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More photos will be up later or tomorrow on Tabitha’s blog, but I just have to share this cute photo from Max and Aiden’s Birthday party today, with all their little sweet friends. Thanks to everyone who joined !!!

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The Brain, Athlete, Basketcase, Princess, and Criminal x The Queer, Midnight, Weirdo, Frog-Face, and Toothless

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HC of the party trying to explain to Mr. Clark why mike is making out with his cousin?

- Mike and Eleven are basically inseparable and now that the First Kiss is out of the way, it’s open season on Mike Wheeler

- So one day the party’s just chilling in the AV room, messing with the radio waves

- Mike and El have retreated into the corner to have semi alone time

- And of course Dustin and Lucas are making a lot of fucking noise and fighting over the radio

- Mr. Clarke, being a pillar of responsibility, decides he has to check on his little band of nerds that are making way too much racket for him to concentrate

- Just as he’s opening the door, Dustin and Lucas are fighting over the speaker, Max is yelling at them to calm down, Will’s watching all wide eyed

- And then there’s Mike and Eleven

- In the corner

- Kissing

- They had just leaned in when Mr. Clarke suddenly opened the door and were caught red handed, lips attached and all

- Mike backs up so fast he trips

- Eleven’s not really sure what the etiquette for this situation is so she’s just staring back

- Mr. Clarke clears his throat but he still can’t look away. It’s like a car crash

- “You guys were being uh, a little loud. Mike, can I see you outside for a second?”

- The panic is real. You can see it in their eyes

- Dustin’s mouth starts running before he can think his words through

- “Oh what, because of that kiss?” He hikes his thumb over his shoulder, at Mike and El. “That’s nothing.”

- Mr. Clarke is being taken to a whole new level of uncomfortable

- “It’s, uh, something. I think we should probably go and call your parents.” He’s talking to mostly Mike now

- This is the 80s, no one’s gonna blame Eleven

- “No, really, it’s just a weird family thing they do.”

- Lucas has snapped out of it

- “Yeah, it’s a Swedish thing. And they’re only related by marriage. Not a big deal.”

- “A Swedish thing?”

- “Yeah, just a little peck on the lips during a goodbye.” Dustin looks over at them

- Mike has finally pulled his ass off the floor

- “And Mike was just leaving.” Lucas added

- “To go see a doctor.”

- “About his… wart.”

- Honestly, these kids are terrible at improv

- And now they’re shooing Mike out the door

- Mike looks so put out that Will goes with him, for solidarity, and they both scoot by Mr. Clarke and practically run down the hallway

- Mr. Clarke isn’t totally sold but he lets it go

- And now any time they see Mr. Clarke in the hallway, Mike and Eleven have to awkwardly scoot apart

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Stranger Things: The Game dropped today for mobile

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  • The Brain, Athlete, Basketcase, Princess, and Criminal x The Queer, Midnight, Weirdo, Frog-Face, and Toothless

you can find my original post comparing the two here :)

Stranger Things plot twists we wouldn't see coming #3
  • *end of the season, day is saved and El has officially been adopted by the Byers family*
  • Will: Mike, you coming to the diner to celebrate El joining my family?
  • Mike: Yeah but you guys go ahead! I'll catch up. I just gotta call my aunt in Vermont.
  • Lucas: What? Oh...okay dude.
  • El: See ya later, Mike.
  • *the middle schoolers exit*
  • Mike: *dials a number* I need to speak with him. Yeah, it's Michael.
  • Mr. Clarke: Mike! How can I help you-
  • Mike: -Subject 11 is back and she's fully immersed herself into the group. And her powers seem to be thriving under positive reinforcement. I noticed that she was at her most powerful when Joyce treated her like a daughter and Jonathan and Will treated her like a sister. Looks like Dr. Brenner's negative reinforcement approach wasn't working. You called it from the beginning.
  • Mr. Clarke: Of course! Keep monitoring her powers, Agent Wheeler. The future of military science relies on our discoveries!
  • Mike: Should I continue pretending that I'm in love with her? It seems she responds well to that type of positive reinforcement as well.
  • Mr. Clarke: Go right ahead. Do what it takes to bring out her full potential.
  • Mike: Understood.
  • *Mike hangs up the phone, season ends with climactic music and Mike looking at the camera evilly*

Adventure game fact: The God Machine tower in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (LucasArts, 1992) was designed to resemble Gustave Doré’s illustrations of Satan in Hell’s icy center in Dante’s Inferno.

Not only that, the architecture of the God Machine contains three distinct faces, recalling Dante’s description of Satan’s three-faced visage:

If he were then as lovely, as now foul,
and yet upraised his brow against his Maker,
well it may be that from him all ills flow.

O, what a wonder did it seem to me
when looking on his head I saw three faces!
The one in front had vermilion for hue;

the other two were each joined to this,
above the center of his shoulder blades,
and reunited at his forehead’s crest.

The face at right was colored white and gold;
the one at left was dark to look upon,
like those who come from where the Nile flows.

Beneath each face there fluttered two vast wings,
Such as were fitting for a mighty bird.
No ship I saw ever had sails as wide.

In other words, the Fate of Atlantis developers weren’t just depicting Atlantis here: they were also depicting the center of Dante’s Hell, AKA Cocytus.

PS: It’s not common knowledge, but both Hal Barwood and Noah Falstein at various times worked on versions of The Dig.

PPS: In the above quote, Dante alludes to the fact that the Nile’s source was then unknown to Europeans, and would remain undiscovered until the 19th century.

In the Fountain of the Four Rivers in Rome’s Piazza Navona, sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini made a similar allusion by draping a heavy veil over the figure personifying the Nile, hiding his facial features.

Sound like any Weavers we know?

The College Years - Sophomore Year (Chapter 31) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Missing Boy”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey, Cora Hale, Scott McCall, Deputy Clarke, Noah Stilinski, Melissa McCall & Reader/OFC

Summary: Stiles gets released from the hospital, following his attack, and gets increasingly less patient with his ability to help the Pack crack the case of who summoned the rabisu to Beacon Hills.

Chapter Thirty - Chapter Thirty-One - Chapter Thirty-Two

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After nine days, Stiles had been released from the hospital and was finally allowed to go home. Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall had decided that Stiles would be safer sleeping on the McCall’s pull-out couch in Melissa’s living room, then going home to a normally empty house with Noah. Sheriff Stilinski had figured that Melissa, Scott, Isaac, and Y/n, all staying at the McCall’s with his son would be a better option than Noah occasionally being home to look after Stiles. It was temporary, and once Stiles could get up a flight of stairs by himself, Noah would take him home to his own bed. Stiles hated having to rely on others but he loved being in the center of the action again with most of the Pack coming in and out the McCall house at certain points throughout the day.

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