Noah stopped his car and leaned his forehead against the steering wheel. How many times had he done this? Gone chasing after his wife to another man’s home? He was tired. So very tired. 

He let loose a heavy sigh and got out. The scrapyard was deserted at this time of day, which is what he’d been hoping for. He didn’t want to have another marital spat in front of witnesses. Noah headed for the Airstream but stopped when he heard quiet laughter. He followed the sound to the other side of the trailer, to a part of the yard he hadn’t been to before. It was more secluded and shaded from the afternoon sun. He raised a hand to keep the glare out of his eye and made out two forms by a workbench. He stepped forward into the shade until he could see more clearly.

He wasn’t expecting what he got.

It wasn’t like it was a secret that Michael had a thing going with Alex Manes but they were usually fairly discrete. 

This was not.

Michael was leaning against a workbench, his shirt lying on the ground a few feet away and his jeans obviously open and sagging halfway down his ass. Perched on the bench in front of him sat Alex with his legs wrapped tightly around Michael’s waist and his hands buried in his hair. He was still fully clothed but from the way Michael’s hands were pushing his shirt up his chest, he wouldn’t be for very long. The two men were too engrossed in each other to have heard him approach so Noah made a few obnoxious fake coughs to get their attention. 

They broke away from each other with a wet gasp, both panting a little. They pulled back until they saw who had disturbed them and then, seeing that it was only Noah, they fell back into each other. Alex’s hands slid into Michael’s curls, cupping the back of his head while Michael’s hands fell to the table, resting on either side of Alex’s hips. They were still pressed tightly against each other but Noah now had Michael’s attention. Alex had buried his head in Michael’s neck. Based on the blissful look on Michael’s face, he wasn’t just resting it there.

Noah coughed again and looked away briefly. “Have you seen Isobel?” He finally broke the silence. 

Michael started to shake his head then nodded. “She stayed at Max’s.”

Noah nodded to himself. It’s what he had expected but Michael’s was closer so he’d come here first. He started to turn away and leave the two men alone again when Michael spoke up. 

“It’s not easy for her you know.” Noah turned around. Michael had detached himself Alex slightly. He was now turned mostly towards Noah, enough that Noah could see he wasn’t wearing anything under his jeans and he quickly diverted his gaze back to Michael’s face. He looked surprisingly serious. “Her powers screw with her more than she likes to admit. It’s why she doesn’t use them if she can avoid it. But lately…well lately she’s had to use them more and more. And getting into other people’s minds messes with hers. She gets confused a lot. Some days she even seems to forget who she is. It’s like there someone else walking around in her body.” He shrugged slightly so as not to dislodge Alex. “The episodes will get shorter and shorter until they stop. But there’s no telling how long it will take. You just gotta ride it out.”

Noah didn’t know how to respond. He was still getting used to the whole alien thing. He and Isobel hadn’t exactly had any in depth conversations about what it meant for her to be from another planet. That was something that they really needed to fix. And soon, it would seem.

“I know this isn’t easy.” Alex spoke up, surprising Noah. In a way he was grateful. Michael was used to this kind of stuff but Alex was almost as new to it as Noah was. “But I would suggest you try not to get too angry? Give her some space and time and let her talk.” He nudged Michael’s shoulder gently. “These guys have been keeping this secret for a long time. Getting them to open up now is like pulling teeth sometimes. And it’s not because they don’t want to. They just literally don’t know how.” 

Noah nodded. He understood, or he was trying to understand. The conversation when Isobel had finally told him was proof enough that Alex was right. It had taken hours just for her to be able to form the words enough to tell him the truth. 

“Yeah, okay.” He gave them a little wave. “Thanks guys. I’ll see you later.” 

As he turned to leave, he saw Alex wrap his legs around Michael’s waist and reel him back in. He could hear Michael’s chuckle turn into a groan as he got in the car and he made sure to turn up the music as he left.


Iz look, maybe for a little while, you could stop worrying about how happy he is. Maybe instead, you could just let me worry about how happy you are. For once?

anonymous asked:

I can’t send asks from sideblogs (Malex-trash) so anon it is. I just wanted to say hi, how are you? And what are some things you hope happen on the show in general? Not just ships but major or minor plot points that you think absolutely should be in the show?

Hi!! 👋🏻

Major plot points, hmmmmm…

1) Alex telling his dad to go fuck himself.

2) Michael telling Alex and Isobel telling Noah about themselves because they want to and they don’t want to keep secrets anymore.

3) GROUP SCENES! I want all the characters (minus Jesse Manes who can go fuck himself) to be in the same place together hanging out! We see what good chemistry they all have and I would love to see it on a grander scale.

4) I don’t want anything about what happened that night to Rosa and the other girls to be something that will irreparably ruin anything between any character. That being said I definitely want to know, and I think season two is going to bring a different mystery. I think we will get answers by the end of the season but it’ll end on a cliffhanger or twist and we will be left with more questions that will then be explored next season.

5) More friendship moments and deepening of current friendships. I also want to see new friendships form.

6) More flashbacks! I wonder if that’s going to be a season 1 thing only or if it will continue on as the story goes forward.

7) Let Maria exist outside of the bar.

8) Interactions between people we haven’t seen interact yet. Maria and Kyle, Kyle and Isobel, Liz and Jenna, etc.

9) SHIP STUFF!!!! Echo needs to kiss and I expect a malex love confession and tons of romance okay I don’t ask much.

10) More great music! It’s been amazing so far and I LOVE music being used to tell a story. Plus I’m a 90s kid so this stuff is perfect for me.

Bonus: After Jesse Manes fucks off, he gets hit by a bus driven by the malex shippers.

noah bracken theory

i love noah. we all love noah. but the thing is, we don’t know much about him yet. at all.

noah is one of the few characters on the show who, as far as we know, isn’t a new roswell high graduate. he doesn’t have the same intricate backstory with the main cast as other ‘side’ characters do - maria is currently underdeveloped, but has ties to multiple other main characters, so we can assume many things about her and trust her pretty easily. (jenna cameron also doesn’t have these ties, and, as far as i see, as a fandom whole we don’t trust her)

what do we know about noah? he’s married to isobel, and devoted, though he knows she’s hiding something. he’s a lawyer. he gets on pretty well with her brothers. AND, as of 1x05, is somewhat of an alien trivia buff. (also learned in 1x05 - his father was an alcoholic) 

other than that, what do we know? what’s his backstory? how did they meet? sure, we’re only 5 episodes in, but this is an unraveling mystery show. there are endless twists and turns. 

someone in roswell is pulling strings - hiring wyatt long as muscle, paying grant green to spout propaganda. killing everyone who knows anything about aliens.

i think this mysterious puppet-master is another alien (a theory i’ve seen a lot in this fandom), and that they know, or suspect, the identities of the other aliens (our 3 lovable dumbasses). 

now, i don’t think noah knows that aliens truly exist, and i think he DEFINITELY doesn’t know isobel or her brothers are aliens. my theory is that he was somehow hired or just encouraged to get close to her by someone (puppet-master) for means of… surveillance? tracking? figuring out her powers? seeing if she would crack and admit her secret to him? i don’t know. but i think the comments he made about being into alien stuff and visiting the warehouse can’t be completely random (maybe he was told to tell her to go to the warehouse - that’s where wyatt knew to come and attack both her and grant (unless i’m forgetting something about that scene)).

basically, i don’t think noah is actively planning against the aliens or spying on his wife, but i do think his existence is kinda random (as a non-book/OG show character) and this show doesn’t really do random. on this theory, i actually actively hope i’m wrong - i really like noah, and i hope he and isobel sort their relationship out, secret-free

Aliens and the one love curse

In Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters universe, the Shadowhunters tend to fell in love one, to give their hearts to one person. I have a theory that whatever kind of alien Max, Isobel, and Michael are they also they so tend tears this.

Max has been in love with Liz forever, Isobel and Noah are married and we so far have seen no mentions of ex’s, and Michael and Alex were a thing back in highschool but it didn’t end well Michael still loves him.

Then only being able to fall in love once would mean Max is literally incapable of letting go of Liz, that Alex is Michael’s end all be all, and that if Noah finds out and hates Isobel it’s not going to end well, so I’m not sure if I want it to be true.

It might be a tiny bit far fetched, but with only 4 episodes worth of info, this theory keeps banging around in my head and I’ve got nothing to disprove it thus far.