noble jewels

Happy Birthday T.!

Nobles, travelers, commoners on this special day please take a step closer and listen to the story of her majesty @hollyashton - The glorious Queen of the Tumblr-Choices-Fandom.

A gem, a jewel, a noble soul
Born as the eldest of three
Destined to play the leadership role
Today we shall all bend the knee

A daughter, a mother, a wife, a friend,
Even a workaholic, she can be
Doesn’t just follow, instead setting the trend
That’s why she is our Queen bee.

Not only fierce but also gentle
Patiently holding the bunch together
Sometimes also quite sentimental 
May she reign forever and ever

At least 24 hours we are celebrating you
There isn’t really much more to say
Wishing and hoping for your dreams to come true
T. my precious patronus, have a very Happy Birthday. 

Noble Jewel

“Get out of here, ye damn pirate!” 

It was a phrase Mikaela had often heard, and it made him grin every time. These nobles really thought he would stop pillaging from them? They had to be kidding. With all the treasure and jewels these puffed-up high born humans had, it made sense that someone would rob them. At least he made use of the loot, instead of just letting it rot away in rooms as the nobles did. 

The blond sat currently in the Captain’s quarters on his ship, polished boots propped against the desk as he leaned back in a chair, gazing at a map held between his hands. He had to choose his targets carefully, so he didn’t risk capture by the Navy that pursued him. He snorted. As if they could ever actually catch him. His was the fastest ship on the seas, named after his late mother. No one would catch The Krul, not while he was captain.

He let the chair fall back on four legs, folding up the map. Then he exited the cabin. “We’re bound for Moon Falls in the south!” He called to his crew and navigator. “There’s supposed to be some really well-off nobles there. We will surely find our weight in gold!” 

“Aye Captain!” The crew responded, getting the ship ready to sail to her next target. 

Mikaela grinned; he loved the adventure that came with looting. Maybe he’d find something really good this time, something he couldn’t live without.