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Pokefemslash Day 9: First yuri ship?

i take your "tall girlfriend” and i give you… taller girlfriend

nobody asked for my opinion, but like everyone else, here it is.

Exp Edition is a half-assed American boy group made to be ridiculed.

If they had been trained correctly, i bet they wouldn’t have gotten half the backlash that they have received. There are many foreigners that have debuted successfully with the right amount of training, but Exp Edition’s debut was a slap to the face. It’s a disgrace to those who have/are trained for years and years.

My sister claims that is is not our place to feel offended for Korean people, and i agree. But as an Asian-American, a person of color, i am ashamed of this group and this “experiment”. You’d think that as a POC, that we have to protect each other these days, not ridicule. With all of the controversy happening in America, you’d think that we should celebrate our own cultures. This half-assed excuse of a Kpop group is not what we need.

This is disgusting.

Okay, instead drawing the WHOLE squad, I only drew three. And in order! (For those who are interested)

  • Miph (them/they) - Won’t give out too much, but I could say they’re the most strongest person on the team
  • Mizuchi (He/Him) - One of 2 users for the Kyutama Pisces. Child-Like Sea-Humanoid very slowly traveling the universe with his Partner in Crime
  • Reye (He/Him) - One of 3 users for Kyutama Libra. A Human that happen to bump into a certain alien. Acts like the ‘Leader’ of the team and gives Miph the most respect than the rest.

Having class at 10:45 means that I am going to arrive half an hour earlier or 5 minutes late. Today I am 30 minutes earlier and I am spending my time scrolling on Tumblr, watching the empty class and writing this haha.
I am still kind of tired and anxious because I have been sleep deprived for over a week. Fortunately this week is less stressful than the last one, so I hopefully can cook something by myself to bring with me to campus and not to eat everyday sandwiches or pasta with tomato sauce. Also I am willing to take up working out because lately I gave up this and it is what makes me feel good during the day.
I am trying to write more here, because it is an excellent site to practice English to be honest and learn more.
Aaaand, today my team have to give a law presentation so I have to be there to reply answers in case the professors or students ask questions (I hope nobody asks tbh xD).
So, hey, I hope everybody has a great day!

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hey there bell! hmu whit palla/minerva for 8, 17, 19, 20 & the last two pleaseeee?

[send me a pairing and i’ll tell you]

OMMMMYGOD THE OG CHRISTMAS TREE LESBIANS…. thank u olau we all owe you,,, under cut to save my mobilezoned followers’ lives

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If nobody else is going to warn you about Sir Crocodile, I will. He's using you, girl. Warlord? Try manipulative murderer. He must see some sort of use in you but as soon as he's done with you he's going to toss you aside. Maybe even kill you. You need to get away from him while you can, girl. Sir Crocodile trusts no one.

     She took in a soft breath, steadying her wavering nerves. Felt her pulse quicken at her throat and her shoulders dip slightly in what could have been construed as defeat. But Nausicaa had always been nothing if not one who could sort out her own emotions for herself. 

     “That…would hurt,” she admitted quietly, barely a breath to back her voice. “That would hurt very much.”

     She lifted her eyes, and the smallest of smiles lit up her tired expression.

     “But even so, I trust him.”

okay OKAY OKAY YALL i just volunteered at my county’s annual gem and mineral society show/convention today so yall could not have picked a better day to fucking ask me what my gem headcanons are for the until dawn gang (this is mainly based off of eye color/thematic coloring and i tried to use some more unique gemstones but wtves i may make a post with all the pictures later?? god i need to sum up this au in one post or something

chris- citrine
josh- moldavite
hannah- larimar
beth- dioptase
sam- kunzite
mike- tanzanite
jess- taaffeite
emily- rubellite
matt- serendibite
ashley- kyanite

and fusions cuz im a fucking loser

mike/jess-  iolite
emily/matt- andesine
chris/josh- sphene/tianite
sam/beth- fluorite
beth/hannah- azurite
josh/ashley- prasiolite

Okay so idk if it’s been done yet but @a-kingdom-of-foxes just posted something about the foxes on the Fourth of July and I need to talk about it okay  (also idk how summer falls on this but lets just say they’re all back to campus okay? okay.)

  • Nicky, of course, is so excited. I mean, Fourth of July is the prime time to spend drinking and eating with your family (he loves Germany but i mean the 4th is an excuse to get the whole team together)
  •  he decides to organize a team barbecue (the poor kid tbh) 
  • he somehow convinces Abby to host
  • Everyone has different feelings about fourth of July
  • Dan and Matt are super excited about it, they help Nicky out with everything (The whole team together? yes.)
  • Allison thinks its kinda stupid but at the same time she is ready™ to blow shit up ya know?
  • Renee is just happy that she can see everyone together 

this got long omg okay, the rest is after the cut   

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Title: Wayward Wings

Summary: Tsukishima Kei has forgotten. Or at least that’s what he kept convincing himself out of silent grief ever since his best friend dropped everything he’s worked hard for and seemed to have vanished completely in his second year of high school. He thought that maybe, given enough time, he would forget about the boy with the bright smile on the freckled face that stood out from most people, the boy who’s been with him through thick and thin, the one who pulled him out of his sorry unmotivated state– the one who abandoned him for reasons unknown.

Tsukishima Kei has forgotten. Or at least that’s what he kept convincing himself for four whole years. Until he meets someone in a sickeningly familiar– no, nostalgic– way, for that memory was once the very foundation of what friendship they had back in their younger years. And the memories he tried so hard to suppress came crashing back down on him, until he fell face first in an unfamiliar world– the world where his best friend disappeared to.

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Ooh what pisses you off about Shakespeare clowns?

I only dislike the earlier clown characters, predating 1599. So, basically, I don’t like Will Kempe.

Why? For the same reason the Lord Chamberlain’s men probably kicked him out; the characters are undeveloped, less witty than their later counterparts, and often break the pace of the play.

For instance, Dogberry is the hammiest character you can possibly play, and it’s likely Kempe improvised the hell out of the role, but he’s so ridiculously out of place in Much Ado. Already, there are two very witty characters so the play’s humor seems to be (for lack of a better word) “higher” rather than bawdy and gimmicky. Not that there’s anything bad about the second one, but they are very different approaches to your stage’s humor. However, after Shakespeare has already established the wit and pun-based humor, he throws in a group of clowns that always throw off the tone of the play.

I don’t know, maybe Kempe could get away with it and the audience and company adored him, but there’s a reason Dogberry is such a difficult subplot in modern Much Ado productions-he’s fucking annoying after the delightful battle of wits.

And for perhaps a better example-Falstaff. He was an immensely popular character (so much so that Queen Lizzie requested an entire play about him), but for modern audiences he’s less funny and more downright frustrating. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen both bloggers and students complaining about Falstaff’s antics, often preferring Poins (or even Hotspur?) as characters.

So I guess basically…early clown are annoying because they are not on-par with Shakespeare’s other characters. They, for the most part, lack wit or insight, are not developed, distract from the main plot, and make the plot stutter to accommodate their scenes.