Elijah had known from a younger age that his kingdom was to unite with the one across from his own. He never liked the idea, but he was getting used to it. He was now on his way towards the ball for his engagement to the Princess Charlee. If he was admitting anything to himself it would be how nervous he was. He just hoped that she liked him. After all he wanted a love like his parent’s had. And he wanted her to at least be cordial to him, so if they ever had children they could get along for their sakes. He smiled as he entered the room. He greeted people and went about his duties before meeting her. “Princess.” He said as he bowed in respect.

Charlee had been preparing for this day for a long time.

Her engagement wasn’t news. It was more just a big deal now because the arrangement of herself, first princess of the Eastern Kingdom, to the second prince of the Western Kingdom’s son Elijah was now officially an ‘engagement’. But she had known for a long time who she would marry and when and what would happen after. Everyone told her and been preparing her for the day she would go from princess to bride to queen.

But all the preparing seemed useless when the time finally came and she was not 3 feet from the man she was set to marry.

“Y-Your Grace,” she replied as she jerkily curtsied low to him in reprise.