I really really REALLY love the Noble Knight archetype.

Is my best deck of Yu-Gi-Oh! I have so much fun playing with them :)

All the cards are based on the history of King Arthur, which I have always loved :D

And the artwork of them is so beautiful º3º

This are 10 of the current 17 cards of the archetype :)

OMG I can’t XD this is based on my latest post, Itsuki got drunk by mistake (guess was Ryuuk’s fault or something) and surprisingly he assaulted Hanabi’s larder and took some alcohol with him, my god, this guy was just a case back there, he did a lot of stupid things, his instincts just came on XD and almost did “something inapropiated” to his dear teammate Shina :P. Luckily Shina is very clueless….or not? XD

(Note: “Ikki” is the abbreviation for Itsuki, only his aunt Hanabi (Hinata’s sister) call him like that)