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D.Gray-Man Week || Day 4: By Your Side
↳ Favourite Noah - Wisely Kamelot

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I just started reading the Raven Boys book and I keep mixing up the boys' names and personality traits. Could you give me a non-spoilery description of Ronan, Gansey, Adam, and Noah? Ronan is the only one I can identify on the book cover bc he's bald

omg yeh! i hope you’re liking them so far!! i rly love em hah. when i first read em it took a bit to get used to them, but once you fall in love its easy ♥

ronan is my fav. you can tell hes talking because he cusses and hes angry/passionate. you can tell gansey is talking because hes polite, articulated to the point of sounding smug about it, and hes usually talking about the ley line. adam speaks politely as well, but he speaks politely like hes afraid to be anything but. noah is a little mouse whos not quite there.

songs for when you’re a preteen/early-teen in 2009-2011 and ur ipod nano is your prized possession

  • naive - the kooks
  • fill my little world - the feeling
  • goodbye mr a - the hoosiers
  • chelsea dagger - the fratellis
  • ruby - kaiser chiefs
  • suddenly i see- kt tunstall
  • pencil full of lead - paolo nutini
  • she’s so lovely - souting for girls
  • l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n - noah & the whale
  • girls and boys in love - the rumble strips
  • rhythm of love - plain white t’s
  • foundations - kate nash
  • let’s dance to joy division - the wombats
  • fluorescent adolescent - arctic monkeys
  • you give me something - james morrison
  • toothpaste kisses - the maccabees

scream is legit the gayest show ever like you have 2 girls confessing their love for each other on one side and then you have 2 lead male charcters that have an incredible amount of chemistry with each other, 2 girls that are literally canonically dating eachother and actually showed 2 girls in which one of them literally asked the other if they were “flirting with them”like literally how does this show not have more queer ships???

OC Interaction Meme #2 - for @toon-ager

“Toontown’s best soloer, huh? Nice to meet you Charles!”
“Awh shucks, thanks! I’m nothing special really… Are you here for an autograph?”
“Nope! But I WAS wondering if there was something you could help lil ol’ me with, actually! <3”
“Oh… erm… with what exactly? (Ugh here we go again)”
“Well you see, I’m kind of into the soloing business myself! I know you prefer to work alone, but I was wondering if you could teach me a few things? I could make it worth your while! Hehe~” 
“Hmm! Well as you can imagine I’m a pretty busy Hamster, but I’ll see what I can do, friend! I LOVE to help out my fans! =D
(I guess there are more annoying things to ask me to do…)” 

are they being extremely fake to each other? do they actually like each other? the world may never know

also GGHASOIDJ i cannot BELIEVE i forgot ur mouse’s prosthetics & i got the arm color completely wrong? jfc i might actually do an updated version of this pic @ some point cause thats gonna bother me omg….

noahandbrian phone headcanons

unanswered question in igyts #114: noah sweetwine and brian connelly having phones was literally never mentioned in the whole book but they probably had them but can you imagine what kind of texters they were ?? things for your consideration

  • when they were 13 and 14 they probably mostly kept conversations in person
  • but 1 night brians mom is stressing him out and hes lonely n he texts noah just somethin generic n brianish 
  • noah smiling in the dark w his lil face all washed out in the glow of his shitty cell phone bye 
  • trying 2 speak quietly convinced jude cant hear from the next room over (she totally can hear)
  • and brians on his back 
  • listening to noahs lil whispery voice made a little fuzzy by the phone
  • thats all they barely use their phones when they’re younger but tht one time
  • they never even discuss it in person but its always there neither of them are even sure it happened 


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Skam 30 day challenge - Day 8 Favorite scene

I will never ever manage to find ONE favorite scene from Skam. I have to many favorites, from all three seasons. This series is just too good, too full of fantastic scenes. But I can do one thing, I can tell you about some of my favorites. No problem.

I really like the scene where Jonas tells Eva to find herself some friends in season 1, this is the first scene were we see hints at the good guy that he really is. I also really like the scene where Noora rants to William in the schoolyard, and the one where Eva talks with Ingrid in the public toilet. However, the last scene with Eva and Jonas is my absolute favorite in season 1, it`s so beautiful and sad at the same time. Eva really shows her strength and independance, too. 

In season 2 my favorite must be “Trussel”, when Noora confronts Nico for harassing her. She is just so cool and brilliant in that scene. Girl power! I also love many of the other scenes, there are both funny and beautiful, emotional scenes, but this one stands out.

In season 3 it`s almost impossible to choose a favorite. Every episode is full of fantastic scenes. But I have to try. :D 

The acting between Isak and Even in the clip “Mekke øl”, where Isak spends time with Even at home, is fantastic, and the tension between them in “Bånder”, where they almost kiss, is almost tangible. The the estetic swimming pool scene in “21:21″, is pure bliss, and the locker room scenein “Pause”, just hurts and is lovely at the same time. The scene “Kan du varme et til meg også”, when Isak, tired and heartbroken,  meets Even in the cantina, almost makes me cry. I love the scene in “Spess i det siste”, where Isak finally comes out to his bro Jonas. The one scene that really breaks my heart, is of course the epic scene in “15:15-21:21″, where Isak and Even has this fantastic love scene, but Even gradually loses it, and Isak is lead to believe that Even doesn`t love him. The just as epic scene in “O Helga Natt”, where Isak first meets his parents in the church and runs to Even is just… beautiful. I also love “Minutt for minutt”, where Isak really shows how much he has grown. I also love the final scene between Isak and Even.

Ok. I think I can choose one scene. The scene in “O Helga natt”, where Isak runs to Even and finds him. Both the acting, the estetics and the music is nothing more than fantastic. I just love it. Actually, I think this is my favorite for the whole series. 

I want to mention the amazing swedish song choice for that scene, “O Helga natt”(”Oh holy night”), sung by Nils Bech. It’s so beautiful, and it fits so incredibly well with the story. 

“Yuta will be leaving Abnormal Summit to focus on his near debut!”

“Johnny’s been a trainee for too long! Obviously he’s going to debut now.”

“Hansol featured in the SOYD teaser! Don’t worry, he’ll be in the unit.” 

“haha u guys complain too much !!! meanwhile look @ this nct-u video :)”