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Petyr is nasty and creepy and selfish and has to die; Sansa is young and noble and gorgeous and brave and deserves everything in this world (or in any world)/////

“Sansa is young and noble” - grl, i have news for u 

i wonder, when you guys declare your unbridled love for these female characters if you ever make room for their blemished humanity. sansa stark is an idealist whose heart remains steady, but her mind and her character evolve beyond nobility and beyond simple notions of heroic goodness. a lot of these ladies “deserve everything in this world”, but will you let them have whatever they want? and will you still love them if what they want is not holy and pure? but anyway, good talk m8

They called me mad! They said I was a fool for attempting to make a 5 Star out of the Virion you get at the start of the game. However I refused to listen, for I had a goal… I had a noble goal to make the noblest of nobles and the archiest of archers magnificent like he deserves. To all those nay sayers, I only one thing to say…


Who’s laughing now? Me! ME! All hail me! I am legend!

  • Rose: *gets trapped in a parallel universe*
  • Me: oh no! Ah well at least she has her parents and Mickey
  • Martha: *leaves*
  • Me: You go girl go have an amazing life
  • Donna: *forgets everything*
  • Me: Whyyyyyyyy. At least she has her mum and Wilf, hey look she gets married and wins the lottery, good for her!
  • Rory and Amy: *get sent off into the past by weeping angels*
  • Me: This is sad but at least they have each other. Aw they adopted a baby!!
  • Clara: *dies*
  • Me: WHAT SHE HAS NOTHING MY POOR BABY DOES NOT DESERVE THIS *breaks down and cries for hours*

You know one elf we need to talk about more? Kesler Dizznee.

He’s one of the few great parents (or even good parents) in the series. Despite being a bad match, and having triplets, he teaches his children to hold their heads high and not care about what the stuffy nobles think of them. He teaches Dex Exillium skills because who cares if they’re unorthodox? They’re useful as heck.

And that’s not all. Can we talk about Slurps and Burps? How Kesler intentionally made his shop ridiculous-looking just so he could see the nobles squirm? Before opening Slurps and Burps, he probably sat down and said to himself, “What kind of image do I want to portray? What will make this apothecary reflect me as a person? Well, I’m annoyed by the nobility. Let me annoy them back.”

Kesler deserves so much more appreciation.

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Maribelle felt herself shake and kept herself relatively stable by wringing the parasol in her hands. Had Lissa not quickly clarified her meaning, Maribelle might’ve made a fool of herself, gawking like a bird. She nodded, feeling flush, and buried thoughts of “Dog?! I am not a dog!” back into her throat.

“Yes, right… Of course.” Maribelle nervously reached forward in an attempt to quell her laughter. “But, Lissa… do you not think it unbecoming? I just mean that you—and I—we are both deserving of a much more noble title than… ‘dog.’ I know it would make sense for the lowborn to use such language, but we are nobles. Why not use horse or pegasus, or something with a bit more… tact.”

Regardless of whether or not “uphorse” had quite the same effect.

Do you ever think about the fact that the only reason, in and out of universe, that Percy isn’t considered a noble hero weathering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune is because of his own pathological conviction that he’s a horrible person who on some level deserves all the bullshit that happens to him?

It’d be so easy to recast the entire Brairwood arc as a noble quest to defeat great evil, save an innocent city, secure justice for his family and put everything to rights with the support of true friends. Even the brutality and torture could be seen as the influence of a predatory, evil outside force preying on the wounded heart of a genuinely good man.

But because Percy sees himself as desperate and broken, an active participant in making a deal with the devil, someone who brought evil into the world for his own benefit and views his pursuit of the Briarwoods as inherently selfish and vengeful, the entire story reflects that. It’s not justice, it’s a petty grudge, a search for revenge that poisons him from the inside out and drags his friends down alongside, putting them in danger and corrupting their morals. Whitestone suffers, Cassandra suffers, his friends suffer, and on some level he’s convinced that it’s all because of him. Because he failed, or ran, or was too weak, and that sense of responsibility for things beyond his control haunts him long after the Brairwoods are gone.

His Sleeping Beauty

An unusual portrait of the Inquisitor amuses her Commander.

Cullen X Demetra Trevlyan

Inquisitor Dormiens, Your Worship.” the voice of the noble was colored with a ill-concealed compliance “It means…”

The inquisitor who is sleeping.” Demetra completed sweetly, hidden much better her amusement to see the noble caught off guard by her knowledge of his language. But the man was enough a skilled diplomat, Cullen realized with a grin looking proudly at her, that he smiled politely “The reputation you have earned as a scholar is more than deserved, Your Worship.”

“Oh, I’m sure lady Trevelyan would be delighted to see our library in Minrathous.”Dorian interrupted him, waving his hand nonchalantly “When she will finish to teach her lesson to the Venatori, maybe you and our lady Ambassador could organize a visit.”. The magister bowed slightly “Lord Pavus speaks wisely, Your Worship. The gift from my house is a little thing to show you, all of you,” he remarked looking boldly at the crow in the Main Hall “that not all the Tevinters are mad fanatics.”

“True enough, Octavius.” Dorian beamed “They’re not all mad!”. A formal laugh whispered from the lips of those present. Before that Dorian could tease more the man, Demetra smiled to everybody “The gift you’ve brought me is absolutly magnificent, magister Fulcinio. And it’d be an honor having you as my guest in Skyhold for as long as you wish.”.

Cullen frowned, but remained still. Dorian had assured them that Octavius Fulcinio was one of the Magisters who had a low opinion of the Venatori cult and even if he wasn’t a very pleasant company, his gesture was a strong sign for the Magisterium that Felix Alexius wasn’t the only one who had disagreed with some Tevinter’s politics. Nevertheless, that didn’t mean that Cullen was very happy to have a group of strangers so close to the Inquisitor. 

Demetra’s voice was speaking about the ability of the painter and Cullen looked again at the portrait, setting aside his thoughts for a moment. A young woman with free, long, dark red hair was sleeping graciously in the middle of a clearing, sourrended by wild flowers and little birds. One of her arm was tucked under her head, the other laid gently against her chest, descretly shadowed with a green color, and her legs, slightly bended, were visible under the evanescent white dress.

Cullen felt the urgence to laugh, but all he could do was pretending a little cough. It wasn’t the quality of the work which caused his cheerfulness.

Differently to other supposed portraits, this one was quite similar to his beloved Inquisitor. Not perfect at all - why the painters were so scared to celebrate her luscious, feminine body, Maker’s breath?! - but not as terrible as the others.

No, what was amusing him so deeply was thinking about the real Demetra in her sleep.

True enough, found a comfortable position, she rarely moved very much until the morning. But how she slept… Cullen smirked, shaking his head.

With her legs stretched half out of the bed and her arms open wide, she often reminded him a starfish. Or when she chose to sleep on her side, she slept with her neck arched and the mouth half opened. He had teased her about this and she had kicked his ass in the dust of the training ring that same morning, but the truth was that the mighty Inquisitor was very funny in her sleep.

Looking at her, his smile softened. Nobody there knew that details about her. 

Nobody, admiring lady Trevelyan walking among them with her magnificent red dress, could imagine the shy, a little clumsy, witty woman who he had the privilege to see when they were alone. How she slept, the giant yawns in the morning, her nuzzling against his chest trying to keep him in the bed five minutes more…

That little, funny, tender things were just for him to see. And they were one of his most precious treasures. A sign that with him she could be free, herself, relaxed. For Cullen, that was the best sign she was truly happy with him.

No, surely the woman in the picture neither didn’t sleep in a funny way or yawn waking up.

Luckily for him, he had the honor to stay with the real one.

Richard Brody on John Szwed’s new book, “Billie Holiday: The Musician and the Myth”:

In general, the desire of even the most discerning critics, such as Szwed, to separate art and life, to analyze the formal traits of works as if they were dissociable from the experience and the emotions that inspire them and that they convey, is both noble and doomed—noble, because artists deserve to be honored for their achievements, and doomed, because the formal and systematic nature of those achievements isn’t what makes them endure. The individuality, the immense complexity of inner life that art conveys—including Holiday’s seemingly straightforward and instantly appreciable art—doesn’t occur in a laboratory-like isolation.

Photograph by Charles Hewitt / LIFE / Getty

there’s a post going around right now about horcruxes and how the dursleys were affected by harry being one and like…i dont want to reblog it bc i dont want to put that on any more people’s dashes, but i do have some comments:

-the first line of the description on the photoset is “it’s all harry’s fault”. just so we’re all aware: don’t ever blame a child for the fact that they were abused. ever.

-they argue that, because apparently it’s harry’s fault that the dursleys are terrible human beings, they deserve a place “among the pantheon of noble and virtuous heroes in the harry potter universe.” no. they abused a child. there is no getting around that. why are you trying so desperately to get around that. what the fuck is wrong with you.

-despite being just factually incorrect for several reasons, this post is not only excusing abuse, but literally lauding the abusers as noble and virtuous heroes.

ive seen fandom say some really, really horrible things in my 10+ years as an active member in it, but this is a new low. if you see the post i’m talking about, please do not reblog it. block it if you feel the need to. just don’t spread it where other people could see and be affected by it. thanks.

Ways to make Donna Noble's ending not suck:

1. Donna chooses to have her mind wiped.

Donna’s time with the Doctor has made her realise she was special all along. She comes to understand that Donna Noble, the temp from Chiswick, is no less important than the DoctorDonna, saviour of the universe. Although she’s still crying and scared out of her mind, she tells the Doctor she wants to go back because she’s still got work to do. She needs to buy her gramps a better telescope and the nice house he’s always deserved. She needs to hug her mum and tell her she loves her, that old cow. She needs to go back and make her dad proud. She’s going to keep saving the world, one small act of kindness and bravery at a time, because she knows that even if she’s not the most important person in creation anymore, if she can be important to just a few people, then that’s all that matters.

2. Donna chooses to die and the Doctor respects her choice.

Donna knows she has lived and loved more in this last, chaotic year than she ever could in a whole lifetime. She chooses her short, beautiful, wonderful life over the prospect of a long, empty and unfulfilling one and decides against having her mind wiped in a glorious affirmation of the Doctor’s words:

‘Some people live more in twenty years than others do in eighty. It’s not the time that matters. It’s the person.’

And the Doctor, although his hearts near rip in two from watching his best friend die in his arms, respects her choice. He understands it shouldn’t be up to him to dictate who lives and who dies and that if Donna wants to die as the woman she’s become, then so be it. In spite of the pain, he takes a measure of comfort from her smiling insistence that even if she had a time machine and could go back and make things right, she’d make the same choices all over again. She wouldn’t trade her time with him for anything in the universe.

Dalek Caan’s prophecy is fulfilled and a child of time dies, the child who never became a soldier but instead stayed gentle and kind, who defeated Davros with her voice, her wit and her laughter, who never wielded a gun and saved all of creation without killing. She dies with no regrets and the Doctor carries on, emboldened by her legacy. 

3. Basically by not stripping Donna of her agency and choice and making the mind-wipe meaningful beyond just causing the Doctor angst????

The Facts of Life: Suffering

‘The third mark of existence is suffering, dissatisfaction. To put it concisely, we suffer when we resist the noble and irrefutable truth of impermanence and death. We suffer not because we are basically bad or deserve to be punished but because of three tragic misunderstandings.

First, we expect that what is always in the process of change should be graspable and predictable. Because we mistake what is impermanent to be permanent, we suffer.

Second, we proceed as if we are separate from everything else, as if we are a fixed identity, when out true situation is egoless. Because we mistake the openness of our being for a solid, irrefutable self. we suffer.

Third, we look for happiness in all the wrong places. The Buddha called this habit “mistaking suffering for happiness.” We become habituated to reaching out for something to ease the edginess of the moment.

Thus we become less and less able to reside with even the most fleeting uneasiness or discomfort. What begins as a slight shift of energy - a minor tightening of our stomach, a vague indefinable feeling that something bad is about to happen - escalates into addiction. This is our way of trying to make life predictable. Because we mistake what always results in suffering to be what brings us happiness, we remain stuck in the repetitious habit of escalating our dissatisfaction.’

- Pema Chodron, Comfortable With Uncertainty.