noble vines

  • Les Amis as an internet squad called Les Amemes
  • They all have popular tumblr blogs
  • When you follow one of their blogs, the rest of Les Amis’ blogs pop up in the recommendations because they’re so tightly woven together by their love for memes
  • Since Grantaire is an artist, half of his blog is a collection of crude drawings and paintings that look like they were made by a preschooler with a sinister sense of humor, and the other half is equally as terrible
  • Feuilly posts those memes made by twelve year olds with the blocky white text and general lack of humor. Grantaire, sensitive about memes, scorns Feuilly for this, but Feuilly insists his memes are hilarious. No one else seems to think so
  • Marius doesn’t really understand memes/know how to play them correctly, so he mostly reblogs things from Grantaire, as he seems to be the one with the most noble content
  • Courfeyrac posts Vines from all sections of the app. He posts cute animal videos, failed parkour, funny skits, and everything in between. As well as displaying the popular Vines, he employs internet archaeology skills to dig up Vines he thinks are worthy for his blog, and he usually makes that Vine explode with attention
  • Enjolras posts terrible government memes (much like the blocky style of Feuilly’s stuff), and he throws in the occasional rant here and there, too. People reblog his memes as a joke mostly, but his rants have caused some awakening within the meme community
  • Bahorel is the roasting extraordinaire. No one knows how he does it, but his roasts are the most perfect tastes of hell anyone has ever seen. Whenever someone comes at him, they’ll be sure to leave with an icepack for the burn Bahorel delivers. Some people just provoke him on purpose so they can see his roasting abilities discharged on them, for a good laugh. Even in real life, Bahorel is a straight up savage to the rest of Les Amemes, but he’s always useful for driving away bullies.
  • Bossuet is definitely the shitposter. You can usually find him at night, keysmashing and asking impossible questions into the void. His followers are a bit concerned about him, but his posts are nothing less than superb. He frequently engages in brawls with followers who don’t understand that his content is purely satirical and meant for entertainment purposes, but through those brawls he still retains that shitposting skill, and frustrates his opponents beyond belief. He’s somewhat of a legend within the Les Amemes fanbase
  • Jehan doesn’t really post memes all that much, but he makes up for it by broadcasting cute posts of all varieties. From baby animals to selfies with flower crowns, Jehan is sure to keep people entertained and smiling at their screens. The few memes he does post are truly wholesome and pure. He’s a favorite among the fans
  • You can always trust Combeferre to be on top of the puns, mostly intellectual puns, but he claims that every pun is intellectual. He’ll oftentimes leave you staring at your screen in anger because you see what he did there
  • Joly, like Marius, is clueless about memes, and somewhat disinterested, so he reblogs stuff from everyone, throwing in the occasional kitten picture here and there. He’s more like the moral support of Les Amemes
  • Grantaire has the most followers, being the most avid about memes (Jehan is a close second on the follower count, as no one can argue that his content is positively adorable, and just follows him regardless of whether or not he posts memes)
  • Because Enjolras’ memes are nothing notable (besides some of his well-formed rants), he enjoys printing out t-shirts and other merchandise for an online store he set up. Believe it or not, he draws in a lot of business, and has organized several meet and greets and other events for the fans, most of which end with Grantaire draining the storage from peoples’ phones by taking tons of selfies
  • Each year, Les Amemes compete for the title of “Meme Queen”, where their followers vote. They even have a whole blog devoted to the campaigns. Grantaire is inordinately competitive about it, but the crown usually goes to Jehan because the entire fanbase finds him extremely sweet, even though he doesn’t post too many memes.
  • can you imagine the discourse
  • Frequent meme wars
  • They kind of become a meme themselves

“Onward, my noble steed.”