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Krazy Kol

Pairing: Kol x Damon x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1147

You’re beyond pissed at Klaus for daggering your boyfriend, Kol, then running off, leaving you on your own for years and years. Klaus is a smart man, because after all these years of searching, you never found him. It was to the point where you almost gave up.

It was Kol that found you. After getting undaggered, Kol dealed with Klaus, making somewhat amends with him, then made it his mission to find you. The mission wasn’t that hard for him because he compelled a ton of detectives to aid in finding you, which luckily, didn’t take long. The rest of the Mikaelsons welcomed you with open arms, letting you move into their mansion that Klaus had built here in the small town of Mystic Falls.

Tonight’s the night of the Mikaelson Ball. Last week you had to drag your boyfriend, Kol with you to find a dress because Rebekah’s been busy lately tending to her own needs, which you completely understood. 

You were with Kol for the first few minutes of the night, then the two of you separated to greet and mingle with the guests. 

You even chatted with Elijah for a bit, then he ended up ditching you to speak with Niklaus. Your boyfriend was nowhere to be found, so you just decided to mind your own business, admiring the light fixture, with your half empty champagne glass in hand. 

A man that you haven’t met yet stops to chat with you. He had black hair, blue eyes and a sharp jaw line. He was good looking and all, but you love Kol. “You look too pretty to be standing here alone.” He smirked. His presence startled you a little.

“Oh really?” You questioned, tilting your head in curiousness.

“And did you, I don’t know, come here alone?” Being very obvious about it, he gave you an elevator look.

You laughed at his attempt to flirt with you. “I live here actually.”

“Oh, so you’re a Mikaelson.” He did quotation marks with his fingers when he mentioned ‘Mikaelson.’

You rolled your eyes at his remark. “No. I’m with a Mikaelson.” You teased, copying his quotation mark fingers.

“Even better.” The dark haired man said sarcastically. You can easily see through him and right off the bat, you can tell he’s one of those sarcastic assholes. This is going to be a fun conversation.

“I didn’t get your name?” You asked.

“Damon Salvatore.”

“Oh, so you’re one of the Salvatore brothers. I’ve heard loads about you. I’m Y/N.” You put your hand out to shake Damon’s, which he was happy to do.


While this conversation was going on with Damon, you had no idea that Kol appeared nearby with Rebekah, watching the two of you. Only you and his fellow siblings know that Kol can be the crazy jealous type. He’ll go as far as breaking a man’s neck for touching you.

“Who on earth is this bloke breathing the same air as my darling?” Kol asked.

“That’s Damon Salvatore. You don’t remember?” Rebekah was a little surprised that he doesn’t remember seeing Damon before. It was the day that Kol, Finn and Rebekah got undaggered. But, Kol was obviously heating with rage that all he cared about was torturing Klaus that he hadn’t been aware of his surroundings, so I guess it makes perfect sense as to why he doesn’t remember Damon.

“I don’t, quite actually. How about I go over there and rip out his arms.” Kol clenched his jaw, then attempted to walk over to you and Damon, but right before he had the chance to take another step, Rebekah grabbed his arm to stop him.

“Are you mad? Mother will kill you if you ruin her party.” Rebekah snarled. There was no way she was going to let Kol make a scene.

“Fine. I promise I’ll behave, sister.” Kol sighed. He chugged his champagne glass, leaving it empty. Then, he walked over to you and Damon. Setting his glass on the nearest table.

(Back to you and Damon…)

“So which Mikaelson do you have wrapped around your finger?” Damon twirled his pointer finger in the air. “Let me guess, the noble Elijah.”

“Very funny, but no.” You laughed. Never did you find any of the other Mikaelson brothers attractive. Klaus is crazy and vengeful, while Elijah and Finn are just too old for you. Kol was the perfect fit for you. Other than being a psychotic original, he’s charming and he knows how to have fun. 

“I mean come on, he has nice hair and he’s always dressed to the nines. What’s there not to love?” Damon shrugged.

“You’re ridiculous. Stop.” You stifled a laugh.

“What do we have here?” You heard a voice growing closer behind you. You already knew who it was, so you didn’t have to turn your head to look, being that it’s your boyfriend, Kol. Before you and Damon could get another word out, Kol continued. “Oh yeah, you were just leaving, mate.” Kol narrowed his eyes at Damon.

“Kol, stop.” You demanded to your boyfriend. Oh no. Here we go again with his jealousy streak.

“So it’s Kol Mikaelson that you’re canoodling with.” Damon said to you, making a joke out of the confrontation. You admitted with a nod, feeling very uncomfortable about where this is going to go. There’s no stopping Kol once he’s started.

Kol walked up closer to Damon, being just inches away. You sighed, looking up at the ceiling. “Perhaps it’s best if you go bugger off elsewhere. We wouldn’t want it to get ugly.” Kol growled, keeping his eyes focused on Damon.

You noticed that a couple of people picked up on the tension between the two men, so you thought of it as your cue to stop it. If Esther was to see this, she wouldn’t take it lightly with Kol. “Okay, that’s enough.” You grabbed Kol by the arm, breaking his view of Damon.

“Whatever.” Damon rolled his eyes at Kol, then walked away to go find someone else to bother. It made you feel relieved that Damon didn’t take it personal.

“Seriously Kol?! You know your mom would probably kill you if you fucked up her party!” You pushed Kol in the chest. The last thing you wanted was to lose him again because of his own flaws, which infuriated you.

“You think I don’t know that, darling? That’s why I didn’t gouge his eyeballs out the moment I walked up to him.” Kol put his hands on your shoulders, calming you down, then he shot you that cute smirk of his which you couldn’t resist, making you quickly forgive him.

“As crazy as you are, I love you to death.” You smiled while shaking your head.

“And I love you, sweetheart. Always and forever.” Kol grabbed your hand, planting a long kiss at your knuckles.

Elijah Mikaelson Imagine

Originally posted by sseureki

Imagine coming into a bar and immediately notices the man playing piano. You hesitate at first but then decides to go up to him and give him a little tip which then leads to you two getting to know each other and later on developing some feelings…

Among The Beasts: Freedom

Reader x Kol Mikaelson


synopsis: Klaus’ attempts to live up to his promise to you lead him to dark paths, but, in the end, he manages to lift the curse up, waking you up. 

A/N: I don’t know if I made it clear, but the Mikaelsons are quite fond to the reader. She is friends with all of them, but has a deeper conection with Kol. :)

Word Count: 2525

Part 1 - Part 2

“This is funny”, Klaus thought, a while later, as he stood in front of his mother’s lifeless body, holding her heart on his right hand. It was indeed amusing, because all of Esther’s worries revolved around what he would become if he possessed his Hybrid powers. What kind of evil the blond would turn out to be. Yet, she did not considered the fact she was the one to blame. She made him. She sentenced a poor boy to a painful childhood just to hide her mistake.

A bitter chuckle left his lips. Yes, killing her was an act of mercy, for the witch deserved way more than a quick death.

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     “It has been said that all love begins and ends with she who gave us life. A thousand years ago, my mother turned us into monsters, yet still she claimed to love us even as she vowed to destroy us. The noble Elijah, tormented by long buried shameful secrets. Kol, the wily troublemaker out for no one but himself. Finn, the devoted acolyte, his love all too easily warped by our mother’s sick hate. Fierce Rebekah, willing to risk everything on the chance that she might one day find happiness. And me, the bastard child, my mother’s greatest shame. Now finally we have defeated her, giving her the choice she never thought to give us: to live on as one of the monsters she created, or suffer an agonizing death she so deserves..” - Klaus Mikaelson 

Friend Zoned: Pt. 3

Pairing: Rebekah x Klaus x Reader x Kol

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1247


“Okay, Klaus. I think I’ve had enough fun. I’m gonna go rinse off this paint on my face.” You laughed and grabbed your t-shirt, heading to the bathroom to clean up and change.

“Y/N.” Klaus quickly stopped you by taking your wrist in his hand, then held your chin between his thumb and index finger, looking directly into your eyes. “Thank you.” He smirked and let you go, making you smile from that sweet gesture. Oh he was dreamy. You thanked him back then went to go clean up.

Klaus walked into the kitchen to grab a snack when he noticed Rebekah moping around on the countertop.

“Why the glum face, sister?” He grinned. Klaus didn’t exactly care, he was just being nosey.

“If I’m going to be completely honest with you, Nik. It’s our darling brother, Kol.” Rebekah sighed. She really was concerned about her dear brother.

“Darling? Don’t you mean, psychotic? Arrogant?” Klaus chuckled. Kol never really had an innocent agenda.

“Don’t be so thick, Nik.” Rebekah rolled her eyes at the original hybrid. “He’s upset. Very upset.”

“And what’s this all about, might I ask?”

“You see, he’s sort of in love with Y/N. She knows this. But when he saw you two earlier, it upset him. He stormed out of here and is up to god knows what.”

“That poor, poor lad.” Klaus joked.

“Nik this isn’t a joke.” Rebekah threw the hand towel at Klaus, which he tried to dodge with his arm.

“Oh alright, Rebekah. I’ll have a talk with him.”

“Yes, please do.”

You couldn’t help but overhear the conversation and were surprised that Rebekah & Klaus didn’t hear you since they have their amazing vampire hearing.

Knowing Kol as good as you do, you knew exactly where he headed to. Your plan was to go where ever Kol went, so you walked in the kitchen, lying to Rebekah & Klaus. “Hey guys, I’m going to head home. My mom made dinner & I’m starving.”

“You sure you don’t want to eat here, love? We’ve got loads of food.” Klaus did that crooked smile thing that you just loved.

“Thanks, but no thanks Klaus.” You revealed a half smile, then headed out. As tempting as it sounded to stay here with Klaus, you needed to be there for Kol.

There was an abandoned park that the two of you always go to whenever you needed to getaway. Whether it be together or just simply alone.

Arriving at the park, you could see Kol sitting on one of the creaking swings. He wasn’t swinging, he just sat there staring into the distance lost in his thoughts.

He heard footsteps approach, but didn’t have to turn around to see who it is. He knew it was you. A part of him even hoped you would arrive.

“Hey Kol.” You said, standing in front of him instead of sitting on the swing beside him.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but please bugger off darling.” There was a coldness in his voice while he didn’t make eye contact with you at all.

“Kol.” You kneeled down, resting your hand on his knee to assure him that you’re here to listen.

He quickly got up, walking just a few steps away from you, locking his fingers on top of his head. It was obvious that Kol was mad.

“What’s the matter with you?” You asked.

It took him a few seconds to calm himself before he could answer you. Kol walked over to you, standing just inches away from you face.

You swallowed, being slightly afraid that Kol would yell at you. But, you sighed out of relief hearing the calmness in his voice. “You. You know I fancy you. And seeing you with Nik…it just…makes my blood boil. If I wanted to, I could stab him in the heart with the bloody white oak stake, but that wouldn’t get me you. So I’ll just have to let him have you.”

You were at a loss for words. It hurt you knowing that you hurt him. “Um I-”

Kol stopped you, shushing you with his index finger on your lips, then held onto your upper arms. “Don’t say a word, love. Just let me have this-” Without a care in the world, he planted a kiss on your lips. You were left speechless from his actions.

Sadly on his end, it didn’t change your feelings whatsoever and you know that he knows that, so you still let him have this moment.

Kol soon made direct eye contact with you, compelling you. “You are going to forget that this kissed happened and you are going to go home. You are also aware that I know about you and Nik, but for whatever reason, I am not hurt by it. I have moved on from it.”

You smiled. “I’m going to head home now. I’ll see you soon.” You did exactly what he compelled you to do by walking to your car and headed straight home.

(The next day…)

Kol texted you asking you to come over so that the two of you can finish up season 5 of American Horror Story. Of course you accepted his request.

Arriving to the Mikaelson mansion, it was Elijah that opened the door. “Well hello, Y/N. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Oh noble Elijah, he was always so charming and elegant.

“I’m here for Kol, actually. He invited me over.”

“He’s around here somewhere, come in.” Elijah smiled, revealing his dimples. Once you were inside, he closed the door behind you, then you walked around looking for Kol.

It was a bit difficult to find him, he was nowhere downstairs, so upstairs was the next place you looked. Roaming the halls, you could hear two familiar voices in the room ahead of you. They’re talking in a tone not loud enough for you to hear from far away, but enough to hear the closer you get.

The door was cracked opened, so you stood on the other side of the wall listening in.

“I promise you brother, I mean no harm to Y/N. She is very dear to me.” You hear Klaus say. It warmed your heart knowing that Klaus felt the same about you. Your cheeks blushed red. You know it’s bad to eavesdrop, but you couldn’t help it.

“Do right by her or so help me, I’ll put a dagger to your heart.” Kol said firmly to Klaus. He was dead serious.

Damn Kol, that’s a bold statement. Especially saying to someone like Niklaus. And knowing him, his temper is insanely short. But you were surprised that Klaus didn’t act out on that threat. He just kept quiet.

Finally, you made your presence known by knocking on the door frame. It was amazing to see both of their faces switch from serious to happy seeing you.

“Hello, love.” Klaus greeted you.

“Hey.” Leaning against the door frame, you waved hello, then moved your view to Kol. “So Kol, let’s get started on finishing season 5. Yes?”

“Indeed, Y/N.” Kol responded.

Hearing his response was your cue to head downstairs to the living room where the tv was. Seeing you on your way, Kol followed you.

As hurt as Kol is thinking about you with his brother, Niklaus, he still wanted you in his life as a friend. You’re the only person in his entire existence that understands him and genuinely enjoys his company.

Wanting more

Pairing - Klaus x reader

Summary - Klaus and Reader have a no strings attached sex relationship and reader is left wanting more.

Word Count - 1,734

Warnings - Mentions of sex

A/N - Sorry I’ve been so absent lately, but I promise to try and update more, thank youuuu.

Originally posted by eternalmikaelson

“Evening Love” came the English accent you hated to love. “Evening Niklaus” you replied, not looking up from the bar counter you were wiping. “Assuming you want the usual” you asked, turning around to grab the bottle of what you knew was his favourite. “As always love”, and you could hear the smirk on his lips, you both knew how this night would end.

For months now, you and Klaus had just been sleeping together, you had only moved to New Orleans recently and he had come into the bar you still worked in, where you had sat talking to Elijah about something or other of you being fully human, though you did know of the vampire community and promised you wouldn’t cause any problems.

After meeting Elijah, meeting Klaus had gone very differently.

“Do excuse my brother” Klaus began, swaggering up to the bar and sliding himself onto a barstool. “Brother?” you asked in disbelief, Elijah had been politely spoken, he wore a suit, despite the atmosphere of the bar you were in and Klaus was pretty much the opposite.

“Yes love, my brother, he’s the noble Elijah, most say the better big brother, you see” he told you, a smile on his lips. You raised your eyebrows and shook your head, “I’ll be the judge of that” you mused, pouring him a glass of what you’d seen him drinking earlier and he gave you a smug smirk. “I like you, human” he admitted as he raised the glass to his lips. “Let’s see how you drink” he said, grabbing the bottle from you and pouring you a shot.

“No, No, I really can’t, My shift doesn’t end for another-” you paused and looked over at the clock to see your shift had finished ten minuets ago. “Fuck it” you mumbled, pulling off your apron and jumping over the bar counter.

You had downed that shot easily, making Klaus grin. “I grow to like you more with every passing second” he smirked, handing you yet another shot.

You had both drank yourself stupid that night and you had ended in your apartment, your nails raking down his back, little purple marks appearing over your neck, collar bones and breasts as he worked his way down and when you woke the next morning, he was gone with only the smell of his aftershave and your love bites to prove he was here.

That had carried on for months, stumbling into your apartment or his, him filling you up and both of you riding out your highs together, disappearing in the morning as if nothing happened.

However, you had grown to love the look of his head between your thighs more than people who have no strings attached sex should. You found yourself liking how he knew exactly where to touch you, but furthermore, the way his hand fit into yours perfectly when he held your hand on the way home, on squeezed it in his grip as you both came down from your highs, heaving breaths filling the room. You found yourself loving the way his eyes glistened when he talked about painting during the hours of your shift. You found yourself falling in love with Klaus Mikaelson.

You didn’t want tonight to end like the others, you weren’t in mood tonight, which was odd because you were always in the mood, even if you were in a bad mood or having a bad day, Klaus’ presence would cheer you up and you’d be willing to leave with him in a heartbeat, but not tonight. You didn’t want just sex anymore and you didn’t know how to handle that because at the very beginning, Klaus had said, “just no strings attached sex, love. That’s all I want”

You were silent most of the night, serving customers and keeping yourself busy with re-stocking the back room, mostly so you didn’t have to see Klaus.

When your shift was over, now came the mission of slipping past Klaus and getting home without him noticing. It proved easier than you thought when you noticed he was busy chatting with Camille, Marcel and some other guys, so you could slip by unnoticed.

Klaus was confused when he couldn’t find you, so he sent you a text asking where you went and you simply replied, “My shift ended, wasn’t feeling too good today” and turned off your phone.

For weeks you stayed hidden in your house, not going to work, not leaving the house for anything. Klaus was worried, he had been to your house multiple times but you wouldn’t let him in, as long as he knew you were safe, he would leave but that didn’t stop his heavy heart as he would walk away for the apartment complex.

“This is exactly why I don’t fraternise with the humans” Klaus grunted, downing another glass of whiskey. He didn’t bother to go to the bar to drink anymore, the only reason he ever drank there was because you were there, however, since you no longer left your house for whatever reason Klaus could not decipher, he now just drank back at the compound.

“Oh do be quiet and stop moping around simply because your human sex buddy has become a hermit Niklaus” Elijah sighed, taking a seat at the table his brother was sat at and took a drink from his glass. “It’s a wonder she even put up with you for that long” Hayley joked as she emerged from Hopes room with the baby on her hip.

The noise of the compound doors opening and Diego running into the room they were all in interrupted the Klaus from reply. “A girl just came in, she’s short, seems upset and says she’s here for Klaus” he said, causing Klaus to stand up. Elijah and Hayley took that as their cue to leave.

“Y/n love” Klaus breathed, looking at you, his heart broke. You eyes were red and puffy from weeks of crying, you looked like you’d lost weight, your hair wasn’t down and flowing as it usually was, it was tied back into a messy but and soaked from the rain, it was very clear you hadn’t been looking after yourself.

“I tried to avoid you for weeks” you yelled, tears cascading down your cheeks. “I tried and tried to make sure you weren’t in my life so I could forget about you and try to move on because-because all you wanted was sex and I fell in love with you” you sobbed, your chest heaving. Klaus took a step forward, “Love-”

“NO Klaus, I love you and I’ve never felt like this before, I’m only human and I’m useless to you but I can’t live without you, my heart aches and I feel like I can’t breathe until I’m with you and I know you don’t feel the same but I had to come and tell you this bec-”

He cut you off with a kiss, sure you two had kissed multiple times, but none like this. This was passionate and real. Your tears making your lips wet and salted, Klaus didn’t care. He pulled away, both hands placed on your face, forcing you to look at him. “And who says I don’t feel the same” he whispered, watching how your eyes brightened, a smile breaking onto your face.

“I love you too” he lulled, leaning in for another kiss when Elijah burst in. “Niklaus it’s the witches, they’ve declared war and I have no doubt their on their way right this second” the older Mikaelson rushed, “This is big and very dangerous brother” he insisted.

Klaus cupped your face in his hands and swallowed thickly. “You must forgive me for what I am going to do love” he sighed, his hand wiping away a stray tear from your worried face. “Klaus what’re you talk-”

“You will forget me-” he began, his voice cracking. “No-No Klaus please, please” you begged, not catching on to what he was doing. “You will forget me, forget about everything we had and everything we were. Forget all about what New Orleans really was. All you will know is that it was not the place for you at this time of your life. Forget it all, however you must never, ever forget that you are loved so very much, that you changed a man, that you saved him from himself, you must leave New Orleans immediately, goodbye, my love.” he compelled, wiping the last of your tears.

He placed a check in the pocked of his jacket and wrapped it around you, placing a kiss of your lips and vanishing, the check was more than enough to help you get out of New Orleans and get an apartment some place else.

Klaus bit his lip as he watched you leaving the compound, looking confused, he vowed he would find you again and bring you back here when the time was right, but for now, he wouldn’t allow his selfishness of love keep you here to have you hurt or killed, because in the weeks you had been together, nights he had spend with you when you were on your period and weren’t up for sex, so you forced him to binge watch reality TV shows with you and eat ice cream and chocolate, he had fallen in love with you.

He knew he loved the way your eyes lit up, he loved the way you spoke to him, your voice soft and loving. He loved the way your hand fit right into his, just as you did, he loved everything about you and he doubted he would ever stop.

Klaus Mikaelson finally knew the feeling of love and being loved back by someone and despite not wanting to let that go, he knew he had to for your safety. The warm feeling in his stomach when kissing you had been replaced with the breaking of his heart as you walked away.

You were walking out of the compound when you stuck your hand into the jacket that you knew wasn’t yours, it was a males and it smelled of cologne, your hand was met with paper and you pulled it out to a check and a note that read, “I love you, always - K.M”

You continued walking with tears on your face, a heavy heart, the sudden desire to leave this place and the ghost of a kiss on your lips.

Lost and Found - Part 1

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Elijah Mikaelson x reader

(Not my gif)

Imagine: Elijah couldn’t forget you and his betray, and because of his brother, Klaus, he lost you. Until when he wants you back and ask Kol for help.

Okay so i’m really sorry because i;m really disappointed of this imagine. I really liked how i really started but the end it sucks. So please don’t be mad. Anddd i passed my exams by the way, i got really good grades and i’m very proud of them. I’m really sorry for my inactivity. 

I posted this on the other account omg i hate myself

This is part 1

Remember that english is not my first language so i’m sorry if there’s any mistakes.

Words: 652

Elijah couldn’t forget himself for letting you down because of Klaus.He couldn’t live with himself knowing that you’re gone because of him.He wanted you here, with him and his family, but, deep down he knew that you’ll never come back here and you’ll never forgive him for what he and his family did to you.His little Y/N, his little witch was gone from this town all because of him.A while he couldn’t stay in this town, where all the memories with you were still alive in his head.When you two slept together in the attic, when you saved his ass so many time.He was so sure that you’ll be his forever but now, with you God knows where, his life returned to normal.He took care of Klaus and Rebekah, with his brothers Kol and Finn back, he had to protect Hope from Finn.But with his mind somewhere else, it’s quite hard.When his mother tried to convince him to become a witch, she reaveled some of his darkest and deepest sins and secrets.One of his secrets were you.

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This had been going on long enough, two original vampires battling for your affection. Klaus and Elijah had been on a power trip, most likely to prove who was the worthy brother for you. More often than not, you had to sit and listen to the endless bickering that lasted longer than it should

Klaus along with Elijah had gone out to deal with a few supernatural situation that needed their attention. The two of them came walking in, the air around them tense and stiff.

“How did everything go? Did they quake with fear at the sight of two Mikaelson brothers?”. You causally asked, as you continued to flip through a magazine.

Elijah unbuttoned his suit jacket and seated himself in the opposite chair. “It went as expected. Niklaus throwing around demands and possibly making things worse”.

Klaus rolled his eyes. “Well it was a lot better than what you wanted to do brother. I hardly think sitting down for tea and biscuits would have worked”

Setting down the magazine you knew this was only going to go one way.

“Ah yes, I forgot that you only do violence Niklaus”. Elijah retaliated.

Klaus marched on over. “If I have to be the big bad wolf, then so be it brother. At least I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep this family safe”.

Elijah slowly stood up, his posture was calm but his eyes told a different story. “I’d be very careful Niklaus, you’re walking on a very thin line”.

Jumping up and coming in between them, you placed both hands on their chests. “Okay, back to your corners. The constant bickering on how to handle things, isn’t helping. Now I don’t know what happened out there, but pissing the enemy off isn’t exactly the best tactic. You guys need to stand together not tear each other apart”. When you decided it was safe, you stood beside Elijah.

Klaus stared at you, before speaking in a low tone. Why am I not surprised that you’d side with my brother. Standing beside the noble Elijah, how can I be anything but the lesser brother? A liar, a manipulator, a bastard”

He turned to Elijah who hadn’t said a word. “You win brother”.

Trying to call out his name, it didn’t work, he just proceeded up the stairs nothing bothering to look back. The atmosphere went from tense to uncomfortable. This morning you were in a love triangle, and now it had just exploded into a bigger mess. And it was one that you weren’t sure how to fix.


Bittersweet Affections - Klaus x Reader

A/N: First Klaus imagine! The requester had asked for a reader insert where the reader had fallen for Niklaus years ago, but he hadn’t truly realized until she confessed it. Hope this did it justice! Enjoy! 

Originally posted by bayanposey

Warnings: Originals Season Two Spoilers

Word Count: Roughly 1500

Klaus Mikaelson. The single most frustrating creature on the planet. The Original Hybrid had a temper, and psychotic tendencies, but damn if there wasn’t some good in the man. You saw it every day. Every night. Sometimes it was just glimpses. Other times, it took over him. Especially when he looked at his daughter… Or, was around Cami.

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Klaus Mikaelson X Reader

Word Count: 513

Requested: Anon

Request: Can you do one where the reader dies and since Klaus loves reader he can’t deal with the emotional stuff so he turns off his humanity. Fluff with the original fam as they try to talk to Klaus about reader (good moments, flashbacks) and help him deal with reader’s lost. In the end he gets his humanity back.

Originally posted by kingdomofeclipse

You were the light of Klaus’ life no matter what you made sure that you were always on his side, you never betrayed his trust and even after you found out that he got Hayley pregnant you stuck with him and he was grateful for that but now he wished that you had walked away because you could still be alive or at the very least he wouldn’t be in so much pain.

Lucien had taken you away from him and after Klaus had killed him everything came into focus that there was no one waiting for him when he came home and everywhere that he went there were images of you sitting on the chair beckoning him over and he gave a soft smile and then you disappeared and he was back to feeling lost, he walking into the bedroom and sat on the bed, he looked over and found that there was still loads of your clothes in the wardrobe and it was then that it all seemed to make sense and he flipped the switch.

It wasn’t long before his family realized what he had done and set about trying to make him turn it back on, they wanted to make sure that Hope was kept away from him but that might be the only thing that could bring him back.

Elijah walked into the Rousseau’s looking for his brother and he found him in there but it was also a lot like a crime scene “Niklaus!” Elijah called drawing the attention of his brother.
“The noble Elijah here to make me flip the switch?” He asked smiling as the blood dripped down his chin.
“This is not what she would have wanted!” Elijah argued.
“No but that doesn’t matter she’s not here anymore,” Klaus said back as he chucked the body of the dead male that he was feeding on.
“Elijah did you-” Rebekah stopped talking as she walked in and found Klaus sitting amongst the bodies, Kol not far behind her.
“Very becoming of you brother,” Kol muttered as he walked around to the opposite side of the bar,
“Nik we found something that you might want,” Rebekah said gently as she put your Daylight ring on the table next to her knowing that e could see it.

Klaus looked at you as you stirred in bed, you sat up and he smiled at you “Good morning love.” He smiled.
“Morning.” You smiled stretching.
“How are you feeling?” He asked.
“Good.” You mumbled flinging your legs over the side of the bed as he walked towards you grabbing your hand and holding up a ring.
“This is a symbol of the day that we started forever.” He smiled and you leaned forward and connected your lips.
“I love you.” You confessed.
“And I love you always and forever. "He said softly connecting your lips again.

They watched as the tears started to well up in his eyes and Elijah approached Klaus carefully and wrapped an arm around him as he cried "let’s get you home.” Elijah said softly.

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You can read part 1 here.

You opened your eyes when you started looking towards the door frame.

“Elijah..” You said.

He turns towards you. ‘Hi Y/N, you’re awake.” He says surprised “Rebekah asked me to wake you up.” he said walking towards you.

You sit on the edge of the bed. Elijah sits next to you.

“How long did I sleep?” You asked him

“Not for long I think max 1 hour.” He says.

You both got up from the bed and started walking towards the door. “Did I miss something important?” You asked

“No nothing, just the usual Klaus being Klaus, Kol running after everyone who wears a dress and well; you know Rebekah.” You laughed at his comment.

“And what about you?” You asked him.

“I just keep an eye on them.” he says

“The noble Elijah, you know you need to have some fun.” You said towards him.

“And who is going to keep an eye on all of them?”

“I will” You said to him. Both of you just started laughing.

“There you are, I have to show you something.” Rebekah said dragging you away from Elijah to the other side of the room.

“y/n this is Michael. Michael is a policeman. You know man in a uniform.” She says winking at you “He’s also single and I told him about you.” She says living you and Michael behind. You look towards him.

“Hi y/n” He says to you. He takes a step closer to you and you could smell the alcohol on his breath. “How you doing?”

“Well I’m great. It was nice to meet you but I really have to go.” You say to him walking away from him. You walked to the other side of the room trying to hide from Rebekah. You were tired and you pretty much just wanted to leave.

You walked upstairs again now taking another staircase on the other side of the house. You need some quiet to survive the party till the end. That nap you took just made it worst. You were tired than ever.

You walked past a door when you saw a shadow in the room. You stopped in front of the room and looked threw the door. You saw Klaus staring outside threw a window. You walk towards him.

“Is everything okay?” You ask him. He looks towards you and gives you a little smile before looking back outside.

“I’m fine just a little annoyed about this people walking around my house.” He says with a angry voice.

“I get that.” You say to him. He looks at you and gives you a little smile. “The party’s almost over so you will be soon rid of them.” You looked at him and saw none reaction. You turn away from him and you start walking towards the door.

“y/n.. “ You heard Klaus say. You looked towards him. “I can bring you home if you want. You look tired and I think you may just want to go home.”

You give him a little smile. “That is very nice of you Klaus but I don’t think Rebekah would let me go home and leave her here alone.”

“I can handle her.” He walked past you and stopped in front of the door. With his hands he shows the way you have to go. He has this wicked smile on his face. You give him a smile and walk past him towards the way he is showing. He was always an asshole towards you but you trusted him.

You were walking with Klaus on the empty streets of New Orleans.

“Did something happen Klaus?” You asked him.

“No why?” He says looking towards you.

“Well you are walking me home and you are not trying to kill me.”

“I never tried to kill you.” He said

“Do I have to recall the accident 2 weeks ago when you got mad at Rebekah and you pinned me up to a wall and almost bit me to get your point to Rebekah.” You said to him. He just looks at you and doesn’t say anything. He just looks down at the ground. “and that just being the most recent.” You said to him with a smile.

He looks towards you. “Why are you not scared of me? I tried to kill you so many times but you still around.”

“Well, you could kill me every time but you never do” You look towards him. “You scare the shit out of me.”

“But you never leave.” He says

“Why should I?” You ask him

“Where here.” Klaus says. You look towards the door in front of you. It was your door.

“Yes, thank you Klaus. It was really nice of you.” You open the door and you walk in side. Before you close the door, you looked towards Klaus again.

“Klaus I will never leave.” You said. He looked towards you and smiled. You smile back at him and you close the door.