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If I had a dollar for every fictional character and band member I fell in love with id have enough to afford the therapy I so clearly need
OTP Countdown - Top 10

Yea Im still new to this whole tumblr thing but aye i thought why not start writing some posts….

Before I start this is a book,movie,anime and Tv countdown so sorry if you have no bloody clue who i’m talking about.

DON’T WORRY I SWEAR I HAVE MORE SHIPS!! Didn’t wanna make it too long.

1. Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski and Lydia Martin - Teen Wolf 

FROM DAY 1 I WAS ON THIS SHIP! (fight me) 

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2. Rosie Dunne and Alex Stewart - Love Rosie

I love these two with my whole heart, the book is one of my favourites and always will be. The movie may have cut out some important bits but Lilly and Sam played these two so well. 

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3. Noora Amalie Sætre and William Magnusson- Skam 

From my previous post you would have guessed I stan these to soooo hard and they move up and down my list all the time, I just want a happy ending.

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4. Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin + Glass Sorenson and Luke- The 100 

I love these two couples so much although the bloody Tv show has not done the book justice.

Im sorry but Bell and Clarke have been together (Im not up to date on the books!) and there isn’t this much drama. Just do them justice already 

Now, Glass and Luke are bloody iconic in the books and they aren’t even represented in the show, I know that Glass has been confirmed in the future but mate they are a huge part in the books so it isn’t right that they weren’t there. (I would have loved for Claire Holt and Luke Mitchell) 

5. Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov- Yuri!!! On Ice

I’m still new to this fandom, but no ship has hit me that fast oml. 

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6. Sana Bakkoush and Yousef Acar- Skam 

They are adorable, HE SAID THEY WERE SOULMATES and thus I was on the floor. They are too cute for words, those two angels deserve the world. 

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7. Penny Porter and Noah Flynn- Girl online Series

There have not been many books where i sit in a ball laughing, crying and feeling fuzzy inside like this one made me feel. They are just so pure and always come back to each other. 

8. Damon Salvatore and Elena Salvatore- The Vampire Diaries

This is such an iconic couple and have been rooting for them from the start, they are married, LITERALLY!!

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9. Valerie Hart and Nick- The killing Lessons and Love Murder

Just a warning this book series is not for the faint of heart. Look there relationship isn’t top priority but they are for me. Valerie cares for him so much and when they are so close to death we see her venerable side. (Katherine Glass can die in a hole btw!)

10. Betty and Jughead- Riverdale 

The two little sleuths of Riverdale, they are adorable but when they go dark I love them so much more!

I will add another countdown eventually…

october playlist 🍂⚡️

sorry if it’s kinda basic :// but anyways i hope y'all like it - just something different

jocelyn flores - xxxtentacion

you can’t my soul, you can have the pieces - hotel motel

sex - eden

playboy shit - blackbear x lil aaron

think about me - dvsn

love is only a feeling - joey bada$$

kill for you - zolita

potions - see

again ( kalika remix ) - noah cyrus

make a move - tregs

anonymous asked:

Out of all the love stories that are done well, that you like, which one is your fave (kdramas and american dramas included)? And also list them in order. Please and thank you!

It’s really interesting because I have a few of these lists floating around because the more I get exposed to television, the longer my list gets. What I’m going to do is, tell you my top two that haven’t changed and will most likely stay my top two, then I’m going to include the love stories that I’ve been recently exposed to but that have affected me deeply or made me gush and then my old reliables and I’ll try to do them all in order.

Top Two.

1. Kim Shin and Eun Tak, Goblin The Lonely and Great God

I’m sorry if it’s repetitive but it’s the sheer emotion in this love story. It’s one of those unshakeable, profound, cosmic, epic romances that really touch you and the chemistry is just sheer magic (part of it is because of the fantastic element and how that bleeds into the romance, for instance Kim Shin has the power to control the weather. If he’s sad it rains, if he’s happy — or drunk — cherry blossoms bloom and that directly relates to what happens or doesn’t happen to Eun Tak who is in a way cursed)

In The Vampire Diaries, the show always talks about how everything is heightened as a vampire, extreme highs and earth-shattering lows and that’s like the romance between these two characters, it’s highly dramatic without veering into melodrama and they can also be quite adorable.

The show and their story stayed with me for months, I’ve said it time and time again but I couldn’t hear any music from this show without crying because I was so emotional and I couldn’t shut up about it because it moved me that deeply and I’ve just never had such a strong emotional attachment to a couple before. Like with Stelena, I love them, I’ll cape for them, I’ll vid them, I think they’re a beautiful love story and I’m attached to them for sure but not in the same way as Kim Shin and Eun Tak where I was almost, like, devastated by how attached I got to that story. And I think another reason why I got attached to it so severely is because if it was a North American show, I think it would’ve been a disaster and the declarations they make to each other would’ve been severely codependent and toxic but it worked so beautifully and seamlessly here.

2. Stefan and Elena, The Vampire Diaries

I had ships I was passionate about before Stelena but it was more like, I really liked seeing those two characters together. Stelena was the first ship where I think I was actually invested in their story and could fully articulate why

and saw chemistry and knew what it was right away.

It was a relationship that made complete sense and was still magical and passionate and transcendental at the same time and it was the first time I was really inducted into fandom where I’d be like, No, they’re actually a well-written beautiful love story. Fight Me.

Very Recent Ships

1. Yuri and Victor, Yuri on Ice

Barring sort of watching Inuyasha as an angsty teen, this is the first time I’m watching anime and my friends are all huge anime people so my facebook was going crazy about Yuri on Ice when it was on and I was still uninterested but I decided to watch it and the relationship between Yuri and Victor is so heartbreakingly intimate, like there is sexual tension and it’s very sensual and erotic without being pornographic but what’s really great about it is that the sensuality and the eroticism springs from the fact that this is a love story beyond platonic love, beyond romantic love, it’s just love? Like it’s actually pure, true love between two human beings who share a connection with each other and it isn’t innocent it’s just uncorrupted but also surprisingly seductive. Like I didn’t anticipate to get excited and for my heart to race seeing their story unfold.  

It was a very happy surprise.

2. Dong-Man and Ae-ra, Fight For My Way

Literally started this drama yesterday and caught up to all of the episodes today, very sad there are only 4 episodes left. This is actually probably my favourite friendship to romance relationship because it’s super realistic in really funny

and vulnerable ways.

But I also really love these two characters paired together because they’re both extremely independent people who rely on each other, this couple manages to strike a balance I rarely see on North American television where they’re fiercely, ferociously protective of each other

without being codependent. And I just really like how Dong-Man encourages Ae-ra to be emotional, to be vulnerable, how e tells her it’s not cool to pretend to be OK when she’s sad, how being strong is being in touch with how you feel and how Ae-ra pushes Dong-Man to have confidence, to be strong and determined and it’s not a big deal. The reciprocity is on point. Plus their chemistry is insane.

3. Eun Chan and Han Kyul, Coffee Prince

This love story was hard for me to watch because it was a romance that tore each of them up since Eun Chan was lying about being a boy and falling for Han Kyul and Han Kyul thought he was falling for a boy so went through a lot of psychological and emotional turmoil and it goes on for a very long time but their chemistry was really great and the sense of push-pull was done extremely well, the angst, the struggle, the way they show how much they like each other, like it just hit all of the notes though really good acting so it’s a story that stuck with me.

4. Noah and Rosalee, Underground

It still hurts me that the show got cancelled but Noah and Rosalee’s relationship really stuck with me partly because of the insane chemistry, I had a post on them talking about gazes and you all know how much I love gazes and for gazes to work you need potent chemistry which they have

Also partly because there’s a delicateness and gentleness and just pure affection in their romance in a world and environment that is so harsh and so brutal and so unjust and so violent towards them for being black in America and partly because it’s symbolic.

5. Nick and June, The Handmaid’s Tale

That chemistry, that pure things unsaid, intense, heart pounding, quiet yet potent chemistry.

Old Reliables

1. Basically every ship on Spartacus unless it includes Gannicus because fuck Gannicus

2. Jax and Tara, Sons of Anarchy

3. Mickey and Ian, Shameless

(TVD couldn’t even begin to understand this kind of development post-Stelena)

4. Oz and Willow/Buffy and Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

5. Michael and Jane, Jane The Virgin

6. Matt and Julie/Jess and Vince on Friday Night Lights

7. Pam and Jim, The Office

8. Scott and Kira/Stiles and Malia, Teen Wolf

9. Brooke and Lucas, One Tree Hill

10. Jake and Olivia, Scandal

Ugh, Jackie and Hyde got erased

“It was at a Warren Library book sale that he is said to have discovered Noah Blake’s diary, an original account of New England farm life in 1805. With Sloane’s unique illustrations and commentary the diary became the framework for Sloane’s most successful book, Diary of an Early American Boy: Noah Blake 1805. ”


memorable snapshots from my SPX 2014 weekend! friday evening to sunday afternoon, september 12 to 14, 2014. MARRIOTT NORTH HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTER, bethesda, maryland and ATOMIC BOOKS/EIGHTBAR, baltimore, maryland. photos by chris anthony diaz and colored by graham willcox


Another fight.

I was already annoyed by the Lukumi-fraud situation when I heard some random on Calle Ocho say something vaguely insulting to the girl he was with. I said something profoundly insulting back. I desperately hoped he’d swing.

He did.

There is an unparalleled freedom in fighting. I can’t be hurt and so I’m afraid of nothing. They can be, so they’re afraid of everything. That makes it easy, and so I always win.