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Farsi Poetry Recitation in honor of the birth of Amirul Mou’mineen Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS)

شبی در محفلی ذکر عـلی بـود / شنيدم عـارفی فرزانـه فرمـود
One night in a gathering, Ali was spoken of, I heard a great wise man say

اگر دست علی دست خـدا نيسـت / چرا دست دگر مشکل گشا نيسـت
If Ali’s hand is not the hand of God, they why no other hand can solve problems

اگر دوزخ به زير پوسـت داری / نسوزی گر علی را دوسـت داری
If you have hell fire under your skin, you will not burn if you have love for Ali

اگر مهر علی در سينه ات نيسـت / بسوزی گر هزاران پوسـت داری
If you do not have the love of Ali in your heart, you will burn in hellfire even if you have 1000 layers of skin

علی سر حلقه اهـل يقيـن اسـت / وصیّ و هادی دين مبيـن اسـت
Ali is the master of those who have reached the highest levels of faith, He is the true successor of the Prophet and the guide of religion

به محشـر زآتـش قهـر الـهی / ولای او به دل حِصن حصين است
On the day of Judgment when the fire of God’s punishment exists, His friendship is a strong protection of the soul

هر آنکس عاشق کوی عـلی شـد / دلـش آيينـه روی عـلی شــد
Whoever becomes in love with Ali’s house, his heart will become the mirror of Ali’s face

به محشر ديده هرکس به سويـي / مرا چشمان و دل سوی علی شـد
On the Day of Judgment, everyone’s eyes will be looking in different directions, I will have my gaze and heart towards Ali

عبـادت بی تـولای عـلی هـيچ / نوای عشقُ بی نـای عـلی هـيچ
Worship of God will not count without the friendship of Ali, to sing divine love is nothing without the essence of Ali

اگر عمرِ دو صد نوحت ببخشنـد / تمام عمـرُ منهـای عـلی هـيچ
If I receive a long life as of 200 Noahs, All my life without Ali would be nothing

به دریا بنگرم دریات بینم / به صحرا بنگرم صحرات بینم
When I look at the ocean I see you (Ali), When I look at the desert I see you (Ali)

به هر جا بنگرم کوه و در و دشت / نشان از قامت رعنات بینم
Anywhere I look, mountains, desert and land, I see the signs of the greatness of your being (Ali)

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Season 4 of The 100 is just The Noah’s Ark story. 

God destroys the world with a great flood.

Praimfeya (a wave of radiation) is coming to destroy the world. 

Noah is warned ahead of time by God

Clarke is warned ahead of time by ALIE. 

Noah build an Ark. 

Raven and Co are going to attempt to repair the Ark.

Noah tried to warn others but they did not believe him. 

Clarke tried to warn others but most of them (thus far) do not believe her.

The next parts of the Noah Story haven’t played out on the show yet. 

But after Noah tried and failed to warn everyone else, God sealed the Ark (literally stated as He closed the door). 

That ^^^ could be a callback to Season 1, where Clarke waited as long as possible for everyone to get into the Dropship before she had no choice but to seal the door. And we know Season 4 is going to be a lot like Season 1. 

It rained for 40 days and 40 nights once the door was sealed and the rain flooded the Earth for 150 days. 

We know Black Rain is coming obviously, but not for how long it’s going to stay around. 

Even after the waters receded Noah and his family waited in the Ark for almost an entire year to ensure they were safe. 

The Arkadians will be unable to leave the Ark right away even once the radiation waves have passed, they’ll need time to ensure it’s cleared out of the atmosphere (aka the 5 year time limit Raven noted this episode). 

So yeah..those are the bare bones.

I’m pretty sure there’s also a mix of Revelations in here, btw.


The men made it to the Round of 16 in the World Cup. They are ranked 30th in the world. Um… They… play… with so much… passion.

EDIT: There seems to be some confusion, so I’ll add this part:
“Well, we actually broke the record for the most-watched soccer game in the history of America, between men or women. We’ve brought in, what, $17 million this past year, while the men lost $2 million in profit for the federation this last year”
Also, this is a federal complaint accusing U.S. Soccer of wage discrimination comparing to the United States men’s national soccer team. Not abt all sports in all countries
Who is Ali(as)?

“I am the one who has the keys to ‘unseen’ and after the messenger of Allah, no one knows about them except myself.
I possess knowledge about everything, I am the ‘one’ about whom RasoolAllah has said, ‘I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gateway’.
I am ‘Zulkarnain’ who’s virtues are revealed in the Divine Books, I am that ‘Hajar Mukarram’ from where 12 springs will emerge, I am the holder of ‘Sulayman’s Ring’, I am the ‘one’ who appraises the deeds of masses, I am ‘Lohay-Mahfooz’, I am ‘Jumb-Allah’, and ‘Qalab-Allah’.
I am the ‘one’ who has control over people’s views and beliefs and they will all return to us and we are entrusted with the authority to evalutate their deeds, I am the ‘one’ about whom Rasool Allah said, ‘O! Ali your conduct is the ‘Sirat-e-Mustaqeem’ and your judgement is, in fact, the verdict of the Lord’.
I have the Divine Knowledge about the past and the future. I am the (companion of) ‘First Adam’ and I am the (helper of) ‘first Nuh’.”

— Imam Ali Ibne Abi Talib (as).