nunodesalles76: On his #legdays@albertorosende uses this #dynamicwarmup approach & manages to make it look easy!!


Face Casting: Connor Franta as Richard Gansey (thanks anon!!!)

“If Glendower had not saved Gansey’s life, he did not know who to thank, or who to be, or how to live.” 

I think some of you all take skam a little too seriously. Remember that its a show, complete fiction. Let people ship who they want. Let people be disappointed that their favorite character isn’t the focus of the season. I think everyone needs to chill and enjoy the show without unnecessary drama.

if you wish to watch the rest click the link.  when making this i thought of my dear friends @reedstrangerthings @eggos-and-promises @baileytsample @strangerwhee11ers @dadharbour @eggosthings @maggiebobbybrown  @themikewheelers so this is dedicated to you all. the ones who welcomed me into this stranger things fandom back in December.  i know this video is very like all over the place but i was bored. and whenever i see these kids i think of all the friends ive made in the fandom. i love you all so so much. 

love you all so much. i just want you guys to know that i have been thinking of you all since i’ve sadly been on tumblr less.  i always wish the best for you all, and i hope life is treating you all well. love and miss you all. <3<3

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rose and oxslip! whatever an oxslip is lol

ROSE: Are you currently in love with someone? // yes i am, & he’s the most incredible person. i’m extremely lucky to have him!!!

OXLIP: Would you ever get into a long distance relationship? // yes, with that guy^^

idk what an oxslip is either, but google will haha