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Face Casting: Connor Franta as Richard Gansey (thanks anon!!!)

“If Glendower had not saved Gansey’s life, he did not know who to thank, or who to be, or how to live.” 

Canon Physical Traits of the Gangsey

- very tan
- would look great standing on a yacht
- fantastically styled brown hair
- hazel eyes, sometimes with nerd glasses (actual-nerd, not hipster-nerd)
- classically handsome anglo-american bone structure
- arm muscles worthy of the gods
- hollywood smile
- polo shirts in a range of pastels and brights
- elitist shoes

- also very tan
- short hair somewhere in the chromatic range of dirty blond to light brown
- “pretty” blue eyes
- taller than Gansey but shorter than Ronan
- lean/lanky with narrow shoulders
- “gaunt”
- very pale eyebrows (and probably very pale lashes because of how genes work)
- looks like he fought in the Civil War (both in appearance and tiredness level)
- serious/sad expression

- “smudgy”, whatever the hell that means
- blond hair, presumably in whatever style was popular for rich white boys in the mid-2000’s
- small eyes and large ears
- always wearing school uniform
- looks like a decaying ghoul when viewed from an unflattering angle

- short and choppy dark hair with bangs and lots of clips
- large eyes
- generally hot, according to Adam and Gansey at least
- approx. 5 feet tall
- dresses like she has watched every youtube video on how to “upcycle” your clothing

- blue eyes and dark eyebrows
- buzzed hair and back tattoo, obviously
- pale skin that begs for a sunburn
- chiseled nose
- chiseled muscles
- “handsome”, according to everyone
- marginally taller than Adam and considerably taller than Gansey
- either scowling grumpily or smiling smirkily
- usually wearing a tight af black tank top and edgy distressed jeans
- can grow a beard in like under a week

- cheekbones that could slice off your entire face
- flawless eyebrows
- hair that doesn’t believe in gravity
- actual model


The thing I love most about Valentine’s Day (perhaps the only thing I love about it) is making cheesy YA novel valentines. This year’s batch is Raven Cycle themed! Tired of chocolates and flowers? Why not treat yourself to a book about deadly kisses! <3

Ok I just had an idea

What if for the trc show the actor who plays Noah narrates all of the important parts of the show from lines from the book

Like for the opening scene of the pilot he would voice over “blue Sargent had forgotten how many times she’d been told that she would kill her true love” and so on and so forth while blue went about her day at 300 fox way helping her family with readings or at school or something

And then for season 2 it would begin with “a secret is a strange thing. There are three kinds of secrets.” With Noah actor voice over and scenes showing Ronan and his three types of secrets

Or for trk “Richard gansey iii had forgotten how many times he had been told he was destined for greatness” Because they’re all connected through Noah and he’s been watching them all and he knows them all and he loves them all

Could u imagine

Raven Cycle quotes they HAVE to include in the tv adaptation
  • “I’ve been dead for seven years”
  • “Safe as life”
  • “I’m always straight”
    “Oh, man, that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told”
  • “Maybe I dreamt you”
  • “Trees in your eyes…stars in your heart”

And, most important of all

  • “Hey tiger”
The Raven Cycle tv show

Anyway, while you guys are arguing, I’m thinking about how fucking unprepared I am to see so many character moments come to life such as:

Ronan finding his father’s murdered body
Noah dying
Gansey dying twice
Gansey being held at gunpoint
Blue’s reaction to her mother disappearing
Adam flipping out on everyone because of the transition with cabeswater, then going missing for hours and being terrified
Adam standing up to his father
Gansey and Ronan running like hell to the trial
The opening scene with gansey as a spirit
The tree visions
Ronan’s “suicide attempt”
Adam being physically abused and going deaf
“Murdered” “remembered”, “I was more when I was alive” I’m tired of decaying?!?!
Kavinsky’s suicide
Ronan flipping shit because cars are exploding and Matthew is in one of the trunks
Gansey crying, ever, at all
Declan and Ronan’s fight

I know I’m missing shit but like wtf I can’t do this.