noah benson


It’s been five years since Alex Cabot was last on svu. Five years!! I miss her so much, I can’t fully describe it. She means everything to me and has helped me through a lot with her witty and sassy comments which never fail to put a smile on my face.

I hope she makes at least one more appearance. I need to see her and Olivia again. I really really really miss them. I’d love to see Alex and Barba. They’d make an unstoppable team!

I need answers to some questions!!

Is Alex happy??
Is she okay??
Has she fully recovered from her shooting??
How’s her anxiety and insomnia??
Where is she now??
Is she still kicking ass??
Has she met Noah??
Do Alex and Olivia still go ice skating??
Do they still talk??
Does Alex miss Olivia??
Does Alex miss svu??
Are Alex and Barba friends??
Has he ever gone to Alex for advice??

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Top 10 Ships (as voted by my followers)

        ↳ #10: Olivia Benson/Trevor Langan (Law & Order: SVU)

“You two have history?”

        “I   d o n’ t   d a t e   l a w y e r s.”