noah and the last days

noah and i started doing yoga the last couple days. weve been coming up w names for the moves

  • whats updog
  • how are you doing that with your body ma’am
  • sad anime teen
  • the corpse pose, which i do every day
  • give em the ol razzle dazzle
  • naruto run
  • stickin your legy out real far
  • Power Crotch
  • Agony
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAa
  • jazz hands
Seventeen when the world ends

S.Coups: has a secret bunker which he prepared for 10 years

Jeonghan: makes a lifestream : One fine last day 

Joshua: builds noah’s joshua’s arc

Jun: .. i’m ready for hell

Hoshi: dies first

Woozi: “finally”

Wonwoo: NOOO my garden

DK: goes insane, kills everyone


The8: brings puppies on joshua’s arc

Seungkwan: singing tragic celine dion songs

Vernon: YOLO

Dino: shit I haven’t lost my virginity yet

there was definitely a night at monmouth where ronan accidentally dreamed up a fuckton of impossible lovely dream flowers and he was like what the hell do i do with all these?? and noah just appears out of nowhere like my time has come at last and the next day noah weaves the flowers into everyone’s hair.

(and tucks one behind ronan’s ear, because there’s no way you’re getting left out of this lynch i don’t care if you’re almost bald)


“If you even try to get up now, I swear I’ll make sure you won’t get any coffee, nor sex for a long, long time.”

So, as it seemed, Noah wasn’t above threatening, even if it meant he would end up harming himself in the process. No sex sounded awful, but he also didn’t want Alex to get out of bed as long as he still needed rest.

It was a few days after Noah had visited him in hospital the last time, and now they were finally back home. God knew Noah would make sure he recovered properly before he attempted to get active again.