Ahoy Noble Knights!

This is CM May here to bring you good news! From time to time we will be holding a fan art contest with specific themes. If you haven’t guessed already, this week’s theme is our most recent of the four lords, Sun Wukong!

Get your artistic side prepped and ready to impress the competition! 

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A Knight's Honour

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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
English, Rated: K+
Characters: Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug, Adrien/ Chat Noir, Tikki
Chapters: 2, Words: 4,000, Reviews: 2, Rated: K+, In-Progress

Long ago, in the times of old, was a flourishing and happy kingdom. However, this time of happiness could not last forever. Diseases spread, crime ran amok, and a widespread famine fell over the land. The only possible explanation? Witches. It is the task of Sir Adrian Agreste, Noble Knight and Prince of the land, to find and destroy The Great Witch. Rating may change to T.

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I really really REALLY love the Noble Knight archetype.

Is my best deck of Yu-Gi-Oh! I have so much fun playing with them :)

All the cards are based on the history of King Arthur, which I have always loved :D

And the artwork of them is so beautiful º3º

This are 10 of the current 17 cards of the archetype :)

OMG I can’t XD this is based on my latest post, Itsuki got drunk by mistake (guess was Ryuuk’s fault or something) and surprisingly he assaulted Hanabi’s larder and took some alcohol with him, my god, this guy was just a case back there, he did a lot of stupid things, his instincts just came on XD and almost did “something inapropiated” to his dear teammate Shina :P. Luckily Shina is very clueless….or not? XD

(Note: “Ikki” is the abbreviation for Itsuki, only his aunt Hanabi (Hinata’s sister) call him like that)


Primal Origin sees the release of four new Noble Knights cards: Noble Knight Brothers, Noble Knight Eachtar, Noble Knights of the Round Table and Avalon. Naturally, I’m excited for these cards and have been testing them!

One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of people don’t seem to think Round Table is good and I’ve been very determined to prove them wrong and so far, testing of Round Table has supported my side. But I digress: let me break down each of the new cards and what they do for the deck.

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Regionals Report!

Forgive the lame looking text post, but I’ve some happy news!

I attended a regionals on the weekend and competed against about 80 people with my Noble Knights.

Round 1 had me paired against Qliphorts, and I 2-0ed him. He made Towers in game 2 and I shrugged, summoned Merlin, made a King, destroyed his scales, used Excalibur and had a rank 5 King with 3700 atk (3200 with Towers out) and ended the game there.

Round 2 I played against more Qliphorts and Merlin made for some awesome OTK damage and I won that game 2-0 as well.

Round 3 had me against my friend and his Shaddolls. I will reiterate every time it comes up: PLAY BLACK LAUNDSALLYN IN YOUR NOBLE KNIGHT DECKS. I summoned him through Merlin/his own effect and comboed him with Sacred King to clear my friend’s field and have no Xyz monster on the field three times in the one duel and even though the duel lasted a long time I was in a seriously advantageous position the entire duel because of my Laundsallyn combos forcing him to fuse from hand/field. It also allowed me to make the most of my Borzs and thin my deck a lot. Won that 2-0 as well.

Round 4 I played against Burning Abyss and lost game 1 to backrow (as you do) and lost game 2 to Majesty’s Fiend. I had a Borz with Gwen and Destiny on the field but he MSTed the Gwen so I had to think of something else. Eventually I summoned a Brothers (and with 2400 def he couldn’t be killed by Majesty’s) and then next turn summoned Medraut. My genius plan to get rid of Majesty’s was this: Xyz into rank 4 King, use Excalibur to make him rank 5 King, Xyz him into Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger and attack! …Only he had an Enemy Controller and switched me to defence and it went kinda downhill from there.

Round 5 I played against Satellarknights and lost game 1 when he discarded my Last Chapter with Triverr :( Game 2 I think I just drew lame stuff.

Round 6 I played against Burning Abyss and was dreading the matchup but actually managed to win 2-1! Game 1 I lost to backrow but game 2 I dominated the duel with Dimensional Fissure. Game 3 my opponent drew awfully and I drew wonderfull with Flying “C” and a Medraut play.

My final game of the day was also against Burning Abyss, which I won 2-0! Game 1 he wittled me down to less than 2000 life points and had a Dante and Virgil on the field, but a nicely executed Merlin > Medraut play let me remove both of them and finish with a rank 4, fully armed King and an extra 1000 Life Points courtesy of Caliburn. From there I managed to grind my way to victory. Game 2 I think I won when he summoned 2 Malebranche and I dropped a Flying “C”. He had I think one trap and then no further plays so I won.

In the end, I placed 11th out of everyone and as a result have now qualified for the Oceanic Championships! Needless to say I’m pretty stoked and super proud of my Knights! Here’s hoping future ban lists are kind enough to ensure my deck will definitely be tier 1 and I’ll be able to take my Knights to even greater heights!