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5SOS Preferences #39 - Your daughter has a crush on another member

Ashton: “daddy daddy daddy!” Your daughter Darcy screamed as she arrived home from playgroup. “What is it angel?” Ashton asked picking her up and giving you a kiss as you appeared in the kitchen. “Guess what I did?” She grinned. “Hey Ash…” Michael said poking his head round the door. “Uncle Mikey!” Your daughter yelled as she wriggled out of Ashton’s arms and ran into Michael’s arms. “Hey Darcy!” Michael laughed kissing her cheek. “Can Uncle Michael be my boyfriend?” Darcy asked you and Ashton. “Eww, gross, Uncle Michael’s really old…” Alfie, your eldest, joked as he walked into the kitchen. “Hey dont hurt my boyfriend!” Darcy huffed as she kissed Michael’s face. “Treat her well Michael!” You laughed. “My baby girl’s all grown up,” Ashton pouted

Calum: You had taken your daughter and two sons to one of Calum’s concerts seeing as it was in town. The four of you stayed backstage while Calum and the boys were performing. “I’m going to charge my phone, can you lot stay here please?” You asked your children. “Yeah, okay!” Noah said as he continued to hold Ella’s hand. “Can I go see daddy and Uncle Luke?” Ella asked. “Wait for mummy, please Ella?” Noah smiled. “Go on up to them Ella!” Daniel whispered in her ear as he took her hand and led her to the side of the stage. The 5 year old ran on stage and went straight to her Uncle Luke. “Well hello there princess!” Calum laughed. “Are you not coming to see daddy?” “No, I wanna stay with Uncle Luke. He’s my boyfriend now daddy!” You returned from the dressing room to find Calum bringing Ella back. “Daniel, I know you told her to do it,” You sighed as you picked her up

Luke: “So Luke, this is your little girl Sophie?” The interviewer asked as he showed the audience a picture of Sophie. “Yeah, that’s my baby girl all right,” He laughed. “Well I heard she’s here today, why dont we bring her in?” He said as a crew member brought your little girl on stage. She jumped up onto the sofa beside Luke and Ashton and snuggled into Ashton. “That’s a pretty dress Sophie,” She smiled. “Thank you, Uncle Ashton bought me it. It’s my favourite!” She said whilst looking up at Ashton. “She’s an Ashton girl, and Luke gets jealous at the fact she prefers to cuddle up to Ashton at the minute.” “I really love Uncle Ashton. Like a whole lot!” She giggled and wrapped her tiny arms around his waist, and snuggled into his side

Michael: “Lucy, please come out, I need to get a shower,” Michael said as he knocked on the bathroom door. “I’m sorry daddy!” She whispered as tears began to spill down her face. “Darling, you know you arent supposed to use mummy’s make up, now let me help you take it off. How come you used it?” Michael asked as he began to take the makeup off. “I wanted to look pretty for Uncle Calum. I have a crush on him Daddy,” She whispered. “Baby, Calum loves you no matter what, you dont need makeup to make yourself look pretty. You’re already one of the most beautiful girls in the world, okay?” Lucy smiled at her dad and nodded her head. “I love you Daddy!” “I love you too Lu, now get some shoes on, Uncle Calum will be here to take you for some ice cream soon!” Lucy’s eyes lit up and she jumped off the toilet seat and ran to get her shoes on. All because Calum was looking after her…