to wait for her.

Ten minutes later he saw the school bus arriving.

He felt extremely happy seeing his baby getting off that huge bus and taking little cute steps in those huge stairs for her tiny legs.

“Y/D/N!” he screams at the top of his lungs as he bends on the floor and clap opening his arms ready for a hug. “Daddy!” her cute smile melt his heart. It was the first time that he received her from school, and she couldn’t be happier.

She ran as fast as she could, collapsing against his dad chest. “Waaa…” he says as he hugs her, lifting her up in his arms “… how’s my little princess?”. She didn’t answer, she was too busy hugging him.

“Hello” her teacher says with her little bag in her hand. “Oh! Hello…” he grabbed the bag “… thank you”

The teacher smiled “She seems really happy…” she says to him, but quickly her eyes went to the little girl “… are you happy to see daddy, right Y/DN?”

His daughter just smiled shyly.

“Before I forget…” she says now looking at Ji yong “…she is ok now but in the morning she had a little bit of fever”

“Oh! Really?” he looks at her baby.

“Don’t worry she’s ok now, right Y/D/N?…” she strokes her pink chubby cheek, and she smiles “… yeah, you are perfect now” the teacher smiles along with her.

Ji yong couldn’t stop looking at her. He always thought that she got your smile… your beautiful smile.

“I’ll leave then…” she says to Ji yong “… goodbye Y/D/N I’ll see you tomorrow” she waved at her, and walks away.

“Good bye” Ji yong said in a high tone, taking her hand and making his daughter wave her little hand to the teacher.

“Are you hungry?” he asked her smiling. “Mmhm” she nods happily.


“Where is mommy?” she asked as soon as they arrived to the apartment. “Mommy went to school…” he puts her down, on the floor “… like you”

“School?” she asked surprised. “Yeah… but don…” he was about to make a mistake.

You always told him that he shouldn’t say the words “don’t”. Like “don’t worry” or “don’t do this” cause kids only get the last word. So instead of getting “don’t worry she’ll be back at night” she would get “WORRY she’ll be back at night”

“… she’ll be back at night” he said, correcting himself.

But she didn’t have a reaction to that. It seems like she didn’t really care where you were.

“Come on!… let’s eat…” he says, walking towards the kitchen “… I’m starving!”

She followed him, taking little steps behind his dad. “Look! Your favorite!” the meal was already cooked for her. You woke up earlier that morning to prepare her some rolled eggs.

Ji yong put some of them on a plate and grabbed her a juice and a fruit from the fridge. “No apple” she says, pointing at the juice. “No apple?…” he grabbed another one “… what about… strawberry?”

She shook her head. “No? mmm… and what about this one?” he showed her the orange one, and she nods. He closed the fridge “Picky… just like your mother” he says way too low for her to listen to him, as he walks towards the table with her following him.

“Alright…” he puts the plate, the juice and the fruit over the table, and then he lifted her, putting her on the chair.

“With daddy” she says, raising her hands. “You wanna sit with me?” he asked touched. Normally she always ask to sit on your lap not his. “Mmhm” she answered.

After that cute moment, Ji yong feeds her, making sure she takes small bites every time. “Is it good?”

She didn’t answer. “Yummy, right?” he asked again, this time shaking his leg a little bit to make her smile and she did. Just then, the phone started to ring. He stood up, putting her on the chair, and she kept eating on her own.

“Y/N?” he says as soon as he picked up. “Hey! How are you?” you asked. “We are fine, she’s eating… do you wanna talk to her?”

“No… its ok, let her eat”

“Ok… how are you?” he asked and you sighed. “The person who was supposed to give me my paper today didn’t come”

“What?! You went over there for nothing?!” he says angry, he knows how important this is for you, cause that paper accredits that you did finish college. “Yeah… it seems like it. I’m gonna call him and see what I can do…”. Ji yong was so mad to answer. “I’ll see you in a few hours” you said and then you hung up.

He let the phone, still angry, and he walks towards Y/D/N. “Mommy had a tough day, princess” he said, sitting in front of her and burying his face in his hand. She didn’t say anything, she just kept eating.

“Can you give me some?” he smiles, pointing at the leftovers.

She looked down to her plate and then she shook her head smiling. “But I also want some” he says, making a sad face. 

She smiles and then she grabbed a piece of egg and she puts it in his mouth.

“Mmmmm… thank you baby” he says, chewing it. And then she takes another one but this time for herself.

When she finished he picked up the plate and the garbage and take it to the kitchen. While she was playing in the living room he meant to clean the mess there. But before he could even start, she was already calling him “Daddy…” she said calmly.

“… daddy…” she repeats again in a calm cute voice. Ji yong was ignoring her on purpose.

“… daddy!” she starts to get annoyed, he can tell from the change of her tone, so he finally stopped ignoring her, although he really enjoys teasing her. “Yes?”

“Come play!” she asked.

He just shook his head smiling. And left the dishes for later.

The first thing he saw as he walked to the living room, was her little hands as pistols “Bang bang” she says. Ji yong immediately got it. She didn’t want to play, she just want him to put Big Bang’s MVs.

“I see…” he took the control and put the list.

She got really excited, after all, she is his number one fan. She even beat her mother after she borned.

There’s no words to describe how happy he is when she sings and dance his songs.

They spent all day just doing that.

Repeating the songs over and over again was getting into his nerves, but as soon as she smiles he gives up. “This time is the last one, ok?” he already said that like five times. 

And her answer is always the same “Mmhm”


It was already past midnight when you walked through the door, and the first thing you see was her little bag right in the entrance, which means that, he didn’t check if she has homework to do. You just ignore that.

“I’m home” you said at loud. But nobody answered. You walked towards the living room and they there are.

Ji yong has your daughter over his chest, and both of them are sleeping.

It was like a scene from a movie, so perfect and cute. You wanted to capture the moment so quietly you took a picture of them with your cellphone.

You smile as you choose the winner out of all the pictures from the different angles you took.

Then you walked to the kitchen, and all the beautiful dream was over. Back to the reality. The kitchen was exactly, no, even more dirty compared to that morning when you left.

You looked up to the ceiling and sighed. You are so tired, but now you have to clean that mess.

You put your hair up into a bun and then you started to wash the dishes.

“I’ll do it…” Ji yong wrapped his arms around your waist, pressing himself against your back. “OMG!” you almost died. “… sorry” he laughed. “You scared me” you laughed nervously.

“Leave it…” his hug got tighter “… I’ll do it”

And so you did, but he didn’t let you go, he kept hugging you. “So… how was it?”

“Well… apart from the fact that I don’t want to hear any of our songs ever again for the rest of my life, it was awesome”

“Ohhh…” you laughed “… so she gave you her little concert”

“I wouldn’t say it was little babe” he says, feeling really tired. “You know she does that every day?”

“No way!” he stopped hugging you. “Yeap… everyday”

You smiled seeing his reaction “That little girl it’s so proud of her dad” you stroke his face. “You think so?” he says approaching to you. “I know so…” you said before he kisses you.

San Francisco

Pairing: Y/N/Ashton

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 2.500+

Summary: Ashton’s car breaks down right around the corner of San Francisco bridge, leaving the two of you to watch over the city lights with pillows, sheets and cute cuddles and conversations 

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sanctuary - chapter 1


On his fourth day living in Beacon Hills, Stiles wakes up when his dad raps on his bedroom door. “Stiles! Get out of bed. You’re going to school!”

So that’s where they are in the push-and-pull of their father-son relationship today. His dad has reached the I Am Not Fucking Around stage again. A few more days and he’ll be right back at the I Am Not Going To Push You stage. Which Stiles likes a lot more than the I Can’t Bear To Even Look At You one that’s defined most of the last eight months, actually.

Everything hurts when he levers himself out of bed, but Stiles is used to that. It always takes a while to get moving again after everything’s seized up overnight. He doesn’t bother shower. Just drags some fresh clothes out of one of his unpacked boxes and pulls them on. His red hoodie is last. He pulls the hood up even though he’s still in the house, and thinks that no, no he can’t go to school today.

He heads downstairs.

When was the last time he was in the kitchen? Yesterday? The day before? His dad has made good progress unpacking. It takes Stiles three attempts to figure out where the glasses live now.

He pours himself an orange juice while his dad digs out the cereal.

“I thought I’d drive you to school,” his dad says. “Come to administration with you and get things explained.”

He waves vaguely.

“I can drive myself.” He has a Jeep now. He hasn’t really checked it out, but it was part of his dad’s bribery attempt to move them here to Beacon Hills.

“You’re not driving that thing until I get it checked out properly,” his dad tells him.

It’s just an excuse, and they both know it. If his dad doesn’t literally escort him into the school, there’s no way he’s going.

“Dad,” Stiles says, his voice wavering.

“No.” John Stilinski’s face is set. “You need to do this, Stiles. And the longer you wait, the harder it will get.”

Stiles stares down at his cereal so his dad doesn’t see his tears. “It’s gonna suck, though.”

His dad reaches out and clasps a hand around Stiles’s, making his spoon clatter against the table. “Come on, kid. Have you forgotten how tough you are?”

No, Stiles thinks, but have you forgotten how much of a freak I am?

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Where is my child?

A tiny comic based on the different UT!Mobs of @nyublackneko, here the different Skelebros ae returning from a day of work, they each call for the child, but nobody answered. Where are they?

This is the first time I draw a comic, so I hope you enjoy it ^3^

I like how UF!Pap ended…

Pumpkin Muffins 🎃 ReidxReader

Request; Reader just moved into her new apartment around Thanksgiving, she is alone and makes some Pumpkin sweets to share with her neighbors, but Reid is the only other person on her floor that is alone on the holiday. 
requested by @htarresnom

          Thanksgiving day had dawned with eerie quiet and the smell of dozens of various dishes and desserts cooking filled the air with their tantalizing aroma. Turkeys roasting and yams broiling, pumpkin and pecan pies melded their scents into one hunger inducing bouquet. 
          In one small apartment, there was little more than homemade pumpkin muffins baking in the oven. Careful to check often, making sure they hadn’t burned, a girl by the name of (Y/N) peeked at the rising orange treats. Aside from these, she had made herself a small dinner to celebrate thanksgiving. Chicken instead of turkey, mac and cheese, stuffing, green beans, and so on- but in portions small enough for just two or three people. Or, one person with leftovers. 
          Though she was spending her holiday alone, she was doing all that she could to keep the holiday spirit alive. She had recently moved away from her family for a new job offer that held a lot of promise- though starting life anew so close to the holidays was proving to be more than a little lonely. 
           Slipping an oven mitt onto her hand, she pulled the oven door open and a wave of heat washed through the kitchen, bringing with it the scent of nutmeg and cinnamon. She lay the muffins on the counter and helped herself to one as her mouth began to water. Her eyes rolled back and she moaned softly from the delicate sweetness and buttery texture of the muffin. Placing the remainder into a large basket she smiled softly to herself as she prepared to meet her neighbours for the first time. Maybe she’d come across a lovely elderly couple that would invite her inside and tell her stories of their childhood. If anything, she merely wanted to offer the baked goods as a gesture of good will, and maybe just to see someone smile outside of a TV screen. 
          Making sure to shut off the stove top as she left, she rapped her knuckles lightly on the door of the apartment nearest her own. No response. Sighing slightly, though not entirely disheartened quite yet, she made her way to the next door, knocking softly. Again, no response. Pursing her lips she meandered her way down the hall, knocking on each door in turn. Each one with no response- until she arrived at the last apartment along the narrow hallway. Almost entirely dejected and lonely, she gave one final attempt, knocking against the peeling wood of the apartment door. No one answered for a moment, and she started to make her way back down the hallway when the door opened slowly, stopping her in her tracks.
          She beamed brightly, hugging the basket of muffins tightly to her chest when she locked gazes with a rather adorable, though perhaps slightly disheveled man that stood before her dressed in his pajamas. Her smile faltered slightly as her heart raced, the young man looking her over quizzically, one brow raised as his gaze settled on the basket of muffins. 
          “Oh! Hi, sorry I wasn’t expecting anyone to answer- nobody else seems to be home- I uh, I’m sorry if I disturbed you-”
          He shook his head smiling softly, 
          “Not at all actually, I was just doing a bit of reading. Tom Sawyer, I read it every year around this time… My name is Spencer by the way.  Can I help you with anything? Did you need to borrow some eggs or sugar or something?” His brow furrowed in confusion as his head tilted slightly to the side, reminding her of a brown eyed puppy.
          “Oh no! I actually wanted to bring you these.” She stammered as she held out the basket of muffins, blushing slightly as he observed the pile of sweets.
          “That’s a lot of muffins. Did you have guests cancel or something?”
          “No, actually I’m alone today and I’m new to the area so I just wanted to introduce myself and I thought this might be a good way to do it.” She lowered the basket, eyes cast downward as she blushed lightly.
           “No not at all. Giving food is one of the most common gestures of good will, especially sweets. I’m actually spending the day alone as well, so if it makes you feel any better- I appreciate it.” He smiled brightly, his eyes seemed to twinkle as they scrunched up and he held out his hand to take a muffin. 
         Offering him a half smile, she again held out the basket, allowing him to take one, watching as he peeled the paper away.
          “You know… I made some dinner at my apartment and it’s a little too much for one person. I mean if you didn’t want to spend Thanksgiving day alone- of course you don’t have to, I mean I’m a total stranger after all-” She rambled,  growing sense of embarrassment overwhelming her as she hid her face behind her hand.
         “I wouldn’t mind, I don’t have much else to do after all- er, what was your name…?” Spencer questioned, narrowing his eyes in thought as he wondered if he had perhaps forgotten.
          “Oh, God, sorry- It’s (Y/N).” She smiled shyly and Spencer stepped out of his apartment, chewing his first bite of muffin.
          “It’s a pleasure to meet you- these are really delicious, by the way, and still just a little warm.”  
          “Thanks! It was my grandma’s old recipe actually.” She explained as she led him back to her own apartment where the scent of food cooking came wafting through the cracks. 
          Opening the door, she led him inside, apologizing profusely for all the boxes that still lay scattered all across the apartment. 
          “I haven’t had much time to unpack.” She bit her nail, placing the basket of muffins on her table and making her way to the kitchen to prepare their food plates.
          “If you like, I could help you get unpacked later.” Spencer offered, standing beside her and helping himself to the macaroni. 
          “You don’t have to do that.” (Y/N) murmured, though couldn’t hide the smile forming on her lips as she carved into the small chicken. 
          “It’s no trouble, really. I know it took me a long time to make friends in the area, and it can become more than a little depressing.”
          She nodded though said nothing as she seated herself at the table, waiting to begin her meal until Spencer had sat down as well. 
          During their small, shared thanksgiving meal (Y/N) had observed quite a bit about Spencer as he carried on through the night with a slew of facts and information that she found both humorous and intriguing. He asked her about her family and why she had moved to the area and listened with interest as she told him.
          He helped her to do the dishes and put the food away, and once everything had been neatly stacked in the fridge, they seated themselves aside one another on her corduroy couch with full and content bellies. 
          (Y/N) yawned as she stretched her arms over her head. “Man, that chicken has me so sleepy.” She giggled, rubbing her eyes as a Christmas movie began to play on the TV, the jingling of bells ringing through the apartment.
          “Actually chicken does have more l-tryptophan than turkey does- but that’s not the reason you get sleepy and lethargic after a thanksgiving meal. It’s mostly just due to ingesting large quantities of food in one sitting, primarily carbohydrates like pasta, bread, and fruit.” He nodded knowledgeably as he took another bite of a muffin with a yawn and a sly wink.
          (Y/N) giggled softly as she cozied herself into the couch, tuning into the movie that played softly on the flickering screen until a gentle sleep took her. In her slumber she leaned over against Spencer’s shoulder, arms wrapping around him as she snuggled into him with a contented smile. 
          Spencer stiffened slightly at first- unsure what to do or how to react, but gradually his shoulders relaxed, a gentle smile on his face as he rested his hand tenderly atop her head, and before long, he himself drifted off into sleep.

I wish TS4 had an option to disable Eliza Pancakes because my sims don’t even know her and she comes knocking on the door, waiting all day for someone to answer. Especially when nobody is home.

5Sos Bsm Preference #7: Hanging With The Boys

Luke (12): Sometimes you just felt like nobody cared. You weren’t the special one in the family and never would be. Every time your mom said something that offended you, she didn’t even realize. Sometimes it was just, a tomboy, and that didn’t bother you. But soon enough, she didn’t realize, that she was hinting you weren’t good enough, or that you were on the heavy side. Some of it lies you just didn’t want to face up too. But one night, after you got home from school, (more like the afternoon, but that didn’t sound as cool) you had thrown your bag on the floor, and ran to your room. Tears threatening to poor. You ran in your room, and slammed your door. Collapsing on your bed, just letting the tears pour. You heard a soft knock on the door, and screamed “Go away!” “Come on Y/N, don’t come home and be so grumpy.” This made your tears fall even faster. The noise from the other side of the door quickly became quite murmurs, of more than just Luke. “Come on, let us in Y/N.” Calum’s voice almost echoed from the other side of the door. “Just go away!” The pounding stopped, and the whispering stopped. Finally everything was quite, there was no sound, except for you sniffling, from crying. Then you heard the door open, you saw Luke with a pair of keys in his hand. The spare key…. The other boys also stood there, Luke saw you there, crying. He wanted to pick you up and ask you what was wrong. But something told him, he wasn’t going to be able to get it out of you. So he just left, not left the room, but left this to the other boys. Who had immediately tried to comfort you. Calum hugged you and said “What’s wrong Y/N?” “Nobody likes me.” You sniffled after every word. The boys all looked at you, they had no idea what you meant. You were always a well liked kid, and had plenty of friends. “I’m not as good as Luke. So nobody likes me. I’m not good enough to be Luke’s sister….” Calum caught the words you had whispered, and said “Luke, maybe you should try and fix this.” And just like that the other boys left. And Luke sat down with you. He didn’t say anything, just let you cry into his shirt, and murmur how wonderful you were, before you fell asleep on his chest.

Calum (12): Your were just sitting on the tour bus, talking to Mali, she was a good big sister you couldn’t lie. And she was much easier to talk to, rather than Calum of the boys. Today you and Mali were watching someone on the internet, laughing, and messing around. It was just kinda a sisters day. But to ruin all the fun, Mali got sick, and had to go. So you were left on the tour bus alone. The boys had gone out to see a movie and get food. You were completely alone and you didn’t like it. As stupid as it sounds, you still hated being alone, you couldn’t stand it. Everything would make you jump. And I mean anything. And the screaming girls outside the tour bus didn’t help much. Calum had left his phone, and nobody else would answer. They weren’t supposed to be home until midnight, or that’s what you heard Mali say. So here you were, alone on the tour bus. You tried to sneak out, but as soon as you saw the screaming girls, you sunk right back in the bus. You tried calling someone again and neither of them answered. Finally you called Luke once last time, making a final attempt. “Hello?” “Hey Luke.” “Hey what’s up Y/N?” “Mali got sick, so now I’m here alone can you guys come back?” It sounded childish, so you didn’t say it loud, even though there was no body around to hear you. “Ya sure.” He hung up, and ten minutes later all the boys were back with food. They all sat down and watched a movie with you.

Ashton (18): You didn’t want anyone to met your boyfriend. Pro’s; He was BEAUtiful, funny, loving. Cons; He was loud, 20, older than you, and cussed more than a hyped dictionary. So you had enough going on in your BEAUtiful You came up with a genius plan to, how do I put this, soften the blow. By something even worse right after you slipped out you had a boyfriend, and who he was. But you would end up in even more trouble, so you kept brainstorming. After a while, you just went downstairs, and sat down next to Micheal. You buried your head in his arm. Micheal looked at you and said “What’s up?” “Nothing.” You murmured, you didn’t want to have to explain Beau to anyone. It’s not like you could really just let Beau come over and introduce himself. “Come on what’s wrong?” You just sat there, and then said “Is Ashton home?” “Where else would he be?” You laughed and got up, walking to Ashton’s room. You smiled at Ashton. He was watching something on YouTube and you thought the worst, but once you leaned forward, and saw what he was watching. It. Was. Perfect. He was watching the Janoskians, he was watching when they threw James phone in the microwave. He was laughing and smiling. This was perfect. You did a mental happy dance, and walked over to Ashton. You saw on his lap, and hit the headphones off his head. Then said “What are you watching Ash?” “I’m not sure-” “You have to know your watching it.” Ashton smirked and said “Well, I found it on your computer.” That wouldn’t give away anything “Ya, there funny.” “I also saw a picture of one of them with there shirts off. The saw you texting him.” “Shit.” Your cursed and looked back at Ashton. He had caught you red handed. Ashton smiled and said “Busted.”

Micheal (17): You were sitting on the couch, your head on Ashton’s chest, and you feet tangled in his. You and the boys were watching a scary movie they picked out. You and Ashton had called the couch before this all started so you didn’t have to cuddle on the floor. Because that’d be weird. Ashton had one hand in your own hand, and his other hand, trailing up your thigh. Every time he got close to you like that, you shoved him off. Knowing that there we’re other people in the room. After the movie, everyone got settled, and Micheal was watching you two. Like something might go wrong, he had never gotten used to seeing you two like that. Intertwined and in love. It made him sick, to think like that about his sister. Maybe it was because he was two years older than you, but it wasn’t a huge thing too you guys. Micheal just watched you two, smirking or fake gagging every time he saw his hand move beside you, or on you, or your shift between the two legs he had stretched out. All the other boys would laugh at Micheal, and tell them he was over reacting. But it didn’t matter, he always did it. And you tried so hard to make it stop. But it just didn’t.


5 seconds of gangbang- 5sos/Calum Hood Imagine (smut)- straight version

Requested- Yes

Anon- okayokay this is a weird request but like 5sos all together where they tie you to the bed and they each have their way with you and then try to make you cum as many times as possible while working together? and could they use a vibrator? IM GOING TO HELL BYE 

Pairing- All 5sos (mainly Calum) & Y/N

Note-  This was in my drafts but not sure if i’ve posted already or not.  Enjoy either way

Words- 1650 

Summary- The boys take it in turns to pleasure you as many times as possible

NOTE- I can make an extra part to any imagine/smut in my masterlist.  Just ask


Masterlist / Ask

“Who’s that?” Calum frowned as the doorbell rang. 

 You’d never meant to show up this late but you’d locked yourself out of your house and nobody else was home. Calum answered the door with a frown on his face that quickly turned to a smile.

 "Hey!“ He grinned, "guys Y/N is here." 

 They were lounging around in the living room with Xbox games and pizza. You quickly explained your situation and all four of them agreed that you could stay with them. 

 "You can take my bed,” Ashton offered. 

 "Thanks but I’m fine on the sofa,“ you assured him.

 "So what are you doing?” You added.

 "Well we were just about to play this game that Michael has been moaning about all night,“ Luke explained. 

 "Yeah what’s that?”

 "Have you ever?“ 

 "Hmm played it before,” you admit.

 Ashton pulls out a bottle of tequila. “Well we’re playing it with tequila shots,” he grins. 

 You shrug. It was a way to kill time. It was late but you weren’t tired yet. You all settled yourself in to seats and Ashton started. 

 "I have never fucked a boy,“ he grinned, looking right after you. 

 "You’re a jerk,” you scoff, downing a shot of the burning liquid. 

 Michael is next. 

 "I’ve never given a blowjob,“ he smirks.

 "Okay you guys are doing this on purpose,” you whine as you down another shot. 

 "I’ve never asked a guy out,“ Calum added.

 Finally it was your turn. 

 "I’ve never slept with a girl,” you grin and all four boys take a shot. 

 "I’ve never had a gang bang,“ Ashton grins. 

 Nobody moves. 

 "What?” You laugh as they all turn to look at you.

 "Hmm nothing. Just something we were talking about the other day,“ Michael shrugs. 

 "Well tell me. What was it?" 

 "Well Calum had this dream and in it we were kind of having a gang bang,” Luke admits. 

 "Okay. With who?“ You giggle. 

 They all look anywhere but at you and you gulp. 

 "With me?” Luke nods, slowly. “Wow. Okay you guys are nuts,” you laugh.

 "It was kinda hot,“ Calum confesses, "we tied you to the bed and tried to make you come as many times as possible. You were pretty hot." 

 You gulp. That somehow sounds really appealing. 

 "Anyway we should get back to the game,” Ashton decides and he is about to start up again when something comes over you and you turn in your seat to Calum who is sitting next to you. 

 Your mouth collides with his and he opens his in shock but quickly recovers and pulls you to him. 

 "Hmm someone likes the idea of being pleasured by all of us,“ Michael smirks.  

Calum lifts you with ease and you keep your lips on his as he shuffles through to his room. The other three follow and the door shuts just as he lays you on the bed.

 "God I’ve wanted to see you naked for a long time,” Calum groans.

 "Haven’t we all?“Ashton adds.

 You don’t know why you are agreeing to this. It seems insane and yet you’ve never felt so turned on. 

 "We should take it in turns,"Ashton suggested, making you look to him. 

 "I think that’s y/n’s choice,” Calum reminds them all. 

 They all look to you, questioningly.

 "Um,“ you gulp, "that sounds okay." 

 They smirk and you frown as they turn around. 

"Okay Rock Paper Scissors. Michael and Luke and me and Ashton. Winners against each other and final winner gets first shot." 

 "Fine but we all get to watch,” Michael adds.

 They look to you again and you nod slowly. This is the weirdest situation you’ve ever been in. These boys were you best friends. You watched them have pissing contests in the snow and play games of who could stuff the most pizza in their mouth in one go. Yes they were attractive but you’d never really thought much of it. Maybe because part of you didn’t feel good enough for them. But here they were now, arguing over who got first shot at you and it was strangely making you very wet. Calum won the game and the others moved aside as he stepped up to the bottom of the bed and towered over you.  

“Okay let’s start by getting your clothes off,” he grinned. 

 The other boys licked their lips, hungrily. They watched as Calum climbed on the bed on top of you. You watched him too, wondering where he would start. He did the typical thing and started at your top, desperate to see your breasts. He rolled the t-shirt up your body and you sat up so he could remove it properly. His hands instantly reached for your bra. He unhooked it and pulled it clean off your body. All the boys gasped as your chest fell loose. 

 "Mmm,“ Calum murmured, satisfied.

 He pushed you back down on the bed and looked to his friends. 

 "Use your belts to tie her hands,” he ordered and you squealed as Ashton grabbed one hand and Michael grabbed the other.

They pulled their belts out of the loops on their jeans and wrapped them round your wrists before strapping them to the headboard. Your top half was trapped. Then Calum slid up, his mouth watering as he hovered over your naked chest. He leaned in and you let out a wail as his lips clamped around one nipple. Your eyes closed but you could still feel then watching you. They were patiently waiting their turn, getting more and more hard as they watched you fall apart. 

Calum kept his mouth around your nipple as he moved his hand down and pulled the button of your jeans loose. He slid the zip down and his fingers reached inside, pawing at you through your panties. Your back arched from the bed and the belts dug in to your wrist as you attempted to escape. God you wanted more. You needed more.

 "Ash take over,“ Calum demanded as he moved downwards. Ashton wrapped his lip around one nipple and beckoned for Michael to do the same on the other. 

 Not one to be left out, Luke began kissing across your stomach. Calum shimmied your jeans down and all the boys took a minute to appreciate the sight of you in just your panties. Michael even whistled and your eyes opened and you blushed up at him before heads lowered again. Oh they were divine. The feelings they were inflicting on you were almost unbearably good. 

 Luke kissed down your torso while Calum kissed up your thighs. They never collided though and Luke moved back up to the crevice between your breasts as Calum reached your core and breathes heavily through your panties. You whimpered and your back curved off the bed, shoving your breasts further against Michael and Ashton’s lips.

 They were in their element. You knew these boys were kinky but you never thought they would go this far. You also never thought they found you attractive enough to do something like this but they were all stood to attention at the sight of your writhing body. Calum moved the panties aside and brought his mouth down on your core and you let out A high pitched scream that made all the boys smirk. Fuck. Those soft, plump lips against your sweet spot was intoxicating. His lips moulded around your bundle of nerves and your body shuddered with sensation. 

 They all felt so good and you didn’t know who to focus on. Your body went in to some kind of autopilot where it simply reacted to whatever tugged at you most. The feeling was nestling in the bottom of your stomach, storing up for a big release. Your skin was the most sensitive you had ever felt it. Every tiny touch made you want to come undone. These boys were experts and they knew it. 

 They were using their combined talents to drive you closer and closer to the brink. You moaned and whined and tugged at the belts as they kept their mouths on you. Ashton’s flicked across your nipple while Michaels circled your other nipple. Luke sucked, softly at the skin around your navel and Calum was drawing shapes across your sweet spot. 

 And you? You were soaking it all in, getting closer with every touch. You tried to warn them you were coming but Michael clamped a hand to your mouth and your body jerked and flailed around like a fish on dry land as the feeling powered through you. Your core convulsed beneath Calum’s juicy lips and your whole body lifted from the bed before slumping in relief. 

 "Okay my turn now,” Calum grinned at you. 

 Luke tossed him a condom from the drawer beside the bed and Calum stood to remover the clothing from his lower half. You were so ready for him. And when his long, slim length sprung free, you almost choked on your own saliva. God he looked good. He rolled the condom on and the other boys stepped back, preparing to watch. He smirked as he lined up between your legs. 

“Ready?” He checked.

 You nodded and he pushed in to you. And God did it feel amazing. His length was just perfect for hitting you right in the spot you needed him. He didn’t take it slow. You’d never thought that Calum was the type for slow sex and you were right. He thrust in to you like he couldn’t fill you enough fast enough and his arm muscles bulged as he gripped your waist and beckoned you to wrap your legs around his. The feeling was quick to rise again and you kept your eyes open this time. The look of desire on these four boys was enough to see you over and you came again, pulsing around Calum’s length. 

 The sensation pushed him to his own high and he screwed his eyes shut and cursed as he filled the condom inside you with sloppy, fast paced thrusts.

 "Me next,“ Michael grinned as Calum pulled out, panting for breath. "And I’m using a vibrator,” he added to your surprise.

Originally posted by imagine-avengerss

<< I’m home! >> you yelled from downstair, nobody answered. Strange.
You met Loki 8 month ago, well… Loki broke your ceiling falling from the sky 8 month ago.
You recognized him from the attack to New York.

That time you almost reported him to the police but he was looking at you with those teary eyes, injured body and shattered soul. He wasn’t just escaping from the Avengers, he was trying to escape from the Universe.

That time… You heard his side of the story.

Since then you two lived together, it was like owning a cat. You bought him books and films and sometimes he even helped you cooking.
Sometimes, he even told you something about himself and every once in a while, you could hear his laugh.
<< Loki, are you there? >> he never left home without leaving you a note on the fridge. And there were no notes on the fridge.
Your heart skipped a beat “He’s gone? Forever?” you gulped, and then with your trembling legs you started to go upstairs.
<< Loki? >> you called again, this time you heard some mumbling from his room. As you entered your eyes couldn’t look anywhere else, they were fixed on the bed where Loki was laying. 


<< Oh well, this is awkward. >> you whispered.
<< Goodmorning, Y/N. >> he greeted weakly.
You smiled a little,then kneeled beside him << Goodmorning. Can I ask you why are you naked in the middle of the winter? >>
He raised his head a little << I’m feeling hot. >>
“Oh, son.” you thought “ you are hot.”
<< Let me see. >> you murmured and placed a hand on his forehead, he was really hot << Well, I’ve all the reasons to think that you catched a cold. I’ll get you some medicine. >>
You returned a couple of minutes later with all the things that you needed       << Okay, let’s start with drinking this. Shall we? >>
He managed to lift himself up a bit, then looked from the glass to you.
<< Come on Loki, it’s not poisoned. >> you whined.
<< I don’t know. You have many reasons to poison me. >> you arched an eyebrow and he continued << You can’t mantain me forever. >>
<< Oh come on, you’re not that pain in the ass. >>
<< I destroyed a city. >>
<< Well, that’s not entirely your fa- >>
<< I killed people. >>
You groaned in frustration << Take this medicine! >> he looked at you << I’m not giving you a choice!!! >> he, surprisingly, obeyed.
You sighed << Good, now you should definetly put something on. >> you gave him the trousers and the shirt you bought him. Since he couldn’t obviously go around in his armor.

<< I feel hot. That’s the reason I undressed, human. >> your palm instantly hit you face and you muttered “ Oh Lord, give me the patience…”

<< As you wish, do you need something before I go? >> At this words his eyes widen.
<< Where are you going? >> he asked, almost in panic.
<< Uhm, in my room I think. Watching some TV. >> you said perplexed.
<< I understand. >> he murmured, you stared at him a bit until he closed his eyes. “Better not disturb him.”

You left him alone almost an hour ago, in the meantime you heard some cough, so now you were beyond worried.
What if human medicines didn’t work on Jötunheim’s people? He was an alien after all. You got up and entered silently his room, he was sleeping but you noticed that he was shivering a little.
You kneeled again beside him and covered him, as the blanket touched him he woke up suddently grabbing strongly your wrist.
You screamed as he tighten his grip << AH! Loki! Loki it’s me! >> he seemed to recognize you and at the same time you could see the guilt in his eyes.
<< I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did that. I’m sorry Y/N. >> he mumbled half asleep.
<< Don’t worry Loki. >> you rassured him.
<< Did I… >> he gulped << Did I hurt you? >> he asked without looking at you.
<< No seriously, I’m okay. >> you smiled at him, caressing the hand that was holding, now gently, your wrist.
<< I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore… >> he whispered.
You stroked slowly his forehead and right after his hair, the fever was passing.
<< I know Loki, I know. >> he closed his eyes enjoying your attentions.
<< You probably will never hear this words again from me but… Thank you. >> he said and you just smiled letting those words fill the air.

Under your touch, some seconds later, he fell asleep.

stefbot-blog  asked:

What on earth is going to happen to Arya? She seems to me to be the biggest conundrum of all the characters (in terms of futer plot events). Thematically she is drawn to the starks and so will hopefully participate in a reunion, but beyond that... Clearly she is becoming amazing at assasination so she can kill someone important but who? I've heard all sorts of guesses from LF to Daenerys. But if so why? What will she do in the mean time? I'd love to hear your thoughts!! Thanks!

(TWOW spoilers)

I don’t think Arya gets sent on a mission from the Faceless Men–in fact, I think she’s be about to get kicked out, or have to run for her life from them. Killing Raff is different from killing Dareon. The latter had no connections to anyone important, and Arya was careful to ensure that there were no witnesses; the former was the guard to the Westerosi ambassador, and Raff’s fellow guard very clearly saw who Raff went off with. Which means Izembaro’s going to get in trouble, which means the FM’s reputation now takes a hit with a contact. Arya’s now an active liability to the House of Black and White, because she refuses to let go of Arya Stark.  

I really don’t see Arya as a professional assassin in the long run (if she does kill anyone else of note, it’ll be someone like Walder Frey or maybe Ilyn Payne). Really, Needle if nothing else made it screamingly obvious that this was never going to work. For me, the question was never whether she was going to leave the Faceless Men–it was when and how. The FM ideology and training regimen make for an ideal abstraction/encapsulation of one side of Arya’s story: the intertwined struggle of violence and identity. (The other side being her empathy for and relationships with smallfolk and strivers, emphasized as much in the streets of Braavos as it was in the Riverlands.) Arya’s time with the FM is meant to push her to the brink. The organization is basically a giant metaphorical externalization of her struggle with her names and her list, constructed in AFFC and ADWD (as, again, it was in the Riverlands with “Jaqen”) as a test, a gauntlet for Arya to run. And I firmly believe that it ends with her going home, as nobody but Arya. 

The question of how was IMO answered in Theon’s released TWOW chapter: Justin Massey’s going to Braavos…and while he’s been told to drop Jeyne Poole off with Jon at Castle Black, I think the post-assassination chaos will lead him to instead bring her along to the city. Because I can’t think of a more pure and perfect spark for Arya shedding all other identities than to run across someone posing as Arya Stark.

As such, I think she heads back to Westeros with them. Once she gets there, well, there are a lot of elements that seem nigh-guaranteed to come into play (you mentioned the Starkling reunion, but also reunions with Gendry, Nymeria, and one hopes Sandor), but they could coalesce in any number of ways. I’m sure she’ll do something preposterously badass with that wolfpack at some point. 

anonymous asked:

Sherlock hears the doorbell ring and nobody else is home to answer it he has to do it himself. "Delivery for Mr. Sherlock Holmes," the man says. "Yes," Sherlock nods. "You'll have to sign for it," the man tells him and he does. On the way upstairs Sherlock realizes it's Valentine's Day and that John has gotten him a gift despite agreeing not to. Sherlock opens the box and finds a rather fresh human heart and a card. "You hold in your hands the heat of John Watson. Happy Valentine's Day! JM"


Hella good hair|| Tobastian
  • Tobias: didn't want to say goodbye to his boyfriend's hair, he loved playing with it too much. However, he did know that Sebastian would lose it anyway with the chemo and that this option would be the easiest on him, so he was going to do it. When he got to his boyfriend's house, he rang the doorbell, part of him hoping nobody was home to answer it so that they wouldn't have to do this.
Gratsu Christmas Event

Day : 4th December (sorry I’m late)

Prompt: Coat

Rated T

Summary : "Dear Santa, for Christmas this year, I wish I could meet the person I need in my life, and who would need me as well.“ What if Santa heard Natsu’s desperate prayer? What if happiness was closer than he thought? 

Make a wish

Zeref cursed when he opened the oven. A strong burnt smell came out of it and itched his nose. Mavis had forgotten to watch the Christmas cookies…again. The young man sighed as he put them on a plate, wondering if they could have some decent food for the holidays. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud noise coming from the entrance of the house.

"Natsu?” Zeref asked and headed towards the kitchen door.

He opened it just in time to see a flash of pink disappearing in the hallway leading to the bedrooms of the house, then heard another loud noise indicating Natsu had slammed his door. Zeref knew the risk he was taking, but he still followed him and knocked on his little brother’s door.

“What?!” A muffled irritated voice exclaimed.

Zeref took that as an invitation to come in. Natsu was lying on his desk chair, staring blankly at the wall, a frown on his face.

“Is something wrong?” Zeref asked carefully.

Natsu didn’t answer, but the older man recognized his face… It was the face he made whenever he was deeply upset, and wanted to talk about it. But he would never spit it out if Zeref didn’t insist. Having a seventeen year old brother was too complicated for his taste sometimes.

“So…” Zeref began as he sat on Natsu’s bed. “How’s Jenny?”

“I broke up with her.” Natsu answered abruptly.

‘Bingo…’ His brother thought as he sighed. “What happened?”

“I didn’t feel anything for her. So I ended it. End of story.”

“Okay… How did she take it?” Zeref asked, feeling it wasn’t over.

“She insulted me and told me she never loved me anyway, blah blah blah, just about my popularity, blah blah blah, she doesn’t need me, blah blah blah, you’re not breaking up with me, I am… Typical.”

Natsu rolled his eyes as he spoke, clearly showing his exasperation towards his ex’s behavior.

“Oh… I’m sorry… Are you okay?”

“Don’t worry, I don’t care about her. And it’s not like I didn’t know why she dated me.”

“Then… Why did you date her ?” Zeref didn’t understand his logic.

“It’s better than nothing. And I thought…why not give her a chance ?” Natsu looked at him with his big tender eyes.

Zeref smiled at such kindness. Natsu was too nice for his own good sometimes.

“But I admit that…” Natsu looked down at his feet. “…her words hurt me. We spent one month together, and yet nothing else but my popularity thanks to football interested her… ”

“She wasn’t worth it.” Zeref stood up and hugged him. “But you’ll find someone who wants you for who you are… High school is not an easy part of life, even for popular and nice boys like you. But trust time… There’s someone out there who’ll see who you are inside.”

Natsu hugged him closer, then gently pushed him away to make him understand he had had enough physical interaction with his brother.

“Thanks. But it’s not like I didn’t try, you know… I dated a lot of girls, but none of them tried to know me, or saw me the way…she did.”

Zeref frowned as he saw him play with the key-shaped pendant of the chain he always wore around his neck.

“How long has it been?”

“Three years tomorrow.” Natsu answered and looked away.

“Okay…” Zeref nodded and patted his head. “I guess you won’t be home early?”

“Yeah. I’ll leave after school to visit her. And then I have a party, so don’t expect me for dinner.”

“As you wish…”

The young adult would usually protest at this, since he was technically replacing their parents who retired in the countryside, but this time he decided to let go without a fight.

“By the way,” Zeref smiled and tried to ease the atmosphere. “You didn’t write your letter to Santa yet, Mavis is not gonna be happy.”

“Seriously…” Natsu rolled his eyes and cackled. “How old does she think I am ? Even Wendy doesn’t want to do it anymore…”

“Maybe, but she still did it.” Zeref smirked. “And if you don’t, I can’t guarantee you’ll spend Christmas in one piece. You know Mavis.”

“Yeaaah, okay… I’ll do it.” The teenager grumbled as he crossed his arms on his chest.

His older brother laughed lightly then walked away, leaving Natsu alone, contemplating his empty desk. He sighed as he opened a drawer and took a paper sheet.

“Stupid Mavis… I’m not five anymore!”

He took a pen and started to write.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year,

Natsu paused and fixed the wall in front of him. What did he want for Christmas?

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, I wish I could meet the person I need in my life, and who would need me as well.

“Man, what did I write…” Natsu snorted and crumbled the paper. “I guess that’s not something you can do, right Santa?”

He tossed the sheet in the bin and took another one to start over.

“Okay… Focus now.” He told himself.

“Natsu! Dinner!” A feminine voice yelled through the house.

“Comiiiing!” The teenager answered and stood up slowly.

He left the room, forgetting about his secret wish inscribed on the abandoned letter.

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hello operator
can you give me number nine?
can i see you later?
will you give me back my dime?
turn the oscillator
twist it with a dollar bill
mail man bring the paper
leave it on my window sill

find a canary
a bird to bring my message home
carry my obituary
my coffin doesn’t have a phone
how you gonna get the money?
send papers to an empty home?
how you gonna get the money?
nobody to answer the phone

Jack White

Derek Hale & Peter Hale - Please, don’t leave me

Your name: submit What is this?

When you first met Derek Hale you were heartbroken. You went through a painful break up. After your last boyfriend, you decided to give up on love. You were sure that there isn’t such thing as true love. But then, Derek appeared in your life. He was sweet, gentle and he slowly helped you to mend your heart.  
You spent a lot of time together. You had really cute dates and when he told you the first ‘I love you’ it felt real.

Once, he invited you at his loft. He told you that he will cook the dinner and then you will watch a movie. Everything sounded perfect… or that was what you thought. You met Derek in the city and then you went together to his home. He pushed open the door but as soon as you got inside, someone yelled at Derek.

“You are finally home. We have to…” a man said but he stopped when he saw you.

“You…” you whispered with eyes wide open still in shock after seeing your ex-boyfriend, Peter Hale.

“You…”His voice and gaze softened when he meet your eyes.

Derek looked confused at Peter then at you.”You know each other?” he asked

“Yeah, we were…” Peter tried to say but you cut him off.

“I’m sorry, Derek but I have to go. I can’t do this.” You said and stormed out of the building leaving a confused Derek behind.

“What have you done to her?” Derek asked his uncle.

“Nothing.” He said.

“That wasn’t nothing.” Derek said.

“She was my girlfriend but we broke up a few months ago.”

“Why?” Derek asked.

“There are some aspects of my personal life that I don’t like to share, dear nephew.” Peter said.

“Fine. But she was pretty damaged when I met her.” Derek said.

“Did she? Did she say something about me?”Peter said.

“She never told me that you were her boyfriend. And  I have never asked. I didn’t want to bring back some painful memories.” Derek said.

“It looks like we can’t avoid that now, since she is your girlfriend. Are you going to break up with her?” Peter asked.

“Of course not. I would never leave her. I love her” Derek said.
Peter smirked “Are you sure she loves you?”

“What do you mean?” Derek asked.

“What I try to say is that we really loved each other. I don’t think she managed to forget me in a few months.” He said.

“Maybe she loved you but I’m sure that you did something that made her to hate you.” Derek said and went to his room.

“Don’t be so sure.” Peter whispered, knowing that Derek will hear him.
Meanwhile, you were standing in your bed hugging a pillow and trying to make the tears stop. You were finally happy. Why did he have to appear and ruin everything? You didn’t thought for a second that they may be relatives. They had the same name but it could have been a coincidence.  But it wasn’t.
You had a lot of missed calls and messages from Derek but you couldn’t answer him while you were crying. You didn’t want to make him feel bad. You wanted to show him that the past is past and now you were happy with him.

The next day you decided to make him a surprise and visit him to have the dinner that you planned the night before. You knocked on the door but when nobody answered, you decided to get in.

“Derek, you home?” You yelled.

“No. It’s just me.” You saw Peter standing on the couch reading a book.
You took a deep breath and tried to keep your voice steady. “Do you know when he will come back?”.
He put the book on the coffee table and got up.”I don’t. Can I help you with something?”.

“Tell him I was here and I want to talk to him, please.” you said and turned back.

“Y/n, wait.” You froze. You forgot how beautiful your name sounded when he said it.You closed your eyes and turned to face him.


“I want to talk to you. I tried…I really tried to forget you but I can’t. I keep replaying images of you and me. Images of those nights when it was just us, happy. You used to tell me your dreams while I was stroking your hair and wrapped my arms around you.” He continued to step closer and you went backwards until your back hit the wall. He was so close that you could feel his breath.

You couldn’t escape because he had his arms on both sides of you resting on the wall. When you finally found your voice you said: “I keep replaying images, too. Of you and that girl. Remember, Peter? The reason we break up. Do you remember the night when I came to your apartment and you were making out with her? And you  know what? I don’t even blame you for choosing her. She’s prettier, I bet she’s smarter than me. I blame me. I blame me for loving you.” You yelled at him.

“Don’t you get it!? I want you not her. You own my heart. I never said that to anyone. I have never shown this side of me to anyone but you. And I hate to be like this. I hate to have a weak spot. But for the first time I have met someone who stays with me because they love me not fear me.” He said.

“I don’t love you now, but there was a time when I did. There was a time when I would have gave anything only for you to ask. But now, I wouldn’t.” you said

“Are you sure? I can hear your heartbeats. I know you are lying.” He smirked.

“Come on, sweetheart, don’t tell me you don’t miss this.” His hands slipped under the hem of your shirt and he nuzzled your neck. A cold shiver ran down your spine when you felt his lips moving to leave kisses on your jawline and collarbone. You instinctively tug on his hair like you used to do during your relationship. He smirked while whispering in your ear.”I told you. You want passion. I bet everytime you are with him you wish it was me instead. You want something that Derek can’t give you.”

When you heard Derek’s name you woke up from the trance. You placed your hands on Peter’s chest and pushed him away.

“What…” he tried to say.

“Stop. Just stop.  I won’t do that to Derek. I won’t cheat on the person I love. I don’t care that our love was amazing, I don’t care that it was full of passion. The only thing I care right now is how to write a better love story with Derek.” You said and headed to the door.

“Fine.  I’m sure that you will come back to me. And I’ll be here waiting for you, sweetheart. Waiting for the day when you will realize you won’t find someone better than me.” He said.

You ran outside and bumped into Derek.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?”

You looked at him with tears in your eyes, finally realizing what you were about to do.  You wrapped your arms around his neck burying your face in the crook of his neck. He put his hands on the small of your back to bring you closer, and hugged you tightly.

“You know I love you, don’t you? I’m sorry, Derek. I’m sorry I didn’t answer your calls but I came here to make you a surprise by cooking the dinner but you weren’t home. And Peter was standing there  and he started talking and for a moment I gave up but then I remembered you and I realized that I’m in love with you. “ you cried.

“Shhh. Calm down, Y/N. I love you too. I will always be here to protect you. Please don’t cry. I don’t want to see you cry.” He unwrapped his arms from you and wipped the tears that were streaming down your face.

“Please don’t leave me.” You whispered.

“I won’t, I promise.” He said moving a strand of hair from your face.

Friends Like These [Tortulja/Samson]

Samson had arrived Riften at night, as was his plan, and he had rented a room at the inn for the following day. In the morning he had gone to see if Tort was home, but nobody answered the door so he went back to the inn to fetch his gear and then left the city to go for a walk, pulling the hood over his head to shield himself from the sun.

He had walked around most of Lake Honrich by the time the sun was setting in the horizon, and he decided it was now time to see if Tort was home.

The vampire gave her door a few knocks, took a step back and hurriedly straightened his clothes.