Chicken,Beer, Skateboarding and Camera phones: The bFAKE Interview

In the last couple of years we’ve been hanging out a lot with the South African skateboard Toothless Da Bruin & PinKi. Since 2012 they’ve been on a musical journey traveling back and forth between South Africa and The Netherlands. 

With the guidance of the legendary Arjen de Vreede aka Dj DNA, they are ready to take over the world with their message bFAKE. But take notice: Their music is not to be confined by a small mind though.

Who are they ? And what are they doing in the Netherlands? Just click play on the video above to find out !

WARNING ! We filmed and edited this interview using only our camera phone. Fake you if you don’t like the quality. Shimmy Shimmy Ya !

Shout outs to Arjen de Vreede for letting us do the interview at his house !

bFAKE’s latest single