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when you log on to relax and are immediately flooded with negativity

A Thought About The Raven Cycle

Okay guys so I am just gonna put this out there:

I love Pynch. I really, really do. They are one of my OTPS. Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch are ground shakers, they are amazing, I love them so much.

BUT, when people act like the only reason reading The Raven Cycle is worthwhile is because of Pynch, that BREAKS MY HEART.

I mean, there is literally so much to love about the Raven Cycle. It is such an amazing series and no part of it is skip-worthy.

You have Blue and Gansey, who are well developed characters in an equally well developed ship. Like, they exist outside of their feelings for one another, they don’t lean on the typical YA hetero romance tropes where the guy is a brooding, dark asshole who exists to make out with the protagonist and win fans over with his silly angst and witty comebacks. Gansey and Blue’s relationship doesn’t rely on any sort of sexual factor at all. They fall in love without the help of frantic, passionate make-out scenes. And their love makes SENSE. You don’t wonder why the hell they are in love, and it isn’t that bullshit Insta-Love that is so popular with straight couples in YA. That is just… so fucking…. nice.

And the women of 300 Fox Way! Don’t even get me started on how amazing they are! I mean, here we have a whole cast of adult women in a YA novel who are complex and realistic and powerful and all of them are unique and fascinating. Each woman is a person, they exist outside of their usefulness to the protagonists. I love them dearly.

Noah Czerny is also such a unique fucking character. He always seems to fall between the cracks, but let me tell you, Noah is just as thought out and developed as the rest. The more you learn about him, the more heartbreaking his story becomes. You can’t NOT love him.

Henry Cheng, anyone? I hope you didn’t make it all the way to the 4th book and still believe that Pynch is the only good thing in the series, because even this last minute addition of Henry to the Gangsey is fantastic. Like, Henry is a snatcher of hearts??? I love that he is so different in TRK from how he is portrayed in Blue Lily Lily Blue. I guess it just goes to show that people become more complex, become more like REAL PEOPLE, once you actually take the time to get to know them? That’s so beautiful? Henry is so beautiful?

Hell, even Mr. Gray is a show-stopping character. Who would have ever thought that the hitman who rolled into town to fuck people over would actually become this surprisingly lovable character who doesn’t judge all the other characters for their weirdness and who forms a relationship with his girlfriend’s daughter when his girlfriend isn’t even around. Like he just genuinely gets along with her. No needless angst.

All of the characters, even the villains and side characters, are incredibly well developed and real feeling. The plot is so raw and genuine and every relationship, platonic or otherwise, is so well executed.

One of these well executed relationships is Pynch, yes. They are my favorite pairing in the book, and Ronan is my favorite character. I can’t imagine The Raven Cycle without Pynch.

But I ALSO can’t imagine The Raven Cycle without any of the characters and elements it currently has, either.

So yeah, every aspect of The Raven Cycle is phenomenal, please do not simplify it all to being one good ship with some surrounding events.

Okay, thank you, this has been a rant from yours truly.

Let’s talk about Nemma for a sec.

I understand that you may dislike the ship Nemma because you support NoCo, but making hate videos on Youtube, hating in the tag, and bashing others art is just wrong. We are all entitled to our own opinions, and you shouldn’t go and try to shove yours down somebody else’s throat. I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you. I mean, c’mon people! They’re fictional characters! 

Oh and with Nemma, once again, many people hate on it because they say that Emma affected Noah’s personality, and that he isn’t the same anymore. I think this is what the producers were going at. One word. Character development. Noah is familiarized as being a cold hearted person who didn’t give a single flying fuck about anyone other than himself. He was pretty much a douche, but that’s what everyone in the fandom liked about him. That’s what made you guys find him hilarious. 

But it had it’s downfall. Because of his behavior, he took away his chances of making those many friends. He was always too busy being a jerk to his teammates/taunting them, which caused them to dislike him to a very large extent. 

But now, this is why I support Nemma. Ever since that one episode when Emma did that flip, he found her attractive by her elegant formation, not by the sport in general. He was never fond of sports, remember? Which is obviously why he had Owen do it instead of him.

Because of his attraction to Emma, it made him want to become a better person. Which is why he gave the twin one of the Rings he found in the ocean. He also stated that he’s starting to care about people now, which is something he never did. For example, leaving Tyler on the stretcher in TDWT. 

Noah never honestly had character development throughout all of the seasons he attended in. He was just the same sarcastic jerk.

And if he and Cody ever did start dating, it’d probably go the same way as him and Emma’s relationship is.

Plus, he’s much happier now. He said that he’s constantly smiling whenever he’s around Emma, even though he hates when other people do that. Other times, he usually wears a frown, and is clearly unhappy. 

You know that whole jerk guy and then a girl changes him thing? Well, that’s pretty much what has been going on in this season. 

Nemma is a healthy ship. Emma’s super affectionate and caring, a little clingy too. It is shown that she cares about Noah a lot, and when she broke his heart, she wouldn’t stop worrying about him. Plus, she keeps falling into Noah-dazes. 

Even though you may not like it, Emma and Noah are actually a pretty good ship. Not only did it make Noah’s character more friendlier than before, and boost his chances of making plenty of friends in the future, but it also developed him. Just think of it as a real-life situation for a sec. 

Even though he’s nicer, we still have our same old sarcastic Noah, guys. But he’s happy. Which is important. 

Once again, you’re just not used to his new personality. It’ll grow on you eventually.

If you really look into the ship, you’ll find out what the writers were trying to do, and how they succeeded. You may not like it for another reason though. Like how they got together. Well, Noah and Emma took a few episodes to get to know eachother better, so it wasn’t just a “Hey, I like you. Let’s date” and “Okay!” Thing. They had to let it run out quickly because there aren’t too many episodes, and plus, they had to give other teams more camera time. They did the same thing with Gwen and Trent. 

Her and Noah were talking on the plane too. Who’s to say that they weren’t discussing interests? Maybe that’s what made him like her more?? We’ll never know. 

But anyways, their ship is really cute! You can’t say that it isn’t.

I mean,

it’s just



Plus, Noah has really grown as a character, however I wish they focused more on Owen and Kitty as much as those two, but whatever, I’m not complaining. 

If you disagree with anything that I said above, that’s alright. I respect your opinion, and you should do the same with mine. :)

Thanks for reading!

Skam season 4

Part of me is so happy that Sana is the main for season 4 because well you know, she slays my existence with her sass but another part of me is just really bummed out. It’s the last season and I wish it was someone like Vilde (purely for the reason that a like Vilde more) and I know that’s completely my own opinion and a lot of people obviously wanted Sana and they’re gonna be really happy but because I’m selfish I wish it wasn’t.
Ok then end, bye😬👋🏼

Sometimes I really hate tumblr. I really hate this website. Like the way people on here go on witch hunts to prove that a person is horrible or something by digging up posts from like 8 years ago. I discovered Trevor Noah, the South African comedian last week and I fell in love with him because he is so poignant in the way he educates people about racism, politics, homophobia, sexism and other current events with comedy. I love the fact that an American prime time late night show named a person of color as a host, promoting visibility and diversity. And all tumblr has done is dig up some problematic sexist and anti Semitic tweets from 2009 to paint him as this horrible man who deserves to be hated and brought down. Do you remember what you were like 8 years ago? Were you this perfect little informed child? Were you fucking unproblematic? I wasn’t. Nobody is. People learn and change and grow and develop, and the fact is that Trevor is fantastic for people who struggle with fitting in like he did. He increases awareness about the African continent, real issues the world ignores from there, politics, racism, xenophobia, and stereotypes through his comedy. His message resonates with all people from 3rd world country backgrounds, who are disregarded by most westerners as being “unimportant” or “backwards”. He is an amazing voice that can bring about change and one small problem from YEARS ago doesn’t make someone instantly disappointing and horrid. Like. Go outside into the real world. Grow the fuck up yeah? You’re not perfect, your friends aren’t perfect, your family isn’t and you don’t condemn real people to a bonfire immediately do you? Give people benefit of the doubt please. Let them learn, and make sure you even understand what they’re saying. Comedians like Trevor usually like to bring attention to bad stereotypes and problematic values by using irony/sarcasm, and maybe in 2009 he didn’t realize he was making a mistake but that doesn’t mean he isn’t fit to be the host of The Daily Show in twenty fucking fifteen. Stop destroying people for a couple of problematic things they used to think or say, like god knows the world is full of prejudice that ends up ingrained in us, and unlearning that takes a hella effort.

Cute Flannel (Noah/Reader)

requested by anon

reader and noah have a lazy day


You scooted closer into Noah as you tried focusing on the movie, you’ve seen it a hundred times since it was his favorite, but you didn’t have the heart to tell him no.

“See, why does he do that? He knows there’s something in the attic! Who goes into a dark attic when they hear a noise?” Noah bean ranting as the scent played out.

You laughed at your boyfriend, “You’re such a dork.”

Noah scoffed, “Yeah says the girl who gave me 25 reasons on why we should watch Star Wars.” He wrapped his arm tighter around your shoulders as he spoke.

This was how your weekends usually went, you and Noah holed up in his room with junk food and a bunch of movies.

“Hey! Those were very valid reasons!” You defended yourself with a pout.

Noah pecked your forehead, “I know that babe, but we saw Star Wars last weekend so this weekend was my turn to pick.”

You knew he was right, you did make him take you to see The Force Awakens last Saturday.

“Whatever,” You muttered as you moved yourself to where you were laying completely on him.

“Whoa Y/N!” Noah chuckled as he got a hold of you so you wouldn’t fall of the bed.

You stifled a laugh at your clumsy boyfriend before resting your head on his chest, looking at him.

“I really like when you wear my flannels.” Noah continued as he began playing with the hem on the flannel you were wearing.


He nodded, “You look cute.”

A smile crossed your lips, “Cute enough that you won’t get mad if I put Star Wars on?”

Noah dramatically rolled his eyes as he sighed, “Fine.”

You jumped off him and did a little happy dance before putting the dvd in and getting back into bed.

“If you do that every time I let you play Star Wars, wow..” Noah breathed.

“Shut up.” You laughed as you pressed your lips to his.

Today’s lazy day was gonna be a good one.

talk me down - audrey jensen imagine

Imagine: You and Audrey had a fight and it was driving you both crazy, till one finally gave in and apologized and it turned into a sad/cute make up.

Warnings: none, maybe just some fluff

note: this is my second imagine, it’s just something that came to my mind, I have a few requests to work on but this idea popped out of nowhere so I thought I’d write it. I really hope you guys like it. if anyone has any requests don’t hesitate to inbox/message me :) (sorry for any mistakes that may occur)

You and Audrey haven’t talked in four days and it was slowly driving you crazy. You and Audrey have been dating for a while and you’re either texting, calling, or together 24/7. But since that stupid argument, both of you were avoiding each other at all costs. Noah was the one torn apart between the both of you since both of you were his best friends. Even though you’ve had fights before but it never lasted more than 24 hours.

You hated how attached you got to people, especially Audrey, because when things like this happen they just ruin you. You hated how one fight with a friend could control your mood for days even if they didn’t care as much you did, how your friends might not care to stay in touch with you as much as you did, how some stuff affected you too much in general when they shouldn’t, it makes you feel like they control your life.

Today was supposed to be the day you, Noah and Audrey would go to the movies like you usually do every week since it was Audrey’s day off. You were going to see The Conjuring 2, but you weren’t sure how or if it was gonna happen with all the tension going on.

As if reading your mind, Noah showed up from behind you while you were walking to class “Hey, my favorite lakewood sixer”, he said, stopping you, you sighed and rolled your eyes before replying “Audrey is your favorite lakewood sixer, not me” you said jokingly, “Both of you are, who said you can’t have more than one favorite?” he said, smiling at you, hoping you were in a better mood than the past two days, but his smile fell when he realized that it actually wasn’t.

“You guys can’t stay mad at each other forever,” he continued walking with you to class “besides, it’s movie night!” he said excitedly, “I don’t think movie night is a good idea tonight, I mean you guys can go without me, really it’s fine” you knew he still wanted to do movie night because with everything going on with the new killer, he wanted at least one thing to feel normal, which you couldn’t blame him for because you felt the same. But, you and Audrey were already driving him crazy for the past four days without even being in the same room. “No no! Come on, look, you don’t even have to talk to her, I’ll do all the talking, and I’ll sit in the middle, it’ll be fine!” by then he stopped walking and was grabbing you by your shoulders making you face him. He started pouting and you started to feel really bad “Alright, fine.” you sighed. “Yes!” he said in triumph, grinning at you. You rolled your eyes and started walking back to class while talking with Noah about the latest murderer news.

You put on your blue jeans dress and took a jacket in case you get cold from the cinema’s AC as you usually did. Usually you wouldn’t bother taking a jacket since Audrey would give you hers or would put her arms around you to warm you up, but this time you couldn’t depend on Audrey. You took your keys, said goodbye to your mum and left.

The whole drive to the movies you were trying really hard to slow down your heart rate, your heart always races whenever you see Audrey or even just think about her but it felt good. This time it didn’t feel good, you knew you were about to see her, you knew how tense it would be and you hated it. You hated it so much that you occasionally felt your stomach turn upside down for a few seconds. You didn’t know how you were supposed to act, were you supposed to say hi ? or not saying anything at all ? You never felt this way around her and you were already dreading every second of this night.

You arrived at the movies theater already regretting that you agreed to this. You took one deep breath and walked in nervously. You were almost relieved when you saw that Noah was standing alone, holding popcorn, smiling once he spotted you “I was starting to think you bailed and already started preparing the speech I was gonna give you,” you gave him a small smile “come on, the movie is about to start, Audrey already went inside.” he held your hand and gave it a little squeeze to comfort you, and it helped a little. When you walked in it was already dark and trailers were already playing on the screen, you silently thanked god that you wouldn’t actually have to face Audrey just yet. Noah led you to your seats and as promised he was sitting in the middle between you and Audrey. You didn’t even look at her and tried your best to keep your focus on the screen but you could already feel her staring at you.

The movie was over and Noah and Audrey got up but you were still glued to your seat, staring at the screen and trying to listen to the real recordings of possessed girl that they played at the end as Noah and Audrey waited for you. Once the recordings were over you got up and walked along with Noah and Audrey to the exit. The story really got to you, it was intense and you felt a little shaken, you didn’t say a word, you were just in deep thought. You don’t really get scared of horror movies, but the stories, especially the really sad ones that are also claimed to be true, kinda put you in this weird mood for a while.

You felt someone lightly hit your shoulder, you looked up next to you and it was actually Audrey, looking back at you with her beautiful eyes. “You okay?” she asked quietly almost hesitantly, her brows slightly furrowed. You didn’t even notice she was next to you till then, you thought you were walking next to Noah the whole time. You hesitated for a moment, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine” you said giving her quick small smile. The same small smile played on her lips too. You were surprised she even talked to you or that she even cared. Your heart raced, in a good way for the first time tonight.

The three of you walked outside and Noah was babbling about the movie. “Okay well, I’m gonna head home” you said awkwardly after Noah was somewhat done ranting, “Alright, see you tomorrow” Noah said, giving you a hug. You looked over at Audrey and gave her a small wave, which she returned along with a small smile. As you were leaving you heard Noah tell Audrey that he’ll go to the restroom before they leave. Right before you could open the door to the parking lot, someone grabbed your arm and turned you around. Once again, you were surprised it was Audrey.

She looked you straight in the eyes and you furrowed your brows. You weren’t sure what you were supposed to do but you felt your heart in your throat, both of you stood like that for a few seconds neither of you saying anything, Audrey opening her mouth but closing it before she could anything. “Audrey?” your voice came out uncertain, a little shaky. “I, um, I’m gonna drop Noah off then head home,” you waited for her to say something else but she didn’t. She had let of your arm go by then and had her hands buried in her pockets. “Oh-kay?” it came out more as a question because you weren’t sure what you were supposed to say. “I was wondering, can you, uh, can you meet back at my place? I think we need to talk.” she was nervous and you never saw her that nervous, except the first time you went out on a date. “Yeah” you slightly nodded, “Okay, good.”

You thought of all kinds of scenarios that could go down while driving back to her house. You were finally going to talk, but you were so scared that it would get worse rather than better. What if she actually wanted to officially end it instead of fixing things? You two weren’t talking, but you didn’t officially “break-up”. You tried to think of better ways this could turn out, but being the pessimistic person that you are, negative outcomes were all you could think about. You arrived to her house but her car wasn’t there so you assumed she was still dropping Noah off. You contemplated whether to wait inside your car or outside, which ended with you waiting on her front porch.

Ten minutes later, she arrived, parking in her driveway. You got up as she got out of her car and your heart started pounding too fast again, she smiled as she saw you then started walking towards the front door without saying anything. You followed suit up to her room, you got inside and slowly sat on the edge of her bed as she closed the door. You had your jacket on so you started pulling on your sleeves as you were getting more nervous by the second and impatient. “Would you like anything? Are you hungry, thirsty?” Audrey asked, sounding as nervous as you felt. “No, uh, I’m good, thanks.”

Audrey paced in front of you for a while, you could tell she was struggling with collecting her thoughts as she ran her hand through her hair a few times and wouldn’t even look at you. Audrey wasn’t the type to apologize even if she knew she was wrong, you’d usually end up apologizing instead, but this time both of you were being stubborn, which led to you two not talking for four days. It didn’t feel real when Audrey was the one who reached out first, telling you to meet her at her house, and that’s why you were scared that this was actually where she was about to end things with you.

“Listen,” she let out a frustrated sigh before finally facing you “I hate this, I hate how we haven’t been talking for the past four days, how we couldn’t even look at each other, it’s been driving me crazy, and I just,” she came closer to you, kneeling down in front of you, you started to tear up as she held your hand and held your cheek in her other palm and you leaned into it, “I- I can’t lose you, I can’t.” she whispered softly, almost pleading, her face seemed to soften in a way it rarely did, and it made you weak in the knees. You closed your eyes and a tear rolled down your cheek and Audrey was quick to wipe it away with her thumb. Audrey was never the one to express her feelings too much, you knew she loved you and she always made sure you knew that, but this was different. She was almost vulnerable in front of you, a side of hers you never saw except once, when Rachel passed away. You felt important, you were always the one scared to lose people but you never felt like anyone was ever scared to lose you. And now there you were, sitting in front of the most beautiful girl, the one you loved with all your might, and she was the one saying she doesn’t want to lose you.

You opened your eyes, and were surprised when you found that her eyes were almost watery as well, her worried eyes searching yours, you sniffled a little “I’m scared” your voice came out barely above a whisper. You never admitted to anyone you were scared, even when you were terrified of losing everyone you loved, even when you were terrified you were going to get killed, you always tried to put on a strong face for Audrey, for your friends and family, and for yourself. Audrey would always see right through you and comfort you anyway, she was truly strong and it made you want to be stronger too. This was the first time you admitted it out loud, that you were scared. “I’m sorry, I’m- I’m sorry about this whole stupid thing and I,” she sighed “I just need you with me right now” she still held your face in one hand while she brushed strands of hair away behind your ear with the other.

You couldn’t believe it, Audrey was actually apologizing for once, and it sounded so sincere that you felt weak in front of her, like you could apologize back to her. But you didn’t, you decided to lock your lips with her soft ones instead. This kiss was different, it was a passionate, needy kiss. You felt like she needed you the same way you needed her, you felt like you meant something to her, and you couldn’t ask for anything more than this.

“I love you,” she said as she pulled away out of breath, resting her forehead on yours. “so much.” you looked at her and studied every little detail in her beautiful face “I love you too, you’re so beautiful” you whispered back to her. She started kissing you again “I love how you get so invested in your books, shows, movies, I love how you get so emotional over the simplest things, I love you appreciate the smallest gestures, I love how much you care about people, and how much love you have to give,” she said between kisses on your neck, you closed your eyes and your breathing got heavier “I love how you always pull on your sleeves, I love how you never give up on me, I love your smile, I love that you’re mine.” 

the raven cycle youtube au

Gansey: artsy photography, traveling vlogs, mini history lessons, hauls of clothing and antique treasures, home decor (he is a nerd), gangsey collabs (the whisper challenge!!), short stories about his day

Blue: DIY cute crafts and decor, outfits of the week, baking with Noah, survey on the streets kinda stuff, women advice/relate, monthly favorites, hair tutorials

Noah: almost daily vlogs, lots of collabs, skateboarding and driving montages, gaming channel, random hauls, pranks on the gangsey but mostly on Gansey

Ronan: (only posts videos like twice a month) challenges, lip syncing music videos with Noah, rants, car vlogs sometimes featuring Adam

Adam: life advice, q & a’s, inspirational videos with A+ editing, the boyfriend challenge with Ronan, how-to tutorials, nature montages

Mtv Scream Discourse

Alrighty; lets get something clear;

Audrey Jensen isn’t completely innocent.

Brooke Maddox isn’t completely innocent.

Emma Duval isn’t completely innocent.

Kieran Wilcox isn’t completely innocent.

Jake Fitzgerald isn’t completely innocent.

Zoe Vaughan isn’t completely innocent.

Gustavo Acosta isn’t completely innocent.

Noah Foster isn’t completely innocent.

N O  O N E   I S  C O M P L E T E L Y   I N N O C E NT 

So far, literally everyone has done something wrong,

No character is 100% pure, they have all done something wrong that has harmed another/other character(s)

Liking them isn’t problematic. 

Liking a character for being problematic is fine. You just have to except they are problematic, they will make mistakes, like every other character on this show. Arguing that you’re favorite is better than another person’s favorite because your character is “pure” is 100% incorrect.

All the hate in this fandom is 100% not okay. 

Jake Fitzgerald

I’m sorry yall but are we even watching the same show?  Everyone is complaining the characters aren’t looking for jake and that it is sloppy writing and shit but it is not…let me break it down for y’all.  No one is looking for Jake for like a ton of reasons.  Let’s start with Audrey.  She knows Jake is dead so she isn’t worried about where he is and she isn’t going to go running her mouth askin where he is because that is gonna spell trouble for her.  Next lets talk about Brooke.  This girl, this poor sweet pure baby angel of a girl, she has been “talking” to Jake the past two episodes.  She thinks he is being an asshole to her and breaking her heart.  She thinks he is alive and well, she thinks he is off being Jake.  Then we have Emma…honestly this girl is too wrapped up in the Duval family drama to even notice or care about Jake.  I also don’t think she cares about him all that much anyways.  Plus without Brooke having concern for Jake I doubt Emma is going to go out of her way to look or be worried about him. Next we have Kieran.  Does this nasty 30 year old man care about any of the other Lakewood sixers other than Emma anyways?  Then we have Noah.  He is the only one I’m surprised isn’t looking for or worried about Jake.  But he has been asking about jake and has been mentioning how he wasn’t and hasn’t been around.  They have all asked Brooke if they have seen or heard from him. She asked all of them if they’d been talking to him.  They have been talking about him and wondering about him!  This brings me to my final point.  The main reason they are not looking for him.  THEY THINK HE IS IN FREAKING MEXICO WITH HIS FREAKING PARENTS.  They literally have no reason to go searching for him because 1) They think Brooke is talking to him so they don’t think he is dead 2) Most of them aren’t that good of friends with him and 3) They think he is in flipping Mexico.  I really don’t get why everyone is ignoring all of that and just calling the characters annoying and dumb and saying the show has sloppy writing.  If anything they have great writing and are making this killer more devious and intense.  I agree I want them to find out he is dead soon but it makes total sense they don’t know yet!!! I ask again have we all been watching the same show? 

So.... i'm gonna rant....

noah fence but any1 who thinks exo’s auto tuned piece lotto was better than bts’ entire discography in 2k16 can fight me.
monster was good i will give them that but if exo wins the mf daesang for a 4th year in a row I’m calling bullshit. bts has set records that no else in kpop has in 1 year alone. they also performed at every single kcon this year. with that being said if somehow they dont get Artist of the year I AM CALLING BULLSHIT. I have nothing against exo but yall fans gotta get yall heads out they ass and 🗣🗣 give credit where it’s due📢📢

You know one of the things that annoys me about this show? Like really, reeally bugs the hell out of me?

The recent deaths (specifically the ones from about seasons 5-6).

Deaths in the show used to be horrific, yeah, but they were tragic in a way that worked and a lot of them were actually very moving. Characters like Shane, Lori, Dale, Merle… Their deaths weren’t completely fair, no, but they made sense. They happened and the effect they had on the other characters and the audience was strong, but they were done in ways that created actual proper emotion. Kind of in the way that left a hole in your heart after watching.

The show used to explore its characters, craft them with depth after depth, and then take them away. But they did it right.

They don’t do that anymore.

Right around when season five happened, the deaths started becoming less fluid, noticeably with Tyreese, Beth, and Noah. Those weren’t the worst in regards to what I’m talking about, but they were probably the turning point in this growing problem.

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A good portion of the Sonic the Hedgehog tag is already Game Grumps related and filled with constant mockery of the character and the series. Only like 2 episodes into Black Knight. And I actually like that game.

And this, kids, is why I dread Game Grumps playing any Sonic game ever. Because then I can’t go 4 posts in Sonic related tags without my favorite video game series being mocked to death. I mean, hell, Arin even doesn’t like Sonic 3 & Knuckles or really ANY Sonic game, why do they keep playing Sonic games? Just to mock them?

It’s just obnoxious to go in the tags during a GG playthrough and seeing all this “LOL GOTTA GO FAST” or “hey, it’s about a cartoon hedgehog and it tries to have stakes in its plot, isn’t that funny, AMIRITE?” or “90s ATTITUDE LOL EVEN THOUGH THAT WAS ONLY THE MARKETING AND THE CARTOONS AND SONIC DOESN’T EVEN ACT LIKE THAT IN THE GAMES AT ALL” or just whatever stupid jokes they make about Sonic.

It’s not like I can block Game Grumps tags during it either, I’m stuck on mobile. And I’m not saying I hate the Grumps or anything, they’re cool. I just DESPISE the constant “Sonic is bad and always has been” circlejerk that happens during their playthroughs of Sonic games.

I'm just gonna leave this here...

So lately I’ve been reading a lot of posts about how Grady Memorial was an unimportant part of this season when that really isn’t the case at all.

We are first brought to Grady because that is where Beth wound up, then we met Noah. Despite what some people are saying, Noah was actually more important than you think.

After Beth’s death (she’s dead, please move on) the group takes Noah home, which is supposed to be a safe haven. When Rick, Noah, Glenn, Michonne and Tyreese get there, they see that what was once Noah’s home, has been destroyed. This was a huge clue for what would happen in the season finale. On the brick wall behind Michonne in one of the scenes, there’s a warning spray painted onto it that says “WOLVES NOT FAR” and I don’t think many people were able to pick up on that. Then there were the walkers with the “W” carved into their foreheads, that was the next clue. At first I didn’t even think of connecting the two until the day before the finale premiered and then it all started to make sense to me.

Noah was not a waste of a character and Beth’s death wasn’t for nothing, not to me anyway. Beth died to give Noah a chance to go home and if he didn’t go back home then we wouldn’t know there was a new threat, a pretty big threat might I add.

I just wish some people would take the time to actually figure the story out before freaking out over a death or a “pointless plot line”

End of rant.

High school AU where Courtney and Noah run against each other for class president and Noah wins and Courtney’s ranting to Duncan like

“This is so not fair! He didn’t even do any campaigning! I made posters! And stickers! And cupcakes with ‘vote for Courtney!’ written in purple frosting!”

“True, but he gives better head than you.”



Audrey Jensen X Reader- That Time of the Month

Prompt: You’re on your period and Audrey comes over to comfort you and take care of you
Word Count:422 Warnings: It’s literally just fluff unless you’re sensitive about periods

Asked to be tagged: @asexualbuckybarnes ———————————————- “Audreyyyy” You whined into the phone as soon as your beautiful girlfriend picked up. “Hmm?” Audrey chuckled. “I need you to come over. I’m cramping and I’m sad and I’m lonely” You pouted. “I’ll be over in five” The line went dead as you plopped back down on your bed. Exactly five minutes later, your doorbell rang. It was all you could do to pull yourself out of the bed but you managed to do it right as Audrey was ready to impatiently ring the doorbell several times. As soon as you opened the door and saw Audrey you immediately fell into her arms, happy to have someone to cuddle with. “Okay baby I think we are all set. I brought every single Nicholas Sparks movie I could find in the house even though I’m not sure why we own any. I also brought pizza and a couple containers of ice cream and the most comfortable blankets I could find.” “You’re the best you know that right?” You asked Audrey. “I know that you would do this for me every time mine hits. We’ve got each other covered.” Audrey then stuck The Notebook into the DVD player and pulled you close. You were about ten minutes into the movie when Audrey’s phone went off. You blew it off. But after Audrey’s phone went off about 25 times in five minutes, you were extremely ticked off. “Audrey!! Who keeps texting you?” You said sounding very annoyed. “Babe calm down. Don’t worry about it” She laughed. By this point you were losing it. You knocked her phone out of her hand and tried to grab for it. “(Y/N) WHAT THE HELL?!” Audrey yelled as she snatched her phone out of your hand. You suddenly felt terrible. You should trust your girlfriend. “I- I’m sorry” You stuttered as you started to sob. “Hey don’t cry” Audrey pulled you close. “I should’ve turned my phone off. It was supposed to be just me and you tonight and I’m sorry (Y/N). Noah was ranting about some lead he found with his murder board. I should’ve told him to wait and talk to me about it later. You had a right to get upset."  You nuzzled your head into her warm and comforting body. "Now” She said as she shut off her phone, “it’s just you and me.” She pulled out two spoons and a container of chocolate ice cream as you two watched The Notebook and several other Nicholas Sparks movies late into the night. ———————————————-also please note: slightly tipsy me wrote this so I apologize if this sucks. I’m kind of unhappy with it but idk let me know what you guys think.