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May i ask for more fantasy au Kurimitsu headcannons? Or probably Doutashishi? (I know you like Doutashishi so why not, also i love your headcannons)

Yes anon you’re right mod is Doutashishi trash but nonetheless I’ll write some Kurimitsu for you.

  • Fantasy AU where Doutanuki and Kurikara are both knights but when Ookurikara on one hand goes to fight wars etc Doutanuki on the other is entrusted with training young knights(one of them being Shishiou).
  • One day the king tells Kuri to finding and arrest a famous bandit called Mitsutada who has been robbing rich people a lot lately(alla Robin Hood). Kuri finds him and starts a battle with Mitsu who is actually really good with the sword and beats Kuri but instead of killing him Mitsu asks him if he wants to join his group and help the poor alla Robin Hood.
  • Kuri accepts and enters the group where he finds out just what horrible things the nobilty has done to the normal citizens and together with Mitsu and elf Tsuru who uses magic to trick the nobles while Mitsu and Kuri took care of the knights. They find out they actually are really good as a pair since they complete each other weaknesses(gently pointed out by Tsuru who jokingly said that they fight like a married couple)
  • Doutanuki who was best friends with Kuri starts getting anxious and goes to search for him only to find what he and Mitsu have done(obliviously followed by curious Shishiou aka his fav pupil). Like Kuri he gets convinced by Mitsu to help him and now the kind has quite the troublesome group to take care off.

imagine if a mage inquisitior declares that it’s utter bullshit that amell can’t rule with alistair and sends messages to all fereldan nobilty saying that if they disagree then the inquisitor will fight them