noah holmes

  • favorite character: *is about to do something embarrassing*
  • Me: *pauses tv*
  • Me: *stares into space and cringes for 10 minutes, goes for a walk, rocks back and forward in the shower, sits on couch regrettably*
  • me: *presses play*

Merry Christmas ❤️🎄

  • somebody: yay Friday arrived.
  • me: must prepare.
  • somebody: for what?
my hopes for skam season 4

1) centered on sana
2) more noora and eva interactions
3) happy even
4) more scenes of the squads together
5) penetrator chris being less of an asshole
6) evak happy and healthy
7) everyone happy
8) did i mention i hope s4 is abt sana
9) because i really hope it’s abt sana