noah cato


I have to admit, I wasn’t sure you were gonna open up about this. But I was moved by what you said earlier. About the part of sacrificing yourself. And I believed you. I want to believe you. So here’s the deal. You agree to go with this slaver here, and submit yourself willingly back into bondage and I’ll buy these men and women their freedom. It felt like, to me, you were fairly certain of what you were gonna do if you had a chance to do it all again. Well, here it is. Be the hero. You just got to go south and these people go free.


in the last year i have unofficially changed my name, failed at getting important grades, gone through the darkest times i’ve ever faced, have had to decide whether to go hard or go home at college, said goodbye to someone that once meant so much to me, made new friendships that are so so incredible and here i am now. to sum it up, all that shit was ultra fucking terrifying at the time, and even in retrospect, i am still confused how the fuck i got through it but i got through it. i mean the last year has been a mix of scary, sad, determination, happiness, amazing, incredible, impressive and just overall not what i expected at all. but here i am, still strolling through the woods and slowly making it outta here with the help of some fantastic people and professionals.

i guess what i’m trying to say is that in the past year, i’ve gotten to a place i didn’t ever think i’d reach, not ever. i’ve found friends i wouldn’t have ever thought i’d be lucky enough to talk to, let alone talk to daily and see. i’ve been accepted in ways i thought only existed in the ‘it gets better’ section of the world. it’s been an terrifyingly incredible stroll, and who knows how it’ll continue, but here i am now, being someone i didn’t ever think i’d be able to be. i am noah sydney cato carter, and i am becoming the person i could only ever dream of being.