✨ some alive noah things ✨

  • takes the steps two at a time
    • jumps the last three when going down
  • does not use shampoo marketed For Men
    • this boy smells like flowers
  • dropped latin after exactly one and a half class periods . switched to spanish. never looked back
  • will burn you a CD for every life event
  • will write your birthday on his calendar 
  • once showed up to adele’s school in the middle of the day and claimed there was a family emergency so that he could check her out; they went and got gelato
  • doesn’t care about your shitty opinions
  • knows every possible make out spot on aglionby campus
  • aglionby’s #1 source for girl scout cookies
    • the youngest czerny sister always has the highest sales in her troop
  • does peace signs in photos . never clear if it’s ironic or not
Soon they would find Glendower,
soon they would all be kings.
Soon, soon.