noah z. jones


This Halloween Disney XD is giving something to scream about


-Milo Murphys Law

-Pickle And Peanut


How to promote with so much beloved way to Disney’s most hated series!


Pickle And Peanut  Plushies by Mocchi-Mocchi-Style ON THE WAY! 

Japan Fans asked and Japan Fans get delivered Mocchi-Mocchi-Style has made plushies of Pickle And Peanut,for the Disney Store Japan we are not sure if this plushies will come to the Disney Store USA but our guess is that they will be on it! you can pre order it on Amazon Japan



Princess Pink and the Land of Fake-Believe: Moldylocks and the Three Beards by Noah Z. Jones is a colorful and spunky graphic novel about a girl named Princess Pink, who doesn’t like princesses or pink. When she falls into her fridge and to the land of Fake-Believe she finds herself on a very wacky adventure. 

This graphic novel is great for elementary and middle schoolers who love new twists on old fairy tales and enjoy silly humor that matches that of Diary of a Wimpy Kids and Captain Underpants. I was thoroughly entertained.