The Obama Scandal: Benghazi-Gate

The United States president is a worldwide figure that represents freedom, integrity, and honesty.  The United States was the first nation to have a leader that was not a dictator or a monarch, and this quality made the US special, and admired on the global level.  Unfortunately, as the country progressed, the United States presidential position has not lived up to its honesty to its citizens.  Over the last century, there have been many presidents that have been involved in scandals and lies: Nixon, Carter, and Clinton just to name a few.  The latest presidential scandal has recently occurred, and the facts are just coming out.  The current administration, under the command of President Barack Obama, has been involved in one of the worst scandals in US history, which has resulted in the death of four American citizens.

The legitimacy of the president’s citizenship is still being debated and can possibly be classified as a scandal, but for the sake of the scandal being discussed here, it will be assumed that his records are sound.  Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961 to a 17-year-old American woman and a 27-year-old male Kenyan citizen.  During his adolescence, Obama lived in Indonesia and attended two private schools.  In 1971, he returned to Hawaii where he lived with his maternal grandparents.  With a scholarship, his attended the Punahou college prep school.  Following high school, Obama attended Occidental University and Columbia University where he majored in political science with a specialty in international relations.  Obama later received a law degree from Harvard.  In 1996, Obama made a successful run for senator of Illinois and served for seven years.  After a failed run for president in 2004, Obama won the presidential election in 2008.


The recent scandal that Obama and his administration have recently been involved with concerns the terrorist attack at the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  On September 11, eleven years to the day after the attack on the World Trade Center, 9/11, a group a terrorists attacked the consulate and killed four American citizens including Ambassador Chris Stevens.  The immediate statement by the Obama Administration to the American people was that the attack was a direct result of an anti-Muslim video that was posted in the internet by an American citizen.  The administration continued to say that there was a large spontaneous protest outside the consulate.  The Administration then stated that this protest was followed by an attack on the consulate.  The White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, led the Administration, saying that this was a direct result of the video and did not have any ties to terrorism.  Since the attack, the CIA, FBI, and the military have conducted investigations.  It is now determined that the attack was not a result of the video.  Workers in the consulate did not know anything of the video prior to the attack.  Several weeks later, many members of the administration came forward, admitting that the attack was terrorist related.

On October 10, there was a house hearing on the attack.  The CIA, FBI, and military investigators released the real facts.  Sources and investigators have said that it was a terrorist attack and that the Obama Administration knew that within twenty-four hours of the attack.  They lied to the American people for two weeks to protect the Administration’s foreign policy.  Many Administration officials including Carney lied and recently stated that they never made some of the statements that they had really made.


Furthermore, records in the compound in Libya and e-mails that Ambassador Stevens sent out stated that they were was requesting more troops and stronger defense.  Stevens was afraid for his life in the days preceding the attack.  Secretary Clinton refused to give these reinforcements and recalled two battalions of marines back to the US that were stationed that the consulate.  Clinton believed that the consulate was defended enough with the native Libyan soldiers.  It has also been speculated that the Libyans knew what was going to happen because they failed to show up for duty that day.    


The facts are out. It was been proven that this attack was a terrorist attack.  The Obama Administration could have prevented it, but declined to even after a direct request from the site of the attack.  The Administration then lied to the American people for two weeks.


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