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why do grown ups go weird around babies?
erm, it’s actually this thing called pheromones. they give off a certain smell that makes their mums want to nurture.

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not to start drama but like,,,y'all rly gotta be more careful about who you elevate to “pure cinnamon roll too good for this world uwu” status. everyone is capable of doing shitty things, and the way people present themselves online can often be very different to how they actually are. acting like ppl are too sweet to ever do anything wrong absolves them from ever having to atone for the shit that they have done, and can rly hinder personal growth in the long run

The Boy Next Door: Birthday Celebrations - Derek Hale x Reader

Summary: (Y/n) moves to New York with her daughter, Amelia, for a fresh start. She quickly befriends her neighbour, Derek, until their relationship gradually develops into something more.

As always, thanks to @agirlwithpointlessideas! I know drabbles aren’t usually this long but I got a bit carried away, must be all the excitement from the release of the new trailer!

Pairing: Derek Hale x Female Reader

Derek Hale Masterlist

The Boy Next Door Masterlist

Derek stumbled down the hallway, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he made his way towards the nursery. He tiptoed into the room, slowly walking towards the crib. With a small, sleepy smile on his face, Derek picked up the wailing 18 month old, cooing softly as he tried to calm him down. He no longer felt lost without (y/n) next to him, guiding him through what to do. Caring for his son had come as naturally to him as looking after Mia.

“Calm down, little man. Everything’s okay” Derek let out a sigh when Noah continued to cry, his little fists hitting his arm repeatedly. Bringing Noah closer to his chest, he swayed on his feet as he made his way around the nursery. His heart swelled when his son nuzzled into his broad chest after a couple of minutes and settled off to sleep. Staring at his son, he was mesmerised by his sleeping face. He had (y/n)’s eyes but he definitely had Derek’s nose. He had to stop himself from grinning at the gaudy superman onesie Stiles had bought Noah a couple of weeks ago, his reasoning being that he simply couldn’t resist the temptation. (Y/n) hadn’t even had the chance to say no before Derek had the baby dressed as superman.

As he crept down the hallway, he peeked into Mia’s room. He grinned as he took in the sight before him. She was curled around Betsy who had her head resting protectively on his daughter’s stomach. Careful not to make any noise, he tiptoed into her bedroom, leaning over to kiss her forehead and stroke Betsy’s thick fur.  

He crept towards his bedroom, falling back against his pillows. He rolled over, cuddling into (y/n) and drawing her sleeping form against his chest. He smiled softly as he closed his eyes, it was difficult and tiring but he loved being a dad.

Derek groaned when he woke up, reaching for (y/n) only to find her side of the bed cold and empty. After savouring a couple more minutes in bed, he willed himself to get up. Making his way towards the kitchen, he smiled as he heard the babbling of his son combine with Mia’s excited laughter. It was her birthday and they planned to go to the zoo, she’d been talking about it for weeks. He leant against the doorframe, completely enamoured by his family as he watched (y/n) cook breakfast while Amelia entertained her brother. Upon noticing him, Mia ran towards him, her laughter filling the room as Derek picked her up and tickled her sides as he wished her ‘happy birthday’. Setting her down, he sauntered over to his wife. Pulling her back against him, he pressed a kiss to her cheek. (Y/n) batted his hands away as he tried to snatch a piece of fruit from the bowl of sliced fruit she’d prepared. He pouted but withdrew his hand before pressing one more kiss to her cheek and going to sit at the kitchen table with his children.  

The zoo was hectic as they made their way from animal to animal but Mia was having the time of her life and that was all that really mattered to (y/n) and Derek. They laughed softly when she stared at the lions completely awestruck and decided that when she grew up she was going to be a zoo keeper.

Derek ruffled her hair as he chuckled, “What happened to wanting to be a cop?”

She smiled at her dad guiltily before pointing towards the lions as if that was the only explanation she needed to offer. (Y/n) ran her hands through Derek’s hair, cooing at him.

“Aw sweetness, being a cop is cool but you really can’t compete with lions and elephants” He growled softly at her teasing tone, glaring at her playfully. (Y/n) placated him with a quick kiss on his lips, cherishing the way a smile automatically grew on his face. As they gazed at one another, they were distracted by Noah babbling from his pushchair. He was reaching for the animal balloons one of the zoo employees was carrying around. Picking up his son, Derek walked over to the member of staff, trying to figure out which balloon Noah was reaching for as he struggled to pull his wallet from his back pocket. He ended up buying two, a zebra one for Noah, who was staring at it in wonder, and a lion one for Mia. She squealed in delight, wrapping her small arms around Derek’s legs. (Y/n) bit her lip in an attempt to suppress the adoring smile that threatened to pull at her cheeks.

“You’re such a softy” Derek stuck his tongue out at his wife as he was pulled to the next exhibit by his excited daughter. (Y/n) trailed after them, not being in the slightest bit discreet as she admired her husband and how unbelievably good he was with their children.

By the end of the day, both children had had their faces painted and were struggling to carry the ridiculous number of soft toys Derek had let them buy. As they pulled up to their house, they spotted Stiles’ jeep on their driveway. Derek let out a groan, turning to (y/n) with a knowing glare. She smiled sheepishly, squeezing his hand.

“He wanted to see the kids, and seeing as Chris can’t come I thought it would be nice for Mia” He wanted to complain but he couldn’t when Amelia cheered from the backseat. (Y/n) shushed her as she carried Noah into the house while being careful not to jostle him from his peaceful sleep. She waved at Stiles from where he sat on their sofa before making her way upstairs to set Noah down. Derek tried to frown as Mia ran over to him but couldn’t, Stiles had quickly become one of (y/n)’s closest friends and in turn had endeared himself to Derek. Crossing his arms, he smirked as Betsy smothered Stiles with wet kisses.

“It still worries me that you have a key” Stiles winked at him cheekily before bombarding Amelia with questions about the zoo and wiping the slobber from his face.

Two hours later, all of Mia’s presents had been opened, the birthday cake was all but gone and countless pictures had been taken. Derek would be lying if he denied the way his heart swelled when Stiles showed him the picture of Mia and a sleepy Noah balanced on his knee while (y/n) pressed a kiss to his stubbly cheek. He would also be lying if he said it hadn’t quickly become his new phone background.

As he fell into bed next to (y/n), he was exhausted but knew that he wouldn’t have life any other way.

talk me down - audrey jensen imagine

Imagine: You and Audrey had a fight and it was driving you both crazy, till one finally gave in and apologized and it turned into a sad/cute make up.

Warnings: none, maybe just some fluff

note: this is my second imagine, it’s just something that came to my mind, I have a few requests to work on but this idea popped out of nowhere so I thought I’d write it. I really hope you guys like it. if anyone has any requests don’t hesitate to inbox/message me :) (sorry for any mistakes that may occur)

You and Audrey haven’t talked in four days and it was slowly driving you crazy. You and Audrey have been dating for a while and you’re either texting, calling, or together 24/7. But since that stupid argument, both of you were avoiding each other at all costs. Noah was the one torn apart between the both of you since both of you were his best friends. Even though you’ve had fights before but it never lasted more than 24 hours.

You hated how attached you got to people, especially Audrey, because when things like this happen they just ruin you. You hated how one fight with a friend could control your mood for days even if they didn’t care as much you did, how your friends might not care to stay in touch with you as much as you did, how some stuff affected you too much in general when they shouldn’t, it makes you feel like they control your life.

Today was supposed to be the day you, Noah and Audrey would go to the movies like you usually do every week since it was Audrey’s day off. You were going to see The Conjuring 2, but you weren’t sure how or if it was gonna happen with all the tension going on.

As if reading your mind, Noah showed up from behind you while you were walking to class “Hey, my favorite lakewood sixer”, he said, stopping you, you sighed and rolled your eyes before replying “Audrey is your favorite lakewood sixer, not me” you said jokingly, “Both of you are, who said you can’t have more than one favorite?” he said, smiling at you, hoping you were in a better mood than the past two days, but his smile fell when he realized that it actually wasn’t.

“You guys can’t stay mad at each other forever,” he continued walking with you to class “besides, it’s movie night!” he said excitedly, “I don’t think movie night is a good idea tonight, I mean you guys can go without me, really it’s fine” you knew he still wanted to do movie night because with everything going on with the new killer, he wanted at least one thing to feel normal, which you couldn’t blame him for because you felt the same. But, you and Audrey were already driving him crazy for the past four days without even being in the same room. “No no! Come on, look, you don’t even have to talk to her, I’ll do all the talking, and I’ll sit in the middle, it’ll be fine!” by then he stopped walking and was grabbing you by your shoulders making you face him. He started pouting and you started to feel really bad “Alright, fine.” you sighed. “Yes!” he said in triumph, grinning at you. You rolled your eyes and started walking back to class while talking with Noah about the latest murderer news.

You put on your blue jeans dress and took a jacket in case you get cold from the cinema’s AC as you usually did. Usually you wouldn’t bother taking a jacket since Audrey would give you hers or would put her arms around you to warm you up, but this time you couldn’t depend on Audrey. You took your keys, said goodbye to your mum and left.

The whole drive to the movies you were trying really hard to slow down your heart rate, your heart always races whenever you see Audrey or even just think about her but it felt good. This time it didn’t feel good, you knew you were about to see her, you knew how tense it would be and you hated it. You hated it so much that you occasionally felt your stomach turn upside down for a few seconds. You didn’t know how you were supposed to act, were you supposed to say hi ? or not saying anything at all ? You never felt this way around her and you were already dreading every second of this night.

You arrived at the movies theater already regretting that you agreed to this. You took one deep breath and walked in nervously. You were almost relieved when you saw that Noah was standing alone, holding popcorn, smiling once he spotted you “I was starting to think you bailed and already started preparing the speech I was gonna give you,” you gave him a small smile “come on, the movie is about to start, Audrey already went inside.” he held your hand and gave it a little squeeze to comfort you, and it helped a little. When you walked in it was already dark and trailers were already playing on the screen, you silently thanked god that you wouldn’t actually have to face Audrey just yet. Noah led you to your seats and as promised he was sitting in the middle between you and Audrey. You didn’t even look at her and tried your best to keep your focus on the screen but you could already feel her staring at you.

The movie was over and Noah and Audrey got up but you were still glued to your seat, staring at the screen and trying to listen to the real recordings of possessed girl that they played at the end as Noah and Audrey waited for you. Once the recordings were over you got up and walked along with Noah and Audrey to the exit. The story really got to you, it was intense and you felt a little shaken, you didn’t say a word, you were just in deep thought. You don’t really get scared of horror movies, but the stories, especially the really sad ones that are also claimed to be true, kinda put you in this weird mood for a while.

You felt someone lightly hit your shoulder, you looked up next to you and it was actually Audrey, looking back at you with her beautiful eyes. “You okay?” she asked quietly almost hesitantly, her brows slightly furrowed. You didn’t even notice she was next to you till then, you thought you were walking next to Noah the whole time. You hesitated for a moment, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine” you said giving her quick small smile. The same small smile played on her lips too. You were surprised she even talked to you or that she even cared. Your heart raced, in a good way for the first time tonight.

The three of you walked outside and Noah was babbling about the movie. “Okay well, I’m gonna head home” you said awkwardly after Noah was somewhat done ranting, “Alright, see you tomorrow” Noah said, giving you a hug. You looked over at Audrey and gave her a small wave, which she returned along with a small smile. As you were leaving you heard Noah tell Audrey that he’ll go to the restroom before they leave. Right before you could open the door to the parking lot, someone grabbed your arm and turned you around. Once again, you were surprised it was Audrey.

She looked you straight in the eyes and you furrowed your brows. You weren’t sure what you were supposed to do but you felt your heart in your throat, both of you stood like that for a few seconds neither of you saying anything, Audrey opening her mouth but closing it before she could anything. “Audrey?” your voice came out uncertain, a little shaky. “I, um, I’m gonna drop Noah off then head home,” you waited for her to say something else but she didn’t. She had let of your arm go by then and had her hands buried in her pockets. “Oh-kay?” it came out more as a question because you weren’t sure what you were supposed to say. “I was wondering, can you, uh, can you meet back at my place? I think we need to talk.” she was nervous and you never saw her that nervous, except the first time you went out on a date. “Yeah” you slightly nodded, “Okay, good.”

You thought of all kinds of scenarios that could go down while driving back to her house. You were finally going to talk, but you were so scared that it would get worse rather than better. What if she actually wanted to officially end it instead of fixing things? You two weren’t talking, but you didn’t officially “break-up”. You tried to think of better ways this could turn out, but being the pessimistic person that you are, negative outcomes were all you could think about. You arrived to her house but her car wasn’t there so you assumed she was still dropping Noah off. You contemplated whether to wait inside your car or outside, which ended with you waiting on her front porch.

Ten minutes later, she arrived, parking in her driveway. You got up as she got out of her car and your heart started pounding too fast again, she smiled as she saw you then started walking towards the front door without saying anything. You followed suit up to her room, you got inside and slowly sat on the edge of her bed as she closed the door. You had your jacket on so you started pulling on your sleeves as you were getting more nervous by the second and impatient. “Would you like anything? Are you hungry, thirsty?” Audrey asked, sounding as nervous as you felt. “No, uh, I’m good, thanks.”

Audrey paced in front of you for a while, you could tell she was struggling with collecting her thoughts as she ran her hand through her hair a few times and wouldn’t even look at you. Audrey wasn’t the type to apologize even if she knew she was wrong, you’d usually end up apologizing instead, but this time both of you were being stubborn, which led to you two not talking for four days. It didn’t feel real when Audrey was the one who reached out first, telling you to meet her at her house, and that’s why you were scared that this was actually where she was about to end things with you.

“Listen,” she let out a frustrated sigh before finally facing you “I hate this, I hate how we haven’t been talking for the past four days, how we couldn’t even look at each other, it’s been driving me crazy, and I just,” she came closer to you, kneeling down in front of you, you started to tear up as she held your hand and held your cheek in her other palm and you leaned into it, “I- I can’t lose you, I can’t.” she whispered softly, almost pleading, her face seemed to soften in a way it rarely did, and it made you weak in the knees. You closed your eyes and a tear rolled down your cheek and Audrey was quick to wipe it away with her thumb. Audrey was never the one to express her feelings too much, you knew she loved you and she always made sure you knew that, but this was different. She was almost vulnerable in front of you, a side of hers you never saw except once, when Rachel passed away. You felt important, you were always the one scared to lose people but you never felt like anyone was ever scared to lose you. And now there you were, sitting in front of the most beautiful girl, the one you loved with all your might, and she was the one saying she doesn’t want to lose you.

You opened your eyes, and were surprised when you found that her eyes were almost watery as well, her worried eyes searching yours, you sniffled a little “I’m scared” your voice came out barely above a whisper. You never admitted to anyone you were scared, even when you were terrified of losing everyone you loved, even when you were terrified you were going to get killed, you always tried to put on a strong face for Audrey, for your friends and family, and for yourself. Audrey would always see right through you and comfort you anyway, she was truly strong and it made you want to be stronger too. This was the first time you admitted it out loud, that you were scared. “I’m sorry, I’m- I’m sorry about this whole stupid thing and I,” she sighed “I just need you with me right now” she still held your face in one hand while she brushed strands of hair away behind your ear with the other.

You couldn’t believe it, Audrey was actually apologizing for once, and it sounded so sincere that you felt weak in front of her, like you could apologize back to her. But you didn’t, you decided to lock your lips with her soft ones instead. This kiss was different, it was a passionate, needy kiss. You felt like she needed you the same way you needed her, you felt like you meant something to her, and you couldn’t ask for anything more than this.

“I love you,” she said as she pulled away out of breath, resting her forehead on yours. “so much.” you looked at her and studied every little detail in her beautiful face “I love you too, you’re so beautiful” you whispered back to her. She started kissing you again “I love how you get so invested in your books, shows, movies, I love how you get so emotional over the simplest things, I love you appreciate the smallest gestures, I love how much you care about people, and how much love you have to give,” she said between kisses on your neck, you closed your eyes and your breathing got heavier “I love how you always pull on your sleeves, I love how you never give up on me, I love your smile, I love that you’re mine.” 

Happy Holidays

I Have Loved You Since Series: Happy Holidays



He had one leg escaping the edge of the bed while his one arm draped in the direction to where you’d usually be laying. His fingers wiggled deep into the empty, cool spot, knowing you had been gone for a while now before his eyes flickered slightly opened; his sight still too sleepy to see anything clearly. He nuzzled his cheek onto a cooler spot on his pillow, a few strands of his hair spreading onto yours.

He could feel the a.m. sunlight burn through the curtains as he attempted to pull the duvet back over his head and fall back asleep.

Though he was startled when he felt something wiggling at the end of his toes, a little wet and slobbery as he poked his head out from under the covers; finding a tiny someone, eyes relaxed as if what he was chewing on was his pacifier.

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He comes home from the supermarket where he was last with your child, picking out fresh strawberries for Grandma’s birthday. He had been there for 4 hours, the first being with your beautiful boy, who hadn’t even turned 2 yet. They weren’t even meant to be gone for long - a shopping basket had sufficed for the trip as opposed to a shopping trolley where Noah could sit and babble away to his daddy without fear of running off. The final three hours were spent looking for him, calling security, and then calling you to tell you that he can’t find your son. 

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nothing lasts forever - chapter 9

Summary: after 8 years of marriage, Taylor Swift and Calvin harris are in the middle of a divorce being closely watched by the media. Between protecting their kids from the attention and moving on with the divorce, life (and truths) can be tougher than expected for these two superstars.

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

a/n: all good things must come to an end and I’m not sorry for that.

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•Girl Next Door•

Chapter Three: “I didn’t mean too”



She studied the way the lace lavender curtains that adorned her bedroom window moved gently from the summer breeze; somewhat admiring their freedom. Michonne huffed in annoyance, adjusting her gaze to her bedroom ceiling; bitterness strong on her tongue as the events of the other day still weighed heavily on her mind. She was not only disappointed in her actions but the pain written in his eyes, haunted her like a lover scorn.

The sound of a closing door brought her out of her daze, she sat up, moving the curtain slightly as she peaked out of the window, her eyes roaming the area for the source of the noise until her eyes landed on him. She watched as he clumsily fumbled through the back pocket of his jeans for his keys, cussing in annoyance as he instantly dropped them on the ground once found. Michonne chuckled to herself as she changed her seating to the window pane, her eyes still locked on him; he was truly absolutely adorable.

After locking the door, he headed down the street, she watched him until he was no longer in her line of vision, unsure of where he was headed for certain…she did have an inkling of his destination. She lifted herself from off the window pane, sauntering towards her dresser mirror stopping in front of it as she looked herself over. She ran her fingers across the thin straps of her purple halter top adjusting it so it fit comfortably against her shoulder blades, she smoothed her hands over the denim skirt ridding out any creases before turning slightly and checking out her hips and backside; still getting accustomed to the very big changes puberty had on her body, her mother warned her of the impending changes but it seemed as soon as she turned 14, like clockwork everything seemed to grow at a rapid speed; overnight she swore to herself it was. Michonne released her locs from the black scrunchie that held them in a high pony tail seconds earlier, she slipped it onto her left wrist before combing through them with her fingers tips, once they laid how she wanted she walked over to the shoe rack that sat adjacent to her small walk-in closet, slipping on her white Chuck Taylor’s she headed out of her bedroom, closing the door behind her as she headed down the stairs.

Michonne walked into the kitchen, she was met by her mother Shelia sitting at the table feeding her baby brother Noah

“Hey mama” she greeted as she walked towards the duo, placing a single kiss on each of their cheeks

“Hey baby” her mother responded with a smile as she wiped apple sauce from Noah’s mouth with his bib

“Is it okay if I go outside for a bit? I saw some neighborhood kids heading down to the park. It’s right down the block” she explained, the room falling silent as she nervously waited for her mother’s response, even the normally babbling Noah was quiet as his eyes darted between his mother and sister

“Be back here before them street lights come on…I know your new to the neighborhood and you want to make friends but do not make me come looking for you Michonne” she asserted as she looked back towards her teenage daughter, her face of a woman who was not playing games

“Yes mam…I will… I promise” she nodded as she backed out of the kitchen, heading towards the front door, a sly smirk on her face as she quickly exited her home and made a bee line down the street towards the candy shop.


The park was more crowded than it was day’s prior, a lot of the neighboring children gathered to play kick ball, ride their bikes or skateboards; her eyes scanned the area until they landed on him, sitting on that same wooden bench from that day. Michonne sighed deeply as she thought about the total shit storm it was, it went totally left field before she could even stop it and she truly felt bad for the way things went. Today was her chance to make a better impression and she hoped to redeem herself because she was not having another replay of it.

She walked towards him slowly, her hands behind her back as she stopped a few feet away from him, biting at her lip nervously

“Hey” she breathed out softly

He huffed as he looked up to her, almost rolling his eyes as he acknowledged her, “Hi” he replied curtly as he stared at her

Michonne slightly winced at his reaction, his blue eyes fiercely piercing at her, leaving her a bit unnerved under his gaze. Apart of her wanted to abort the mission but she decided against it, she wanted to make things right, she had to.

She cleared her throat before continuing, “I didn’t mean to be such a bitch yesterday. It wasn’t nice and that’s not m-okay I can be an ass sometimes but I really didn’t mean to yesterday. I can be a little too honest and it just wasn’t necessary when you were being so nice and I’m just really sorry. I was hoping we could start over maybe?…I have a peace offering if you’re interested?” she offered, flashing him a smile so bright it almost knocked the wind out of him

“Yeah…and what might that be?” he drew out, his blue eyes slightly softening as he watched her

“Ice cream?” she raised her shoulders innocently before pulling a white paper bag from behind her as she smiled cheekily at him

Rick had to admit she looked pretty damn cute…so cute that he would be a fool to say no to that face so he nodded; accepting the peace offering. Michonne smiled warmly as she sat next to him, opening the bag and taking out its contents

“Soooo I saw that you had butter pecan yesterday…it’s pretty good, it’s not my favorite though but it works when needed…so I got you a cup. I hope that’s okay?” she questioned slightly afraid of his rejection

“Yeah…yeah that’s alright” he responded softly

“Okay” she replied sweetly as she handed him his cup of ice cream and a spoon, before placing the empty bag on the ground and opening up her creamy treat to enjoy it. He looked towards her with a small smile, he removed the lid of his cup, reaching over her to discard it in the bag. Her eyes widened slightly at the sudden contact, she quickly focused her attention back to hers. He ate a spoonful of ice cream, licking the spoon before going in for another bite. A pleasant silence fell upon them as they ate, stealing occasional glances of another as they enjoyed being in the other’s company

“I didn’t think you were being a bitch by the way…an asshole maybe but I don’t think you could ever be such a thang” he drew out as he looked towards her with a smirk

Michonne turned her face away, not wanting him to see the slight redness in her cheeks that he had caused.

“Thanks” she finally responded as she looked back towards him

“No thank you…it was pretty sweet of you to do all this” he responded as he rid the empty cup and spoon into the bag

“I just wanted to make it up you” she scraped the bottom of her cup, eating the remainder of her ice cream before tossing it into that same bag

“Well just an apology would have sufficed”

“I’ll remember that next time” she teased

“Next time? …who said it would be a next time?” he bantered back

“Oh I’m sure it will be” she chuckled out

Rick chuckled lightly as he shook his head, somewhat impressed at how easy it was for her to make him laugh and forget about everything that had been plaguing him. He reached over her again, grabbing the paper bag off the ground and stood up, heading towards the trash can to dump it. Michonne studied him up and down, enjoying the way his grey tee shirt clung desperately to his muscles…as small framed as he was he had a build of someone twice his age that worked out rigorously, she giggled at the fact even in jeans his cute little bow legs still were so prominent, she loved the way his dark chestnut curls framed his handsome face, the strong bridge of his nose almost reminiscing a Grecian GOD, his soft pink lips and hypnotizing ocean blue eyes were a thing of beauty, she had to tear her gawking eyes away from him as he made his way back towards the bench; she did not want to look thirsty.

He took a seat next to her, sitting down with a deep grunt, “So?” he questioned as his gaze drifted towards her

“So?” she replied softly as she matched his gaze

“You wanna tell me about yourself?”

“What would you like to know?” she responded softly

‘Everything’, Rick wanted to respond but he decided against it, settling on something less eager, “Anything you would like to tell me…we can start with your name” he responded his voice warm and inviting

Michonne smirked before standing up and walking away from the bench, leaving Rick with a confused expression on his face, it wasn’t until she stopped a few feet away and turned back towards him with a warm smile on her face as she headed back towards him, his face softened once he realized she was just pulling his leg.

“Hi… My name is Michonne Naomi Richardson”, she extended her hand

Rick bit his lip cheekily, slightly shaking his head, “I’m Ritchie Jacob Grimes…but you can just call me Rick” he drew out as he took her hand

“It’s nice to meet you Rick”

“It’s nice to meet you as well” he responded through the handshake, a warm tingle running through his fingers from the contact.

Michonne giggled lightly, taking back her hand as she sat back down on the bench, this time a little closer to him.

“So what else should I know about you?” his eyes glistening as he smiled

“Well I’m 14… My birthday was this past March. I’m a spring baby…” she grinned before continuing, “…I was born and raised in Atlanta up until my daddy decided to open up a firm here…I’m not sure why he decided to leave one of the highest ranking firms in GA for the sticks but my mama went with it…”, she shrugged “I have a one-year-old brother named, Noah. He’s literally the cutest thing ever. Umm…I enjoy art, fashion, cooking, I love fencing and martial arts too. I’m also really big on reading, I enjoy all types of books, especially comics…I’m pretty much into anything that interests me. I have a weird obsession with colorful ceramic cats and I have a pretty vulgar and obscene sense of humor” she smiled out

Rick nodded with a chuckle, ensuring he remembered that tad bit of information for later

“Alright…you’re a talker. I like that because I pretty much suck at it”, he chuckled lightly as he kicked at a rock in the gravel, “but I’m 14 too…I’ll be 15 in August. Born and raised in the country… on a farm actually…” he chuckled

“Are you serious?” she asked excitedly, her interest piqued

“dead…chickens, cows, horses, ducks, pigs, donkeys…the whole nine yards. I lived there up until after my mom passed…my dad sold the farm, house, pretty much everything and we moved into my grandmom’s old house”

“Oh…Is she?”

“Nah she lives in a condo down in Florida, she visits during the summer and holidays”

“Gotcha…I’m really sorry about your mom by the way. I’m sure she was an amazing woman” she assured

“Yeah she was” he winced, slight pain evident in his voice. Michonne sighed as she watched him empathetically, nothing she could say or do could ease the pain of loosing his mother, it was one of those things that took time to come back from, if you could. Death will always be something so common yet so traumatic whenever it came knocking. She reached towards him, softly placing her hand on his with a warm smile, hoping it would bring him some form of comfort. He searched her eyes, finding a feeling of being home within them. This was the first time in a long time that he felt anything or wanted too. He had his Grandmother when she was in town and sometimes his best friend’s, Shane and Glenn but the person he needed the most shut down on him the day she closed her eyes. The once caring and loving man his father use to be, was evident no more, he was now a distant, sad, disconnected man that spent his days working long hours at the station, when he did come home it was for a quick shower, to eat, rest for a few and then to go right back to work. He hadn’t had a conversation with Ritchie Sr. in months, his father could barely even look at him. It meant a lot to him that this girl, not barely knowing her could show him such a beautiful tenderness despite their first encounter leaving a slight sour taste in his mouth, a single touch from her warmed some of the coldest parts of him and it left him dumbfounded but yet very appreciative.

He cleared his throat, fighting away the emotions attempting to resurface, “You like to play ball?”

Michonne pursed her lips, trying to force down the smile threatening to form, “Yeah”

Rick nodded, “Good cause I see an open court over there and an ass whooping with your name all over it”

“Oh really?” she chuckled out

“Yes mam” he responded confidently

“Well let’s go then…I’ll try not to make you cry” she joked back

Rick couldn’t stop the wild smile that spread across his face, a smile that only she could provoke.

“Let’s go then” he bantered back. They both stood up from the bench, still trash talking the other as they made their way over to the empty basketball court, ready to put some money to where their mouths were.


Four games later, they laid in the middle of the court next to one another, chest’s rising and falling rapidly as they attempted to catch their breath. Rick’s heather grey tee shirt laid next to him on the asphalt an almost charcoal grey due to the sweat it was drenched in. Michonne’s once down locs now sat in a high ponytail, her purple halter top was pulled up and tied in a knot on the side, showing of her mid drift as she wiped the sweat pouring from her brow with the back of her hand.

“2-2…not bad at all. That was a pretty good game but don’t ever let me play ball in jeans again” he asked through bated breathes

“Why in the world would you in the first place?”

“Cause I hate shorts”

“You had shorts on the day that I met you”she reminded him

“My grandma forced me to wear em, I hate em. My legs are too bendy for ‘em”

“Bendy?…” she giggled out, “…Rick your legs are bow legged not bendy”

“Well that then…'Ion like it” he said somewhat insecure

“Oh stop…your bow legs are cute and if anyone ever tells you different then they are going to have to deal with me” she flirted subtly

His entire face felt warm to the touch as he ran his hand across it, wiping off the sweat pouring and also trying to hide the redness that filled his cheeks. He all of a sudden felt bashful in her company and he couldn’t explain or pin point the reason why but what he could say is that he liked it.

“I guess your right” he finally responded, his eyes traveling over towards her. She opened her eyes to meet his gaze a soft smile formed on both of their faces as they got lost in one another; a feeling of time standing still was prominent in that moment. The only thing that could tear their eyes away was time and the flickering of lights.

Michonne immediately sat up looking around as the park’s lights came on, she looked down the street towards home, no street lights on yet but she knew they would be soon. She sighed deeply as she began to stand up, wiping off dirt and debris from her clothes and skin. Rick watched her as he began to stand up as well, reaching down to grab his shirt off the ground.

“My mom said I had to be home before the street lights came on” a hint of sadness in her tone

“It’s alright…we can hang out tomorrow if you want” he offered trying to mask his own disappointment

“Okay…you want to walk me home?” she questioned as she looked towards him, her eyes dazzling under the night sky

“Yeah…I would love too” he responded softly as he took her in

Michonne nodded shyly, breaking their gaze as he moved closer to her, ensuring he was on the closet side of the street as they began the short walk towards home.

A comfortable yet fulfilling silence enveloped them, not wanting words to interrupt the evident connection that was there, they continued the walk in silence. Once her house was reached, they stood outside the white picket fence that enclosed it. Rick stuffed his hands into his pockets as he stared at her, she had so many beautiful and interesting attributes about her but one that quickly became his favorite was the way she bit at her lip when she was deep in thought or nervous. It was something he noticed she did often in the short time of knowing her. It was so innocent yet so adorable, he felt his heart jump a little every time she did it. Michonne looked towards him, abruptly stopping the nibbling at her lip once she noticed his stare. She bashfully looked towards her home and then back towards him.

“Thanks for the walk” she responded softly

“It was no problem at all Michonne” he breathed out

“See you tomorrow?” she asked softly her eyes dancing across his face

“Of course…I wouldn’t miss it for the world” he smiled warmly

Michonne nodded, a bashful grin on her face as she walked into the fence, locking it behind her as she made her way up the path way. She stopped midway, turning towards Rick to wave goodbye to him, once reciprocated she continued her journey up the front stairs and into her home. Rick watched her until she was in safely before walking past her home to his. He threw his shirt across his shoulder as he walked up the small hill, fumbling in his front pocket for his keys, he looked up to see Shane sitting on his front step with a toothy grin on his face, Rick already knowing what that face meant, rolled his eyes as he walked pass him

“What are you doing here Shane?” he asked as he inserted the house key into the lock

“I need a place to crash. Mama is working a double and don’t think I should be home alone…thinks I’ll crash the place”

“She’s right” he turned the door knob

“Fuck off” Shane chuckled out his eyes scanning Rick before he continued, “Who the hell was that?” he asked with a raised eyebrow

Rick sighed not appreciating his best friend minding his business, he refused to feed into Shane’s nosiness. He opened the front door and looked over to the knuckle head who smiled at him ready for all the information about to be spilled, “The girl next door…” was all he responded with as a small smile as he walked into the house.

“What?…that’s all you gonna tell me” Shane questioned slightly offended by his best friend’s tight lips as he followed behind Rick, closing and locking the front door behind him.



Michonne stood in front of her dresser mirror, removing the bobby pins from her hair as she carefully uncoiled the four locs that held up her high ponytail. Her waist length locs cascaded down her shoulders as she gently tossed them with her fingers, ensuring they were all down and no bobby pins remained before sweeping the crimped locs to her back. She removed her jewelry before taking a makeup remover wipe out of the pack and gently rubbing it against her face, removing the bulk of the foundation, blush and lipstick she wore. Bright headlights caught her attention, the sound of a car turning off and doors opening and closing promoted her to walk towards her window, she smiled to herself seeing that he was finally back home. She leaned against the window pane as she watched him open the left door to the back seat, her heart almost leaped out of her chest when she saw him drape a sleeping Carl over his shoulder, ensuring he closed the door quietly not to wake the five-year-old. He swiftly walked from the truck to the front door of his home, opening and closing it just as quietly. Michonne sniffled softly, the scene causing some buried emotion to stir, she cleared her throat as she sat up straight from the window, she walked back over to her dresser to grab her face wash, moisturizer and toner before heading towards her in suite bathroom.

‘Oh sweet thing…Don’t you know you’re my everything’; the lyrics filled the room as Chaka Khan’s ‘Sweet Thing’ played from her cell phone that laid on the night stand. Michonne quickly grabbed the black KORN tee shirt that hung from the ottoman at the end of her bed, Rick’s black shirt to be exact. He gave her the tee shirt to sleep in during one of their many sleepovers growing up; she conveniently kept forgetting to give it back to him until he finally forgot about it. She slept in it almost every single night even after all of the years that had passed. The oversized shirt hung slightly off her shoulder as she walked around the bed to pick up the phone, she smiled warmly as a photo of her smiling goofily as he playfully bit down on her neck displayed on the front screen; she reminisced on that day. It was the last year they attended the state fair together, a tear threatened to pour when she took in their happiness, how good it felt being in one another’s arms, she missed them, she missed him and after being gone for so long it couldn’t have been more evident. She cleared her throat quickly before swiping the screen to answer the call.

“Hey” she greeted softly, biting her lip bashfully

“Hey you” he responded, his deep, raspy tone filled her ear, sweetly

Michonne laid back on her bed allowing the warmth of it to overtake her.

“Just getting home?” she questioned already knowing the answer

“Nah I’ve been home for about thirty minutes, had to put Carl in bed. He’s out like a light so I decided to jump in the shower really quick before I called… ain’t want nothing to disrupt us” he responded softly

“Smart man…I’m happy you called” she gushed as she bit at her lip again

“Me too. It’s nice hearing your voice” he responded soft and low

“…your’s as well” she breathed out
Rick smiled warmly as thoughts of her flooded all of his senses, even though he just saw her a few hours prior, he needed to see her again. He needed to feel her close to him once more.
“What ya’ got planned for tomorrow?” he asked huskily
“Nothing I can think of”
“Want to grab breakfast in the morning?”
“Are you asking me on a date Reece?” she asked playfully
‘Maybe…but it won’t be much of one since Carl will be with us” he smiled out
“That’s perfect actually…I’ve been wanting to meet him so it works out as long as he’s okay with it. I don’t want him thinking I’m trying to step on Lori’s toes or anything”
Rick scoffed at the sound of her name, him and his ex-wife’s relationship was pretty volatile to say the least. He tried his best to keep things cordial for Carl but that had proven almost impossible as of late, “Nah you don’t have to worry about that. He’ll love you and it’s not much of her business if I have my son around family so you don’t have to worry your pretty little head” he assured her with a smile
Michonne chuckled loudly as she brought the collar of his tee shirt over her mouth as if she was hiding her blushing face from a nonexistent audience, “You’re such a dork”
“…only for you” he gushed out
“…okay” she responded softly
“Alright…I’ll pick you up around 9ish”
“Okay…I can’t wait to see you” she yawned out as she rolled over to her side to get comfortable
“Me either…I wouldn’t miss it for the world” he responded through a deep yawn
Michonne smiled to herself at the sentiment before bursting into a fit of giggles, “We’re so old”
“Who’s old?” he asked with a cheeky grin trying to play it off as if he was offended
“Us…we can barely stay up past 11’”
“Ion’ know about you but I’m aging like fine wine my dear…”
“Yeah right…more like fermented grapes” she chuckled out
“Aye now…don’t make me have to show you and thang or two” he flirted

“Oh really?” she flirted back, challenging him subtly

“Yes mam but I’ll have to show you that another time…” he responded, longing for the very moment he could feel her limbs wrapped around his

“Mmm…I’m banking on that” she responded huskily, lust filling her soft tone as her mind went to all of the passionate moments that they had shared and the ones still to come

“The thangs you do to me…Woman…I think I need to get off this phone before you get me in trouble” he bantered


“Yes you…” he responded with a chuckle

“When have I ever gotten you in trouble?”

“Michonne-you always got me in trouble. You know how many times I got my hind skinned because of those beautiful eyes and that devilish grin you gave me…had me all hypnotized and shit"

“Bullshit” she chuckled out

“Yeah alright…you know I’m right” he smiled out

“Whatever” she playfully pouted out

“Oh stop and put that lip back in” he prompted

“Nope…go to bed. I’m mad at you”

“Awww you want me to come up to make it all better”

“Nope…remember I get you in trouble” she teased

“…you do but I never said it’s was a bad thing” he blushed out

Michonne smiled warmly to herself, he always had a way of bringing out the softest, most sensual parts of her and she had to admit she loved every minute of it.

“We have an early day tomorrow… I’m going to sleep Reece”

“…so soon?”

“Yeah…unless you wan’t me to scare poor Carl…”, she giggled out before continuing, “…you know I am not a morning person”

“Yeahhh I know…alright then…Goodnight Mickz” he drew out

“Goodnight Reece”

“dream of me?” he asked in almost a whisper

“…every night” she responded just as soft, a gentle smile spreading on her face at the fact that he remembered it after so long, they didn’t go a night without saying those words to one another. It was something special that was shared only between them.

“Alright…see you in the morning”

“…see you in the morning” she breathed out, her cell phone lingering on her ear until she heard the tone of the call being ended. She inserted her charger cord into the phone before reaching over and placing it back on the night stand. She switched off her lamp, turning slightly to fluff up her pillows as she snuggled deeper into her comforter with a warm smile; thoughts of him flooding her mind as she drifted off to sleep.