noah and the whale

Fink wrote his second album about his break-up with Marling, and it was a soul-baring affair. “There’s an element of catharsis in songwriting, and then you take it out on the road. I hadn’t really thought that through, it was so personal and specific. I think it’s important as a singer to invest yourself emotionally in every performance, otherwise it’s kind of cold. But, in another way, it can be cathartic feeling your connection to the song dwindle. You feel as if you’ve got a different view: you can look at it from above now, rather than inside.”

He has, he admits, enjoyed touring Noah’s new album rather more. “These songs feel like universal home truths. You can really sing them out”. The subject matter of the album is “the possibility of change, and the availability of it, that moment when you decide that you want to follow a different path”. (x)