Running through time and space. More like falling, actually. We’re falling through space, you and I. So allons-y, geronimo, let’s go!

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noble acts :
buying a shrimp bucket at red lobster and releasing them into a retention pond to be free, avoiding sidewalk cracks, setting things on fire so firefighters don’t run out of work, telling your boyfriend his screenplay is bad, buying liquor for middle schoolers, shoplifting produce that looks like it’s about to spoil anyway

i really cannot think of any else. that’s it. go home.

The Signs as Doctor Who Characters
  • Aries:Rory Williams
  • Taurus:Clara Oswin Oswald
  • Gemini:Rose Tyler
  • Cancer:The Doctor
  • Leo:Strax
  • Virgo:Rose Tyler
  • Libra:Martha Jones
  • Scorpio:The Master
  • Sagittarius:Donna Noble
  • Capricorn:Amy Pond
  • Aquarius:Danny Pink
  • Pisces:The Tardis

anonymous asked:

(1/?) Human AU where Norway is a prisoner of war captured by Den's kingdom's army: Lukas was placed in a small, dirty dungeon cell below the king's castle, where Mathias served as a noble knight. Mathias was put on duty by the king to watch over the prisoner, feed him, and make sure that he doesn't try and escape, for Mat was his best night, and Lukas was one of his army's greatest soldiers. So Mathias headed down to the dungeons, and made his way over to the last cell.

(2/?) “A'right, now, I don’t want any funny buisness-” Mathias started, before he glanced into the cell, his breath catching in his chest as he had a “oh no he’s hot” moment. I mean, who could ssk for more: A blonde Norwegian soldier, well in shape, with battle scars lining various parts of his body. Lukas only stared at the flustered Dane, refusing to talk. Once Denmark got ahold of himself again, coughing to cover up the pause in his sentence, he continued. “-A-Alright?” was all he could-

(3/?) Muster before he turned away, trying not to embarass himself any further. Lukas chuckled at his embarrassment, and piped up from his spot in the cell, “/Nice to meet you too, idiot Dane./” Mathias paused, and turned back to Lukas. The two chatted a bit, against Mathias’s King’s orders. Each day, Mathias would bring Lukas part of his rations, to make up for the stale bread and water he recieved. He would sometimes drag his blanket and pillow down to the dungeons, when he was sure everyone-

(4/? (I lost count-)) -once he was sure everyone was asleep. They fell deeper and deeper into love as the days passed by, and Lukas’s execution drew nearer. When his questioning and interrogation sessions began, Mathias asked to join in with whoever was questioning him, trying to make it seem like he wasn’t begging. He would drop hints to the questioner that Lukas wasn’t such a bad guy, though he was from the enemy land. Very few paid attention to it. Soon enough, after sleepless nights of-

(5/?) -imagining a world without Lukas, Lukas’s execution day rolled around. Mathias tried his best to keep his composure as he lead Lukas out of his cell and into the courtyard, where he would be slaughtered in front of the royal assembly. He stood back as the executioner propped Lukas up on the Guillotine. “Off with his head!” the King screeched. Just as the executioner was about to release the rope, something snapped inside of Mathias that pushed him into action.

(6/6) He pushed past the executioner, releasing Lukas from the Guillotine. Gasps and angry protests could be heard from the crowd as he bolted towards the gates, blocking out all the sound around him. Even the scream that came from Lukas as a sword was thrusted into Mathias’s back, causing him to drop Lukas. In his last moments of life, he watched as Lukas was also stabbed to death, blood staining his clothes and his own armour. “We’ll be together forever.”

ander-smith asked:

Do you think Kimball's concern over Doyle sacrificing himself to be able to deplete most of Charon's forces was the fact that if he dies Felix gets the sword, that she wanted to be the one to sacrifice herself and be a martyr for their noble cause or because she had learned to legitimately care for Doyle to some degree? Or do oyu think it was combination of the three?

Kimball didn’t want Doyle to die like that because she’s a human being listening to another human being die.  Did it occur to her his death is going to be tactically inconvenient if Felix has the sword? Probably for like a split second amid her horror that she’s listening to Doyle’s last words.

Did she have an instinctive reaction to take his place and let him live? Yes, because she’s that kind of leader, one who leads from the front and takes bullets for others. She’s not after martyrdom she thinks that is what it means to be a leader.

Did she have a deep meaningful epiphany of love and respect for the former enemy commander that fucked her over at every turn? Probably not. And how could she? This was the first thing he ever did that made her respect him and he did it while killing himself. There’s no clear way she’s going to feel about this. It will probably fuck her up though. 

important Touhou shipping thought: consider Akyuu x Shinmyoumaru.

  • both tiny teenage nobles who only recently got the freedom to explore Gensokyo
  • Shinmyoumaru very passionately making sure inchling history makes it into the Chronicle so the whole DDC thing doesn’t happen again.
  • Shinmyoumaru keeping her tiny house at Akyuu’s to get used to coexisting with humans in the village.
  • going on adventures when Shinmyoumaru is stuck tiny, and neither of them can actually fight worth a damn.
  • Shinmyoumaru playing with Akyuu’s cats (shut up they came back after the rat thing.)
  • Shinmyoumaru ending up in the middle of Forbidden Scrollery-style weirdness, and excitedly jumping in to fix things before Reimu and Marisa even know that something’s happening.
  • Akyuu having bad days from her sickness and Shinmyoumaru trying her best to take care of her while six inches tall.

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What is a quote that you live by?

Philippians 4:8

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

hot-space-lady asked:

River smiled as she made her way into the TARDIS, though her jaw soon dropped and eyes went wide as she was met by a beautiful lady with fire red hair. A red haired woman who was not her mother. "Donna?" She asked in disbelief. How far back had she come?

As soon as she heard her mother’s name,Agatha turned to face whoever walked inside the blue box - only to meet the woman of blonde curly hair. Shaking her head softly and tearing her gaze away from the attractive blonde,she answered “Nope.” She said popping her ‘p’ with a grin “Sorry,mate,wrong ginger.”

Taking a few steps closer,she offered her hand “I’m Agatha Noble–Donna’s daughter”

dravanian asked:

Swordplay! How did he learn his skills :D (If I recall you main paladin for him?)

The House Beautemps house steward, Gerald Shieldswaine taught Rainemard privately. He’s a retired Temple Knight of the highest rank obtainable by a lowborn. 

As you can see, Rainemard did not take to ‘noble pursuits’ well and spent much of his time trying to sneak off to the merchant quarters or the forgotten knight. Probably because his peers rarely saw him as an equal or friend.