noahs diary

If I had a dollar for every fictional character and band member I fell in love with id have enough to afford the therapy I so clearly need
The Constant Reminders

Can we go back and count how many times that we were reminded of Beth in 5B

Episode 9: Beth as a hallucination, Noah and Rick Talking about how Beth wanted to go with Noah, Rick and Glenn Talking about Dawn. 

Episode 10: Maggie and Daryl Crying, THE MUSIC BOX, The blonde walker, Glenn and Maggie talking about Beth, Daryl telling Maggie Beth was Strong. Carol giving Daryl Beth’s knife.

Episode 11: “it does matter” 

Episode 12: constant view of Beth’s Knife 

Episode 13: Sasha’s flashbacks, Daryl can tell the difference between a good guy and a bad guy, Deanna approaches Sasha, who is staring out the gate. She tells Deanna that Alexandria “isn’t real”. Deanna respects her demeanor but says, “THAT”S BULLSHIT”

Episode 14: Noah’s diary “this is the beginning” (reminder of Beth’s diary)

Episode 15: Blonde walker on a tree, Daryl’s face as he sees the walker 

Episode 16: Maggie talks to Deanna about the upcoming meeting. She reminds Deanna that she had decided to let them all in and questions her motives, reminding her that she is putting Rick’s fate in the hands of people that do not know all sides of the story. She also points out that Rick has seen and lost a lot during their time outside the walls. Deanna tries to back her argument up, by saying that Maggie has lost something too, referring to Beth

Why would they make us remember Beth so many times?

i most likely left out other things related to beth.