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Imagine being super shy at a party and Federico helps you get out of your shell

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A/N: This was a cute request and looking at this gif ^^^ has made me want to rewatch Lineage because hot damn Federico!! Plus his voice is gr8 so yea

Soft lights highlighted the features of every noble’s mask and attire, their many jewels glittering like personal starlight. The scene before you reminded you of birds in spring, showing off their preened feathers in an attempt to be seen by all. You, on the other hand, were more than happy to hide on the sidelines, shrinking back into your party mask in the hopes of avoiding the spotlight. It was a warm night, and the nobles (including your family) were getting drunk at a party thrown by some rich man, whose name escaped you. You didn’t quite care for it all, yourself. You preferred the quiet of home, the peacefulness of alone time.

“Y/N, why are you all alone?” Your mother asked in an almost scornful tone, “There are young men who are perfectly suited for you, yet you’re hiding away in the corner?”

“Mother, I appreciate your concern, but I do not see the point…”

Your eyes shifted over to a handsome young man, laughing and smiling in the most intriguing way. For a moment, you let your mind focus on nothing but him and his charming face.

Your mother followed your gaze, and chuckled, “You might not see the point, but you definitely have seen the motivation, no?” You blinked back to her and narrowed your eyes, “Mother…”

“Go talk to him. Maybe you won’t look so downcast then.”

You gasped, eyes wide, “Me? Talk to…? No. I cannot! That’s- no. I won’t-!”

It was too late. Your mother pulled you to your feet, “The Auditore family are known for their honor and grace- that boy is the eldest of Giovanni and Maria. His name is Federico.”

Stopping near the young man, your mother cleared her throat, “Ahem, Federico Auditore,” She paused as the man turned around, his eyes darting right to yours, “This is my daughter, Y/N.”

You looked down bashfully, and your mother continued, “She is far too shy to talk to anyone on her own; I hope you will excuse her manners.”

To your surprise, Federico laughed. It was so kind and genuine, you had to look back up to make sure it was really him laughing.

“It is no problem, signora.” He turned to you with a gentle smile, his lips curved warmly, almost teasingly. You blushed and looked back down. Your mother gripped your hand tightly before leaving you on your own with the attractive man.

“So, signorina, why have I not seen you before? Surely I would not miss someone so fair as you.”

Oh, goodness, he was flirting with you now! Not that you disliked it, you just had no way of flirting back. You folded your hands together, “Well, I don’t usually make a show of myself…” You replied meekly. Federico smiled, “Most beautiful things do not, I understand.” Your face only got warmer, “Oh, stop.” You told him halfheartedly.

“Your humility does you credit, Y/N. Or do you truly not believe what I say?”
You glanced away, unsure how to answer, “I suppose not.”

Federico placed a hand on his chest, “Now, would I lie to a pretty lady?”
“I… no?”
“Exactly, signorina.”
You smiled a little, embarrassed. Federico smiled along with you, “And you only become more gorgeous when you smile.”

Music filled the air as bards began to play their songs. Many of the nobles began dancing (although, their dancing was clearly a result of the fine wine they drank far too much of) and Federico turned to you, holding out a hand.

“Come, let us enjoy the party! Dance with me!”

“Now? Here?” You looked around quickly, trying to find a reason not to dance.

“Of course! There is no better time than now to enjoy the night and all her wonders!”
“Well, I found a kind, beautiful lady- that is a wonder, is it not?”

You shook your head, “Do you ever stop?”
“Stop what?”
“Well… this. Womanizing.”

“Do you wish me to stop?” He asked you sincerely.
You shook your head, “No! I mean…”

Federico laughed and took your hand softly, “Come, dance with me, per favore. I would like to enjoy the evening dancing with you.”

You felt your stomach do flips as you nodded, “Alright, I will.”

The soft lights seemed to be captured within the eyes of the two of you as you danced, laughing, together until you were both so tired you felt like your feet were going to fall off.

Perhaps getting out of your shell had some up sides to it after all.