Gillie’s Follow Friday!

I haven’t made a follow Friday in a while, mostly because it is so hard to choose from among 117 people only a few to suggest, because I love all of you.

I tried to narrow it down and it didn’t really work very well. I ended up with about 50. So I had to narrow it super-duper down and I feel pretty bad because there are so many more of you who deserve it, but here are SOME of the best blogs on the internet. 

noapologiesandnoregrets provides most of my daily dose of Queer as Folk-related pictures and gifs. Also, she’s awesome.
-perpetualdreamer is a lovely blog with much Glee, Starkid, Harry Potter, and Darren Criss.
mangomaddie is quite the comic-relief character, with Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter to boot.
thedoctahswife is mostly of the Doctor Who variety, but also delves into Starkid, Harry Potter, and Panic! at the Disco.
darrencrissisapuppy is one of the first people I ever followed. She is a Gleek, Starkid, Crisstian, and hard shipper of Jewnicorn love.
colferpottercriss is one of my absolute favorite people; a Gleek and avid fan of Chris Colfer and Darren Criss, she is also adorable.
it-doesnt-matter-if-you-love-him is my lovely wife, Arlie. She is the Hermione to my Ron. She’s a Whovian, a Starkid, a Gleek, a LOTR fan, a Potterhead, and probably the smartest person I’ve ever met in my life. 
its-sorcery is yet another genius. Like Arlie, Ayesha is a Whovian, Potterhead, and Starkid, as well as an avid member of the Supernatural fandom. She is also an amazing filmmaker!
acciosarcasm has great taste in fandoms, ships, and music. Much Darren, much Starkid, with some Sherlock and Harry Potter there as well. 
bullets-embrace loves Starkid, Supernatural, Glee, and Harry Potter. She is very nice and very quality.
alice-in-warblerland fangirls heavily over Darren, Chris, and Glee, but she’s also one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.
anothersinginggirl is a personal friend of mine, and absolutely adores all things Darren Criss, all things musical, and all things West Wing.
metayahmes is another one of my close friends and my adoptive older brother. He is a brilliant photographer, and loves Starkid and Doctor Horrible and Nathan Fillion and Harry Potter and LOTR and various other nerdy things that only make him more awesome.
volunteeringismandatory is my civil partner, in the same way that Arlie is my wife. Eva has absolutely the most adorable blog in the world, filled with many-a cute animal or mustache, and the occasional Queer as Folk or Rocky Horror reference. (Sidenote: We’re going to the Gay Pride Parade together tomorrow!)
marshdogs is a ginger. What other reason do you need? Also he’s awesome and hilarious and he always wears suspenders and bowties so you should all love him.
eraandi is my adoptive big sister! Her blog is a sea of Glee (Klaine) and Jane Austen. Love her.
phoebedl’s blog is pretty pretty pretty and she is equally as pretty and she has great taste in 20’s-style evening dresses and musicals. 
writewhatyoudontknow is my lovely Sweeney Todd and Next to Normal and other gorgeous musicals-loving friend Theo, who you should all follow because she’s incredible.