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So an anon requested that I write about the birth of Olivia Megan, Omelia’s third child in my Omelia universe. Her birth is uncomplicated, so what I’m gonna do is tell the story of how she was named after her aunt Megan, and how she reminds her father so much about her aunt Megan. Hope you like it!!

You can read about Owen finding out that Amelia was pregnant with Olivia here:

Thank you so much Fran @francescabuccino and Sandra @omeliashipper for offering to proofread the flow of the story for me. You girls are the best!! <3 <3

 P.s. I loved Megan in the one episode that she was in. Don’t you? ;)

4 year old Charlotte Addison and almost 3 year old Noah Christopher both sat on the carpet at the living room floor and looked up at their parents wide eyed.

 Owen Hunt and Amelia Shepherd were both sitting on the living room couch in front of their children. Both had warm and affectionate smiles as they looked at their children. Their children were the joy of their lives, and they just couldn’t imagine a life without them. Amelia’s hand was on her 5 months baby bump and rubbing it gently. The baby was kicking, as if it was also excited about this moment.

 Owen and Amelia had both called a family meeting as there was something important they wanted to announce to their children.

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genderbends: the raven girls

They were loud and triumphant and queens of Henrietta, because they’d found the ley line, and because it was starting, it was starting.