I really would like to ink this thing out and color it, but we’ll see how much time I can manage for that.  As is, I need to take a break from this to work on something else this week, but for now…YAY THIS MUCH IS DONE.

And happy 7th year anniversary to Generator Rex, one of the most influential shows in the more recent years of my life. <3

  • Rex: Can create machines out of his body
  • Rex: Has the unique ability to cure EVOs
  • Rex: Has saved countless people, and, on a few occasions, the entire world
  • Rex: Is amazing at trigonometry despite his lack of formal education
  • Noah: Gets good grades and can play basketball
  • Rex: uuggghhh why is nOAH so much bETTER than me at EVERYTHING?!?!?!

Rex and meaningful contact with others.

Meant to be sort of a follow-up to my last Rex related photo set post, since while the kid can be scary in a fight, it’s important to remember how much contact with others matters to him.

As the series progresses, he develops in such a way that he’s big on granting second chances, believing in the importance of free will and choice, and keeping his promises when it counts the absolute most, even if that promise is to a former foe.  He also starts to let go of the idea of “playing it cool” in holding back on letting others know that he cares, going from telling Six to “get off the sap train” in season one to embracing his team mate/mentor/friend/father figure in season three.  Rex seems to value his memories and personal experiences over material possessions, but more than anything else - even his own life and identity - he values his family, friends and allies.  Nothing matters more to Rex than other people.

You think Rex ever resented Noah for getting to be “normal” when he wasn’t? I found it kind of interesting that Rex’s insecurity/tendency to compare himself to Noah played itself out over something as relatively inconsequential as a prank war, and not the fact that Noah can, y’know, remember the last 16 or so years of his life, has a home and a family, and isn’t a human weapon. Did they ever talk about this? Rex was pretty forgiving over the whole “White Knight hired Noah to keep an eye on Rex” thing. Maybe he wouldn’t even broach the subject with Noah.

Headcanon: Rex is a weepy drunk. The first time they break into Noah’s parents’ liquor cabinet, Rex winds up sobbing on the kitchen floor about how unfair it is that Noah still has a mom and a dad and a kitchen and damn it, he wants a kitchen too. And Noah has to call up Six and explain that there’s an EVO having an emotional breakdown on his parents’ new tiles and he’s going on about meatloaf for some reason. Rex asks Six to be his dad. Six explains to him you don’t just ask someone to be your dad. Rex cries some more.

Running Providence - Noah and Rex sketch
These two always make me happy with the characters in Generator Rex. Here’s Rex, who’s been taught since he can remember, (which isn’t very long) that he has to be a weapon and under control at all times. Noah, who at first was just into the friendship for an undercover job, turns it around on its head and actually becomes a true companion. The two of them change the whole betrayal situation to a strengthening experience, and they become even tighter afterwards. They bounce off each other flawlessly, challenge each other’s weak points and banter, like you do, but still stand up for each other when the other is feeling down.