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BK: Noatak and Tarrlok at their different young ages. I was expecting the task of designing young Noatak at all of these ages to be a real challenge, but Il-Kwang and Jin-Sun hit the nail on the head from the get-go. I was so relieved that I happily approved the designs and moved on to the next task, never noticing until the animation came back that he had the exact same hairstyle as our hero, Korra! I decided it was a kind of interesting and unexpected connection between Korra and Noatak/Amon, showing that despite how different they are in the present, the come from very similar cultural backgrounds. Tarrlok apparently sprouted an additional ponytail every few years. Expressions by Ki-Hyun Ryu and Il-Kwang Kim. Designs by Il-Kwang Kim and Jin-Sun Kim. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf.


All her life, Kiana has deferred to the will of others.

How could she not?

She is weak, delicate and simple-minded.

How could she not have deferred to the will of her husband when he insisted on training their sons in waterbending? Even if he is a non-bender, he is so much older, so much wiser and so much more worldly than she.

What a fool she was.

Now, Kiana stands before her husband, the freezing winds turning the tears on her cheeks to ice.

She is not strong. She is not clever. She cannot fight.

But none of that seems to matter now.

Weak, delicate and simple she may be, but more than any of those things, she is a mother.

You will never touch them again,” she snarls.

She is a mother, and for her children, she can be brave.

Yet another AU, this time one where Noatak and Tarrlok’s mum has an actual name and figures out what hubby has been teaching the kids during those “hunting trips”.

Happy Halloween 2014.

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