you drank and you drank and said you didn’t mind the taste
of the alcohol or of my
acid and scratches under streetlights under
a set of hands caught in their glare to feed my starving, aching mouth
no ash for your virgin lungs, no screams but your litany in my neck
over and over and over
over your wasting body, shifting for the next hit
adrenaline for the pain you wouldn’t swallow
my pills, just me
willing and wanting; did your hands burn me because of the devil
or because you asked forgiveness for my sins,
—  or your sins of me, (k.s.)

so i recently reached 2k?? which is kinda ??? thank you? + it’s almost christmas and i wanna spread a lil’ cheer + i’ve also found so many more amazing blogs since i did one of these last soo i thought it was about time to do another follow forever

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We pull worlds from our throats –

they scrape our lungs on the way out
which explains why so many of us
have trouble breathing regularly.

You have your god, and I have mine,
and both of us are sinners.

You want to talk me into living forever?
Just tell me you like me better immortal.

I’ll do it, I’ll do it.
I’ll be that for you.


Guys! Hi :) I just hit my first 1000!! Honestly, you’re all the best, and I’m completely amazed that over a thousand of you enjoy what I do here on this blog, so this is a huge big massive thank you to all of you. I talk to a lot of you guys and I think you’re all absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much :* :) 

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Credit for the banner goes to the amazing @bellamyblake, thanks bby! <3

Some time ago I reached 3k, which is frickin’ unbelievable?? so ofcourse I wanted to celebrate, and since I haven’t done a follow forever in a while I thought “why not?” and also, The 100 will be back in exactly 2 weeks!!!! (we’ve literally waited forever, this is so surreal) So what better way to celebrate? 

I am so incredibly thankful for the friends I’ve made on here, I know I say it all the time but, I love every single one of you!! Thank you for making my time here amazing, and I hope that 2016 will be a great year for you all!  💜💜

(I follow almost 1000 blogs so I definitely have forgot some people, and for that I’m sorry , but please know that I love you!!!)

My lovely potato who I love to the stars & back : @underbellamy  ♡

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so i followed a load of new people recently and i haven’t done a follow forever in ages so here you go! a follow forever!

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you asked me to build you something so I did the best I could – here I am, teeth bared, hands cracked and dry and open for you. behind me is the thing I built: those skyscrapers with leaves; the reservoir that reads your mind. you said ‘you made that?’ and I said ‘yes’ and you said 'I want to become part of it’ so I did that for you too and when the roots took hold of your body I knew I had had this dream before and it always ended the same way. underground. drowning in the dirt of it all. me, alone at the end, in the middle of a forest I called a city so I could pretend I built it with my two hands. this is no one’s fault but my own. sorry I couldn’t be soft for you.

this year is almost gone and I want to thank you all for sticking with me, joining me, or just being a shining presence on my dash, so here is a follow forever!

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again thank you all very very much, happy holidays and have an amazing new year ♥︎♥︎♥︎