BTS Reaction: To their girlfriend crying in a concert.

You were singing a sad song that reminds you of your ex boyfriend, and then you started to cry because he don’t treated you right.


He maybe feel sad when he saw you was crying, but that feeling was gone when you smiled at the camera when you sang this part of the song: “But, now you want come back, sadly for you…Now I have someone who I love more than one day I loved you“

“That’s my princess”


Angry and worried, those two words could describe how Yoongi could maybe feel about it. Angry because that idiot made you cry…again. And worried because you couldn’t keep singing because you were crying so hard.

“That moron is more than dead”


This is very simple, he only wants to beat up that guy because nobady hurts his girl, and when you went to the backstage to change your clothes he hugged and kissed you a lot to confirm that you were okay but he felt relaxed when you smiled at him and said that in that moment you were okay because he was there with you.

“Are you sure? Because I still can punch him”


“You stole all the love that I was keeping for myself, and I watched how you gave it to somebody else“

Hoseok is very sensitive so he maybe felt compassion when he saw you crying in this part of the song, because, he thinks nobody deserves be hurt like that idiot did with you.

“How a human could make suffer another person? That’s very… cruel”


“It’s really funny how I’m the only who have the broken heart ….and maybe is because I was the only who loved in that relationship”

Taehyung couldn’t be sure how feeling about that, he could doubt if his love for you is sufficient to you, or if you still love that guy, doubts, that’s all that went through for his head. But in the moment when your fans started to yelled his name and you smiled at them and blushed he knew that you love him as much as he loves you.


“Why they are doing that she continue to singing? She’s crying!” He thought, so he went with your manager and he did that they change that sad song to a happy one, when the concert finished and your group went to the backstage and you asked why they changed the song without warning, your manager said that was for Jimin. You looked at Jimin, went with him and you hugged him gratefully, he smiled and hugged you back while he stroked your hair.

“Don’t worry jagi, this is why I’m here, to protect you”


He doesn’t understand why are you crying for that moron, he only know while you’re his girlfriend, that never gonna happen ever again. Because he will you make happy so when he saw you he ran with you and said “People call me The Golden Maknae but you can call me tonight” And he felt happy when you saw him confused and when you processed what he said you started to laugh.

“This is the Y/N who I love”

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Actually if they do end it those pics will make more sense in my opinion.They were so random and nobady was expecting them after a six month period of silence.But if they end it before the song drops 1 They'll have recent pics of Louis and the kid 2 They serve as a reminder for the gp that he has a son.They can even write he met the kid to say goodbye. Who cares?! Just end it.

Yes, true. I was reblogging that mostly for the funny answer, not the angsty anon.


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Request: I love your stories, especially those with Derek. So here is my idea for imagine (of course ReaderxDerek ;)): reader is the same age as the pack (maybe they have classes together? or something), somehow reader meets Derek and they fall in love (nobady knows about it) and the pack learn it (about their relationship) when they met reader at loft during… certain activities. 

Author’s Note: I have been dying to do a request like this, so I’m glad that this was in my inbox! I tried to make it cute and stuff, so I hope you like it c: Enjoy!

Warnings: Language; bit o’ smut (like a teensie bit…not really anything)


It is stressful enough being a senior in high school as it is. You have to worry about college applications and acceptance letters, trying to make it to graduation without failing any classes, getting good test scores, and trying to figure out what the hell you wanna do with the rest of your life.

Now throw on moving to a completely new town where you don’t know a single person, and you have my life.

My dad moved us around a lot because of his job, so I was pretty used to it during my childhood. But once I hit high school, my parents had promised that we wouldn’t be going anywhere until after I graduated. They had been so close to keeping that promise, but when my dad got an offer he just couldn’t refuse, they made me pack up everything, leave the only friends I’d had for more than seven months, and plop down in a brand new place during my last year of high school.

I was so not happy about this new school, but I didn’t have a choice. I figured that I would make it through the rest of the year quietly, and head off to college with no worries and no strings attached to this place. 

Oh, how wrong I was.

Running helped me clear my mind. I was on the cross country team at my old school, but it was already part way through the season and too late to join here. So, I improvised. I found a perfect path that wound through the woods, excited to have somewhere private and peaceful. 

My music played in my ears, giving me a good pace to set for myself. The woods were gorgeous here, filled with old trees and covered with dead leaves. As I ran, deeper and deeper into the forest, I came across an old, abandoned building. It looked like a house that had nearly burnt to the ground. Stopping for a break, I studied it, intrigued by the structure.

“You’re on private property,” a deep voice said from behind me, making me nearly jump out of my skin. I turned to find a tall, dark-featured guy glaring at me with the greenest eyes I’d ever seen.

“Shit!” I gasped, putting my hand over my racing heart. “Who the hell are you?”

“Someone that knows you’re on private property, and should leave,” he said, making me raise a brow.

“It’s just an old house, chill out. I don’t see a hick cocking his shotgun anywhere, so I think I’m safe.” The man cracked the smallest of smiles, chuckling low in his throat. “What are you doing out here?”

“I like to walk in the woods. Calms my mind,” he replied, gaze still fixed on me. I nodded, pursing my lips.

“Well, I like to run in the woods. So I should probably get back to that,” I replied, pointing down the path. The guy nodded at me, and I gave him one last look before turning away.

“You should probably stay away from here,” he called. I looked at him over my shoulder.

“And if I don’t?”

“I’m just saying, it’s pretty dangerous around here.”

“Well, do you hang out here a lot?” I asked, giving him a pointed look. He furrowed his brows at me, and I took that a silent yes. “Then I’ll have someone to protect me.” With that, I turned around and ran in the direction of home, my heart beating faster than normal the whole way there.

I still hadn’t made any friends in school yet, but I had one.

Everyday for the next three weeks I ran in the woods, using the same path. And everyday I came across the guy I had met. As it went, I talked to him a bit longer every time, eventually sitting on the steps of the old house for over an hour, lost in conversation and laughter. I learned his name was Derek, and I liked that he was comfortable enough to tell me that. He asked about my life, and I gladly talked and talked about everything there was to know about me. He listened intently, drinking in every word. But he never talked about himself.

“Come on, Derek,” I insisted, shoving his shoulder playfully with mine. “I’ve told you all about me. I wanna know about you! Anything.”

“Anything?” he asked. I nodded eagerly, making him break into a smile as he looked out into the woods. “Alright. You know this house?” I nodded. “Well, it’s mine. Or, it was my family’s. There was a fire…most of them passed away. I like to come here to think, clear my mind, whatever.”

“Der, I’m so sorry,” I said softly, putting a hand on his knee and squeezing a bit. He shook his head at me.

“It was a long time ago. I’ve made my peace.” I offered a tiny grin before leaning my head on his shoulder, settling us into a comfortable silence. Finally, I decided I should probably head home. “Are you coming back tomorrow?”

“I can if you want me to,” I told him, giving a cheeky grin. Derek stood up and rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly before meeting my eyes again.

“Or, uhm, I could pick you up at 7 and we could go to dinner?” he asked, biting the inside of his cheek. I walked up and pressed a kiss to his cheek, leaning over to whisper in his ear.

“I’d love that.”

“You look great, Y/N,” Derek told me as we walked to his car. I blushed a bit, eyes fixed on the ground.

“You only think that because you’ve only ever seen me when I’m all sweaty and gross,” I told him, slipping into the passenger seat and waiting for him to walk around to the driver’s side to hear his response. I wasn’t dressed in anything fancy, just a cute shirt and some leggings.

“No, I mean it,” he insisted once he got in the car. Derek smiled widely at me, making me chuckle as I clicked my seat belt.

“Just drive,” I mumbled. He grinned and happily obliged, pulling into the street. We made light conversation on the way to the restaurant, the atmosphere becoming more comfortable. When we got the restaurant, we continued talking, laughter floating between us as we dug into our simple meals of burgers and fries. Derek started to open up a bit more to me about his family, which absolutely made my heart swell. 

Once we left, Derek insisting on paying because, as he shyly said, it was our first date, we took a little walk around the neighborhood. I reached over tentatively, lacing my fingers through his. I wasn’t sure how he would respond, but he didn’t protest, just gave a light squeeze of approval. I smiled happily as we made our way to a small ice cream parlor, getting some cones to eat on our way back to his car. A breeze swept through, making me shiver a bit. It was a warm evening, so I hadn’t brought a jacket.

“Are you cold?” Derek asked, concern in his voice. I shook my head, trying to assure him that I was fine. “You’re shivering, Y/N. I can see it.” 

“Fine, I may be just a tad cold,” I mumbled, rolling my eyes playfully. Derek grinned and removed his leather jacket, placing it over my shoulders. 

“There,” he said softly, his voice right by my ear. I felt a blush rise to my cheeks at being so close to him, and suddenly, I wasn’t cold anymore. But I accepted the coat anyway, snuggling into it happily. The walk back to his car wasn’t very long, thankfully, and most of it was spent with him pointing things out to me about the town. I observed and nodded, trying to take in what he was saying, but it was hard to focus on anything when he was so close and he just smelled so good. 

“Thank you,” I told him, as he opened the door for me, allowing me to climb in. I settled into the seat, waiting for him to get in with a smile.

“What?” he asked, his lips curved upwards, as he saw me looking at him. I shook my head, cheeks tinting pink.

“Nothing,” I said. “I just…I had a really good time tonight. That’s all.”

“I did, too, Y/N.” Derek reached over and grabbed my hand, his green gaze holding mine in between flicking to my lips. I waited with baited breath as he started to lean over the console, getting closer and closer with every second.

When Derek’s lips finally pressed against my own, sparks shot up and down my spine. I had never felt anything like that with anyone before, and it shocked me for a moment. But then I was melting into the kiss, my mouth pressing harder against his, bringing a hand up to rest on his stubbly cheek. After several seconds, we pulled away just slightly, each of us breathing heavily.

“That was- nice,” I said, my voice cracking as I searched Derek’s eyes. His lips were slightly parted, his bunny teeth poking out from behind them as he nodded in agreement. “I uh..I’d like to do that some more.”

“Me too,” he breathed, pulling me back to him with more ferocity this time. One of his hands tangled in my hair, holding me against him. Our lips moved in sync, melding together like we were made for each other. I heard Derek let out a tiny growl as I gained confidence and bit on his bottom lip, pulling it just slightly. I smirked into the kiss at the reaction I received, proud of myself. Derek’s tongue swiped between his lips, asking for entrance that I quickly gave. I moaned softly at the taste of him, our tongues exploring and outlining each other’s mouths, learning everything there was about them. 

“I will not be able to control to myself if we keep this up,” I told him, breaking away with regret. Derek chuckled, but nodded in agreement. I leaned back in my seat, buckling up. He started the car, reaching over to grab my hand as he drove.

“You’re sure they don’t care?” Derek asked in between kisses, making me both giggle at him and get frustrated.

“I’m sure!” I insisted with a laugh. “Derek, I am 19 years old. They stopped trying to control me a long time ago.”

“But you’re still in high school,” he pointed out, pulling open the door to the loft and walking me inside hurriedly. I chuckled at his eagerness, matching it with my own.

“Technicalities,” I whispered, pressing myself against him fully. Derek groaned and grabbed my face, kissing me hard and heavy. I smiled into it, knowing that I had won. 

It had been three months since our first date, and I was having the time of my life. Derek and I spent as much time as we could together, which sometimes wasn’t a lot, but we made it work. He had told me about all the supernatural stuff, but was surprised to find that I already (sort of) knew about it. Family ties, I had said. 

“Why are you so damn irresistible?” Derek asked against my lips. I chuckled at his words, weaving my fingers through his dark hair to hold him close. He picked me up by the back of my thighs and carried us to his bed, tossing me down playfully and watching with amusement as I bounced a few times, before covering my body with his own.

That was one of my favorite things about our relationship: we could just be ourselves. It came naturally, something that I think surprised both of us. We could joke around with one another, be silly and playful, but we could still manage serious conversations and moments. Even our sex life was…fun. We were so comfortable with each other, with each other’s bodies, that every time was always fantastic.

Derek’s lips were on my neck this time, licking and nipping in all the right places to drive me wild. My hands ran all over his shoulders and arms, exploring and feeling the strong muscles there. I wouldn’t ever get enough of this, of him. He made his way down, sucking marks into my flesh every now then. To make sure they know you’re taken, he had said with a smirk after the first time he had done it.

“Get this off of me,” I breathed, struggling to throw off my shirt. Derek chuckled against me before sitting up and easily removing the pesky piece of clothing. His eyes ran over my body, taking in the sight with such a sweet look that I thought my heart would beat right out of my chest. Unexpectedly, he traced a finger over my chest, right where the pounding traitor was located.

“Your heartbeat…it’s wild,” he said quietly. I bit my lip, looking up at him to study his face. 

“Because of you.” Derek looked at me then, sharp gaze holding mine. I couldn’t break away if I tried, not that I really wanted to. I slowly sat up, running my hands up his chest and taking his shirt with me until he took the hint and threw it to the side. I held his green orbs and my fingers ghosted over his skin, feeling it spasm under my feather light touch. “Beautiful,” I whispered. 

Derek leaned down, pushing us both back into the mattress, his mouth on mine in a fiery, but slow, passion. I responded immediately, matching his actions. We were so lost in each other, in the moment, in what was about to happen, that neither of us heard anyone approaching. It wasn’t until the door of the loft flew open as Derek’s fingers were working on my jeans that we noticed them.

“Hey, Derek- whoa! Sorry!” a young man’s voice said, startling us both. My eyes were wide with shock as Derek got up off the bed, his face looking livid. His fists were clenched tightly by his sides as he stalked toward what looked like a group of teenagers.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he snarled, anger taking over. I scrambled to get up, grabbing my shirt off the floor and rushing to his side.

“It’s alright, Der, calm down,” I told him gently, putting a hand on his arm. I felt some of the tension leave his body, so I slid my hand down, lacing my fingers through his. I finally turned my attention to the group of people in front of us, already finding all their eyes on me. “Hey, aren’t you two in my english class?” I asked, pointing to the two boys that had led the march. “Scott and…Stiles, right?”

“Yeah,” they answered, cheeks flaming red. I saw their eyes flick down, and it was only then that I realized I still wasn’t wearing a shirt.

“Oh, God, I’m so sorry!” I heard Derek growl at them threateningly as I pulled it over my head, covering myself.

“You’re Y/N, right? The new student?” A gorgeous girl with red hair asked. I nodded at her, offering a smile.

“And you’re…Lydia?” She nodded confirmation, grinning sweetly at me. “Yeah, I got here just about four months ago, so. Haven’t really made friends.” God, how embarrassing was that?

“Well, clearly Derek likes you,” Stiles joked, making Derek step toward him menacingly. I grabbed his arm again, pulling him back toward me. 

“Sorry about him,” I apologized. “We were just…in the middle of things. He doesn’t really like surprises.”

“Oh, we know,” Lydia mumbled, rolling her eyes a bit. I still had no idea what the hell these kids were doing here, so I tugged on Derek’s arm to get his attention.

“You gonna…explain?” I asked him. He gave me an apologetic, and annoyed, look, sighing lightly.

“Y/N, this is Scott’s pack. I’m apart of it. I’m sorry I didn’t introduce you before, it’s just-”

“No, it’s fine! At least I can meet them now, right?” I said, grinning happily. Derek’s mouth turned up a bit at the corners as he nodded, leaning down to place a kiss to my forehead. 

“This is Y/N. She’s my girlfriend.”


After seeing all these photo I really really want an episode with a costume party of any kind and Kara and Co. decided for Star Wars, and maybe Carter is near and he hears  the conversation and they welcome him and he already has his Yoda’s costume, so the night of the party Kara and the gang are all happy with their lightsabers but nobady thought about Cat who had already prepared her sexy Supergirl costume. And when she shows up, Kara maybe dies a little.

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—  Confirmed lyrics from Chocolate by The 1975