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Stiles is Allison’s half-brother, on their Father’s side. Stiles was brought up by his Mother and Step-Father, until his Mum died and Noah supported him, Allison was brought up by the Argent family, away from Stiles. Even miles apart, they were inseparable and when reunited, it only got madder. (For @celestallison)

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Halloween town AU: Ben goes through everyone's search history and has the ability to blackmail anyone. Laughing Jack is considered the neighborhood's hobo, and Noah accidentally fondles Reed's invisible pecs.

Ben, the least intimidating of all of them, has blackmail.
LJ would look like a hobo, probably.
Noah. Why.


ya lit meme:
book series [1/10]
- The Mara Dyer Trilogy by Michelle Hodkin

“My name is not Mara Dyer, but my lawyer told me I had to choose something. A pseudonym. A nom de plume, for all of us studying for the SATs. I know that having a fake name is strange, but trust me —it’s the most normal thing about my life right now. Even telling you this much probably isn’t smart. But without my big mouth, no one would know that a seventeen-year-old who likes Death Cab for Cutie was responsible for the murders. No one would know that somewhere out there is a B student with a body count. And it’s important that you know, so you’re not next.Rachel’s birthday was the beginning. This is what I remember.”

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As always, if your character is not on here or only has one vine, pls know that I will make more of these. They’re merely just what I saw and who I thought of hehe. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Warnings: Language


AJ: x

Blanche: x x

Cece: x 

Dustin: x x (feat: Laura Parrish) x

Granny: x

Iggy: x

Jung: x

Marley: x x

Noah: x

Quinn: x

Reed: x x

Skylar: x


AJ, avoiding bonding like the plague: x 

Blanch, when she broke her leg: x

Laura Parrish (Dustin’s Mom): x

The Seniors: x

Amanda, literally at anyone: x

Quinn and Dustin: x

Everyone, at the end of every season: x

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