Classic TMNK aka NOBODY aka #artismyweapon
1. Black Bandanna✅
2. Shades✅
3. #badbitch by my side
4. And despite all the posing. Flirtin, showing out and showing off… The art always bang'n hmmmmm he’s like the #KanyeWest of #streetart it ain’t hard to tell #picassobaby
And I know some of y'all can’t stand this cocky #streetart #nobody oh well #nobodcares #imdifferent #mib #badequalsgood

My one small #SMILE came today courtesy of a crackhead, drug addict… A gentleman named James. As it is my custom… I talk a lot… And to any and everyone. I don’t JUDGE I just try to #SHOWLOVE so that’s how I know James Story. A story that had him once living on my hometown of #EASTORANGE NJ On prospect ave. AND today I hired James to clean my messy/filthy studio. I returned moments ago to get my skateboard… Here comes the SMILE:

James wanted to THANK ME… No not for the money… I told him he’d have to wait til Monday to get paid #kevinhart because I explained to him I have a checking and a savings acct. and the way my checking acct is setup…#kevinhart So he understood. But when I came back he Said BRUH I’ve been in here laughing and crying… The music on the Pandora station (Luther, Patti, Teddy) reminded him of some good times, and the mess he had made of his life. That’s when I said, “Bro, your life is far from over and far from a mess” that’s why YOU are here… Look at my STUDIO… Some would say it was a mess, but with a little help from YOU today, look how good IM looking. #itsamovie I told him, and I did not cast YOU and put you in my technicolor BLOCKBUSTER for nothing… We met for a reason. Then he said “BRUH… NOBODY, there is a spirit in here, in this studio that touches him, every time he comes over. I told him that I was Glad to hear that… Seeing him happy, knowing that I was able to bring JOY to somebody, even if that somebody was a homeless crack head Made me SMILE. Because the last time I checked, even a homeless crackhead is a #HUMANBEING and if we can be on some #saverhewhales #noFUR and all other sorts of #animalrights I KNOW somebody should be on some care about this STRUGGLING HUMAN BEING ish. Today my Sexy GOOD feeling inside ain’t because of a beautiful #badbitch by my side or in my bed. It ain’t cause I’m Dancing the pain away. Or because of a 420 situation. Today in the midst of my heart breaking pain, I Smiled because I made a Crackhead feel special, valued… And that made this NOBODY feel, for a moment that he mattered to Somebody. Yes James, YOU are part of my #wynwood family, story… #nobodcares about YOU too.

People of #STRENGTH don’t play the victim. They don’t make themselves look pitiful. They don’t point fingers and/or make excuses. They don’t run. They don’t quit. They stand and deliver results! Aka #manup #stopbeingapussy #nobitchassnessallowed aka put your big girl panties and deal with it. #nobodcares #mandyhale #tmnk #thinkingoutloud #pieceofmymind #thoughtfortoday

So why do I go with David of @riseupgallery to Jackson Memorial Hospital to volunteer??? For the attention? For that do good or good doer feeling? Look at her… When i got there she wasn’t smiling or laughing… There was a sadness in her eyes….there still is but there was more… And then… Amazing to see her laugh… Play… And Not see her chair as her prison…and to know my few moments of giving did does that.. It gives me a feeling u can’t imagine @asek_one he was there… And he’s in a chair too. Ask if he thinks this NOBODY is just for show… Mannnnnnn all I see is beautiful people… And I just have fun making them smile laugh.. Okay so we are supposed to be doing art too. But painting a smile on someone’s face and or leaving one inside their heart is an art too. #artismyweapon #nobodcares

Good Morning. Out late. Last night it was all about the streets… Today we will be at Jackson memorial hospital… With @riseupgallery to show peeps who are having challenges and struggles to regain their mobility and independence that they ain’t alone, that SOMEBODY really cares… Aka this ain’t no FB friend shit. So a special request to all my Naughty Bad Bitches… And soldiers for the cause… Roll with me today… and blaze your Pink bandana. Let’s support those who are trying ton Rise UP @riseupgallery and at the same time use our sexy visual presence to OPEN Eyes up … Aka breast cancer awareness… We start @2:00 and it would be great if you could JOIN US. If you down let’s meet @panthercoffee at 1:45 and then we will bounce to the rehab unit to share some he(ART) and show some LOVE… Together we are showing the world that #badequalsgood that this #badboy and a #badbitches do good things.

#nobodcares DO you.. Come thru

I hope I make you feel some type of way. Cool. Now if the way I make you feel is like you should have my art in your home, office or #art collection #sometypeofway
Tomorrow peep
unknownnyc.bigcartel tomorrow afternoon as I will be making so very special art available #sometypeofway


If YOU are a false disseminator aka a Hater this goes out to YOU, and YOU…. Oh yeah and definitely to YOU…do you really think #nobodcares if you #feelsometypeofway #tmnk #streetart #artismyweapon