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night at the museum AU: where Sidney is the night security guard and Geno is from the Russian history exhibit (he’s a Russian noble), who falls in love with Sidney and starts courting him

(bonus if geno turns into a Real BoyTM with magic; double bonus if Ovi is also from the Russian exhibit and he keeps sneaking off to stare at the Vikings exhibit. “His name is Nicklas Backstrom. His hair is like gold and he’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever met–”)

plots that i want my muses to have in their lives

school / university plots

  • student x teacher / professor :: give me something where an eager young nerd recently joins a class and him and the teacher/professor connect instantly. soon enough, the nerd finds himself stopping behind after class with the teacher to gain a little extra credit, which he’ll do anything to get..
  • sports star x coach :: give me something with an energetic sports star who does super good after practice one day, and the coach lets that guy know just how proud he is of him by fucking him senselessly into the bench in the locker rooms when everyone else is gone.

workplace plots

  • employee x ceo’s son :: give me something where an employee is tasked with escorting the ceo’s son around the office complex one day, but as they reach the elevator, it gets stuck with the two in it. it could take hours for somebody to get them out, so they take advantage of the fact that the surveillance in the elevator is cut off and they fuck like mad until the rescue team frees them.
  • ceo x intern :: give me something with a super dominant ceo who calls his favorite intern in everyday to fill in paperwork, bring the ceo his coffee, and occasionally spread himself across the desk to allow himself to be relentlessly fucked by the ceo. a relationship that is exploitative, but may eventually develop into something more.

family plots

  • stepbrothers :: give me something with two stepbrothers that everybody assumes completely and utterly hate each other; they rarely see eye to eye, they never talk, but when they do talk, their conversation is littered with foul language and insults directed at one another. if only their parents knew that this was all a facade to throw them off the fact that they fuck regularly, jerk each other off under the dinner table and even spend weekends together when their parents are out.
  • forbidden relationship :: give me something with a forbidden relationship (cousins/brothers/two people who should not be together) that eventually happens anyway in secret. they do it all over the place; in family parties, in public, anywhere that boosts the thrill of their relationship by making it more dangerous.
  • stepfather x stepson :: give me something with a stepson and a stepfather who are super keen to get going on each other every time mom leaves the house. the stepson doesn’t get along with his father, so he really needs a strong male figure in his life.

other plots

  • road trip :: give me something with two men who go on a road trip together and the journey there is filled with a mixture of different things; yelling the lyrics to songs on a mixtape they made as they bolt down the highway, talking about deep shit like whether aliens exist or not, plus the occasional bit of road head as they drive. 
  • the escort x the rich guy :: give me something where an escort gets picked up one day by a guy with an expensive ass car, but instead of being taken back to his house for sex, he is brought back to a luxury apartment where the rich guy showers the escort with gifts and lavish possessions. the escort can’t work out why they haven’t slept together, but then he realizes … could it be love? a plot that is pretty woman-ish, but gay and smutty with a side order of fluff.
  • good boy x bad guy :: give me something with a good boy who runs away from home for a life of crime with the much older and much rebellious bad guy. it is a relationship that is unhealthy, dangerous, and it ultimately gets worse when the good boy develops feelings for the bad guy.

medieval / fantasy plots

  • prisoner x guard :: give me something with a prisoner who gets used as a frequent fuck toy by one of the guards who patrols the dungeons at night. a relationship that will include a submissive prisoner and a dominant guard in a relationship that is abusive and degrading.
  • king x secret love affair :: give me something with a king who is married to a woman he doesn’t love, so he often finds himself indulging in the company of another man in a relationship that is dangerous, secretive and scandalous.
  • mage x templar :: give me something with a templar knight who is forced to watch over a mage scout as they scour the battlefield together. the big, bulky templar just can’t tear his eyes away from the enchanting looks of the mage, and despite the hostilities between the two factions, the two find themselves engaging in a forbidden love. (the relationship can include dub-con, with the templar wanting the relationship more than the mage.)
  • rogue x farm boy :: give me something with a wanted fugitive who keeps evading the town guards finds himself hiding in a nearby barn, much to the farm boy’s surprise. the farm boy is instantly attracted to the dashing rogue and decides to hide him in the barn until the hunt is over. the two instantly grow fond of each other, affection begins to blossom at the surprise of the rogue, and he constantly finds himself wondering back to the farm boy whenever he happens to be in town for a heist.
  • assassin x contract :: give me something with an assassin who has been assigned to kill a high class noble, but first, the assassin must tail him, find out as much as he knows about hidden records and secret vaults that this illusive noble might have. but of course, the noble falls head over heels in love with the assassin, and the assassin feels strange as a glimmer of affection makes itself apparent.

post-apocalyptic plots

  • raider x captive :: give me something with a gang of raiders and their innocent little captive who gets used as a fuck-toy for the raiders every now and then.
  • wastelanders :: give me something with two combat hardened friends who traverse the barren wasteland of the apocalypse together in search of civilization. the two push the boundaries of their friendship while also trying to survive.
  • soldier x civilian :: give me something with two survivors of a raid on a safe haven, everybody is presumed dead, heck, even they are presumed dead. they track a signal leading to another safe haven, but the journey is a lot tougher than expected, with the solider always having to save the civilian when they encounter a danger.
  • brotherhood of steel x railroad :: give me something with a railroad spy sent to infiltrate the brotherhood of steel, growing a particular liking towards one recruit in particular, but instead of feeding information back to the railroad, the two fall in love.

dystopia plots

  • revolutionaries :: give me something with two members of the revolutionary uprising in a dystopian regime that eventually fall in love, using this newfound love as an attempt to cope with the terrors of the war.

more to be added…

anonymous asked:

How is it some lines of noble families end up as poor as the Tolletts, or end up becoming merchants like the Gulltown Arryns?

Good question!

There are many ways a noble family can either fall into genteel poverty or experience downward social mobility into the merchant class or even below (just look at the Heddles), but most of them come down to the relationship between rent, income, and debt:

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds nought and six, result misery.”  (Dickens)

Almost by definition, the major source of income of a noble family is rent income from their lands, and rents were overwhelmingly set by custom and tradition. This meant that most nobles were living on something like a fixed income, which meant they were very vulnerable to changes in prices. Crop failures, rebellious peasants demanding wage increases, competition from foreign countries, all of these things could seriously negatively affect the bottom line. 

This could be especially problematic, because nobles were supposed to A. live an ostentatious lifestyle (hunting, hawking, entertainment, and fancy clothes cost a lot), and B. not care about money like some grubby bourgeoisie. A combination of these two social expectations means that a lot of nobles went into debt to keep up with their social peers, and since land was the only collateral they had…you can see where this goes.

So you get a gradual process by which trying to keep up with one’s station and the Joneses lands you in debt, the debt eventually gets larger than your ability to pay, you end up losing bits of your land to satisfy your creditors, that reduces your income and exacerbates the problem, and so on…

“Drunkenness was rife among the Shaido. Every raid brought back all the wine that could be found. Dozens and dozens of small stills produced vile brews from grains, and every time the Wise Ones destroyed a still, two more sprang up in its place.” Knife of Dreams, “Embers Falling on Dry Grass”

So I’ve been thinking a lot about the decline of the Shaido in Wheel of Time, mostly about how in some ways it feels very “noble savage falling prey to the evils of civilization”. The “good” Aiel manage to maintain their traditions in the face of temptation, while the “bad” Aiel succumb to luxury, avarice, and even (as in the quote above) alcohol. These are all tropes that tend to pop up in narratives about the contact of indigenous peoples with civilization, and the corrupting influence thereof. 

There’s another angle to this, though, and that’s the ideals of discipline in Greece and Rome in the classical era. There’s a strong trend in Roman and Greek literature and philosophy of correlating moral dissolution with luxury, and excessive luxury as both cause and symptom of failing power. Witness Marc Antony: ‘corrupted’ by the wiles of the Eastern Cleopatra (according to later propaganda) and seduced into taking on “barbaric” customs of luxury. 

While I suspect the prior reading is more accurate - the Aiel do have a fair amount of the “noble savage” hanging around them - I find the second interesting because it reverses the directions - the Aiel come from the East and are corrupted by the values of the West. Also that the Aiel are the ones who represent moderation and discipline, while the “wetlanders” are the ones who lead lives of luxury.

I haven’t quite sorted through all of this, but I find both ideas interesting - and I always think looking for too much of a 1:1 equivalency between Wheel of Time cultures and our world cultures is a mistake. But I think the Aiel as a whole quite possibly draw on both tropes, and the Decline and Fall of the Shaido Empire is caused by the same perceived flaw: lack of discipline, and the corrupting influence of luxury.

It’s interesting that Aviendha appears to escape this rule - perhaps because she remains conscious and ashamed when she wears dresses and silk. It’s also interesting given the emphasis placed elsewhere in Wheel of Time on the importance of cross-cultural contact and indeed the value of the awareness of differences between cultures (and how each have their flaws and oversights). 

Anonymous asked:

Hi there! I’m currently writing a novel about a noble girl who falls in love with a soldier. They have quite opposing personalities, her being rather bubbly and silly whereas he is very serious and rarely smiles. He’s lived through many hardships, which is why he’s so cold and distant, but she understands that about him as she’s a psychologist. I’m just confused right now about how to develop his feelings towards her as he takes great caution in the relationships that he forms since so many people that he’s loved have died and he’s afraid of being hurt once again. Somebody like him would obviously take a long time to develop feelings, but how do I make progress in their relationship without making it too rushed while also keeping it exciting and not too spaced out?

The key is to have an initial breakthrough moment–something out of the ordinary that happens and allows him to let his guard down for a moment. It could be something good, like a really celebratory or funny moment. It could be something bad but not awful, like getting stuck in an elevator or a really minor injury. Or, it could be something really bad, like an encounter with dangerous people or someone dying. The point is, in situations like that–where are normal emotions are given an unexpected outlet, it’s sometimes easier for people to connect when they wouldn’t normally. They’re caught off-guard by whatever happened and that wall comes down just long enough for a connection to be made. That’s your initial breakthrough moment.

After that, because that connection exists, there doesn’t need to be such dire circumstances for more progress to be made, but it will be made a little at a time. And, the progress will likely be choppy–two steps forward, three steps back. Each interaction will be a little more meaningful than the last, though, so the forward momentum is never completely lost. My post Using Timelines to Pace Romantic Relationships will help you plot everything out. :)

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