noah symeon

Drabble 7

As they were sitting there, Kallistrata still not back, Esmalda entered the room.  She stopped and stared at them, probably expecting to see the Enforcer herself, before slowly backing out of the room and leaving. Elias was about to comment on it, just something to talk about, when she popped her head around the door frame, leaning in with a grin on her face. “Creeped ya out, didn’t I?” she asked with a small giggle on the end. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say to that. 

Her warm and outgoing attitude always set him off, not really sure how to interact with her, and there were those times that she seemed to snap, too. It was in his best inerest to say as little as possible, so Elias did just that.

“Hello Molly,” Noah suddenly said, startling the young boy. This was the most he had ever heard him speak before. “Are you finished with practice already?”

She entered the room and sat on the desk in front of Elias. Out of all the seats available, she chose that one. "For now, I’ll be practicing later this afternoon,“ she said, before focusing her attention on Elias. "What are you two up to?” she asked.

He wished he was born as jellyfish. Maybe then he could melt away into a goopy puddle and not have to socialize. “W-waiting for Miss Kallistrata,” Elias said as he tried to find his voice. Was there anyone he didn’t stutter around?

“We were told it has something to do with an ugly kid,” Noah answered, filling it in. “Gene is busy with her club so I have time for a while.”

In an instant she was off the desk and looking at the door. Hardly ten seconds passed before she was grinning back at them. “Well, I’ve waited long enough!” she declared. She took a receipt out of her pocket and wrote a note on the back of it, probably to Kalli. Esmalda turned her attention back to them. “Would you like to go walk the halls with me for a while?” she asked. That sounded very uneventful and boring. They walked the halls every day to get to class, so why do it now when they had no destination in mind? And on top of that, Elias didn’t want to anger their Enforcer or Captain by leaving.

“No,” he started, bringing his knees to his face and muttering into them, “I’ll stay here.” He looked over to Noah who seemed to think about it for a while. There really wasn’t much to think about: chance angering Kallistrata or don’t. Nothing to think about at all.

“I’ll go,” Noah finally answered as he stood up and lightly dusted his pants off. Elias couldn’t believe it.