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To be the dragon's advocate, they originally wanted to remain 'pure-blooded' because 'Valyrian' blood could train a dragon and no one of them get dragon horns, I guess. If they could keep their pets, the dragons might be far too destructive. Now, I wonder why they continued this after 153 AC... Aerys' marriage with Rhaella could be explained as the prince that was promised will come from Aerys' and Rhaella's line but besides that, I wouldn't see why they want to continue incest.

(2) Plus, I do not think Daenerys’ house is supposed to parallel nazis, considering national socialism wasn't  an ideology that values inbreeding whatsoever. Her house is the embodiment of white supremacy, yeah but more likely this parallels  Radbot’s house with a bit of Ptolemaic dynasty. 

Thanks for the ask nonny. Well, let’s suppose they wanted the “dragon-taming gene”. Then it would be a far better policy to try to spread the genes as far as possible and to cross the lines occasionally, say every 2 or 3 generations, marrying cousins or cousins once-removed. Incest reduces the probability of healthy children because apart from the dragon-gene there are also others less desirable genes that are getting enforced by the incest. It would have been far smarter to do a policy of spreading the genes and ‘collecting’ them again. More offspring, more possible dragon-tamers. We know from some of the Targaryen histories that there were royal bastards who could control dragons, so it can’t be absolutely recessive. It would be a good policy to combine exogamy and endogamy. So, from a genetic point of view, it’s not smart, but you could argue, that they don’t know about genetics, so we put that aside.

There is the other problem, that the Targaryen incest reduces the offspring to a dangerous degree. Now you also don’t want to much offspring because offspring means contenders for the throne (Blackfyres!), but on the other hand you need more than one line. Look at Aegon V, the fourth son of a fourth son, not a likely heir, but nevertheless he succeeded. If Aemon had taken the throne it would have been the third son of a fourth son…. So also for offspring, the general danger for an untimely death in a time that had no antibiotics, no modern technique, no vaccines and wars, wars and wars, it is a smart policy to have a royal line that does not only depend on one heir. Look at the Starks, Ned’s siblings were dead (or in the Night’s watch), and his line depended on him alone, so he tries to produce many children (even though he and Cat loved each other, it’s still a smart move). In the books, Cat muses about a possible heir after Bran and Rickon are supposedly dead and she has to count back several generations to come to some far-related cousin, or look at AFFC and Littlefinger’s recital of the Arryn family tree to explain why Harold Hardyng is the Arryn heir. So for the succession also a mixture of exogamy and endogamy would be the wisest choice.

And then there is the question of general politics! If you come to a country you conquer you should try to endear people to you. How do you do that? By marriage. Marrying Targ princesses to the nobilty of Westeros, means that the nobles will have Targ grandchildren and will support the Targ house. Keeping aloof does not help, not at all. Look at Dorne. They are real Targ loyalists and why? Because they are related (or that’s at least one reason).

So, the only reason for Targ incest, I see, is a sort of deep conviction that the Targaryens are so special that they can’t mingle with others, that for them incest is o.k. like they are gods (like the Egyption pharaoh and their successors the Ptolemaic dynasty), that because of dragons they don’t have to adhere to political reasoning that is valid for other houses. It is telling that the alliance with Dorne broke through that pattern only after the dragons died out.

To me - and that is my personal opinion - that smacks of entitlement and a feeling of supremacy that just does not sit well with me.

And the term Aryan was a term for white supremacy even before the Nazis used it, and though you are right, that the Nazis did not value inbreeding they valued ‘purity’, not of the bloodline, but of the race, and they forbade interracial marriage. So in a way they wanted ‘purity’ of a race, not a family.

So although ‘purity of the bloodline’, ‘blood of Valyria’, ‘blood of the First Men’ etc. might be explained as something ‘in-story’, I think that it is understandable that some people do have problems with this Targ ‘family supremacy’ politics.

And what I really think is problematic, that some people argue that Jon and D have to marry to ‘keep the bloodline pure’. That really makes me cringe. You could argue that ‘in-story’ maybe they won’t have a problem with the incest (certainly not Dany who was raised to think she’d marry her brother), - and I would say that Jon being the rightful heir and the Northern distrust of Targaryens are much more of a problem - but I think this would be a wrong reason for them to stay together. Let them stay together for love, for good looks, for neutralizing Jon’s claim as rightful heir, for anything, but not for ‘keeping the bloodline pure’.

That was a long answer, but I hope you can see, why I still think, Targ politics of ‘inbreeding’ is problematic and is probably meant to be that.

Ibn Qayyim(rahimahullah) said:

“Glorified be Allah! How many a heart is decayed yet its owner in unaware of it-the heart distorted (by that decay) and the heart swallowed in it. How many (a person) is put to trial by the praises he (recieves) from the people, decieved by Allah’s concealment of his (sin,shortcomings etc.) And being gradually led to destruction through the blessings Allah bestowed upon him (i.e. he utilizes those blessings to commit sins and feels safe from punishment). All these affairs are a punishment and humiliation, whilst the ignorant one thinks that it is nobilty.”

[Al-Jawaab Al-Kaafi: pg.140]

Next in the OC rant fever is my beautiful angry princess: Ila Adara

Ila (pronounced /ɪ/ -la or /aɪ/ -la depending on who’s saying it) is 22 and miserable. She’s been raised in a family that firmly belives that as a woman she should focus in marrying rich and being quiet. She can’t speak out of turn, she is not allowed to leave the house on her own. She’s like that princess stuck in a tower yknow??

Luckily she has an amazing older brother (I will be talking about him someday not that anyone cares) who shows her everything he’s been taught. This is why she knows how to fight, use a sword and stuff like that (that she doesn’t really enjoy that much). But that also why she knows how to read and write and even though she has to hide to do so she’s incredibly grateful for this and does it every single day. She knows knowledge makes her powerful (she also feels really damn frustrated cause she spends her life hearing stupid men talking about shit and she knows they’re wrong but she can’t participate in the conversation and ugh shut up)

She’s got amazing eyebrows by the way and it’s frowning all the time, she’s also really temperamental, sees things as black or white (things are either right or wrong and there’s no in-between). She’s a history nerd and will enlighten your life with facts you didn’t thought you need but wow that is so cool I didn’t know that. Also really not into physical contact with strangers ew.

*muttering to myself* She is just so cool guys

No, but, like, Kingsman is perfect and I'm gonna fight you over this

Here’s why

The “It’s good but still has problems because the heroes are white and the villains are POC and there weren’t enough POC in it” argument that I keep seeing popping around here keeps making me angry because you are looking at it from a very American point of view and ignoring the freaking context of the whole movie.

So let me help you out.

Kingsman is an organization created by old money british nobilty. Those guys are white. Yeah, I know, shocker. The snobbery is actually adressed in the movie:

Arthur:   It’s all yours. And don’t forget your membership proposal. Try picking a more suitable candidate this time.
Harry Hart:   Seventeen years and still evolving with the times remains an entirely foreign concept to you. You don’t remind me that I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for that young man. He was as much Kingsman material as any of them. More so.
Arthur:   But he wasn’t exactly one of us, was he? Let’s face it, Galahad. Your little experiment failed.
Harry Hart:  [Gets up and prepares to leave the room] With respect, Arthur, you’re a snob.
Arthur:   With respect?
Harry Hart:   The world is changing. There’s a reason why aristocrats develop weak chins.

You can see Harry Hart trying to change that by bringing Eggsy in, a poor guy, looked down upon by the higher class, living with an abusive step father and involved with drugs because of said abusive stepfather; and  he did that with his father Lee before him.

Also, a woman gets the Lancelot spot, between lots of other spots taken by men.

This ain’t about white people vs POC, this shit’s about a british organization defeating the image of American cockyness (which, frankly, describes the USA general behavior very well nowadays. If you want more, look at tumblr in general. Actually, you just have to look at this “argument” that is being adressed by me right now.) Just look at the freaking stereotypes used to make sure you get that they are talking about The American Man, and not about a POC being a villain. They are throwing it to your face, and yet…

BUT at the same time, the villains are SO FUCKING FUN.

They are geniouses. The main villain is very smart but also very human. The female villain is the reason why the guy survives so long and is a freaking amazing amputee that kicks ass. And they are part of the American minority, not the classic white dude. Actually, they outsmart the classical American white dudes (but not only American). They get them to play their game but at the same time make shure that they can’t get away with playing double if things get nasty.

(although Valentne also fits the in the privileged category by being rich af, so he’s both).

Second “argument” I see flaunted about:

“It was sexist because it ends like the classic Bond films where the guy takes the woman as prize etc etc”

Did you loose the memo where Princess Tilde is the one putting the offer on the table? That is liberating, actually. She was good, she was assertive about her beliefs even if that got her closed up, she put her foot down and she was against Valentine, but she also wanted to have fun after all that shit she went trough with the cute guy that saved their asses, so she went with it.

The guy accepted. Not once did he treat her like a prize to be used and he was not the one pursuing her in the first place. He made a joke after almost dying and she asked for anal instead.

I seriously can’t see how the above is sexist in any way, especially when we countinuously see Eggsy being a sweetheart and very respectful to the women in his life. When we see him having a great bromance with a woman and not once does he talk down to her, but asks her if she already tried on her own suit, instead, and they help each other out time and again. She’s his equal in every way and he knows it. He loves his sister with all his being and cares for his mother, who is not in the best of places, and not once does he expect anything from all of this. He respects a woman and her wishes that will also satisfy him after almost dying countless times in a short time span.

Really, if there is something that can be wrong with this movie, it is them having unprotected sex, but even here, you don’t know if Valentine did or did not leave stashes of lube and condoms in the chambers. That’s left to the imagination. But it ain’t like young people don’t do stupid shit like that sometimes, if they did have unprotected sex, which is idiotic but plausible. And again, maybe they did not go all the way. We simply don’t know, really.

This movie cleverly uses stereotypes and also does not take your heteronormative bullshit even though it aknowledges that the action happens in a sexist and snobbish enviroment, which is the world we live in.

Ah, and the church scene is not a slap to christianity, but to a very specific branch of it that attacks people because they do not conform to their own fucking beliefs. That scene was gold. And in that scene, bigotry, sexism, and racism are also addressed, by the mighty Harry Hart. Thank you!

Why so hard?” the kitchen coal once said to the diamond. ”After all, are we not close kin?”
Why so soft? O my brothers, thus I ask you: are you not after all my brothers?
Why so soft, so pliant and yielding? Why is there so much denial, self-denial, in your hearts? So little destiny in your eyes?
And if you do not want to be destinies and inexorable ones, how can you one day triumph with me?
And if your hardness does not wish to flash and cut and cut through, how can you one day create with me?
For all creators are hard. And it must seem blessedness to you to impress your hand on millennia as on wax,
Blessedness to write on the will of millennia as on bronze-harder than bronze, nobler than bronze. Only the noblest is altogether hard.
This new tablet, O my brothers, I place over you:
become hard!
—  Nietzsche, The Hammer Speaks