noble prize winner

On February 14th 1929, Alexander Fleming introduced his discovery of Penicillin to the world.

Working at St. Mary’s Hospital in London the Scottish bacteriologist found that cultures of Staphylococcus Aureus (a common bacterium found in humans) had been contaminated with a mould and the Staphylococcus growth around the mould had been dissolved.  On closer inspection of the mould Fleming identified the mould as penicillium notatum as found on bread.

Fleming introduced his findings of a cheap and easy to reproduce antibiotic to the world and this discovery has saved countless lives. Antibiotics are natural chemicals released by bacteria and moulds to inhibit growth of other organisms.

kaidoscopes  asked:

What do you think about this Pann's Blind item gay idol blahblah rumour? I myself think it is not kaisoo but there is a big possibility for it to be kaisoo. It could be lesbian couple though, the article didnt hint any gender

Okay first im gonna put a warning bc I don’t want people to bitch at me

I aint native English speaker so pls do forgive my English – and since we are on interwebz im gonna write shit liek dis to show y’all what a mature human being I am

And since I’m fucking cruising this “I aint believe in sm bullshit” ship, obviously this post gonna sound “delu” to people who obviously on different boat.  

So istg if I see people fucking complaining about this on my fucking post, I’m gonna have a bitch fit like not-Brittany Wilson from ‘White Chicks’ movie (it’s a damn good movie)

tbh I don’t see the logic behind this, ‘omg this is so delu im gonna write a comment on it and fucking reblogging it’ so more people gonna see it. 


it’s heightening the chance of the post to be more exposed…. common sense much?

im impressed really, such a brilliant way of thinking, must be a noble prize winner in the making.

besides, it’s clear these theory posts are for kadi shippers who ship kadi as legit couple

so my brain can’t fucking compute why these people who disagree (of the idea sm is a liar) keep reading shit like this, and after reading it they get pissed and then end up bitching about the damn post… fucking why?  

they also only say the fucking same thing over and over like a broken record without giving proper argument. it’s getting boring.

Now let’s move on to the real shit, sorry about the small rant above (nah)

Please do remember that the pann post is only rumor, it might be not true. (but im gonna make analysis anyway to piss some ppl off with my deluness hahahaha)

I personally think it’s them.

And it’s not because I ship them, but because the descriptions match.

If they didn’t match I wouldn’t point my fingers on them.

Let’s analyze some shit;

“An A-list idol group member ‘A’ is said to have fallen in love with none other than fellow member ‘B’. They’ve apparently been dating for five years now and the scandal is expected to be huge especially considering that they’re idol members from the same top level group.

A and B were actually caught by a paparazzi last year but came to a compromise with paparazzi company C to bury the articles. A and B are still continuing their relationship.”

– this pann article was posted on April 25, 2016

Then we have this comment;

1. [+58, -4] So they’ve been dating for five years… but you honestly can’t be sure that it’s an idol group that’s been around for five years because there’s also a training period, which most go through for 2-3 years. That includes groups that have been around for 3-4 years too then.


“The numbers bolded lines mason, what do they mean!”

 You see, my fucking beautiful otp has known each other for five years.

Kyungsoo got scouted by SM in 2010.

In 2011 EXO was created – obviously it means during that time he got put inside the group.

And it also means during that time (2011) he met the rest of EXO members – including Jongin.

EXO itself is only 4 years old, because they debut in 2012.

Also, fans (shippers) have started feeling anxious since last year.

Oh boy, were the fans worried after that W magazine photoshoot happened – why? because the sudden lack of KADI moments

People were worrying what was going on with them because it looked like they were being distant, the skinship wasn’t that intimate(?) unlike before 

But they did still stay close and look at each other a lot.

In Sept 20, 2015 EXO suddenly took vacation to Fiji – fans also claimed Kyungsoo looked pissed off (unhappy) during that day and we’ve seen a video of him (it’s dont-talk-just-suck’s theory post) being patted in the back by manager and fellow members

The next day after their departure D.O x Irene news was out.

We also have this.

That person on that FB post wrote -yixinqins- as creditthis account is an active twitter account that often updating about exo’ s current news (but since im too lazy to dig up her post just to find the original version, I use this person post instead) – the name of FB owner isn’t mentioned bc obv i dont feel comfortable posting other ppl fb account here

“…Her uncle chatted a bit with Chanyeol in English. Her uncle asked “holiday?”

Chanyeol shook his head and said “no no no” but then a second later said “yeah yeah yeah”…”

Before you say stuffs about ‘oh PCY prob don’t know eng that’s why he did that’

I’m not a native eng speaker, I’m surrounded by people who aren’t fluent in English but it doesn’t mean they won’t be able to understand such simple words such as ‘holiday’, ‘no’ or ‘yes’.

PCY is surrounded by Eng comments everyday on his IG – and OP’s uncle question is very easy and basic.

It’s just one word question. Why PCY said no [we’re not on holiday] then changed his answer into yes?

Perhaps it’s nothing but who knows…

Tbh the first time i heard about this fiji news I was really confused because “why the hell these dudes go to Fiji to have vacation? I thought they are busy doing LMR Japanese version???”

My friend said that maybe they were filming something 

But until this time I’ve never seen such thing besides their personal photos/videos [IG]

So what’s the purpose of them going to Fiji suddenly?

The original article about the gay couple was posted September 17, 2015 on – 3 days before EXO departure.

Reminder, the additional pann article was published April 25, 2016.

“They’ve apparently been dating for five years”  

You honestly can’t be sure that it’s an idol group that’s been around for five years because there’s also a training period”

That includes groups that have been around for 3-4 years too then.”

“A and B were actually caught by a paparazzi last year…”

The description matches.

Now think, why after recent DP news, kaisoo being distant?

“But why are you so sure it’s EXO? There are a lot other famous group!”

Well, yeah. That’s true.

But judging by circumstances other groups don’t have ‘alarming’ pairing in their group right now.

As for Infinite Myungjong couple (I know people are talking about them regarding about this matter) – they were actually being rumored too in 2013, but then suddenly L had a ‘girlfriend’ – even though the way the gf being revealed was odd.

(Lots of people actually think this girl is/was a ‘beard’ gf)

Their relationship got revealed through twitter fight, as far as I remember.  

Where did I know this? Onehallyu, I sometimes lurk around bc im just a little fucker who curious about stuffs

– I can’t give you any link tho, since it’s gonna be useless, the thread is 500+ pages and I don’t remember in which page I read this… (don’t question why did I even read that long ass thread)

In 2013 SM bought Woolim (Infinite’s company).

5. [+29, -0] Dispatch talked about this before in the past, that they were going to reveal a male idol group who had a gay couple and that they were adults.. but after a couple of days, all of the articles disappeared and Dispatch went quiet about it. That was around 2013, I believe?

I’m implying that the gay rumor in 2013 is different with the rumor in 2015-2016. 

Also, remember the previous rumor?

This current Apr rumor is only additional  – I wonder why they don’t post the entire rumor, why they have to post it separately [the original (sept/march) + the additional (now)]

And why the Sept rumor is never translated into Eng?

“Impending news of an idol coming out of the closet?

One news media outlet has an exclusive report on evidence they’ve collected of a same sex couple within an idol group.

It has been customary for reports on celebrities coming out of the closet to be banned from being reported but after waiting on the piece of news for months, the outlet has decided to break that custom.

The same sex couple that they will be revealing are two members in the same group and are trending idols that are expected to cause a ripple in the industry.

The outlet is currently preparing for the inevitable lawsuit that will result from the report.”

Who do you think gonna cause ripple in the industry? Sure, there are many top A-list groups… but who? Who has the ‘it’ factor to hype shit up?

7. [+24, -0] This is just my guess… but I’m thinking it’s an idol group that already has a public relationship going on. The company probably came to a compromise with money but also under the condition that they would offer another member’s scandal to bury the gay couple’s scandal… Dispatch lucked out on this. Either way, the rumors never specify whether they’re a male or female couple.

“…A and B were actually caught by a paparazzi last year but came to a compromise with paparazzi company C to bury the articles. A and B are still continuing their relationship.“

This sentence is weird, is it because it’s a translation? But I doubt netizenbuzz would do half-assed translation…

The paparazzi who caught the couple was never being named / given initial

Company C is the one who buried the articles.


Company C didn’t make the article disappear, company C only buried it.

It means company C concealing it.

With what?

Oh probably with another scandal that could debunk the gay rumor – you know like making one of them to date a girl? bc majority of people always assume ‘dating a girl’ = straight

So who was the paparazzi?

Idk who, i dont have info or anything i can analyze currently about this, I guess we’ll just have to wait. 

But if the couple had to come to company C for help it means the paparazzi doesn’t want to give up the article.

They did say this after all in the March rumor

“…It has been customary for reports on celebrities coming out of the closet to be banned from being reported but after waiting on the piece of news for months, the outlet has decided to break that custom

The outlet is currently preparing for the inevitable lawsuit that will result from the report…”

So assuming that company C is the one who has caught the pairing is actually a bit odd…


Because the media outlet who’s caught the couple is preparing – they don’t give a shit.

They did say they’re gonna break that custom (keeping gay idols in the closet)

Idk why they do such evil shit, coming out is a HUGE deal, these people are assholes.

Idk what exactly happened during those months that made them chose the option to keep outing the couple 

”…but after waiting on the piece of news for months"

It if it were company C who caught the couple  

Why would they let go this rumor so easily then? 

Even though they had declared such thing ‘i aint afraid of suing’

And why the rumor comes back again even tho after they compromised?  

These things imply company C and paparazzi are completely different parties. 

And now about the alleged couple (KADI)

They were fine before the news happened.

They still did 'fanservice’ on stage.

They still laughed while facing each other.

But why now they were acting weird?

What’s exactly happening here?

If they are indeed just 'bros’ why they react like this with each other?


Why they were being emotional over 'sing for you’ lyrics?

Why Kyungsoo’s smile falter when Jongin sang his line on lotte secret night? 

“It’s kind of funny, I only have you. But sometimes, I’m worse than a stranger to you”

Why Jongin looked like he was holding back his tears when Kyungsoo sang his line during kpop top group concert in Shenyang [CH]?

“The way you cry, the way you smile. Do you know how much you mean to me? Words I wanna say, words I lost” 

Why Kyungsoo’s eyes were teary? There’s HD picts of it so don’t pull out bullshit like “you’re just delu and imagine shit” card on me.

Why on Secret Night when Kyungsoo caught Jongin was staring at him, Jongin looked away?

Why they shared lots of awkward eyecontact on stage after this scandal?

Why on Kpop Group Top concert Kyungsoo looked away too when Jongin turned his head to face him?

Why Kyungsoo went out with his mom twice after this scandal?

Most fans didn’t even know about his mother – and the close bond they seem to share – before this scandal.

They’re just 'bros’ right? Why such reactions?

It’s odd.

They look so melancholic, especially Jongin… what exactly it is… is he waiting for something bad to happen?

But the scandal is over already, people don’t really talk about it, the hype has died down, at least knetz don’t say shit about them anymore… 

So why? What makes him act this way?

What are they being so cautious of? Thus make them unable to look “close” anymore on public / stage.

They couldn’t even look at each other’s eyes on stage/public anymore, but it’s clear that they actually want to look at each other (those stolen glances, staring but then look away if they share eyecontact)

Conclusion; yeh i think it’s them but i know nothing, as always just take my words as a grain of salt…

again, sorry for bad english (nah not really)

I don’t get people who say Canadian politics is boring like wtf are you talking about: 

  • Our most successful PM was seriously into the occult and paid mediums to talk to his dead mother and dead dogs all of whom were named Pat [Pat I Pat II and Pat III] he also tried to talk to Leonardo Di Vinci 
  • During World War II Canadian forces, supplies and military connections were very important so both Churchill and FDR had to keep Mackenzie King a for mentioned PM happy but they both disliked him so they literally bitched about him to each other - King didn’t care all he wanted was the photo-op because that was his reelection - King only cared about winning 
  • Mackenzie King this dude alone is a riot okay, was in power long enough to cause one of the biggest constitutional crises in the commonwealth, not just Canada but the fucking commonwealth- but because of the dairies he kept all the crap he did came out,including the fact he believed in the occult, when he was alive know one knew it was his fault or that he was wacko 
  • King basically resigned when he was called out for corruption (he was corrupt baby) and so Canada didn’t have a PM for a bit (he got back into office through some shady moves and an election full of lies)
  • One of the turning points of a federal election was a picture that showed a possible PM looking nonathletic despite being an all star athlete 
  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau the man that created the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, brought home the constitution, also had a period of mass hysteria surrounding him called Trudeaumania - John Lennon himself admired Trudeau
  • Pierre though turned out to  be a bit of an egomaniac and an asshole to a lot of people - Alberta hated him big time
  • Trudeau’s wife, who was 20 something years younger than him left him while he was in office and started dating members of the rolling stones, and a Kennedy - big embarrassment for Trudeau who had to raise three kids on his own, one of whom becomes the PM himself (he didn’t do so bad as it turns out) 
  • Literally everything Pierre Trudeau did was entertaining af - he jumped on trampolines, danced infront of/disrespected the Queen, told people off, humiliated Alberta government officials like this dude was a straight up hippie at times, which was why he was elected the first time tbh 
  • Trudeau was also the only western leader to be friends with Castro - he did it in part to piss of the Americans (who did loss their shit) but Castro did end up Trudeau’s funeral 
  • We have had PM’s that lasted only a couple months - or days 
  • One of our PM wrote a book on Hockey and was a Hockey expert - idc what the rest of the world thinks that’s interesting k 
  • The same PM also had a picture done of him (not with permission but still) nude and it hung in a public library for a month - the PM’s response was he was a cat person not a dog person as it depicted him with a dog not a cat [its Harper okay I know why would someone paint him nude in the first place?]
  • In 2008 a separatist movement  was days away from getting significant power in federal government because the liberals and the NDP hated Harper so much - they joined forces with literal separatists
  • Canada has had a multiple separatist crises, but we just joke about it, the damn Quebecquers but they still to this day reelect separatist party members - Canada is basically divided between English Canada and French Canada - politics around this rivalry are intense 
  • Our first ever PM was a notorious alcoholic but he is beloved 
  • We have had a Noble Prize Winner as PM  
  • Our Party politics are notoriously sneaky, during 2008 the world economy was diving and newly elected PM Harper used that as a chance to try and destroy the liberal party - he almost lost his PMship post over it 
  • Plus inter-province rivalries are insane, the west hates Ontario and Quebec because they think they are the center of the world, and Ontario and Quebec hate each other and everyone else because we have to act like we are the center of the world + no one gives a shit about the territories 
  • A former conservative prime minster was rescued by a prominent liberal when he almost drowned in Barbados (where they both vacationed) his response was outrage at being saved by a liberal 
  • Currently our PM known for being hot and taking selfies but he elbowed someone during a parliament session ~ elbow gate
  • But truly Canadian politics is a blood sport - its party versus opposition, unlike the US you are facing off against your opponent on everything, all during the year
  • inter party rivalries are intense too - Stephen Harper formed the current conservative party by stabbing his own mentor in the back metaphorically speaking
  • Cretian ran again for PM partly to spite Paul Martin who had been trying to become liberal leader BTW Party discipline is the strongest in Canada so doing this is a major political risk

Dude this is barely half the shit that goes on in Canadian politics like, its hell of a lot more interesting than people give it credit for, but more importantly Canadians you should pay attention because it does affect you, and at times the rest of the world. 


5 Stars
Directed by: Ava DuVernay
Written by: Paul Webb
Starring: David Oyelowo, Carmed Ejojo, Tim Roth,

Review by Naomi

When Selma was released, I had many discussions with my friends about it. Did we need another civil rights movie? Did we need to keep being reminded of the past? Do we need to see more brutality against people of color? All good questions. I for one love historical films. I think they are important. Especially projects like 12 Years A Slave, A Normal a Heart,  Lincoln, Brokeback Mountain and , because I believe that we should never forget. Never. Not for a second.

Going to see Selma, I went to see a civil rights movie. I went to see a film directed by the first woman of color to be nominated in the director category of the golden globes. I went in for politics.

The moment the film begins it becomes so much more than that. This movie is a masterpiece. A film as brilliant as its story. I immediately researched all of Ava D’s movies, because this woman with three films under her belt is a master filmmaker.

She knows exactly where to place her camera. How much to show and how much to withhold. She knows exactly when to leave a scene and when to keep us in a physical space until the tension has grown so high you lose your breath. The fear so strong it’s as if you are standing behind these characters, as if a police man’s club is about to come directly at your head.

From a filmmaker and cinephile perspective this is one of the best directed films of 2014. Just artistic and action packed and emotional. It pulls your emotions out of you as if you are a puppet on a string. It’s that powerful. You can not fight against it. You simply feel. And yet the film is enjoyable. Through the tears and the anger there is joy. There is the presence of the strength of the human spirit.

This film tells the story of the struggle for the right to vote. Black Americans technically had the legal right to vote, but not the physical and personal right to vote. Especially in George Wallace’ Alabama.

The name George Wallace has always given me the angry churning in the pit of my stomach that Hitler, Castro, Stalin and Kony give me. A devil who is responsible for the death and persecution of innocent people.

And, he in many ways is the main villain of this film. Sure, there are the sheriffs and guards and majors and police officers with their guns and dogs and water hoses and tear gas. But, he is the captain of the ship and Eli Roth plays this man with this sort of indolent charm that shows the reason he was elected governor. The disregard for black lives that illustrates the very idea that people like George Wallace absolutely believe in the superiority of white skin.

One thing that this film demonstrates expertly is that the civil rights movement is not just a black thing. It is an American movement. This isn’t a black film , it is an American film.

This is proved by the white characters who are featured in the film. They are not on the edges, they don’t just stare and shout slurs in the streets. We see them in their homes, we see them with their families and in their churches. And we see when they decide to risk their lives in Selma, Alabama and join their black brothers and sisters in the fight for equality. We see them be beaten and killed for their beliefs. This is something that we forget. And we shouldn’t. There are moments when the Baptist MLK stands with Catholic priests, Jewish leaders and walk arm and arm toward waiting armed soldiers and police officers.

Martin Luther King Jr. is the hardest person in the history of the world to play. I will not argue this point as it is true. We know that voice. I know it better than I know the voices of my friends, my family, etc. Ever had a moment where you go “who is this?” When you hear a voice on the other end of a line. If MLK spoke you would know him.

We know his voice. We know his face and we know his dream. He is one of the most beloved people in world history. Unless you are racist, what could you possibly dislike about the guy who led the civil rights movement for 13 years? (Led, not was the movement. A distinction most people forget.)

That being said, David Oyelowo was Martin Luther King. It’s not the kind of performance that you are not aware that you are not actually looking at MLK, because that is quite frankly impossible. No, it’s the kind of performance where you are aware it’s a performance and you just don’t care. His performance is beautiful. He encompasses the legend as well as the man. You are looking at the leader, the noble prize winner, the man who sits across from presidents and tells him what black Americans need and want for the first time in history. David Oyelowo is all of that. He is also a man. A man who struggles. A man who falters. A man who fails. And a man who feels the weight of his responsibility to a people and to the world.

For the first time, I actually thought “how difficult it must have been for him.” When I think of MLK I think of a man standing in America’s capital giving the greatest speech ever written and inspiring the world with words. I am a pacifist. I believe in the power of words and he is my hero, because he is the prime example that words are the strongest weapon there is.

That’s what I always think about, but after “Selma” I think, how heavy the crown must have been for that man. He walked into a room and he was either a beacon of hope or the bullseye for hate. He had to live his life just so, in order to be above criticism. Because if people lost respect for him, they lost respect for the movement.

This film also shines the light on the power of Malcolm X. People often wonder what he did for the movement. Well, despite galvanizing young black people to respect themselves, to be more, to be tough, and to be proud. Malcolm X was the antithesis of MLK. To be frank, white people feared him. If MLK’s vision failed then people would turn to Malcolm and the world as we knew it would be over. He was the devil, so that MLK could be the angel. MLK’s voice was heard because white lawmen understood that if he was not heard then Malcolm’s would be. By being the militant, MLK could be above approach. Also, Malcolm X was just one badass motherfucker.

There is so much I want to say about this film. Like, the amazing blocking of the action sequenxes. Or, the costumes which were both elegant and authentic. Or, the perfect pacing. Or, the music, but I will let you experience all of that for yourself.

This movie is not basic. It is not civil rights film by numbers and it is not simple. This is complex with brilliant storytelling and a well written script. The dialogue is so magnificent I had sentences running through my mind hours later.

See this film.

Written by Naomi