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Curtain Call of Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus

I found this moment to be incredibly endearing. As you probably know, because this was their final performance, Reo was very teary and shaky during the speech and he very much remained in that state afterwards. So as they made their final bow to the audience, he reached his little hands to the two people right next to him, Teruma and Yuta. He didn’t seem to have taken neither’s hand on the first try, but they soon joined hands, and then Reo turned to look at Teruma.

Long-time fans of Teruma’s William should know that he DOESN’T break character during curtain call. It’s something he has always done and he takes great pride in remaining stoic even as the audience cheer for him. But when Reo looked at him, he smiled to reassure the boy and that just made Reo hold on to them both harder, even to the point when Teruma had to let go because Reo and Yuta need to do a separate curtain call.

And of course Jinnai Soma was very upset about this whole thing lol

And here’s a picture of Teruma and his “eternal little brother” Reo because at this point why not.


Manga vs. Anime vs. Musical

“Black’s roommate would be…Suit!”

  • Teruma as William T. Spears Suit
  • Furukawa Yuta as Sebastian Michaelis Black
  • (Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus)

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Note: This is the first time ever that Kuromyu has used a split screen in its DVD recording.

Finnian Facts

Name: Finnian / Subject #12, S-012
Height: 163 cm
Age: 16
💙 He is of German descent
💙 Ciel named him for his golden hair after Finn McCumhaill, a prominent figure in Celtic Mythology
💙 Sebastian taught him how to read
💙 Ciel used his name as an alias when infiltrating the Noahs Ark Circus, but not his status as a gardener
💙 He ranked #10 in the official character poll
💙 He has superhuman strength due to the experiments performed on him in captivity
💙 In the manga, he is first seen bald whereas in the anime he has hair.
💙 His favorite food is Omurice, especially when sebastian decorates it with a little flag
💙 He has an affinity for fried foods and donuts
💙 He has an attatchment to most animals
💙 He and Snake seem to get along rather well, they even were partners during the Easter egg hunt in chapter 66
💙 Finny cared for Ciel during the Emerald Witch Arc
💙 Finny’s strength may be superhuman, but he is still easily defeated by Sebastian when protecting Ciel.
💙 His only request when coming to work for the Phantomhive estate was that he would be allowed outside
💙 In spite of Sebastian’s aloof nature, Finnian still harbors attatchment to him. This is shown predominantly during the Book of Murder Arc, when he became furious when Sebastian was being spoken about as a mere object rather than a person.


Sometimes I remember that there are a ton of Black Butler fans that don’t know that the musicals exist, and lemme tell y’all, YOU ARE MISSING OUT

Much thanks to @redladydeath for compiling this drive with the musicals!

Reblog so every fan can see these! They are all so worth the watch, the cast, songs, choreography, costumes, and stunts all get better and better with each one!


Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus

 "How many times must I repeat the same advice to you…Earl Phantomhive?“

  • Izumi Shuhei as Undertaker, finally able to reveal his eye on stage for the very first time since he started playing the character in 2009.

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