nobody actually wants kids

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I'm not saying the kid is his though. I'm saying, how long can louis be made to pretend he is? Why stop now? Why stop ever, if the real parents want to keep going? Are we as a fandom just gonna be dead inside forever? Of course not. So what's the line? I guess I am asking bc nobody seems to want to say there's a point at which they will be out, which sounds like conceding to me.

I know what you’re saying anon. I think that what people don’t want to talk about the idea that it will never end for multiple reasons. I’m answering this assuming the reader is coming from a Larrie viewpoint, which I define as Louis and Harry were or are in a relationship. With that view, there are a few options.

1) Louis appears to dislike a kid who is actually his.

Nobody wants to talk about this because to a lot of people it just makes no sense that he would dislike his own kid when he appears to adore strangers’ kids. Why else don’t people want to talk about this? Because what does it say about Harry and Louis’ relationship if Louis got Briana pregnant? This fandom really wants to cling to the concept of a perfect relationship. Anyone who says they think Harry and Louis are/were in a relationship but that Louis also impregnated Briana is going to be eviscerated. We’ve already seen it happen.

(Also, how does Harry getting the bee tat play into this?)

2) Louis is being forced into this.

This begs the question of how long he can be forced to follow through with this, why he’s being treated like this, and so on. Why else don’t want to talk about this? Well, there were claims that Harry stayed with Sony to “save” Louis and end babygate. Babygate isn’t over and the bee tattoo is around but so is the kid. How could a relationship survive one partner being forced into babygate and the other getting the world handed to him on a silver platter? What does it say about Harry that he would not do something (what, I don’t know) to protest this? Going back to the idea that this fandom really wants a perfect relationship, how is this perfect? Two people on such different public and apparent career footing?

3) Louis is choosing to claim a kid that he knows isn’t his. 

This fandom clings very hard to the idea that closeting is bad and down to choice vs force. Which is bullshit, because it’s far more complicated. Nobody wants to discuss this idea for that reason. Plus, what did this say about a relationship with Harry? How does the bee tattoo fit in here? Why would Louis look unhappy if he were choosing this, why wouldn’t he be acting happier about it?

Even though I can list a host of reasons I don’t believe the kid is Louis’, none of which have to do with the idea of existence or reality of Louis and Harry as a couple, the fact is a denial–or lack of what–is tied up to them being a couple. For Larries and for antis.

Look what happens when you dare to even consider the fact Louis and Harry may not be in a perfect relationship? You get awful anons, you get called names that make no sense, people indirect you, people try to chase you out of the fandom, etc.

Why even bring it up when that happens?

Imagine Kenma being quiet and shy about his birthday, because he doesn’t want anybody to fuss over it. However Kuroo tells everyone and organises a party for him that basically consists of all of Nekoma with tons of blankets and sweets. They watch movies and take turn playing video games and it’s the best birthday Kenma’s ever had.