Why Israel wants a religious war over Al-Aqsa
The struggle over Al-Aqsa Mosque is a colonial and not a religious one, Palestinian experts say.

The escalating Israeli attempts to take over the Aqsa Mosque and the rest of the Noble Sanctuary (al-Haram al-Sharif) in Jerusalem is a sign of Israeli boldness to complete the occupation of all Palestine. It is also a sign of Israeli realisation that neither Palestinians nor Arabs have a determined leadership to defend Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim rights.

This is a time of Israeli fanatic extremism at its height and the Arab defence at its lowest ebb.

Zionist Devastation of Palestinian Muslim Heritage

The Israeli destruction of Palestine’s Islamic heritage has been and is an extensive and integral plan in the Zionist project. It was a part of Israel’s “national heritage” industry to attempt to negate Palestinian heritage, in particular Palestinian Muslim heritage, while promoting certain biblical sites and Crusader architecture.

Hardly a single mosque survived the 1948 Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine intact. Mosques were targeted for demolishment. Israel turned most surviving masjids into restaurants, bars and clubs. Churches were also destroyed.

The Dahamish Mosque Massacre in al-Lydd in 1948 is a notorious case. The day before 50,000 Palestinians were expelled from al-Lydd on July 14, 176 Palestinians were massacred inside the mosque.

In 1967, Israel wiped out the Moroccan Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, a gem of Muslim civilization in Palestine first constructed in the age of the Ayyubids and Mamluks in the 12th century. Muslim, Christian and Jewish Palestinians took up residence in this quarter.

In 1994, American settler Baruch Goldstein massacred 29 Palestinian Muslims in the Ibrahimi Mosque, or the Cave of the Patriarchs, where it’s believed Abraham is buried. In a despicable move, Israel implemented measures (still in place today) that punished Palestinians instead, which included forcibly dividing the mosque exclusively for settlers, closing off the commercial artery of the city of Hebron (Shuhada Street), expelling people from their homes, expanding settlements, and heavily restricting Palestinian movement by constructing numerous checkpoints.

Israel’s 2014 onslaught on Gaza damaged 203 mosques, of which 73 were completely destroyed. The targeting of mosques in Gaza increased three times since the Israeli 2008-2009 carnage.

The most historically significant of these mosques was the Omari Mosque in Jabaliya, Gaza, which accommodated about 2,000 worshippers for the congregational prayers. It was built in 649 AD, making it 1,366 years old. It was named after the second caliph, Omar al-Khattab. The Great Omari Mosque tells the story of Palestinian Gazan civilization and cultural history.

Other significant mosques that were destroyed was the Al-Sham’ah, Makhamah, and Omar ibn Abd al-Aziz mosques. One-third of mosques in Gaza were destroyed by Israeli strikes in 2014.

Put by one Palestinian in Gaza, by destroying mosques, “the occupation was erasing the historical proof and evidence of our presence in Palestine.”

This is not mentioning the vandalisms and arson attacks on both mosques and churches that occur regularly throughout the country.

Therefore, the Palestinian apprehension that Israel aims to destroy the Noble Sanctuary (al-Haram al-Sharif) is not baseless, but is substantiated not only from the historical record but also the ongoing targeting of Palestinian places of worship, including mosques and churches.

The devastation of Palestine’s Islamic heritage is deeply rooted in the Palestinian collective memory.


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Today is the first day of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting. In this photograph by Ammar Awad of @reuters, a man dressed as a clown plays with a Palestinian girl near the Dome of the Rock at the compound known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as Temple Mount, in Jerusalem’s Old City, on July 17, 2015. See more photos on

Heaven Conquering Battle Deity, Susanoo

G-BT01/004 覇天戦神 スサノオ Heaven Conquering Battle Deity, Susanoo
“You’re boring me! Maybe I should rampage?”
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary - Oracle Think Tank - Noble
Power 11000
Shield N/A
Continuous (Vanguard Circle) Generation Break 2 (If you have 2 or more face-up G Units in your Vanguard Circle or G Zone): During your turn, if you have 4 or more cards in your hand, this Unit gains 5000 Power and 1 Critical.
Auto (Vanguard Circle): [Counter Blast 1 Card] During your turn, when your G Unit performs [Stride] You can pay the cost. If you do, look at the top 2 cards of your Deck, choose 1 of them, add it to your hand, place the remaining cards at the bottom of your Deck in any order you desire.

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The first thing that struck me about the Noble Sanctuary (aka Temple Mount) was the sheer amount of space. I know that this is not unusual in Islamic holy complexes, but what distinguishes the Noble Sanctuary from, for example, Meshad is its feeling of openness and light. Because you’re at the highest point in a hilly city, there’s almost a feeling of floating above Jerusalem in a complex of trees and sun-drenched stone. The buildings - famous and stunning as they are - take up much less space than I expected, although it would be false to say that glimpses of the golden dome of the Dome of the Rock don’t dominate perceptions. If it weren’t for the fear that someone crazy might do something horrifically violent, it would be one of the most peaceful religious spaces I’ve visited.


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Judaism, Christianity and Islam all consider Jerusalem a holy city. Jerusalem contains the sites most sacred to each religion: the Muslim Noble Sanctuary, Judaism’s Western Wall, and the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

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Muslim’s: Haram Ash-Sharif (The noble sanctuary ):  Muslims view the site as being one of the earliest and most noteworthy places of worship of God. For a few months in the early stages of Islam, Muhammad instructed his followers to face the Mount during prayer, as the Jews did. Among Sunni Muslims, the noble sanctuary  is widely considered to be the third holiest site in Islam. Revered as the Noble Sanctuary (Bait-ul-Muqaddas) and the location of Muhammad‘s journey to Jerusalem and ascent to heaven

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Christian’s The Church of the Holy Sepulcher: Originally built by the mother of Emperor Constantine in 330 A.D., the Church of the Holy Sepulcher commemorates the hill of crucifixion and the tomb of Christ’s burial.The site is venerated as Golgotha (the Hill of Calvary), where Jesus was crucified,[2] and is said to also contain the place where Jesus was buried (the sepulchre). The church has been an important Christian pilgrimage destination since at least the 4th century, as the purported site of the resurrection of Jesus. Today, the church is home to Eastern OrthodoxyOriental Orthodoxy and Roman CatholicismAnglican and Protestant Christians have no permanent presence in the church

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Judaism’s: The Western Wall is located in the Old City of Jerusalem at the foot of the western side of the Temple Mount. It is a remnant of the ancient wall that surrounded the Jewish Temple’s courtyard, and is one of the most sacred sites in Judaism outside of the Temple Mount itself. It has been a site for Jewish prayer and pilgrimage for centuries, the earliest source mentioning Jewish attachment to the site dating from the 4th century. 


運命の神器 ノルン / 宇宙の神器 CEO ユグドラシル
Regalia of Destiny, Norn
“Time is as endless as infinity. The regalia knows all of it.”
Grade 2 / United Sanctuary - Genesis - Noble
Power 9000
Shield 5000
Auto: When this Card is placed in the Drop Zone from the Soul, Choose 1 of your “Regalia” Vanguards, it gains 5000 Power during this turn.

Regalia of Cosmos, CEO Yggdrasil
“The cosmos is as vast as infinity. The regalia knows all about it.”
Grade 3 / United Sanctuary - Genesis - Noble
Power 11000
Shield N/A
Activate (Vanguard Circle): [Legion](20000)[“Regalia of Destiny, Norn”](If your opponent has a Grade 3 or higher Vanguard, once, this Unit can return 4 cards from your Drop Zone to your Deck, search your Deck for the designated card, and Legion with it.)
Auto (Vanguard Circle): [Soul Blast 6 Cards] When this Unit attacks a Vanguard, if this Unit is in “Legion”, you can pay the cost. if you do, during this battle, this Unit gains 1 Critical and your opponent cannot Call Grade 1 or higher Units from their hand to the Guardian Circle.
Auto: When this Unit attacks a Vanguard, if there are other Units in your Center Row, this Unit gains 3000 Power during this battle.

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

本日紹介するのは6月20日(金)発売の『女神の円舞曲』の目玉レギオン! レギオンレアも収録されている2体の「神器」だ!
「ユグドラシル」のレギオンスキルは相手ヴァンガードへアタックしたとき、ソウルブラスト6枚を使って発動する大技!! クリティカル+1したうえに、相手のグレード1でのガードを封じる! この能力の前では「守護者」は無力と化すのだ!
そして「ノルン」は、ソウルからドロップゾーンに置かれたときにヴァンガードを強化! 「ユグドラシル」との相性は抜群だぞ。「神器」デッキではソウルブラストに使うカードにどれを選ぶのかも、重要な選択になるのだ!!

Today we’ll introduce you to the main Legion of “Waltz of the Goddess”, which comes out June 20th, 2014! They’re a pair of “Regalia” Units that also come in Legion Rare!
Yggdrasil’s Legion Skill is when she attacks the opponent Vanguard, she can Soul Blast 6 cards to activate a powerful ability!! She gains an additional Critical, and along with that, your opponent’s Grade 1 Guards are sealed! Before her power, Sentinels are powerless!
And “Norn”, if she’s sent from the Soul to the Drop Zone, can power up the Vanguard! She works really really well with Yggdrasil. It’s important to choose which cards you’ll generally be using for Soul Blasts in a “Regalia” Deck!!
The combination of “Ordain Owl” (from the Booster Pack “Brilliant Strike”) and Grade 3 Regalias is incredibly powerful!
Tomorrow we’ll introduce you to a “Witch” from “Requiem at Dusk”! More and more power is coming out, one after another!


This photo, taken in October, was selected as one of Reuter’s best photos for 2014. An Israeli woman & a Palestinian protester are giving each other the equivalent of the middle finger. Palestinian women were protesting as Israeli soldiers escorted Zionists to the Western Wall–a section of the enclosure around the compound known as the Noble Sanctuary to Muslims & the Temple Mount to Zionists. The compound is located in East Jerusalem under illegal occupation by Israel since 1967. The Palestinians are chanting & taunting while Orthodox Jews living in apartments above the street hurl bottles & water down on them. 

The Noble Sanctuary (Al-Haram al-Sharif) is 35 acres of fountains, gardens, museums, as well as the Al-Aqsa Mosque & the Dome of the Rock (which has sacred meaning to Muslims). The entire area is regarded as sacred space & is an educational center as well as religious sanctuary. It’s existed in various reconstructions for over 1,300 years. There’s a fallacious mantra going round that the Noble Sanctuary is only the third holiest site to Islam but is the holiest site for Judaism. The reason offered for why it’s sacred to Judaism is that it’s the original site of Solomon’s Temple said to have housed the Ark of the Covenant & destroyed in 586 BCE (for which there isn’t a shred of archaeological evidence). There was an actual temple on the site between 516 BCE & 70 CE when the Romans destroyed it. It was renovated by Herod (of Biblical & historical ignominy) & the supposed remnants of the Herodian wall make up the Western Wall (known also as the Wailing Wall) heralded by Israel as the most sacred place of Judaism.

There are lots of peculiar religious practices in the world (like worshipping Jesus image in a tortilla) but there is something fetishistic about millions of people making pilgrimage & fervent homage to an old stone wall. Even the pope & every godless US politician make homage at this altar of the Israeli state. One would never ridicule even the most absurd practice but there is no need to feign respect for a narrative fabricated solely to serve Zionist nationalism & not religious commitment. It’s not inconceivable that there’s a mystique around that pile of stones from Herod’s days. But a mystique is not the same as a religious tradition or historic claim. 

Far from being an ancient tradition, there is little evidence that Jews, most of whom lived outside Palestine until the late 19th century, held the wall as sacred. Jewish immigration to Palestine was part of the great wave of emigration from Eastern Europe during that time–some driven by economic desperation, some to escape pogroms & persecution, & many as evangelists of Zionism goaded by Zionist organizations as advance guard for setting up a Jewish-only state. And that’s when trouble began in Palestine around Islam’s holy sites, with Zionists creating historic narratives & fabricating religious traditions that did not exist. 

In 1948 when Israel was founded on the violent expulsion of Palestinians with the collusion of colonial regimes (especially the UK), East Jerusalem came under the jurisdiction of Jordan through negotiations with the UN; West Jerusalem was under Israeli control. The Noble Sanctuary is in East Jerusalem. After the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel occupied East Jerusalem & within a matter of three days had flattened the Palestinian neighborhood (called the Moroccan Quarter) adjacent to the Western Wall & Noble Sanctuary & forcibly cleared out the residents. Their property was expropriated for public use & eventually turned into a plaza to receive thousands of born-again Zionists laying claim to a land that wasn’t theirs. That “ancient tradition” of placing messages in the Western Wall doesn’t go back to Herod but began with Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan when they marched into East Jerusalem & he inserted a written prayer into the cracks of the wall.

After the 1967 war, Zionists under the leadership of right-wing Rabbi Shlomo Goren (chief rabbi of the Israeli military & later chief rabbi of Israel) began claiming the Noble Sanctuary for building a third temple. Non-Muslims were forbidden to pray within the compound & so the Western Wall served for a long while as an outdoor & surrogate temple but Zionists have always had their eye on the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque & erecting their temple there. Palestinians frequently claim Israeli excavations under Al-Aqsa are threatening the foundations making it liable to collapse. Israeli rabbis are divided on Jews praying within the compound. Traditional rabbinical scholars regard it as antithetical to Judaism. Right-wing Zionist rabbis are much more flexible with religious principles in service to their rabid nationalism. 

This explains the constant harassment & storm trooper tactics by Zionist extremists, police agents, & Israeli troops within the Al-Aqsa compound. This also explains why there is relentless political pressure to reverse the prohibition on non-Muslims worshipping there & why Palestinian males under 50 are barred access to the mosque & must pray in the public streets. In November, Israel ordered the mosque closed down after the shooting of an ultranationalist Zionist who campaigned aggressively for Jewish prayer rights at the site. The entire purpose is to usurp & deny Palestinian religious rights & traditions.

Support Palestinian justice by boycotting all Israeli products (barcode beginning 729); by supporting the cultural boycott of Israel; by demanding “No US aid to Israel!”
(Photo by Finbarr O’Reilly)

Misperceptions Regarding Tensions Over the Noble Sanctuary

Israelis who are pushing for greater access to the Noble Sanctuary mosque complex (Temple Mount to Jews) in occupied East Jerusalem just want religious freedom for Jews.

The Facts:

  • Although they often couch their goals in terms of civil rights and religious freedom, the right-wing Israeli individuals and groups that are pushing for more access and Jewish prayer in the Noble Sanctuary want to remove the Muslim holy sites that it houses and replace them with a Jewish temple. On its website, one of the movement’s most prominent organizations, the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement, declares as its objective:

Liberating the Temple Mount from Arab (Islamic) occupation. The Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosque were placed on this Jewish or biblical holy site as a specific sign of Islamic conquest and domination. The Temple Mount can never be consecrated to the Name of G-d without removing these pagan shrines. It has been suggested that they be removed, transferred to, and rebuilt at Mecca.

  • For these messianic Jewish extremists, efforts to gain more access and to be able to pray in the Noble Sanctuary form part of a larger plan to remove and/or destroy the mosques it contains and replace them with a Jewish temple. As Moshe Feiglin, then-deputy speaker of the Israeli parliament from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, explained in March 2014: “I’m not asking for equality at the Temple Mount; there is no equality - it’s ours and ours alone.”
  • Many Palestinians fear that Israel will eventually attempt to take over all or part of the Noble Sanctuary for exclusive Jewish use, as occurred with the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron in the occupied West Bank. In that case, the Israeli government divided the mosque and gave half of it to Jewish settlers following the massacre of 29 Palestinian worshippers by an Israeli-American settler in 1994.

Israeli authorities reject attempts to change the status quo in the Noble Sanctuary and oppose actions by Jewish extremists that provoke tensions over it.

The Facts:

  • While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said repeatedly that he has no intention of changing the status quo in the Noble Sanctuary, senior officials in his current and previous governments have openly called for the construction of a Jewish temple in the Noble Sanctuary, including Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel of the extreme right wing Jewish Home party and Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely of Netanyahu’s Likud party. In July 2013, then-Housing and Construction Minister Ariel declared to an “archeological conference” in the occupied West Bank

We’ve built many little, little temples… but we need to build a real Temple on the Temple Mount.

  • In May 2014, hardline Knesset member Miri Regev from Netanyahu’s Likud party introduced a bill calling for the status quo to be changed to allow Jews to pray in the Noble Sanctuary.
  • The Israeli Knesset (parliament) has also held hearings on changing the status quo in the Noble Sanctuary to allow Jews to pray there, including a February 2014 debate that was initiated by the ultra-right wing Moshe Feiglin, then a member of Netanyahu’s Likud party and deputy Knesset speaker.
  • The Israeli government provides funding to organizations like the Temple Institute, which are actively working towards building a temple in the Noble Sanctuary. According to a March 2013 report by Israeli NGOs Ir Amim and Keshev:

The State of Israel directly funds various Temple movement activities. In the years 2008-2011, the Ministry of Culture, Science and Sports and the Ministry of Education supported the Temple Institute and the Midrasha at an average rate of NIS 412,000 [approximately $150,000 USD] per year. In 2012, the Midrasha, the educational arm of the Temple Institute, received NIS 189,000 [approximately $48,000 USD] from the Ministry of Education.

On December 30, 2010 a highly attended conference took place at Binyanei Ha’uma (The Jerusalem Conference Center). The event, promoted as ‘Every Jew Has a Part in the Sacred’ (the logo on the invitation proclaimed ‘Something good is happening in Jerusalem!’), drew thousands of attendees, mostly Haredim. The program included a discussion of ritual sacrifice and an exhibit presenting a model of the Temple. It also showcased a virtual presentation illustrating the construction of the Third Temple on the ruins of the Dome of the Rock. The conference was held under the auspices of the Jerusalem Municipality’s Department of Religious Culture.

Messianic Temple Mount extremists are a tiny minority in Israel and are on the fringes of society.

The Facts:

  • Once considered to be on the margins of the Israeli political right, the Temple Mount movement has grown rapidly over the past decade and a half and has become mainstream.
  • Growing numbers of Israeli rabbis are approving, and even encouraging, Jews to visit the Noble Sanctuary/Temple Mount, something that until recently was opposed by the vast majority of Jewish religious authorities based on theological grounds.
  • Messianic Temple Mount extremists who advocate the building of a Jewish temple in the Noble Sanctuary mosque complex now sit in powerful positions in government, including ministerial posts.
  • According to statistics released by the Israeli police in January 2015, the number of visits by Jews to the Noble Sanctuary has increased 92% since 2009. As the right wing Jerusalem Post noted in reporting the story: “The trend is driven by several activist groups who encourage Jewish Israelis and tourists to visit the Temple Mount, saying they wish to re-assert the Jewish connection to the site.”

Palestinians enjoy religious freedom and freedom of worship in the Noble Sanctuary and other Muslim and Christian holy sites in occupied East Jerusalem.

The Facts:

  • Israel routinely violates the religious rights and freedoms of Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied territories.
  • Israeli authorities frequently prevent access to the Noble Sanctuary to Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem by implementing age and gender restrictions that prohibit men under a certain age, such as 50-years-old, from entering to worship.
  • The Israeli government denies millions of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza access to East Jerusalem and its holy sites. Millions of other Palestinians living in Jordan, Lebanon and elsewhere in the diaspora are similarly denied the right to worship freely at their holy sites in Jerusalem.
Sword Deity of Thunder, Takemikazuchi

G-BT01/003 神鳴りの剣神(かみなりのけんしん) タケミカヅチ Sword Deity of Thunder, Takemikazuchi
“The sword of thunder cuts the heavens in twain and rips the earth apart.”
Grade 4 / G Unit / United Sanctuary - Oracle Think Tank - Noble
Power 15000+
Shield N/A
Stride (Unleashed if both player’s Vanguards are Grade 3 or higher!) - Stride Step - [Select 1 or more cards from your hand, as long as their combined Grade is 3 or more, discard it] This face-down card Strides onto your Vanguard Circle.
Activate [Vanguard Circle]: [Counter Blast 2 Cards, Choose 1 face-down “Sword Deity of Thunder, Takemikazuchi” in your G Zone, flip it face-up.] If there are 2 or more face-up cards in your G Zone, you can look at the top 4 cards of your Deck, search 2 of them, add those 2 to your hand, then place the remaining cards at the bottom of the Deck in any order you desire. This ability cannot be used again this turn.

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