Doctor Who Behind the Scenes Gifset Journey’s End-David Tennant talking about how hard it was for the Doctor to say goodbye to Donna Noble who had became his best mate in so many ways on their adventures together. This was actually worse than watching the actual scene because hearing how much influence it had on David as an actor for him to say goodbye to Donna as the Doctor was just heartbreaking.


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The Perennial Boyfriend

This was inspired by some “secretly dating AU” prompts that I saw a while back and combined a couple to make this. Hope you like it. :)

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Rose isn’t even drunk and she already can’t remember why she suggested this stupid party. No one cares that this is her first Christmas in the city or that this is the first month she hasn’t had to scramble to pay her half of the rent - God bless holiday hours. All most of them showed up fo was the free booze and the chance to swap spit with someone who will consent to being a human-shaped heater and booty call for the next few chill months.

If that isn’t romantic, Rose doesn’t know what is. She glares at the nearest sprig of mistletoe; they’re spaced every few meters, hung by Rose herself in a brief fit of holiday spirit. Now they’re just a reminder to every unattached (and more-than-possibly still bitter) pair of lips that there’s a whole flat-ful of eager and willing participants.

“You’re sure?”

“‘Course I’m sure. We have to keep our cover, don’t we?”

Donna has to say her name twice before Rose notices the second glass of spiked eggnog in her hand. She takes it gratefully, downing half in one long gulp.

“Having fun?”

“Yeah, yeah. This is great.” Rose hopes her smile doesn’t look too forced and takes a second, more conservative sip. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Donna’s reindeer antlers jingle in exasperation as she shakes her head. “You and John, I swear. I’m always alright,” she mimics in uncanny imitation of her brother’s supercilious tone, “and then you. You’re sure it’s you two who aren’t related?”

Rose snorts into her drink.

“Worth a shot.” Donna shrugs. “Mum’d probably like you better, anyway. She’s always comparing us. How much more serious John is, how much more career-oriented.”

Of late, Rose hasn’t joined in on conversations like this and just lets Donna vent. Tonight, she could care less; if Donna suggested he was a mad scientist bent on taking over the world, she would wholeheartedly agree.

“Aren’t you tired of hiding it?”

“We’ll wait ‘til the new year. Less drama around the hols.”

“At least we know how to have a good time.”

“Exactly! You know he’d be holed up at the university till dawn if I hadn’t invited him. That’s his idea of a fun Friday night.”

“Would’ve been better off there,” Rose grumbles. Better his tiny lab than their tinier sitting room, flirting with some statuesque blonde who laughs at everything he says and runs her French-manicured nails possessively down his suit jacket while Rose stands here in a too-tight dress she never lost the weight for and heels she keeps stumbling in.

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Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory (Saber/King Arthur)

The most famous sword in the hands of King Arthur, with the Welsh name of Caledfwlch. Various differing legends surround the origin of the sword.

In some tales, Arthur receives the sword from the Lady of the Lake, Nimue, sometime after his reign has already begun. In other tales, the sword is the one Arthur pulled from the stone to cement his right as King of Britain, instead of Caliburn. 

It was forged upon the Isle of Avalon.

Saber’s most powerful Noble Phantasm.  An Anti-Fortress technique, Excalibur converts the magical energy of its holder into a great beam of light that vaporizes all in its path. Because it requires a large amount of magical energy, the user is exhausted afterwards.

Weekly Recs: 1.31 - 2.7 2016

Hullo darlings! This was our last week of the prompts giveaway. I hope everyone enjoyed all the guest prompts! I’d like to thank our guest prompters for all their brilliant ideas, and our lovely writers for participating as always! 

We had a whopping 22 fics this week, tying for the record! Rock on everyone! And I trust that you all will help me extend a huge warm welcome all of our darling new writers in the TimePetalsPrompts family. ~ Moony

Prompt Fulfillment:

This week’s ficlet prompt was [ “We are not telling my mother we injured ourselves while shagging.” ], provided by @emkaywho

This week’s drabble theme was [ A riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma ], provided by @jeeno2

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This is why Amazon will open physical bookstores

Brick-and-mortar bookstores are a great idea for Amazon. Here’s why.

Last Tuesday, Mathrani accidentally blurted out the truth during an earnings call. He said: “You’ve got Amazon opening bricks-and-mortar bookstores, and their goal is to open, as I understand, 300 to 400 bookstores.”

He was responding to a question, and his point was to highlight a trend among online stores, including Warby Parker andBirchbox, of opening physical retail locations.

Amazon doesn’t like having its plans made known to the public. It’s not hard to imagine that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos got mad, called Mathrani and demanded some spin control. Mathrani did issue a statement, and said his comment about Amazon stores “was not intended to represent Amazon’s plans.”

That feels and smells like a retraction, but it’s not.

Why physical bookstores are a great idea for Amazon

First, let’s dispense with the false idea that Amazon is a bookstore that competes with, say, Barnes & Noble.

Amazon has been described as the “everything store.” It sells auto supplies, groceries, gardening supplies and much more. In fact, in the U.S., Amazon sells about 200 million individual products in 35 categories. That means Amazon sells books, like Barnes & Noble does, plus 34 more categories of products that Barnes & Noble does not carry.


There’s so much negativity and bitterness in this world, my new years resolution is to stop hate following people and simply live my truth as sincerely as possible ✌✌✌

The Husbands of River Song- Doctor Who 9X13