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Happy Father's Day

This is just a short and fluffy piece in conjunction with Father’s Day.

It was already 7 pm, 2 hours past the time Owen Hunt was supposed to clock out for the day. Well, he wanted to clock out earlier- he really did, but at 4:30 pm- a bus collided with a lorry- and the injured bus passengers came pouring into the ER. Owen- being the responsible colleague he was- decided to stay back to help April sort out the chaos in the ER.

Now that all the patients had been transported to the OR or to the wards, he was looking forward to going home to his amazing wife and wonderful children.

’ You have plans for Father’s Day tonight?’ April asked him as he stood at the nurses counter updating the chart of the last patient to be transferred up to the Ortho ward. ’ Is Amelia bringing you somewhere romantic for a nice dinner? I brought Jackson to this fancy restaurant last night to celebrate Father’s Day as I know I would be working tonight.’

’ Oh uh- I actually don’t have any plans yet.’ Owen admitted. ’ Not that I know of. Maybe Amelia has planned something for me? She didn’t mention anything to me though- so maybe not…’

’ Maybe she has planned a surprise.’ April suggested, winking at him.

’ Maybe’… Owen echoed.

’ Well, have a good rest tonight.’ April waved as she rushed over to the ambulance bay to receive an incoming trauma.

As Owen slowly walked towards the attendings lounge to change his clothes- he couldn’t help but have a weird feeling about this. Usually, they would book a kid friendly restaurant a few days in advance for Father’s Day celebration. Or plan a barbecue or a short trip. And on the Father’s Day morning itself- she and the kids would wake him with a Father’s Day hug and breakfast in bed.

But this Father’s Day was different. So far they had not made any plans whatsoever, and there was no mention at all in the Hunt household about Father’s Day. Which is why he totally forgot that it was Father’s Day.

’ Maybe Amelia is just too busy.’ he tried to reason to himself. Which was true- she had been having back to back calls for the past few days.


He knew something was up when he pulled up at the garage. Usually the kids and their dog would appear in an instant at the doorway upon hearing the sound of his car. But not today- there wasn’t anyone to greet him at the doorway.

As he opened the front door - their Labrador Rocky suddenly appeared from nowhere and pounced on him to lick his face. But there was still no sign of Amelia or the kids.

’ Where are they, Rocky?’ Owen asked the dog.

Wagging his tail, Rocky led him to the children’s playroom- where Amelia and the kids were.

Standing at the doorway- Owen could see that Amelia was busy supervising the kids- who were busy making a drawing. 4 year old Charlotte was making finishing touches to the drawing, her lips pursed in concentration - making her look like an exact clone of Amelia. Meanwhile, 2 year old Noah was busy trying to ’ help’ by banging two crayons together in his hands.

’ Yay, we finished!’ Charlotte clapped her hands, a contented expression on her face.

Just then, she spotted Owen standing at the doorway of the room.

’ Daddy!!!’ she squealed excitedly, running towards him. ‘Daddy, daddy I have something to show you. I just finished drawing it.’

Owen picked her up and twirled her around as she squealed in delight.

’ Daddy, put me down.’ she ordered. ’ I need to show you the drawing.’

As Owen put Charlotte down, Noah tugged on Owen’s trousers.

’ Daddy up!’ he ordered. He wanted to be lifted up and twirled around too - like his elder sister.

Owen lifted him up and twirled him around as he burst into laughter.

When he put Noah down to the ground, Charlotte was now standing in front of him with the drawing.

’ Daddy- this is for you- Happy Father’s Day’ she said.

’ Why thank you Char.’ Owen said as he gently it from her arms.

On top of the drawing was written ’ Happy Father’s Day to the best Daddy ever.’ obviously Amelia’s work judging from the neat handwriting.

At the bottom of the words were 4 stick figures, a sausage like figure, and a figure the shape of a bean.

At the bottom of the figures, in the same handwriting- were written the words ’ Love Mommy, Charlotte, Noah, Rocky and Bean.’

Bean? Who was Bean? Since when was there a member of the Hunt family named Bean?

As he was still studying the drawing with a puzzled expression on his face- Amelia, who had been silent up to that moment, walked towards him carrying a box wrapped up with a present paper.

’ Your Father’s Day gift.’ she said, winking cheekily at him. ’ Happy Father’s Day! Sorry I didn’t wish you earlier on- I wanted all of this to be a special surprise tonight. Open it now.’

Inside the box was a white Tshirt- with the words ’ Best Dad Ever’ printed at the back. Attached to the Tshirt was a small tag.

’ Read the tag’ Amelia whispered.

’ To the best dad ever to Charlotte, Noah and Bean.’

Suddenly the realization of what all this meant hit Owen- as a wide grin slowly formed on his face.

’ Amelia are you….’ he asked as he looked down at her still flat tummy.

’ Yes- Bean is inside. Still the size of a bean of course, at 7 weeks. I just found out last week and I wanted to surprise you.’ Amelia said softly, smiling at him.

Owen’s heart was leaping with joy. He couldn’t love her more at that moment. They were having another baby!

’ I love you so much Amelia.’ he whispered into her ear as he hugged her tight. He then used one hand to trace the outline of her belly, trying to feel Bean.

’ Love you too.’ Amelia whispered back as she tiptoed to kiss him on the lips. They shared a passionate kiss- which was interrupted by a loud ’ Ewww…’

’ Yuck.’ Charlotte proclaimed. As they both looked at her and laughed.

’ You just wait Charlotte.’ said Amelia. ’ 10 years later- you wouldn’t consider kissing yucky anymore.’

’ I wouldn’t allow that.’ Owen growled, as Amelia giggled.

’ Mommy Daddy I Hungwy’ Noah proclaimed.

’ Alright let’s get ready to go out to eat.’ said Amelia. ’ I made reservations at our favourite restaurant down the road.’

This was shaping up to be Owen’s best Father’s Day yet.

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genderbends: the raven girls

They were loud and triumphant and queens of Henrietta, because they’d found the ley line, and because it was starting, it was starting.

The Odd One Out

This is written as a reply to the prompt: Owen finds out his daughter is taking birth control pills

Btw- Happy Fathers Day, Owen!!

This is part of my family fic universe.

In this universe- Owen and Amelia have 3 children - Charlotte Addison, Noah Christopher and Olivia Megan.

This latest fic focuses on their youngest child, Olivia, who’s 17 years old here.

 Thank you @jia911 for proofreading for me as usual! <3

And special thanks to the girls in the group chat and to @filterlessmia for answering some questions of mine while writing this fic ;) It lead to a very interesting discussion about birth control in the group chat ;)

For the full family fic universe , check out this link below:

           In the waiting room of her family doctor, 17 year old Olivia Megan Hunt sat alone, fidgeting with her hands and shaking her legs nervously. Her heart was pounding and her mouth was dry.

           Although she had sat in this waiting room many times before since her childhood, this time it was different. This time, she wasn’t visiting her family doctor for the bad flu, red eye or gastroenteritis. This time, she was here for an entirely different reason.

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Happy Mothers Day

This is just a short fluffy piece in conjunction with Mothers Day. I know that it’s a few days late- but better late than never right? ;)

It was only 7 am in the morning, on his off day, way too early for him to be awake. But since he became a father, Owen Hunt couldn’t recall a time he woke up later than that.

Today, at 7 am in the morning, he was already in the kitchen preparing breakfast with his 3 little helpers. His eldest , 7 year old Charlotte was helping him to mix the ingredients , his second, 5 year old Noah was helping to pour syrup on the pancakes , while his youngest, 18 month old Olivia, was happily clinging on his back.

Usually his wife, Amelia Shepherd would be preparing breakfast for the family, but today was a special day for her, and he thought she deserved a break for the day.

’ Daddy, I think mommy usually adds in more eggs than this when she makes the pancakes.’ said Charlotte as she mixed the eggs and flour together in a bowl, pursing her lips together in concentration. Owen had to admit, she looked even more like a clone of Amelia when she does that.

’ Really?’ Owen asked as he flipped over one of the pancakes he was currently tending to on the pan.

’ Uh huh’ his daughter replied, nodding her head vigorously, still having this look of concentration on her face.

’ Ok, we’ll add in some more eggs then.’ Owen conceded as he cracked some more eggs open into the bowl for Charlotte to mix.

’ Do you think mommy will like this?’ Charlotte asked Owen .

’ Of course she will. Why wouldn’t she?’ Owen asked confused.

’ Well, because mommy makes the best pancakes in the world and we can’t them make as nice as her.’ Charlotte explains.

’ Well, that’s true.’ Owen laughs. ‘Mommy does make the best pancakes.’

Standing at the hallway hidden from their view, Amelia smiled to herself as she listened in on the conversation between her husband and her eldest daughter.

All her life, she had been taught , directly and indirectly that she would make the worst mother ever. Never would she have expected that she would turn out to be the mother who makes the best pancakes in the world. Never would she have imagined being married to such a wonderful husband and great father to her children.

Suddenly, the peaceful family atmosphere was ruined by a loud squeal, followed by a softer ’ uh oh.’

Noah had accidentally spilled the syrup he was pouring all over the kitchen table, and he had some on his face and hands as well.

’ Uh oh’ Charlotte parroted, covering her mouth with her hands for dramatic effect as she saw the mess her little brother had made.

Owen turned around just in time to see the mess, and shook his head in exasperation.

’ Noah, what did you do?’ he asked his only son sternly as he proceeded to grab a napkin.

’ I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t mean too.’ Noah replied meekly, his lips quavering.

’ It’s ok Noah, come here let me clean you up.’ Amelia suddenly appeared in the kitchen.

’ Mommy!! ’ Noah rushed into Amelia’s arms. ‘Mommy I made a mess I’m sorry.’

’ It’s ok, just be more careful next time Noah.’ Amelia comforted her son as she wiped the syrup off his face.

’ Mommy, you’re not supposed to come down yet.’ Charlotte whines. We’re supposed to bring your breakfast up to you.’

’ It’s ok Char, I couldn’t go back to sleep. I’ve been watching you guys for the past half an hour.’ Amelia admitted.

’ You’ve been standing there watching us for the past half an hour?!’ Owen exclaimed.

Amelia nodded in reply.

’ You all look so adorable together’ she giggled. ’ I snapped a photo on my phone.’

’ Oh no, Amelia, you didn’t!’ Owen mocked a mortified expression.

’ Oh yes, I did.’ Amelia winked cheekily at him.

’ Come, let me help out with breakfast.’ she offered.

’ Yay!’ Charlotte couldn’t contain her relief. Her mother was coming to their rescue!

Owen, on the other hand, had a disappointed look on his face.

’ I thought I’d let you rest today.’ he explained. ’ Today is Mothers Day, remember?’ Today is supposed to be your day, and we’re supposed to pamper you.’

Amelia was now smiling, the dimples showing on her face.

’ It’s ok Owen.’ she comforted him, as she walked over to him and planted a kiss on Olivia’s forehead. Olivia babbled happily in response.

’ Just being here with you all makes me the happiest and luckiest mother in the whole world.’ she continued.

’ But I ruined your Mothers Day treat.’ Owen admitted.

’ No you didn’t, I walked in myself.’ Amelia silenced him by putting a finger on his lips. ‘You can make it up to me later.’ she tiptoed and whispered into his ear so that the older children couldn’t catch what she was saying.

Owen responded by cupping her face and kissing her on the lips.

’ Ewww…..’ both Charlotte and Noah exclaim in disgust as they watch their parents continue to kiss passionately in the kitchen. Olivia, still on Owen’s shoulders, clapped her hands in delight.


After a busy day of bringing the children to a day out at the zoo- both Owen and Amelia were completely exhausted.

’ Gosh, this doesn’t feel like an off day.’ said Amelia as she collapsed on their bed.

’ Hey, don’t go to sleep yet!’ Owen threw a pillow jokingly at her.

’ Ok, ok, I know you’re supposed to make it up to me, but I need to shower first.’ Amelia got up from the bed.

’ No, No, not that. Actually, I have something to show you.’ said Owen as he took out a box from one of the drawers.

’ I hope you like this . It’s from all the children.’ Owen said as he presented the box to her

She opened it and gasped in surprise.

In the box was a beautiful diamond necklace, with four beautiful shining pendants. On each pendant was engraved the name of each of their children.

’ Charlotte, Noah, Olivia.’ Amelia picked up each of the pendants, smiling widely.

She picked up a fourth pendant , the shape of a unicorn.

She turned to Owen in surprise.

’ You mean this is for….’ she was unable to finish the sentence.

’ Yes, it’s for your unicorn baby.’ Owen confirmed . ’ I know you still haven’t forgotten about him after all these years.’

Amelia nodded , speechless. Before she knew it, tears were rolling down her cheeks. It was true, she had never forgotten her special unicorn baby whom she held in her arms for 43 minutes and who had saved lots of lives.

’ You shouldn’t have , Owen.’ she whispered, too touched for words.

’ I know how important he is to you.’ said Owen, as she hugged him tightly.

Amelia Shepherd thanked the lucky stars that she has such a loving husband and wonderful children. She is one lucky woman indeed, and this was shaping up to be her best Mothers Day yet.

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Family fics Masterpost

Hey guys, as you would’ve known from some of my Omelia future fics featuring their children in my Omelia universe, their 3 children are named Charlotte Addison, Noah Christopher and Olivia Megan Hunt.

Here is a family pic my Omelia family, courtesy of @elipcius <3  Thank you so much!! :D

The latest fics in my family fic universe are:-

‘ You’re My Inspiration’, which is about Hailey from PP being admitted to the ER,  and her and Amelia catching up with each others lives.


‘ The Odd One Out’, which is about Owen finding out his youngest daughter is on birth control pills.

Do check them out if you haven’t! ;)

Below are my family fics in chronological order:

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Amelia’s pregnancy with Noah

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Family time:

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Charlotte reaching puberty and teenagehood:

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I came across this song on YouTube "Still by Gerrit Hofsink" I think the words really relates to Amelia's and her Unicorn Baby, thinking maybe it could make for a good song fic, a story that could go with it? :)


This is the continuation of ‘ Unicorn Baby.’

 I’ve been waiting for you
For such a long time
You’re always on my mind

And I’m lying awake
Most of the night
Waiting to hold you tight

Now that I do
And look at you
My heart is breaking
This can’t be true

 That night after her full fledged confession to Owen about her unicorn baby, Amelia couldn’t sleep. As Owen snored softly beside her, she lay awake thinking about her unicorn baby.

 She remembered when she first discovered that she was pregnant a couple of months after Ryan’s death, after coming out from rehab. She was still grieving over his death, it was like a part of her died inside. But then, the discovery of a little life growing inside of her gave her new hope and new life. Ryan had left a piece of himself inside her, and that way- he was never truly gone.

 Then the universe dealt her with another blow. When she entered her second trimester, she finally agreed on an ultrasound. On her very first ultrasound, she learnt that her baby was anencephalic. When Addison broke the news to her, a piece of her heart was taken away from her. Her entire world crumbled around her again. How ironic was it that her, a brain surgeon, was having a baby with no brain?

 When she was given the option of aborting the baby, she refused, knowing in her heart that abortion wasn’t an option. She decided to keep the baby instead , so that she could donate his organs after his birth.

 The birth of the baby itself was a painful but at the same time such an amazing experience for her. She refused drugs, not even an epidural and felt the full brunt of the labor pain. But it was all worth it when she held the baby in her arms. When she removed the blanket covering his head, she thought he was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen.

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OWEN catches his teenage daughter making out with boyfriend he gives her awkward sex talk, and daughter is really embarrassed

Caught In The Act

In case you haven’t read any of my other family fics- in my family fic universe, Owen and Amelia have three children - Charlotte Addison, Noah Christopher and Olivia Megan. In this fic- their eldest daughter, Charlotte, is 17 years old. Noah and Olivia would be 15 and 12 respectively. 

Amelia Shepherd stepped back and took a look of approval at her eldest daughter. 17 year old Charlotte Addison was standing in front of her bedroom mirror and staring at her reflection in the mirror. She looked gorgeous, donning a flowing, stripeless red gown, with her dark hair let down in loose curls, and wearing a diamond necklace which her parents had given her on her 17th birthday, with a matching pair of diamond earrings. Amelia had spent the past half an hour or so trying to help Charlotte fix her hair, and she was satisfied with the outcome.

She felt a breath catch in her throat. Charlotte looked so similar to how she looked like several decades ago, the resemblance was scary.

 ‘You look beautiful Char’ Amelia whispered.

 ‘ Thanks mom’ Charlotte replied as she gave her mother a hug, her radiant face glowing with delight.

 ‘ Yes, you look beautiful!!’ 12 year old Olivia Megan piped up from the bed where she was sitting on. She wanted to ‘help’ her older sister prepare for her prom as well, although her idea of helping was sitting on Charlotte’s bed the whole time and watching Amelia help Charlotte with the hair and makeup, and telling them stories about her classmates.

 There was a knock on the bedroom door.

 ‘ Come in!’ Charlotte answered.

 Owen Hunt popped his head in and drew a deep breath upon seeing his eldest daughter. She looked so beautiful, she looked like Amelia when they had attended a Harper Avery dinner many years ago. She had been wearing a red dress and had her dark hair in loose curls as well. Of course the red dress didn’t stay long on her once they had reached the privacy of their bedroom, but, now here their daughter was, looking so much the same like her.

 ‘ David is waiting downstairs.’ he announced. ‘ He had just arrived.’

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Your First Born


Charlotte Elaine Dallas


Grayson Cole Espinosa

Noah Harrison Espinosa


Addison Elizabeth Greir


Kennedy Noelle Reynolds


Ella Marie Carpenter

Jack J.:

Asher James Johnson

Jack G.:

Lydia Rose Gilinsky 


Wyatt Elijah Caniff


Gavin Nicholas Mendes


Hunter Alexander Whitesides 

Hayes he’s fucking 13. He shouldn’t be thinking of children.