New Found Glory

    Ok, so since nobody is telling Rhode, or I what to write about we are just going to write about whatever we want. Including our boring, boring lives. At least I am anyway. I can’t say the same about Rhode though… For a while now, we both have been planning on doing projects all over the internet, like Podcasts, Let’s Plays, other random Youtube videos, and we are even making a youtube series about Slender Man. I don’t really think it will be any good but we can always try. Other than those things, I want to do more projects but I don’t know what else is out there besides blogging, which I am doing now. So, if you know of any other project things like that, PLEASE message me or something and when I get all the current things up and running, I will definitely post links in an easy accessible spot. Also, if you have any questions….. ANY questions, no matter how random, please just send me a message. I’m here to entertain you but I can’t if I’m not talking about what you want me to talk about.

Thanks  -AT