Seeing Ed last night made me realize once again how good of an artist he is. He can make a sold out arena go quiet to sing one of his quiet songs and he can do the opposite, he can bring them screaming their lungs out. Even with Ed’s given popularity, I still think he is under-appreciated. He is better than good, fantastic, super-talented. He is whatever a real artist should be and much more. I have so, so much respect for him.

yes, please

Ed if you are reading this we are waiting. The sheerio race are waiting for anything, it can be a belly pic or a dick pic. It doesn’t matter. Just please quench our thirst.

anonymous asked:

54&55 (ur question answer thing)


54) Something that’s worrying me at the moment

sorry I don’t really feel that up for answering that. thanks for asking though :) <3

55) Tumblr friends

(!!!) I love answering questions like this! I have met some of the most amazing people  here on Tumblr. (I’m really sorry if we’re friends and I haven’t included you in the list— pls don’t be offended I’m just so useless haha)

Here are some lovely people:

- bluewallsandbutterflys

- another-wide-eyed-girl

- edsheeran

- ed-kward

- weareedsheeran

- catchingthemautumnleaves

- hippie—souls 


edsheeran replied to your post:Okay, about the tracklist for the new album. On Ed’s second MSG performance, he played a new song that was supposedly going to be on the new album. I think was called New York. The chorus goes “until the night turns into morning, you’ll be in my arms, and we’ll keep driving on the boulevard, and if i kiss you darling, please don’t be alarmed, its just the start of everything that you want. ” Anyway, there isn’t a song on the tracklist called New York! Does that mean its not on the album??

I will be on the deluxe version!

Really??? Cause ed tweeted that the deluxe version will include four new tracks (Take it back, Even my dad does sometimes, Shirtsleeves and I see fire) and he didn’t mention New York?