Today my gender is fucking stop, okay, now. No, aro and ace are not “the same thing.” But oh, wow, hey, I AM ARO AND ACE. At the same time! In the same, singular-ish being!

Jewish and genderbagel are not the same thing, either, but, oh, I am Jewish and genderbagel.

Jewish and ace aren’t the same thing, either, but again, I am Jewish and ace!

It is fantastic if you are only one of these identities. It is fantastic if, for you, aro and ace are very different and entirely able to be untangled and separated within you. Might I suggest, “aro and ace are not synonyms,” or, “aro and ace do not mean the same thing,” or, “aro and ace are wholly distinct identities within me.”

They are not the same thing, but they are not mutually freaking exclusive! Thank.