The Motions : Blog Reformation

I started this blog off as a place to write my views and opinions on music, film, and art. I stopped writing as a whole due to the failure to launch of “Nobile Press”. Recently I have been felling that itch again. Now that I am focused on only one project strongly vs many projects at once I feel that I can dedicate sometime to actually placing cohesive thoughts into words as opposed to this picture book blog that you see below you.

New Objectives:


  • Deliver Great Coverage of New/Loved Albums.
  • Throw in tracks that are currently inspiring/exciting me. 
  • Giving you some great tracks from artist I know personally. 


  • Its somewhat hard to tell what will fall into this because I personally do not enjoy giving movie reviews… the explosions and awesome fight sequences make my inner child glaze over and the geek in me explod with white fillings… so for now this might just be personally projects or projects from persons I know. 
  • Good Movie Trailers? 


  • Photos from my own work and the work of others I know or shoot with. 
  • Photos I find on tumblr to be rather amazing… no more hot girls… unless they are also amazing… 
  • Any other art forms that are able to be properly represented as a .jpg image.

My main goal is to train my mind into writing like professional and less of a laggard or illiterate… I may be able to speak well in person but sometimes when I drop my letters on the screen things seam to crumble into miss spelled sad sad little pixels. 

- Damian Estrada 

P.S. I am sure there are typos in this… haha <3