noah and alie


Season 4 of The 100 is just The Noah’s Ark story. 

God destroys the world with a great flood.

Praimfeya (a wave of radiation) is coming to destroy the world. 

Noah is warned ahead of time by God

Clarke is warned ahead of time by ALIE. 

Noah build an Ark. 

Raven and Co are going to attempt to repair the Ark.

Noah tried to warn others but they did not believe him. 

Clarke tried to warn others but most of them (thus far) do not believe her.

The next parts of the Noah Story haven’t played out on the show yet. 

But after Noah tried and failed to warn everyone else, God sealed the Ark (literally stated as He closed the door). 

That ^^^ could be a callback to Season 1, where Clarke waited as long as possible for everyone to get into the Dropship before she had no choice but to seal the door. And we know Season 4 is going to be a lot like Season 1. 

It rained for 40 days and 40 nights once the door was sealed and the rain flooded the Earth for 150 days. 

We know Black Rain is coming obviously, but not for how long it’s going to stay around. 

Even after the waters receded Noah and his family waited in the Ark for almost an entire year to ensure they were safe. 

The Arkadians will be unable to leave the Ark right away even once the radiation waves have passed, they’ll need time to ensure it’s cleared out of the atmosphere (aka the 5 year time limit Raven noted this episode). 

So yeah..those are the bare bones.

I’m pretty sure there’s also a mix of Revelations in here, btw.


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EDIT: There seems to be some confusion, so I’ll add this part:
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