Get the Royal Treatment at These 6 Vienna Hotels

Mix a glamorous high-society past with a design-driven present and you’ve got oh-my-god-I-never-want-to-leave-you Vienna. Where swanky cafes (with decadent tortes) and creatively-minded local boutiques (like newly-opened Veralie) mingle with grand gilded buildings, marble fountains, historic concert halls, and an unfathomable museum stretch. And befitting of this noble city, these six Vienna hotels will give you the royal treatment so you’ll never want to check out.

Two new Girl Meets World books are being released on January 5th!
Guide to Mastering Middle School [Preorder on Amazon | Barnes & Noble]

Middle school is like a maze. But if you have a friend or, better yet, two friends who can cheer you on, middle school starts to feel less like a maze and more like amaaaze. This guide, written by two super cool middle school stars (aka your new best friends) Riley and Maya, is filled to the brim with everything you need to know about friends, crushes, homework, teachers, and more! The paper-over-board book in the best-selling Guide to Life format features 160 full-color pages of fun and a cootie catcher!

Let’s Do This!  [Preorder on Amazon | Barnes & Noble]

It’s the first day of eighth grade, and Riley and Maya are older, wiser and desperate for some freedom, so they’re over the moon when they find out Riley’s dad won’t be their teacher again. But once they realize that in their new classroom they’re no longer the center of the universe – WHAT?! – Riley and Maya have trouble adjusting to the cosmic shift!

Then, when Lucas’s friend from Texas shows up at their school, Riley discovers that Lucas has a dark secret from his past. Can Riley handle the truth, or will it change the way she feels about him forever?This exciting junior novel includes an 8-page, full-color insert of photos from the show!

I was reading the latest update of Noblesse and it pains me that not only do we have the names of all the males who’ve shown up, we also do not have the name of the female character, she has not spoken ( save for that one thought bubble ), AND we haven’t even seen her this chapter! I know Noblesse is a shounen so what should I expect right? Females always come second, if not last, in this genre but it still irritates me beyond belief! Raskreia and Yonsu are the only females who haven’t had ridiculously low cleavage ( sigh Rozaria my love ) or unnecessary high slits or ass shots ( or Seira my child ) and how were they depicted? As brash bitches with bad attitudes, their behavior only changing when it came to a man (Yonsu’s husband(though she didn’t change that much, she did become softer), Raskreia’s father) then we barely get to see them again.

We don’t even get the courtesy of them having mothers! Sigh, at this point I can only hope that Raskreia continues being a strong female leader, Seira is given some more attention again, Lunark (though I fear her infatuation with Frankenstein is going to lead us down some romantic path, and while I enjoy romance, that will be a cheap use her ) reappears, and Ignes returns ( because a bad ass female who’s also blind? Yes please? )

“Welcome to the Cafe, Master! How many I help you?” This job fucking sucked. Lamia couldn’t stand it. But, it paid the bills, right? Plus she got to scope out potential lovers. 

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{{ean10}}Space opera is having a moment. In a little more than a month, we'll finally get to read Ancillary Mercy, the final book in Ann Leckie's all-the-awards-winning trilogy of sentient ships and an intergalactic civil war that began with Ancillary Justice. The reception to the trilogy,

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